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  1. Taking way too long to save a game after the hotfix. The problem was resolved in 15.2 and have reappeared now.
  2. In FM14 I'm finding the during competition option disabled in matchflow screen. So opted for the subscription options. In manage subscriptions, look for cups, Choose world cup and tick match reports and choose all stages from dropdown. Should get all fixture results in your news feed.
  3. Transfer listed Dzeko for 4.25 million and Benzema for 2.6 mill in 2016/17. I had taken over recently relegated Southampton and had a fire sale before building up the squad again. Those two were the standout players as per my scouting team. Not ideal bargains due to their sky high wages, but helped out in my club philosophy of buying high profile players that the board was insisting on .
  4. My all time top ten would be: 1: FM 2: Civilization 3: Pirates! Gold 4: Max Payne 5: GTA 6: Motor City & Ocean Trader (DOS Games) 7: Bioshock 8: Age of Empire 9: Wolfenstein series 10: FIFA Special Mentions Serious Sam Need for Speed series Borderlands Sims & Sim City Sid Meier's Railroads Transcendence
  5. The point is that the 15 year old should be the youngest player as well as the youngest scorer. Good luck with Molde. Planning to start a save in the Scandinavian leagues once the final patch is out.
  6. No the 16 y.o. getting the youngest player record and 15 y.o. getting the youngest goalscorer award.
  7. I had purchased an earlier version,most probably fm 2009, from Reliance Digital(or Chroma) (I was based out of Hyderabad at that point).
  8. Youth production in India

    I have seen 4-5 excellent Indian players in my game (currently in year 2024). I always load a custom DB while starting new game (loading all players from India and this seems to have a big payoff in 10-15 years down the line) and India league loaded in non playable mode. In both my long term saves with FM13, India hovers around 60-70 in rankings and almost always reach final WCQ round for Asia (i.e. after 10+ years).
  9. Go to FM>preferences>Profile. In profile go for the screenflow tab and you have options to add competition fixtures and results and also an option to stop play to display the screen.
  10. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Now that's a killer debut! :coat:
  11. I use a AP(a) and DLP(s) in my attacking 442 and it works well. I generally employ the tactic after some seasons in, when my team is pretty strong for the division.
  12. edit *Missed the portion in second screenie showing contract with Gimnastic*. You should check staff responsibilities to check if offering youth contracts have been delegated to someone else.
  13. ^What they said.. Verified cache post upgrade and working fine now.