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  1. This is not a cosmetic issue. I am in 2022-23 on FMT and no club can sign a non-Russian player.
  2. A shortcut is to rename your "Football Manager 2017" folder "Football Manager Touch 2017" when you change over! (I've added a letter to the original touch folder that I don't use)
  3. FM 17 Touch

    No, the Steam version is for PC/Mac only. To play on a tablet you'll need to pay and download it onto the appropriate device when it's is released.
  4. Eastern European database

    Claassen will be releasing these as soon as he can
  5. Canadian championship skips seasons

    Maybe the date set for the end of the competition is later than the season update, so infact the league bridges two seasons.
  6. In preferences set "show ID for skimming purposes" to on Click on the stadium name to go to the stadium overview page At the top of that page should be the ID for the new stadium Find a suitable picture to use and place it in the small stadium sub folder of your graphics folder Open the xml file in this folder and add a new line for the new stadium making sure the file name and what you write in the code is the same Reload the skin and viola
  7. Yes, the only difference is that you can't extend existing leagues or add additional ones.
  8. This is the only other alternative that I am aware of at least.... http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/443608-FMT-16-SKIN-A-Darker-Variation-of-the-FMT-Dark-Skin
  9. Match info panel

    Look in posts... http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/442799-FM16-Mod-Match-In-Between-Highlights-Mod-v1-1 Or http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/415098-FMC-Skin-A-Darker-Variation-of-the-Classic-Dark-Skin
  10. Vikingur Olafsvik (Iceland)
  11. Funny Screenshots Thread

    I wonder if he knows where my car is?
  12. Beta has ended, you need to activate with your game code.
  13. Slow saving.

    Ditto, just for the sake of consensus
  14. Possibly in the wrong forum - no database edits can be used in FMC