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  1. It's more the way the conversation plays out tbh. If a player has requested to leave, you offer him out without any takers and you then offer mutual termination, the response should be "I appreciate the offer, but I don't want to give up the extra money" rather than the dramatic tantrum. Offering mutual termination is giving the player another avenue to leave, not trying to screw them over which is how it seems to be taken. Anyway I'll be going now, I'm sure you'll want me for something else soon.
  2. As an FGR supporter, he was miles above most others seen in my time as a fan. Was always destined for the top, injury just means it's taken him a bit longer than usual. He's a rolls royce.
  3. For anyone looking at central defenders, former Mansfield defender Kieran Harrison is available on a free and he is a bit of an aerial beast. He's 6'2 and has 15 for heading, 14 for jumping reach and 15 for determination, meaning he is good for 7-10 goals a season just from set pieces. Has the potential to be a Conference National player at worst.
  4. "Relies on other centre half to mark lone striker" Unfortunately all of my central defenders seem to have this one.
  5. How far down to you want to go? FGR generally play five at the back and have the squad to do so. Two excellent wing backs in Mills and Shephard, plus a whole glut of central defensive options.
  6. 'keepers seem to go into slow motion when faced with a shot at their near post. They also dive inside the post which is pointless.
  7. Striker James Morris seems to appear as dark-skinned in the 3D.
  8. How did Hinds end up at Mansfield? Are they up the leagues?
  9. if anyone uses an inside forward on the right wing, Spennymoor's Mark Anderson is lethal in this role. Combines 12 for long shots with "shoots from distance" and "gets forward whenever possible" and scores worldies for fun.
  10. Jack Hallahan - a teenage central midfielder released by Burton. Will sign for most North/South sides and can play a number of roles.
  11. Afolabi Coker is an excellent centre half option for VN/S clubs. I signed him for Slough so expect he would go to most clubs at that level.
  12. As a real life FGR fan (but much prefer to play with Conference North/South teams career-wise), decided to have a save with them while I wait for FM19. I went into the editor first and set Osbourne, Bennett, KMB and Monthe to leave after their contract expires (so the AI didn't extend them), then holidayed the first season a few times until they were relegated, so I could take over them in the Conference. The exodus of players leaving was amazing, but I got handy fees for most (aside from James but this was more about getting his salary off the books): Among the released (aside from the aforementioned) were Mullings, Bugiel, Whittle and Evans. So basically had to build a new team - rather than getting bogged down with big contracts for average players, I used all six long term loans available to me: Clough and Smith are both favourite sons so happy to bring them back, while Labadie is an absolute beast at this level. I play a DLF up front in a 4-1-2-3 (wide) so Harvey is ideal for this role. Somehow I managed to get away with only making the playoffs as board expectation, and the media has us in 13th (!) - presumably due to losing so many players. We have started with three fairly comfortable wins however. I also have more left in my transfer and age budgets than most clubs at this level start with.
  13. *Takes over club that has just been relegated* Player: I want to leave the club Manager: Okay, I'll look to sell you for the good of your career *Sale goes through* Manager: I just want to thank you for your service and say you're welcome back here anytime Player: Not while you're still manager .... what?
  14. For those playing in the North/South, a few more handy players at the start: Ryheem Sheckleford - former Fulham youth right back, available on a free and great for attacking formations Danny Racchi - a well known lower league playmaker, available on a free Rene Steer - a good left back who is listed by Maidenhead at the start, can purchase or loan Shaquille Hunter - wide attacker able to play on both flanks, has 16/16 for pace/acceleration
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