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  1. Just got promoted at the second time of asking with Gloucester City (third season overall as I holidayed the first) from the Conference South. Dulwich and Billericay are usually the big teams but neither really got going, making it a two-way title race between us and Brackley - funny as we are the two clubs that play in both the North and the South, depending on other teams. I've struggled to attract players overall, meaning I play a fairly small squad, but some luck with injuries and a couple of really good players has made the difference. Rhys Sharpe - a really consistent left back, my current captain. Joe Hanks - starts at the club and runs the show from the middle of the park. Great on set pieces. Lewis Walker - son of Des and brother of Tyler, he's given me 60 goals in two seasons as a pressing forward. His poor off the ball rating (6) makes me question how effective he'll be at higher levels. Tobi Omole - former Arsenal youth, my best centre half. Jayden Bennetts - former Watford youth, seems to play well above his attributes as an AMC. Kazenga LuaLua - former Brighton winger. No idea how I managed to get him to sign for me, but he has predictably dominated this level cutting in from the left, scoring some absolute belters. Have found a 4-2-3-1 works really well, especially utilising an inside forward and a box to box midfielder to take advantage of the match engine's love of long range shooting.
  2. I'd like to see clubs take into account team performance when loaning players. Constantly getting "would prefer player x play with higher quality players" when I'm top of the league is frustrating, especially when clubs in the same division then have an offer accepted. Surely playing in a winning side and being involved in a promotion push would do more for a prospect's development than playing with players who have a slightly higher CA?
  3. They will retain the vast majority of their existing customers just by virtue of having the whole market share for this type of game.
  4. Just annoyed my star left winger (and team leader) to the point where he won't even speak to me. The crime? I allowed my 4th choice centre back to leave after I couldn't guarantee him first team football. After the subsequent tantrum, I "promised" to strengthen the squad. Since then I have brought in five solid rotational players, while sticking with my trusted first XI which has got us in 2nd place with five matches to go, while on a very small wage budget. Mr left winger has even acknowledged my attempts to strengthen the squad, however losing a reserve defender who had made one sub appearance was apparently too much to overcome. Presumably the players I've brought in didn't have a comparable CA/PA? Either way it's a dog's breakfast. As a manager, you make squad decisions based on team form, individual form and tactics, but the game makes them on hidden attributes.
  5. I think if you'd already had a red card earlier in the season and were sitting on a yellow, getting another yellow would easily be discipline-worthy. Perhaps the game lacks this sort of context though? Sometimes a second yellow is worse as you already have had the warning and know you need to watch your conduct.
  6. I think the whole issue could be solved by refining what causes a player to come to you with concerns over selling someone. If it is someone not actually playing, or someone that has refused to sign a new contract or requested to leave, you shouldn't even have to deal with this. Quite a few times I've sold a player as he won't discuss a new contract, and then someone inevitably comes to me complaining. Telling him "he didn't want to stay" just gets a response of "I think you could have tried harder". How? The game literally won't let me "try harder" if a player refuses to discuss a new deal and his contract is running down. Player interaction has been shaky for a few years but it has taken a step backwards this version.
  7. Might just be your own tactics I guess. I've found a box to box mid with long range shooting of 7+ will get me 10-15 goals each season, and that's playing in the Conference North/South. Most of them are arrows that beat the 'keeper for pace too. Add to that a lot of direct free kicks going in, although that one is definitely down to 'keepers not being able to handle shots hit near them (they kind of sway out of the way and/or palm it into their own net). It's okay to flag something as a game issue - for example my tactics don't make players head the ball straight to the opposition when under no pressure, or consistently clear the ball back to the top of the box. Using hyperbole though usually detracts from it and causes this back and forth bickering when there is usually a middle ground between a game issue and a tactical one.
  8. I think long shots is a known issue though. I play exclusively lower leagues and actually get sick of how many I score. High line/pressing systems seem to be the go in this ME and I'd guess that's in part because it gives the AI less time on the ball to shoot.
  9. For the second season: Rhys Sharpe at left back is pure class, his contract with Nuneaton expires on 1/6/19. Low-to-mid 7 ratings all the way into L2. Theo Warton is a great and cheap central midfield option too.
  10. I misread the "long shots" attribute all the time. 5 seems to actually mean 20.
  11. It's more the way the conversation plays out tbh. If a player has requested to leave, you offer him out without any takers and you then offer mutual termination, the response should be "I appreciate the offer, but I don't want to give up the extra money" rather than the dramatic tantrum. Offering mutual termination is giving the player another avenue to leave, not trying to screw them over which is how it seems to be taken. Anyway I'll be going now, I'm sure you'll want me for something else soon.
  12. As an FGR supporter, he was miles above most others seen in my time as a fan. Was always destined for the top, injury just means it's taken him a bit longer than usual. He's a rolls royce.
  13. For anyone looking at central defenders, former Mansfield defender Kieran Harrison is available on a free and he is a bit of an aerial beast. He's 6'2 and has 15 for heading, 14 for jumping reach and 15 for determination, meaning he is good for 7-10 goals a season just from set pieces. Has the potential to be a Conference National player at worst.
  14. "Relies on other centre half to mark lone striker" Unfortunately all of my central defenders seem to have this one.
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