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  1. I've actually formed a bit of an attachment to Tonbridge and it feels a bit like unfinished business, so I have started with them again on the latest patch! This time around the board is allowing me to offer two-year contracts, which is handy as last time I had a lot of issues with retaining good prospects as I could only offer them one year, and then they wouldn't renew.
  2. Might be looking for a new club soon... Was sitting pretty in 4th at about the halfway point, then gave up a 2-0 lead in the last 15 minutes two games running. Which led to this... We're level on points with 13th (who we play next) as well so we're not "situated firmly" in the top half at all. EDIT... Hard to argue. We ended up going 22 games without winning before we won on the final day, and I was then summoned into a board meeting. I couldn't be bothered going through pre-season with a points target on my head, so I just claimed we were unlucky and got the can. Don't think I'll continue with the save tbh.
  3. As a real life FGR fan, they are another club that looks to buy prospects from lower leagues , develop them and then look to potentially sell (see Pinnock, Mondal, Godwin-Maliffe, Ebou Adams and most recently Josh March). Mark Cooper has a clear philosophy of using young players and playing passing football. Worth checking for any sell ons you can cash as well, for Brown (Huddersfield) and Stevens (Leeds). Possibly Pinnock as well, although I'm not sure if that carried over from Barnsley.
  4. That's the whole point of taking him on trial, we don't know yet (x100),
  5. There's clearly a big issue with defensive headers on this ME. Hopefully it's addressed in the next update.
  6. I just drew Hashtag United in the FA Cup qualifying rounds!
  7. Tonbridge Angels - 2021/22 A third season in the Conference South, after consecutive playoff first round exits. The board expected a top half finish (although later conceded they expected us to get sucked into a relegation battle) and the media had us 20th... Transfers: You'll notice the majority of my transfers in were loans - not because there were outstanding players on offer, but because I couldn't find much quality willing to sign permanently. Northampton's Roberts joins for a third consecutive loan spell and Colchester's Wright looks very good for the DLP role, while I couldn't knock back the fee for Packham nor deny him the opportunity for him to go full-time with the Spireites. I also had to go hunting for a new 'keeper after Brexit meant I couldn't get a work permit for Alexis André Jr, despite being born in France and having signed a new deal the previous February. So he is sitting in my squad collecting a decent wage, his place taken by King on loan from relegated Oxford City. Seasonal beginnings: I felt some dread after the Eastbourne game, especially after losing the final three games of last season, and this dread worsened after we blew an early lead at Dorking. However, since then we have been superb, winning five on the trot and re-establishing ourselves as the league's top scorers. This is in no small part thanks to the talismanic Williams who has already scored 10 times, while Wright is absolutely running the show in midfield with 26 key passes and a 7.54 average rating. So after eight games we sit 4th, a point off top. I'm not really one for altering my overall tactic or first XI to any great extent, so morale, fitness and in-game adjustments will dictate whether we can sustain this sort of form. It's exactly the sort of save I love though - give me 10 seasons slogging away in the lower leagues over a bunch of quickfire promotions.
  8. I like the feature of a new board making offers for players, but you really need the option to discuss with them and potentially reject. For example, you could raise concerns that they may not fit into your tactic, or the financials may prevent you from strengthening elsewhere, or you could promise to sufficiently strengthen the squad yourself etc. They may still buy the player over your head but at least you'd feel involved in the process.
  9. Well. anyone who wants to preserve the sanctity of the Football League thread, please feel free to put me on ignore... --- Tonbridge Angels - 2019/20 Decided to take over newly promoted Tonbridge, in what would be their second stint at this level after being relegated in 2015. We were predicted 21st and had the smallest wage budget in the division, meaning the board were happy for me to just avoid relegation and establish ourselves as a Conference South club over time. Transfers: Aransibia is the big fish here, and Parker and Roberts also go straight into the stating XI. Season Review: Despite the media's lowly predictions, we started well and sat comfortably in the playoff spots for basically the whole season, before bowing out at the first playoff hurdle to Billericay. Attack was the best form of defence as we plundered 81 goals, 12 ahead of the next best, behind 40 alone (30 in the league) from former Southend youth striker Jason Williams. As expected, Aransibia was too good for this level and his 17 goals and 11 assists earned him a move to Bromley in the league above. Northampton loanee Roberts notched an amazing 24 assists, while Woking loanee Christ Tiéhi was shortlisted for the league player of the season award as a DLP. --- Tonbridge Angels - 2020/21 After the heroics of the previous season, the board decided a top half finish was required, despite the losses of key players Aransibia and Tiéhi. Transfers: A bit more activity this time around as I tried to fill key roles. Duncan lasted three months before his underwhelming displays in midfield had me offering him around to whoever would take him. Roberts came for a second season on loan, while Olowu joined after his Arsenal contract expired and looks a fine prospect at centre half. Season Review: Put simply, we couldn't put the ball in the net, which led to a patchy first half of the season in which we hovered around 12th, only just meeting the board's requirements. A strong Jan/Feb pushed us into the playoffs and we hung onto 7th, before getting bounced at Torquay, who ended up promoted. Williams took a while to get going but scored 23 by season's end, while Roberts was excellent throughout with 12 goals and 17 assists playing right across the AMC line. Next season: Next season promises to be challenging again, as we have lost two more key defenders in Olowu (Billericay) and Packham (Chesterfield), and could realistically do with strengthening right across the squad if we are to truly push the bigger clubs in the division. Attracting that quality is the issue though.
  10. If you take on York, it would be cool if this thread just became a place to update on all English saves outside the top flight, given the lessened activity in this forum and the lack of a non league thread.
  11. Warhurst certainly was real, and a real life cult figure too after his exploits up front for Wednesday.
  12. I actually think poor defensive headers are a bigger issue than the long balls/through balls/defensive reactions at the moment. Defenders seem incapable of heading the ball more than a couple of metres, or they will head it back into a danger area, or head a ball they could control or let it go into touch. The result is attacks get recycled when they shouldn't be, as proper headed defensive clearances aren't made. It also makes long, hopeful bals into the box more dangerous because defenders can't seem to deal with them first time. I found this to be a real issue in FM19 and felt it was pretty much fixed for every version on FM20 until this current one, where it is back with a bang.
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