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  1. Luke Dobie and Corby Moore both start the game unattached and are excellent central midfielders. Not sure if Poole will have the budget for either though.
  2. Leroy Odiero of Gloucester City is set as a natural left back, and awkward as a central defender. In reality he should be a natural as a centre half as this is his his natural position. The GCFC website lists him as being able to play right across the back four, so perhaps he should be competent at left/right back?
  3. Chelmsford's home kit appears to be all maroon with maroon socks, when it should be all maroon with white socks.
  4. I'm talking about the graphics SI do themselves, as not all the kits have been updated. Mainly to know if that will automatically update in the 3D as well as on the team screen, or if that would count as a data change and thus needs a new game (if that makes sense).
  5. Silly question, but one of the things I really like in the 3D is the level of detail on the kits is great - ie you can see the sponsors etc,. Some of the Conference South teams still don't have their kits in game - obviously this will be updated in due course, but would I need to start a new save to have this reflected on the team screen and in the 3D, or could I just refresh skin etc? Just a little thing for immersion.
  6. You'll regret it.
  7. I'd say a lot of that is caused by the fact the two centre halves often don't 'talk' to each other. They tend to run on their own line which means if an attacker gets past one, the other doesn't move in behind him to cover.
  8. I'm not talking about goals scored from it. I would probably only see 5-6 goals from it, but I see the mishit cross being tipped over by a 'keeper at least 40-50 times a season. Which would work to be around once a game as a minimum.
  9. One of my absolute pet hates was how often I see the "he didn't mean it" mishit cross on FM16. In lower leagues it is literally once a game at least. Then my real life team (Forest Green) scored in the 91st minute in this exact scenario! Regardless, I am back on FM15 until '17 is out and I am enjoying it more. FM16, while having its positive points, has been just a massive source of frustration for me, and almost all of it is down to the types of goals scored and buggy defensive movements/reactions.
  10. I would say in general the left back position is traditionally a more attacking one than right back.
  11. How it is portrayed graphically also adds to the feeling the overlap is difficult to stop, IMO. Sometimes you'll see a full back start his overlap from 15-20 yards behind your ML/R, run past him and into open space, while the ML/R literally stands still on the spot, seemingly not even noticing it or making any attempt to track back. I assume this is meant to portray a less defensively-inclined winger but it looks ridiculous.
  12. Yep, ditto. There is a weird quirk where strikers through on goal stop once they get the ball, allowing chasing defenders to catch up and block the shot.
  13. It feels like there are a few things in the game which balance out the shocking defensive reactions. 'keepers saving shots from point blank range is one. strikers jerking back when through on goal is another, as is the tendency for players to hold off shooting until the defender is standing DIRECTLY in front of them.
  14. Playing in the Conference, and I've just sold a promising 19-year-old centre half to Norwich in the Championship. Next thing my captain comes to me asking why I sold him, but there's no option along the lines of "I couldn't deny him the opportunity". Notwithstanding that no non-league player would even ask this, it is frustrating how often the most logical chat option isn't available. My options are I'll replace him with someone better (unlikely), he didn't fit into my tactical plans (not true), he was earning too much (not true) or he was inconsistent and we needed to cash in (not true).
  15. Surely including a "can be sacked after a board takeover" tickbox when you start the game would be a good solution? Those who don't want to potentially risk a long term save being ruined don't have to, those who want it there due to realism can. Everyone wins.