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  1. I stopped playing FM20 in March, which is the earliest I've ever done that on an FM game. Has kind of made me hungrier for 21 though.
  2. I've stopped now due to the match engine and am playing Fifa instead, but by the time November comes around I'll be back on board and raring to go.
  3. You don't need to personally reply to every post in here mate - sometimes people just want to vent.
  4. The most annoying part about the complete farce that is set pieces, is when I actually want to tell my defenders off for their poor defending, I can't because they've inevitably scored a couple of recent goals that artificially boosts their average rating.
  5. Slimbridge - Conference North - 2021/22 A very successful first season at this level, undone in the final. The highlight of this match was conceding two goals to the same player in the same minute (I don't even know how this is possible with celebrations and kick-off after the first goal). Obviously they were both long shots and obviously they were both scored by a player with a poor long shot rating, because FM20. Even more impressive given we sold our best player halfway through, and gave quite a bit of time to academy players. Fundi seemed to struggle with the step-up howeve
  6. Teams that only play with just wing backs seem infinitely more dangerous down the flanks than teams that play with both wingers and full backs. I cannot work out how to get my players to tracks attacking runs from wing backs, they just bomb down the flanks completely unchecked.
  7. Nearly 2/3 way through our first season in the Conference North and it's definitely been a successful one. I suspect we will begin to fall away however, as we have a small squad and have just sold our best player (Devonte Aransibia) to Chesterfield for £15.75k. If we can stay in and around the playoffs I'll be really pleased - promotion would be a big ask and we don't have close to the squad or finances to compete in tier five. I would say that we have one player who is good enough for the step up (centre half Mark McGuinness) and one player who is maybe good enough (central midfield
  8. I suspect that is a bug, unless one of the requirements was to win the Europa or there was a player revolt. Going 3-1-1 in the league is certainly not going to get you sacked so I suspect it's the EL.
  9. From experience, once you get that nagging feeling, the save is done. Hope you can find a way around it though!
  10. Bookmarked for when you inevitably manage Plymouth.
  11. It's been acknowledged by SI and you would assume it will be a priority fix for future versions. Not much more you can do at this point - maybe play an older version?
  12. There are only three relegation spots in L1 and four promotions from L2, so after the first season it will go back to 24 teams.
  13. Nothing out of the ordinary there. If you had gotten Crawley to the top of L1 and then had Bristol City competing for the playoffs in the Champ, you'd be hot property for a number of "smaller" EPL and bigger Champ clubs.
  14. Nice work @Jogo Bonito! Have you had a season on FM20 that hasn't ended in promotion yet?
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