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  1. For those playing in the North/South, a few more handy players at the start: Ryheem Sheckleford - former Fulham youth right back, available on a free and great for attacking formations Danny Racchi - a well known lower league playmaker, available on a free Rene Steer - a good left back who is listed by Maidenhead at the start, can purchase or loan Shaquille Hunter - wide attacker able to play on both flanks, has 16/16 for pace/acceleration
  2. Also playing at that level and having a fast striker is basically cheat mode. Defenders seem to take an eternity to react to long balls while attackers are already moving.
  3. Unfortunately after the excitement of the playoff final and promotion, we got trounced 1-4 by Aldershot in the FA Trophy final. Still, a successful season by any means. After protracted negotiations throughout the second half of the season I was able to tie down midfield dynamo Rob Ramshaw for another two seasons, along with his midfield mate Jamie Chandler (the two combined for 28 goals and 19 assists as a central midfield partnership), giving me a good platform to tackle the Conference. Sadly the same can't be said for Bradley Fewster - his FA Trophy final goal gave him 37 for the season, with L2 winners Luton looking his likely destination. He has no interest in renewing and I can't really blame him.
  4. After finishing 6th, we had to travel firstly to Southport, who finished as the league's top scorers, where we prevailed 4-2 after giving up the lead twice. We then traveled to Chorley, who finished 3rd but won the equal most games in the league (27). 1-0 up at half time, we gave up an equaliser in the 75th before goals from Jake Kirby and Fewster in the 89th and 91st minutes sent us through to the final, at 2nd-placed Salford. This then happened... Utterly mental. We were 0-2 down after 10 minutes and 1-3 down after 55 before forcing extra time. I thought Fewster had won it at the end of the first half of ET, but we conceded again in the 116th. Just as I was planning my order of penalty takers, that man stepped up again, notching his 36th goal of the season with the last kick of the match, and sending us up in the process. And still the FA Trophy final to come!
  5. CityAndColour

    (FM18) Down at Brewery Field

    I managed to re-sign Chandler for two more years, still working on Ramshaw at the moment. They have the two highest average ratings in the league currently (three matches to go, plus playoffs and FA Trophy final). Fewster no chance. Has already bagged 30 and Luton are interested in him. I can't even get him to discuss terms.
  6. Currently running a save with Spennymoor Town on the full release, and they have a red away kit and no third kit, however having watched some highlights on their official youtube page it seems they actually have a blue/yellow away kit this season. The club shop seems to have both there: https://spennymoortownfc.co.uk/product-category/replica-kit/
  7. Long high balls down the middle are obscenely effective in the lower leagues.
  8. CityAndColour

    (FM18) Down at Brewery Field

    Will follow this one as I'm currently using them too. The best XI is quite strong but lacks depth. Chandler, Ramshaw and Fewster have been my best three players through 2/3 of the season, but the former two want more than double what I can offer to re-sign, and Fewster isn't interested at all (unsurprising as he is now listed as a leading Conference striker, with leading L2 potential).
  9. Has the option to turn off player names on the 3D been removed, or am I just missing where it is now?
  10. Try Sam Madeley... Harrogate usually sign him in the first window but I have seen him move to other clubs from there within the first season, and is ideal with that role.
  11. His potential is a good L2 striker. I'm probably not using him as effectively as my tactic has a lone striker on a support role, but I can imagine he would be a superb lower league poacher or advanced forward, as he has a really good spread of attributes: Pace: 14 Acceleration: 13 Anticipation: 12 Off the ball: 12 Dribbling: 10 Techique: 10 Finishing: 9
  12. I have only English leagues loaded with a medium database (no extra players or countries) and he is in my game.
  13. Currently using Spennymoor Town - 17 games into the first season and we're sitting in a solid 6th, having won our last three. They have close to the best central midfield partnership in the league with former Gateshead duo Rob Ramshaw and Jamie Chandler, and also start with three quality strikers in Glen Taylor, David Foley and Bradley Fewster. Struggled to bring in many signings although have managed to grab former City academy defender Yvan Wassi on a free, who can play right across the back line and boasts impressive physical attributes (and an impressive youtube channel). Also for anyone starting in the North, Curzon Ashton are a good side to raid, as they have quite a few decent players on non-contracts. Sam Madeley is an outstanding all around forward and looks easily good enough for higher levels, Joe Guest can play right down the left and Cameron Mason is a decent 'keeper option.
  14. I'm sure it has been covered but how do I turn off the player name text on the 3D? Can't find the "show player name around ball" option anywhere in preferences.
  15. You might have missed a news item about the board scrapping plans to turn professional, or it might just be a bug. I love scrapping it as a part time club in the Conference, as it makes success and finding that great signing even more rewarding.