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  1. Player: I need a new challenge Me: Okay, I'll sell you *Five clubs make a bid, including club X* Player: Club X is my preferred destination *Player rejects all contracts* Me: *offers player out, no interest* Me: Mutual termination? Player: No Player: You broke your promise to sell me.
  2. My save with Yate is done. We started our second season in the Conference well with 10 points from the first four games, before 11 straight losses dropped us to the bottom, ruined player morale and pretty much just had me over it. The squad isn't good enough and I don't have the funds or reputation to improve it - and I'm certainly not tactically adept enough to get out of this rut! The last goal conceded (an attacking throw-in straight to the opposition who then ran the entire length of the pitch while my defenders ran back to their own positions) pretty much summed things up. Gonna have
  3. It wasn't exactly a summer full of upgrades, but I did manage to get some quality in. The two big ones were former Reading youth Sam Hutchings, who looks like he could be a long term solution at the back, and Polish winger Bartłomiej Król, who started at Birmingham and then moved on to Braintree, where I tried to prise him from in January. There has been the usual collection of players not wanting to speak to me and then signing further down the pyramid, or asking for exorbitant wages and then signing for significantly less somewhere else (usually lower) but I usually put those instances
  4. 2025/26 - Yate Town - Conference Premier League Summary (19th, avoided relegation) One of the most challenging, but rewarding, seasons I've ever had on FM. After back to back promotions, a tough summer of recruitment followed as we were simply not able to recruit the quality of player required to compete at this level. This was not only true of permanent signings, but also loan signings - it seemed like every other club in the division was able to raid Championship and big L1 clubs for youngsters, however we would just get the "X would prefer Y play with higher qualit
  5. After going undefeated through January, we picked up four points in February, before a wretched March (one point from six league games) dropped up right back into the relegation places. In fact, if you took out December and March (0-1-11) we'd be a top half team. Thankfully, we have stopped the rot to start April with wins over Woking and Aldershot, leaving the table looking as such: Most of the teams below have games in hand, but I'd rather the points on the board. We still play Yeovil (a), Halifax (h) and Ebbsfleet (a), so I'm hoping a win against Halifax will be enough. Our g
  6. Bit harsh to "move on" from a 20-year-old striker who scores 46 times!
  7. Just about two thirds of the way in, and it is an absolute dog fight... December was a horrible month, as we lost all five league matches to drop into the bottom four. However, we have bounced back with a win and three draws in our four January fixtures so far, including four points from title contenders Port Vale and Leyton Orient and a backs-to-the-wall point at Wrexham. After a trip to Dag & Red (7th) which we likely won't get anything out of, we play H&R (h), Chesterfield (a) and Eastleigh (h), so it's probably not a stretch to say that little run will probably deter
  8. I'm surprised he hasn't had any youth caps for Wales! I play with an inside forward at AMR and finding suitable players for that role is always difficult, too.
  9. @warlock Can you put up a screen shot of Price? Sounds like you might have a hard time keeping hold of him...
  10. Sometimes there are FM moments that literally have you jumping up and yelling to the point that your wife thinks you're nuts. 94th minute, away at Halifax in a key relegation battle, the AI misses a defensive header, and the ball falls to Gary Fitzpatrick... After a tough stretch through September, October and November, that one moment of brilliance keeps us afloat, as a draw would have dropped us into the relegation places. In truth however, we're on pace for 55 points which should see us comfortably safe, but it's such an even league that we're only just keeping our heads abov
  11. Is it possible that they have been offered a contract by their current club but have rejected it (but the club hasn't formally released them)?
  12. You're right, I am just mentally preparing myself for when the standard is too high for him - hopefully not for a while yet!
  13. Don't you just love those players that seem to perform wildly above their attributes? This is Gary Fitzpatrick, who came to us via Boreham Wood and Havant & Waterlooville and plays up top in a 4-2-3-1 formation: As you can see, there is nothing all that remarkable about him. He is a decent finisher and not all that slow, but he's terrible in the air, not great off the ball, is slow to anticipate the play, makes poor decisions and lacks both strength and balance. He's not going to score many from outside the box (unless it's a free kick) and his composure is so-so. He doesn't
  14. Great work on another title - how many academy players have you got in and around the first team?
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