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  1. The only result of Brexit in my save is that all EU players require a work permit which makes buying youth players from Europe almost impossibe unless they are already regularly playing in their national squad.
  2. Summer 2029 and only 2 original squad members remain . Gomez and TAA.
  3. Originally I had him in the AF role but suddenly he started to complain that he was being played in his preffered role so I switched him to CF-A. He gets a fair amount of assists as well.
  4. Season 9 review Another goaltastic season for Arp ! Summer of 2027 and with the recent departure of Becker only Van Dijk , Trent and Gomez remain from the original squad.
  5. If it is the first game of the season then you surely you still have time to register players. Maybe he was in the U23 squad for a game?
  6. On my save he retired in 2024 and no he never left Barca
  7. Those 2 are regens which means they won't be on your save but players like them will be. I usually look through the youth squads of big teams and Nations. I found Pedro Artur after taking charge of the Brazil U23 squad.
  8. Season 8 review my strikers were on fire with both surpassing the previous record for goals in a season! Fiete Arps record since joining the club now stands at Apps 411 Goals 371
  9. I have finally got a player with decent potential from the youth system!
  10. Season 7 review Henderson earned a contract extension but next season will surley be his last so I am considering who to make future captain
  11. this has got to be the worst opening 10 mins ever
  12. Season 6 Review As I genarally only sign youngsters its getting to the point of the save where its regens that are best option. The brexit situation has made getting EU players work permits more difficult. I am getting some Brazilian youth in as i can guarantee they will get international caps :P
  13. I only used Shaqiri as cover. Initially he was competing with Salah and Sane for position in my team so he was never going to be first choice. He usually did well when he played though.
  14. I kept Milner until he was 37 and he woudn't resign !
  15. Season 5 Review I have decided to spice up my save by also taking on a national job. England was not available so I took the Brazil post
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