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  1. He has (on my save at least) Stamina 13 and Work Rate 15 but if that is too low for a pressing forward then I don't know how he is still the best player in the game in that role.
  2. I tend to use a mezz instead of a B2B. One reason is it suits Bellingham another is I have not found a decent B2B :P
  3. Yeah it happens sometimes. The opposing team go full defence mode but the match engine shows your strikers missing chance after chance rather than being denied shooting opportunitys. If it helps my biggest win ever came against Brugge :P
  4. Despite having state of the art youth facilities I have only generated a grand total of 2 players in 10 years that have made it to the first team.
  5. TEN YEARS ON Now in 2029 its time to what happened to the squad. Overall Best eleven Where have the original squad ended up? It is a shame that all the ex-players who went into coaching had such awful coaching stats I could not bring them back.
  6. No I play two up front. Mbappe as F9 the other is a CF (Haaland). Mbappe finished the season with 61 goals (59 apps) Haaland finished the season with 62 goals (58 apps)
  7. Season 6 done Haaland as Complete Forward and Mbappe as a False Nine Henderson is starting to decline so I will make De Ligt Captain and Trent VC
  8. On a side note when I bid for Uniteds striker the board actually cancelled it because of the rivalry but didn't bat an eyelid at signing Cherki from them.
  9. Yeah I am managing Liverpool so that is logical. He wanted to leave because Man U failed to qualify for a European competition :P
  10. If a player is listed with an asking price and you match that asking price shouldn't the bid be acccepted rather than them saying actually we want double that now?
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