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  1. I think we'll have to agree to differ, as I believe people should read more carefully to avoid taking offence. Again, I don't want the thread to go off-topic so let's leave it there.
  2. umm, yeah. I never actually called him stupid. I offered the opinion that the idea was pretty stupid. There's a difference. It's a pretty big one. I'm not really interested in hijacking this thread for a discussion of semantics and I do apologise if I've offended you in any way (though I have to say that if seeing the word stupid tossed around offends you, I suspect the internet is not for you: there are places around here where people actually swear). I'd apologise to Fenech too but he seems to have taken the comment in the spirit it was intended.
  3. yeah, I know, that's the point I was making to Scott or whatever his name is. Re. Robben and Ribery, that's fair enough, I was just throwing an opinion out there.
  4. erm, I've made plenty, not entirely sure how it's relevant, though. Yeah, I will be editing it if I download this but I'm pretty sure most will agree that the nicknames thing is a bit stupid and so they'll be editing it out too, which kind of means it'd be easier if it just wasn't in in the first place.
  5. never said he owed me anything. This whole thread is about asking for opinions and feedback so I gave mine. The problem is where exactly?
  6. no **** Sherlock. Anyone who's ever played FM knows that his name automatically changes to Jens Mustermann (assuming Fenech has used the original player rather than recreated him from scratch) That is very, very stupid. Also, Robben, Ribery, Gomez at Bayern Munich? Given you like to put players at a) their first big club or b) the place where they were in their prime, I'd have gone with Robben at PSV and Ribery at Marseilles. And surely Gomez should be at Stuttgart?
  7. games like these define a save. I'd be saving this three times every (in-game) day and backing it up at least twice! I can't really read the group table on the screen shot, are you still in with a chance of qualifying for the knockout stages?
  8. Fair enough re: Waddle and Walker, I just hadn't seen them in the other teams (obviously not looking hard enough). It's certainly popular for the media to deride Palmer but whilst he perhaps found his England career difficult, he's definitely one of the best players Wednesday* have ever had and certainly he's held in higher regard as a player than Gary Megson, for example. How exactly do you think he earned an England call-up? Palmer was an integral part of Wednesday's last purple patch, when we were arguably one of the top teams in the country. He was one of our top players at that time. *b
  9. I've a suggestion for you: Chris Waddle at Sheffield Wednesday (unless he's going to be at Marseille) and David Hirst also. Not to mention Kevin Pressman, Johnny Fantham, Martin Hodge, Carlton Palmer, Des Walker, Mel Sterland and a host of others.
  10. Southend yes, Luton no. Luton's nearer North London, but could be in the Midlands at a real push.
  11. I actually like it, but there should definitely be a shout to tell the players not to let hat-trick guy have it.
  12. It may be their official region but Middlesbrough shouldn't be in Yorkshire and nor should Hull.
  13. FM2012 for me. I didn't seem to win everything too easily, I could tweak tactics without fear and I had some moderate success in my longer-term games. I was using edited databases though, so maybe that's why it was better for me than it was for some others. I also found it more fun than the next two in the series and better-looking, even if elements of the UI were a bit unwieldy. The only thing is, I can't go back now, I'm too much in love with some of the features on FM2014 (although not all of them) and FM2012 frustrates me with its lack of those features.
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