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    Been playing FM/CM since the first version on my Amiga. I have to admit to getting given an illegal copy of the game but have bought just about every version since.

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    Football (der!), Football Management (der!), Ice Hockey, ladies!

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    Man Utd; Barca; ACM.
  1. I saw that but no replies. Actually mine is a Tab 2 10.1, I don't think it is an S. It's running 4.2.2. Might just plump for the mobile version to be safe.
  2. I've got a Samsung Galaxy S2 tablet. Will Touch run on it or will I have to go for Mobile instead? Is there a demo I can try out?
  3. Now just find a great way to pi$$ off agents and I'll be in heaven!!!
  4. No good newgens FM12

    I quit as England manager in FM12 as the quality of players in 2027 is so poor I couldn't get a decent side out, a few 3.5* but mostly 2.5* and 3*. I've just started as Spain manager and have a first team of almost all 4* players. Ironically they are 10 places below England in the rankings!
  5. A non-competitive league?! Don't see many of them about. I started FM13 with Northampton in the hope of working my way up (like daylight suggests) but I'm afraid I gave up and went back to FM12. Whatever I try in the tactics just doesn't seem to work for me. Win hard games, lose easy ones as per the OP. Almost every shot on target against me went in and I still had more shots than the opposition. I've always develope my own tactics and tweeked them to perfection but just can't do it with 13.
  6. I'll take the credit on that...cheers!!! I was going to agree with the post about training them as LB but their tackling stats are both awful and I don't think heavy training would get them anywhere near useful at their age so RW seems the only option.
  7. I've had a few players at the top of their game say they don't think they can achieve anything else and want a change. I can then sell them at inflated prices but generally under £50M. There's always a youngster around in my reserves who would benefit from first team football. Sold an Argentinian CB to ACM for £45M and put a 19 yo Italian in his place to warm the bench. A few seasons later ACM are in with £20M for my youngster!
  8. FM 14 stadiums

    Sorry, let me get this straight.........the stadia are protected by copyright (or whatever) but the names of the clubs and players aren't? Lunacy!
  9. Retrain Cazarelly as a right winger (as he is right footed) then you can play them both!
  10. Make full use of your substitutions around the 55/60 min mark strategically replacing players you need for the next match.
  11. Got sacked for refusing to apologise for stating an interest in another job? An employment tribunal would have laughed you all the way to the bank with your compo cheque! As for PDC, he went from unemployed to Sunderland, after jacking in the job at Swindon because he wanted to manage in the EPL!
  12. I find the longer I leave it between buying games the more overwhelming the amount new features are and the harder to get into it. I struggled with 13 and won't bother with 14, sticking with 12 or giving up altogether!
  13. I was expecting the England job as the best English manager in the game and didn't bother applying. They offered it to a new-gen manager of 32 years old. He was rubbish and got sacked. Never seen that happen before.
  14. 57 Seasons Later...

    I was just looking to find out what transfer fees were 57 years ago. In 1957 Sivori went from River Plate to Juventus for a record £93k so in 57 years from now, inflation factored in, the average player would be going for about a billion pounds!!! That's (inflation) something that has never been considered in FM games. Also, football probably won't look anything like what we play now in 2070 if it hasn't imploded with wage demands, bankruptcy and agents bringing it down!