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  1. Isn't it 49 when referees are forced to retired? It's an archaic rule if you ask me.
  2. Scouts or trials. Unless fog of war has revealed all their attributes and they have some kind of playing history to judge them on.
  3. Don't worry about that. It takes me about one real life week per two in game weeks.
  4. Very well done winning League One and going fantastic in the Championship.
  5. 2040... my 4 year old daughter's favourite player won't be playing for Stoke by then. Win some things with Stoke. Like the Premier League and Champions League. Because that is never going to happen while I'm alive.
  6. Decent first season back in the Premier League for Chelsea.
  7. It's simple. The more leagues you have the more realistic your game world and the more players and staff there are. The trade off is game processing speed. You have to find a balance you are happy with.
  8. The majority of footballers have little or no idea how the real world works. A lot of people would snap the hand off anybody who offered them work for £700 per week.
  9. Uttoxeter is only about 15 minutes down the A50 from me, hence me noticing they had appeared. They have never had a football team of any real note. The Midland League is the highest they have ever been.
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