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  1. The problem you have with Salford is while it is a small city itself and on the doorstep of Manchester, then you are competiting with the two Manchester clubs for fans.
  2. What 99 said. The database is finalised after the transfer window shuts, so the squads reflect that.
  3. Way back on CM01/02 in the Zealot Online Clan I paid £45,000,000 for a 21 year old Argentine striker when I was managing Tottenham, a fortune back then. During my ten years there he was a big star in winning four Premier Leagues and two Champions Leagues. My best signing ever and still to this day my most expensive.
  4. MARCH 2021 We start well with a convincing win over Banbury at home before we slip up at AFC Rushden & Diamonds who score an injury time winner as youth graduate Jason Parsons makes his debut as a sub. Salisbury win to close the gap. We have another comfortable home win against Poole before we travel to Chippenham the day after Salisbury win again. Owusu scores our 100th league goal of the season which is a late equaliser. We're not there just yet, but two wins will do it... SOUTHERN LEAGUE PREMIER DIVISION Bishop's Stortford 3 Banbury United 1 (Owusu 2, Hollins) AFC Rushden & Diamonds 2 Bishop's Stortford 1 (Williams (pen)) Bishop's Stortford 3 Poole Town 1 (Grant, Williams, Owusu) Chippenham Town 1 Bishop's Stortford 1 (Owusu) MATCH OF THE MONTH Not the biggest choice with only four games played, so I picked the Banbury game mainly because of the milestones in the game. Christian Owusu's two goals saw him notch up 150 league goals for the club while one of the 'Ginger Ninjas' Andrew Hollins scored his first. Teddy Ford got his 15th yellow card of the season and picks up a three match ban. ELSEWHERE Manchester City lead Manchester United and Chelsea in a three way fight for the Premier League. Bayern Munich are a massive 20 points clear in the Bundesliga. Celtic have reached the Champions League Quarter Final while Rijeka have done so in the Europa League.
  5. @scott92507 I don't know about stats in relation to pass completion etc. I don't tend to be much of a stat detail man. I look for goals, assists and average rating, the most important things. I don't tend to look at pass percentages etc. Saying that, I would have thought they would be a similar level as skills levels are relative. While the players won't be as skilled, by the same token the defenders won't be as good either. There are moments of (great) skill but they are hardly frequent. Goals are much more often breakaways, one on ones or more of a scrappy nature. There is the occasional screamer but not many. @Raware Yes, nearly there...
  6. Still doing very well Andy. Might this season be your year?
  7. Very well done joining other tiny teams in the Football League. Northampton Town have turned shockingly bad.
  8. Clucas is Stoke's real life top scorer this season. Stoke did buy into the battling underdogs role that Pulis portrayed them as. Hardly villains. As time wore on though and having solidified their position in the Premier League, Stoke's fans could see just how negative and boring the football was. The discontent among the supporters made the board act and sack Pulis.
  9. Well done qualifying for the Champions League (qualifiers) again.
  10. Nailed it fella. Very well done. I can top 3 days in one job. I once had 1 day in a job, though it was down to a glitch in the game. I was co-founder and long term player in the Zealot Online Clan back on CM01/02. One of the other players was Manager of France and resigned after a poor European Championship. I took over, then one day later I was sacked for the poor performance in the European Championship!
  11. I'm in a save on FM18 where the English leagues go down to tier 10. I'm in my fourth season with Bishop's Stortford in the Southern League Premier Division and look like I'm going to win the league after losing in the playoffs in each of the last two seasons.
  12. Promotion every time. If you think any other way then should you be managing a football club?
  13. Another cracking season fella.
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