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  1. Nobby_McDonald

    Must haves when playing FM

    That's second to my above suggestion of oxygen.
  2. Nobby_McDonald

    [FM18] E22 - England to Level 22

    Am I right with this?
  3. Nobby_McDonald

    [FM18] E22 - England to Level 22

    Am I right with this?
  4. This looks like an excellent piece of work by Claassen. Has anybody tried this alongside the England level 22 database? I want to go down to level 8 or 9 in England, and add in extra leagues in the rest of the UK.
  5. What a season. Very well done.
  6. Nobby_McDonald

    (FM13) Super Caley go ballistic or they are atrocious

    Decent effort in the Champions League.
  7. Nobby_McDonald

    AC London - I Predict A Riot

    Let's hope you do better with AC London in your Premier League season than I did with Newcastle Town back on FM11.
  8. Nobby_McDonald

    [FM18] Take Us Out Of This Eely Swamp Land

    Can't believe you aren't top with all those wins.
  9. Nobby_McDonald

    [FM18] From University to Champions League

    Surely Turner Stadium is your ground and not Hapoel Be'er-Sheva's?
  10. Nobby_McDonald

    [FM 18] Wrexham, the Welsh Red Dragons

    Well done winning another promotion.
  11. Nobby_McDonald

    Must haves when playing FM

  12. Nobby_McDonald

    [FM18] E22 - England to Level 22

    So am I right with the following? There is a list of the English competitions, and there is a column saying "if selected division is at least". I then type in there the level I want. So for example, if I only want the Sterry Cup to feature at Level 11 or below, I type Level 11 into that box. Is that correct? So if I only select the top 8 levels for example, it won't be loaded.
  13. Nobby_McDonald

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    I remember a match I played many years back, circa the 2004/5 version. I was playing as Leigh RMI and Chester were my bogey team. I had a home game against them and went 0-3 down in 11 minutes. I went on to win 8-3. Probably the craziest CM/FM match I've played.
  14. Picturesque ground indeed. Putting some stands up would spoil the view.
  15. Nobby_McDonald

    Following in the footsteps of Sir Alex Ferguson

    Stoke are becoing brilliant in this save.