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  1. An employee on a month to month contract by definition can leave on a month's notice. In football terms they can basically leave when they like. It also works the other way though. By definition you can sack them with a month's pay though in football terms I think you can just release them.
  2. And there are no transfer windows as such unless you are in the National League. You can sign anybody up until the transfer deadline in late March.
  3. Or the Brexit "remoaners" last year.
  4. Not if you are playing any previous version.
  5. I'd want to win the Premier League every year if I was at a top club.
  6. Great first season in the Premier League.
  7. It's going to happen, it's obvious.
  8. You did very well to reach the Europa League final.
  9. Bloody hell, I could buy him at that price.
  10. OCTOBER 2018 A disappointing month sees us take four points from four league games and get knocked out of both of the main cups. NORTHERN PREMIER LEAGUE PREMIER DIVISION Newcastle Town v Shaw Lane Aquaforce - postponed due to waterlogged pitch Warrington Town 0 Newcastle Town 3 (Mattis, Shuaibu (og), Clayton) - 205 Stafford Rangers 2 Newcastle Town 2 (Clayton, Bridge) - 443 Spennymoor Town 2 Newcastle Town 1 (Clayton) - 693 Newcastle Town 1 Shaw Lane Aquaforce 3 (Sloane) - 100 We finished the month in 15th with 18 points from 14 games FA CUP SECOND QUALIFYING ROUND REPLAY - Northwich Victoria 3 Newcastle Town 1 (Parker) - 279 FA TROPHY FIRST QUALIFYING ROUND - Rugby Town 1 Newcastle Town 0 - 177
  11. You admit it then Jimbo.
  12. The season is shaping up very nicely Paul.
  13. Blew up massively in Norway.
  14. Are they a non league team?
  15. Still a decent effort despite your disappointment.