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  1. Yet you still communicate with me.
  2. Russia are still a threat.
  3. Richard Branson has dyed his hair and used anti wrinkle cream.
  4. There goes your four pool dream.
  5. That's a shame. I play as Newcastle Town in Newcastle-under-Lyme.
  6. I'm washing my hair.
  7. Try going from Poole to Hartlepool to Blackpool to Liverpool if you survive this season.
  8. You could play as Barcelona in Barcelona.
  9. NOVEMBER 2016 A better month. Mattis rediscovers his goalscoring form while right winger Adam Parker discovers he can score. We rise nicely up the table. NORTHERN PREMIER LEAGUE PREMIER DIVISION Mickleover Sports 3 Newcastle Town 3 (Clayton, Mattis 2) - 115 Newcastle Town 2 Truro City 0 (Clayton, Parker) - 114 Newcastle Town 3 Darlington 3 (Mattis (pen), Parker, Clayton) - 124 Newcastle Town 2 Gainsborough Trinity 1 (Bridge, Parker) - 129 1st Northwich Victoria - Played 22, 41 points 10th Newcastle Town - Played 21, 30 points 24th Workington - Played 20, 14 points NORTHERN PREMIER LEAGUE CHALLENGE CUP FIRST ROUND - Newcastle Town 0 Grantham Town 3 (78)
  10. If you want to play in the true LLM way then you would not use any knowledge from any old saves. Every game world is different as soon as you press continue for the first time.
  11. Many years ago the game would refuse your club promotion if you couldn't afford the necessary expansion. Now the board forces through the stadium expansion to allow promotion, but this most likely causes debt.
  12. A great season fella.
  13. Nominate me next year.