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  1. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    Attribute masking has been a must for me ever since it was first introduced. You wouldn't know that Jonny Left Back has 12 for tackling playing for Conwy United when you're managing Newcastle Town in the Northern Premier League Premier Division.
  2. Beck's Back: Can We Go One Beta?

    Cambridge conquering Europe.
  3. [FM18] Billericay Town - Mo' Money No Problems

    You're over a decade behind me doing it, and that was way before they had all this money.
  4. [FM18] Just a career

    Your matches certainly aren't boring.
  5. [FM18] A New Avenue For The Discarded...

    Making it look very easy.
  6. I've never heard of most of them.
  7. Try again next season. Port Vale relegated to the National League.
  8. FM 2018 - York City

    Fantastic indeed Qwerty.
  9. Brody

    AUGUST 2019 In the first match we had the same number of shots and more possession and somehow ended up getting stuffed. Despite the heavy defeat, I felt good about the team. I was proved right as we were unbeaten for the rest of the month, Harry Clayton was banging in goals left, right and centre and we enjoyed our best start to a season since I took charge. NORTHERN PREMIER LEAGUE PREMIER DIVISION Marine 4 Newcastle Town 0 - 345 Newcastle Town 1 Alfreton Town 0 (Clayton) - 109 Scarborough Athletic 1 Newcastle Town 1 (Walsh) - 387 Newcastle Town 2 Handsworth Parramore 0 (Clayton, Bridge) - 105 Skelmersdale United 1 Newcastle Town 2 (Clayton, Adams) - 252 Newcastle Town 4 Curzon Ashton 2 (Clayton 3, Moss) - 98
  10. Smallest Stadium

  11. FM 2018 - York City

    Going very well Qwerty.
  12. Beck's Back: Can We Go One Beta?

    Fantastic season.
  13. Fi Fylde Fo Fum: A Coasters Story

    Very good start Blues. And I like the thread title.