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  1. I got 13 but since when has John Barnes ever been a left winger?
  2. Some things are best left alone. Like Championship Manager 4.
  3. Watch out for cameras in coat pockets.
  4. You missed the Nobby McDonald Award for Slowest Career Update.
  5. Should get past Gladbach.
  6. Yeah, that was poor. We shall see...
  7. Pretty much strolled to the double. Great job.
  8. SEPTEMBER 2016 A mixed month with some good results and performances but an absolute shocker in the FA Cup at home to a team two divisions below us. Mattis returns from injury but struggles on his return. NORTHERN PREMIER LEAGUE PREMIER DIVISION Spennymoor Town 1 Newcastle Town 0 - 497 Newcastle Town 3 Carlton Town 2 (Hobson (og), Bridge, Clayton) - 91 Ashton United 2 Newcastle Town 3 (Cole, Sumner, Clayton) - 181 Newcastle Town 4 Colwyn Bay 4 (Bridge, Clayton 3) - 99 1st Blyth Spartans - Played 12, 26 points 12th Newcastle Town - Played 12, 16 points 24th Workington - Played 12, 10 points FA CUP FIRST QUALIFYING ROUND - Bedworth United 1 Newcastle Town 3 (Bridge, Sanders, Parker) - 738, £3,000 prize money SECOND QUALIFYING ROUND - Newcastle Town 3 Coventry Sphinx 4 (Mattis, Clayton, Bridge) - 285
  9. I only just read the thread when I posted.
  10. Score more goals than the opposition. It's hard to give any kind of specific advice when your request for advice is so vague.
  11. The best community save I've ever been involved in was the LLM Zealot online save that we played for over 30 seasons on CM01/02.
  12. Very well done Pilgrim. Good luck with Chelsea.
  13. Thanks Noikeee.
  14. It's more of a point that the game data is not accurate, which is most likely a reflection on the game itself rather than anything you have done.