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  1. At least 9 Finnish players in a match day squad of 18 yet no more than 3 foreign players make no sense. The second rule means there must be at least 15 Finnish players in the squad. And why are you unable to purchase any foreigners at Manchester United?
  2. The only reason I can think of is if Andorran don't allow players to play for the national team if they take their nationality rather than are born with it. I would be surprised if they do this but it is possible.
  3. Nice little career, but shame we won't get to see how you fare in the Championship.
  4. I'm expecting you to reach the heights of Nepal.
  5. That women's questions was the best part of it. It reminded me of Daisy Donovan as The Angel of Delight way back on The 11 O'Clock Show.
  6. Oh and I see you've tagged it as a FM19/20 hybrid. How is that going to work?
  7. I really like this concept. Let's see how Martin does.
  8. AUGUST 2019 An unbeaten start is always a great way to start a season. However, it saw us win both away games yet draw two out of the three at home. Both the draws were disappointing. We conceded an Ekpiteta own goal in the 88th minute against Chippenham before equalising two minutes later, while we let a lead slip twice against Wantage. Still, no defeats is pleasing. SOUTHERN LEAGUE PREMIER DIVISION Bishop's Stortford 2 Dunstable Town 1 (Grant, Williams) Bishop's Stortford 1 Chippenham Town 1 (Williams) Truro City 2 Bishop's Stortford 5 (Owusu 3 (1 pen), Williams, Jeffers (pen)) Bishop's Stortford 2 Wantage Town 2 (Owusu, Williams) Slough Town 1 Bishop's Stortford 4 (Williams 2, Owusu 2) MATCH OF THE MONTH This was the away game at Truro. Christian Owusu has found his shooting boots, scoring his first goal since March. Hard to believe when he scored 56 goals last season! OTHER NEWS Christian Owusu is named Young Player of the Month. St Johnstone and Nimes are the early league leaders in Scotland and France. The transfer window ends around Europe... The top league spenders are Premier League (£1.12b), Bundesliga (£451m), Ligue 1 (£333m), La Liga (£326m) and Serie A (£230m). Top club spenders are Bayern Munich (£192m), Paris St Germain (£145m), Arsenal (£128m), Liverpool (£120m) and Manchester City (£107m)
  9. Doing very well with Plymouth, and doing pretty well in a tough qualifying group too.
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