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  1. That's two different, albeit not that much, sets of rules there.
  2. Nobby_McDonald

    Biggest League Win Ever

    8-0 in my current season. My Bishop's Stortford hammered the bottom team St Ives Town.
  3. I operate a three strike rule when it comes to things like this and missing training without good reason.
  4. Nobby_McDonald

    Leadership Courses

    Leadership courses? I wasn't even aware they are in the game.
  5. Nobby_McDonald

    [FM19] Devon Is a Place on Earth

    Still a decent season Pilgrim.
  6. Nobby_McDonald

    [FM19] French Lingerie.

    This is definitely a slow grind.
  7. Nobby_McDonald

    [FM19] Third Time Lucky

    Long time no see Lenzar.
  8. Nobby_McDonald

    my BEST SAVE....EVER!

    Squeeze into the top of the split.
  9. Hope the dog is going as well as the Europa League run.
  10. Nobby_McDonald

    Money Boo Boo

    Be careful what you wish for.
  11. Nobby_McDonald

    First team football at 16

    If he's good enough, he's old enough.
  12. Nobby_McDonald

    Welsh only career idea

    Wrexham have never won the English FA Cup or League Cup if that is what you are referring to. Edit: The best they have done in both of them is the Quarter Finals.
  13. Nobby_McDonald

    [FM19] Devon Is a Place on Earth

    Nothing is in Devonshire.
  14. Nobby_McDonald

    Derby County - Director of Football Challenge

    Well we know how Rowett's move to Stoke worked out.