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  1. You beat Stoke in the final.
  2. Searching for the wisdom of the Braintree

    Quinton Arena does sound better than BuryBlade Arena.
  3. The Elephants of Sicily

    Well done Wynter.
  4. Old and Boring

    I'll be 40 by the end of the year.
  5. [FM17]Football in 1888 in 2017

    All the league tables below the 1888 Premier League in 2017.
  6. Established yourselves back in the Premier League.
  7. [FM17]Football in 1888 in 2017

    That is just bonkers.
  8. Searching for the wisdom of the Braintree

    Good luck in the promised land. I think you'll need it...
  9. FM17 - Uni is over, time for a gap year!

    Three in a row in Germany. Time to move on?
  10. The Long Journey to the Top

    Kemi Kings is a good name. Time to test yourself in a tougher league?
  11. Brody

    FEBRUARY 2019 February went much better than January, except for a crushing defeat at Scarborough in my 200th game in charge. We rise one place to 16th. NORTHERN PREMIER LEAGUE PREMIER DIVISION Newcastle Town 2 Whitchurch Alport 1 (Clayton, Walsh) - 94 Newcastle Town 1 Warrington Town 0 (Walsh) - 92 Scarborough Athletic 6 Newcastle Town 1 (Mudimu) - 174 Shaw Lane Aquaforce 2 Newcastle Town 2 (Clayton 2) - 160 Curzon Ashton 1 Newcastle Town 1 (Clayton) - 100 STAFFORDSHIRE SENIOR CUP QUARTER FINAL - Newcastle Town 0 Stoke City under 21s 2 - 1,272 (new record crowd since start of save)
  12. Don't use text speak in here.
  13. Old and Boring

    I thought he was on about me.
  14. Play up Pompey!

    They did manage 7th one year in the Premier League.