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  1. Wow, great job to make the playoffs from that position. Would be amazing if you do meet Blackpool in the playoff final
  2. fantastic start in the league, hope you can keep this form going
  3. wow, 90 points and not win the league. that must be some kind of record. Congrats on the Europa league win though
  4. Congratulations on the back to back promotions and good luck in League 1!
  5. congrats on a superb achievement with Greece, looking forward to seeing where you go next
  6. congratulations and good luck in the playoffs
  7. congratulations on a brilliant season. if your preseason form is anything to go by, next year should be a good one too
  8. wow great run to put some distance between yourself and the chasing pack.
  9. amazing career so far, really enjoying following this. looking good in the league and Europe this year
  10. incredible career so far, am really enjoying following this story, amazing cup run. hope you can get promoted this season
  11. wow, fantastic achievement. good luck in the next round
  12. hope you can stay in the top half before the split. And loving following this career BTW, amazed at your patience to repeatedly start again at new clubs.
  13. Congratulations. An amazing achievement. I've loved following this story, has been one of my favourite threads of all time in the careers forum. Well done
  14. Congratulations on winning the league at the first attempt. Shame it wasn't an unbeaten season. Hopefully you don't have to wait too long for a Y club. What were the competitions you still wanted to win on this save?
  15. At last! Hopefully you won't need to stay quite so long at Xanthi