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  1. Congratulations. An amazing achievement. I've loved following this story, has been one of my favourite threads of all time in the careers forum. Well done
  2. Congratulations on winning the league at the first attempt. Shame it wasn't an unbeaten season. Hopefully you don't have to wait too long for a Y club. What were the competitions you still wanted to win on this save?
  3. At last! Hopefully you won't need to stay quite so long at Xanthi
  4. I had the same problem. My match stats floating window was gone, so I went into C:\Users\Mark\AppData\Local\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\Preferences\version 5 And deleted (actually renamed to be on the safe side) the floating_match_stats_state_changed.xml file since I only had an issue with match stats. After that, next time I started the game I could access the match stats
  5. great start to the season, whats the goals scored record for a Bundesliga season?
  6. congratulations on the league and cup double. hope the Xanthi job becomes available for you soon.
  7. Great first season at Wolfsburg, hopefully you can go one better next year. And well done for getting so far through this challenge. I've followed many alphabet challenges on this forum over the years, but I can't recall anyone ever completing it - but I'm starting to believe you're going to see this one right through . KUTGW
  8. congratulations! a hard earned title win. Looking forward to seeing where you go next
  9. great start to the season, hopefully you can keep out in front
  10. I'm really struggling this year too after being a CM/FM player for decades and always being able to guide a side steadily towards success. In FM2016 my first job I failed to win a single match after taking over a team predicted to finish 5th. Got sacked on the next job too after woefully underperforming, before finally taking a team up one division into Ligue 2 where we have been stuck for 8 seasons so far! I've spent forever reading the tactics forum but nothing seems to work well. Last season a diamond formation appeared to finally be the answer but our form fell to pieces at the crucial moment (and in FMC you can't hold a team meeting when you like to restore morale). Strangely in all the last few seasons my players have been the stand-out players in the division with excellent average ratings. Don't get me wrong, I do like a challenge, but it's reaching the point where its not much fun any more to keep enduring groundhog season.
  11. congratulations on finally winning the league with Toulouse. I've been stuck for 8 seasons in Ligue 2 on my current save, so its nice to see success is possible in France! Looking forward to seeing where you go next.
  12. You finally did it! Congratulations! an amazing career.
  13. I brought in a star striker on a free for my lower league team making him our highest paid player. 11 minutes into his debut he gets injured for 5 months! I only had one other striker in the squad, a 17 year old on loan, so I bring in another striker on a free to give us some cover. He manages 4 games and scores 8 goals before picking up a 5 month injury as well. Eventually the five months are up, and the star striker returns to training. On his first day back in training, he gets injured again for 5 weeks. Eventually I have them both back and fit for the end of the season, where they manage to score a grand total of two goals between them in the final 4 months of the season.
  14. I'm Tours in Ligue 2 in France. Started off in the Championat National, got promoted by scraping into third in my first season, survived only just in our second season. Now in third season we're doing well in the league and are out of debt. As for other cup competitions, in the Coupe de la Ligue I was expected to get to the 2nd round, but went out in the 1st. The other cup we're still in (just played one round, expected to get through two more). I suspect it is a bug, as I found this post which seems to describe pretty much the exact same situation I am in.
  15. It gets weirder. After back to back wins against two of the best sides in the league (one lucky win, one deserved), we're up to 7th and another of my squad decides that now is a good time to tell the media that he's lost confidence in my ability.