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  1. great progress so far. Hope you can stay in contention for an automatic promotion spot
  2. Presume Wednesday / Cardiff?? are still behind on away goals? Hope you can find one more in the next 30 minutes.
  3. great result. hope you can recover form in the league and sneak a playoff places finish.
  4. nice to see you moving in the right direction. Looks like the second automatic spot isn't out of the question if you can maintain your form. Hope you can achieve at least the playoffs this year (so long as Carl Jenkinson isn't in the commentary team)
  5. well done on staying out of relegation danger, hope you can build on this for next season
  6. good to see you moving out of trouble.
  7. Congratulations! A truly great escape! Good luck for next season, hope you can build over the summer and aim for a playoff place
  8. Ha ha, Carl got me both times! Looking good to stay up now!
  9. unlucky in the champions league but good to see the finances are looking in a decent shape now. Amazed with your persistence in this career - hopefully top spot in the hall of fame isn't too far off now!
  10. uh oh. at least you'll be safe if it comes down to alphabetical order
  11. great work pulling out the relegation zone! hoping you can get one win from your final two matches.
  12. wow, tough challenge but looks like it might just be achievable. hope you can stay up
  13. congratulations, a great achievement