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  1. Congratulations on the new job, and unlucky in the playoff final
  2. Great start to your career. Looking forward to following this one.
  3. a shame such a great career and story had to end like that, but thanks anyway, I enjoyed following along
  4. Congratulations on an epic career. I've really enjoyed following your progress
  5. congratulations, and hope you can add a few more trophies before you finish
  6. Wow looks like its going right to the wire - could see a runner up with 90+ points! At least you have a superior goal difference.
  7. decent first season, hope you can turn the finances round
  8. A truly legendary career. Have really enjoyed following your progress and can't quite believe how much you managed to achieve
  9. shame you couldn't complete the challenge, but was enjoyable following your progress and looking forward to your next career
  10. congratulations on finally getting out of Egypt. Great way to end your time there.
  11. good to see you've made it onto the next stop on your voyage and looks like you're very much in the title race so hopefully won't be staying put too long
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