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  1. Wheres Wally FM style, spot the away fans: Obviously took a leaf out of City fans book and showed up disguised as seats!
  2. So my newgen Ukranian AMC is having trouble settling in England. I invite him into the office, put the arm around him and ask what can I do to help, would you like me to bring someone in to help you settle? Yes he says, so out I go and buy £2m worth of Semen to keep my 20 year old newgen happy...
  3. Sam Hutchinson, that right back from Chelsea who retired young due to a wretched injury record and then came back last year IRL to Chelsea's reserves retired again after the first season of the game. 9 months later he's heading a consortium that just bought Newcastle!
  4. Brucie bonus: He plays for Liverpool as well I'm a sucker for some Mark De Man FM/ CM hilarity going down the years and just got this in my inbox: Nice sticking it to De Man
  5. C'mon the Town! Once had Phillip Hughes bang in a 96th minute winner for me as Dundalk vs Celtic in the 3rd qualifying round for the CL to put me through to the group stages and the mega money. Did laps around the room when that goal went in I'll tell you! edit: Just got this in my inbox: A tad unfair counting a billion odd people as one!
  6. I'm mangaging Murcia , we were 7-0 down at half time and got it back to 7-6 in the second half but ran out of time to get the equaliser. Possibly one of the mentalist games in FM I've had.
  7. Sooo... last game of the season, in 6th with nothing to play for either way for both teams so this happens:
  8. It seems one of my scouts has a touch of the Savilles/ Watkins about him:
  9. yeah, its crazy isnt it?! I was Barca so I won anyway but Ronaldinho had chipped the keeper from about 40 yards, it bounced and the ref blew up right as it was on the line, definite goal of the season if he had of waited a fraction of a second! I can laugh at it now but at the time I was going buck mad & it took me ages & kept having to replay the highlights for the game to get the printscreen bang on, I was disgusted!!
  10. A few of my highlights from FM 07 & 08, I'll upload some more as soon as I can find them... Dundalks champions league odds after I got to the group stage: http://img2.putfile.com/main/5/13013050750.jpg A tough group for Ajax: http://img2.putfile.com/main/5/13013050893.jpg gotta love the alliteration string: http://img2.putfile.com/main/5/13013050867.jpg the old relative obscurity line: http://img2.putfile.com/main/5/13013050876.jpg Stokes is stoked dude... http://img2.putfile.com/main/5/13013050812.jpg Chelseas definition of irony: http://img2.putfile.com/main/5/13013050786.jpg
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