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  1. Evening all, been a few years but got this years version and playing my test save with Man Utd on the standard DB with no changes & checked and a few glaring things standing out at first glance: Jack Byrne of all people is for some reason on a month to month contract with Shamrock Rovers since 7/12/18? He's on a contract until the end of the Irish 2020 season, if not 2021. https://www.irishtimes.com/sport/soccer/national-league/stephen-bradley-shamrock-rovers-in-no-rush-to-sell-jack-byrne-1.4024920 Dundalk Drogheda are down as rivals but it's not down as a derby match which it is Shamrock Rovers should be added as historic and competitive rivals City Calling Stadium in Longford is down as the clubs Champions League venue, I presume for CAT3/4 CLQ 3rd round/ EL 3rd round, that should be Tallaght Stadium and has been the case for several years. Proof can be seen from every post CL R3 European game Dundalk have played in the last several years. Training, Data and Youth facilities should be above basic, the club have had a Youth Development Centre for years and spent 500k upgrading it last winter, particularly for data & video analysis and youth/ first team training and gym facilities. https://www.independent.ie/sport/soccer/league-of-ireland/500k-plan-should-help-champions-dundalk-adapt-to-life-after-stephen-kenny-37818923.html https://dundalksport.ie/dfc-a-new-dawn-a-new-day-dundalk-fc-return-for-pre-season-8d453f6afd9c To be fair, even as a fan, the club shouldn't have excellent youth recruitment, it's light years away from Shamrock Rovers who only have average youth recruitment & Bohs even with the Kevins agreement. The LOI clubs who have link ups with schoolboy clubs for the underage leagues should have them as affiliate clubs to replicate the real world structure in game as closely as possible. I.E. Bohs should have Kevin's as a long term affiliate, Bray St Joseph's Boys etc. Will post more when I go through the DB myself to fix as much as I can before I start my LOI save, I know we're small fry over here and Mark does his best but whatever about updated transfers and squads, still a lot of the same things missed or incorrect. Oh and seen it on twitter from someone else's save and it's just happened in my save too; as much as I love the man, John Gill seems to always get the Ireland Job when Mick McCarthy leaves! Can it be set that Mick leaves on 31/7/20 with it hard coded that Stephen Kenny takes over on 1/8/2020? EDIT Mick also resigned after the euro qualifiers and didn't stay on for the play offs, even though that seems to be hard coded ok and we got Slovakia, no idea if or how that could be resolved though!
  2. One thing I've been thinking about is you can't pay off transfers early, i.e. the clauses over x amount of months. It'd be worth bringing in the usual the board have negotiated etc etc for those too so if you come into a few quid instead of still paying out each month on the never never in some instances you could pay them a lump sum which could be less than the total owed. You save a few quid on the payments and if the club owed the money is in need of a few bob, everyone's a winner.
  3. Had him on loan at Murcia for 4 seasons and then signed him permanently for 12.75m. He's been fantastic for me, he's a club legend and has the club as his favourite too. Think I was slightly unlucky in what side of the PA he fell on but still great stats across the board, he's pretty much fully developed now bar the usual minor tweaks as he gets older
  4. Managing Murcia so haven't a pot to urinate in money wise, taken them up from the Segunda B to the CL places in La Liga, into the start of the 2019/20 season. Anyway, the great thing about Spain is you can do 2 year loans so including them my top 5: 1. Ruben Neves, 2 year loan, extended for another 2 year loan, his contract was up so I signed him for free after having him for nothing the previous 4 seasons 2. Jesus Vallejo, Chelsea got him for the min fee at the start of the game, just starting his 4th season on loan as well, hoping to sign him permanently at the end of the season 3. Youri Tielemans, still at Anderlecht, I've had him on loan and, you guessed it, just starting his 4th season on loan with me, hopefully get him permanently at some stage. 4. Lorenzo Crisetig, 4m quid as soon as I got some semblance of transfer funds. An absolute beast of a cm/dm and an FM stalwart going back to FM2010. 5. Samuel Asamoah, available on a free transfer at the start of the game, will sign for anyone and is lethal if you retrain him as a striker. He's club captain and has banged in 112 goals in 165 appearances for me.
  5. I've nabbed a South Korean newgen so past two summers I've gone on tour there to boost the merch sales and the exact same thing has happened to be both times now, tour of Japan for the week after cancelled and unavailable for every day until the season starts proper then. Pain in the backside as a lot of my squad need match fitness but even though I've 2 weeks spare I can't arrange any more friendlies!
  6. Wheres Wally FM style, spot the away fans: Obviously took a leaf out of City fans book and showed up disguised as seats!
  7. I've mentioned it in the feedback thread that they don't carry across to matches, plus the fact it's a complete pain in the backside now that you have to do them all individually one by one on both the main tactics screen and/ or the in game oppo instructions page.
  8. Had to restart my Murcia save after the initial preseason after all my team threw their toys out of the pram after Jose Luis Acciari threw his toys out of the pram about wanting a move home to Argentina. Fair enough you might say, coming to the end of his career etc but he's been living and playing in Spain for 12 years and Murcia are on his favourite clubs list and he's a club legend. Not really one who would do that. Morale/ player interactions issues are overpowered and individual ones affect the rest of the squad too much. Anyway, restarted and now he's complaining about not being registered in the training camp squad: But the thing is, of course he is registered in the squad: So now he's kicked off big time again and no doubt the whole squad will be up in arms over it as well. Quite frustrating. Also as I mentioned before and others have, opposition instructions are a shambles this year, can't select multiple rows and have to do them all one by one, instruction by instruction individually. The new thing SI brought in where you can set them per position in your main tactics screen quite frankly doesn't work at all. It doesn't apply them to the players/ positions when you go into a match. The exact same thing happened when SI first brought in Opposition instructions a few years ago if I remember rightly as well.
  9. Absolutely caned with work the last week or so Ty mate but I haven't forgot, will have the Segunda thread started and the OP plus more up by Sunday evening at the latest I'd say.
  10. I'm on a full HD widescreen laptop so I'm not having the thing where columns disappear, the actual goals or goals scored isn't on the list when you right click to choose from the list is the thing! Tactics wise I'm pretty much avoiding the new tactics screen full stop after setting my formation up initially. For team/ subs and then stats (where I was customising the displayed columns and can't see a "goals" or "goals scored" option) etc I'm using the squad screen. Then for player roles and instructions I'm just going straight into the player page on the tactics sub section then and adding them onto the normal list per position there.
  11. I know there's issues with customising the columns alright but thought that was just with non widescreen monitors and what's displayed, doesn't seem to be an option on list for just goals scored though so must have been removed . Bit mad that if so as it's a bread and butter stat!
  12. Sound, I'll get cracking on it and link it up in a few days when I pull it all together, be similar to the Vanarama/ conference thread.
  13. I'm either gone blind from trying to make heads or tails of the GUI on the tactics screen or there's no option to insert a "goals" column on the squad screen? I.E. I'm customising the displayed stats columns so I can see how everyone is getting on in a few different categories etc and though there's form, appearances, assists, goals per 90 mins etc I can't find a plain old goals scored one to stick in. Either I'm insane after checking about 15 times or has anyone else seen it?
  14. Might take me a few days to pull it together seeming as there's 4 sub divisions but I can do up a catch all Spanish Segunda B thread? My thinking being individual clubs from that level wouldn't really generate much interest/ content in their own threads whereas in a one for all the thread would be a lot more active then and it's a really good career save path up the Spanish league divisions. I did the Murcia one last year and though there was a bit of interest in it it was fairly niche market to say the least! Can do similar for Ireland if no-one else does any but I generally wait for the final patch before doing my LOI save due the league being a summer season though.
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