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  1. As a Product Manager, an active backlog of 7000+ ideas is amazing and also must be management hell at the same time Liking the sound of these changes and new features so far. Can't wait to see more
  2. Thats a fair and balanced post. I don't disagree with a lot of the feeling and emotions in that but I do disagree that you'll not get a better chance of winning something. This squad can do nothing but improve. There are some top quality players in there that are yet to reach their peak and that can only be a good thing. Yes, the next tournament you're not going to have home advantage but everyone in that squad learned a lot in this tournament (or you hope they did) that will serve them well in the next one at what should be neutral venues. The penalties were odd, I can only assume none of the players involved objected to their selection and order, whether that was because they felt doing so would be letting the rest down, or confidence in their ability. Its not the order I would have gone with, for me Kane would be 5th, Saka first. I also think part of the penalty struggle is because media etc makes a big deal out of penalty struggles, its a weight on the collective shoulders. Being Scottish, i'm not gutted about the result, but i'm gutted for the players who had the confidence to step forward, penalties is a horrible way to lose a game, let alone a final.
  3. It tells me that 16.6k people cannot spell more than anything. Absolutely gutted for Saka, such a good player and it takes courage to take the 5th penalty. Feel for the England lads, they're a good side and will be for years to come. Not gutted for the pundits and media nonsense that surrounds them however.
  4. Looks like Jack Wilshere, typically injured again. On a serious note, hope no one is genuinely badly hurt and police get those responsible
  5. The shots of the crowd at least answer the question of "how old is too old to wear face paint?"
  6. So tough for Scotland tonight. In all 3 games we've not really been second best other than the scoreline (aside from England). In every game we've created the chances to score goals and just haven't found that final touch. McGinn, Adams, Dykes, have all had chances to grab goals, nothing has come from it. There are positives to take from this tournament and build on, let's hope Clarke and the boys do that.
  7. There's the Morata we all expect to see, how did he balls up that rebound so badly? utter donkey
  8. No surprise that the goals have primarily come down Semedos side, he's shocking, cannot believe Wolves paid money for him
  9. I agree they all do, but I saw the England line up as a team to play them specifically, we maybe need something different against Croatia. Wouldn't be complaining if we did line up the same though.
  10. The problem is we have nothing else but to hope one of our shots go in, we just don't have a sustained attacking presence yet. There is promise in the Dykes and Adams partnership but neither of them are an out and out goal threat, we're relying on luck more often than not. However we can absolutely do it on Tuesday, we've put ourselves into a great position after the disappointment of game 1, we have to build on that momentum. I'd probably look to get McTominay back into the midfield to hassle the Croatia midfield 3 alongside McGinn and Gilmour.
  11. Will take that first half, held our own, caused problems and apart from a header against the post, kept their forwards at bay. Kane has been shocking, the only thing worse than him is Kalvin Phillips' haircut.
  12. Probably with a Kane special where he purposefully barges into a defender who's jumping for the ball. Like usual.
  13. No Maguire? That's Scotland's chance of winning out the window. Love the team we've put out, apart from McGregor
  14. Has Werner had a meaningful touch of the ball since he came on?
  15. Pep and City sold Sane at the right time, he's just not kicked on at all. So average.
  16. No no, the crowd are there to see him after all. Or at least he's acting as if it's the case.
  17. Spain are so boring, well done Sweden for getting a point and staying awake long enough to achieve it. Just so slow and laboured from Spain.
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