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  1. I've already started to binge my way through Scrubs again. Love that show.
  2. I was just going to create a topic on some matchday UI/UX issues but as there already is one here i'll add to it. From either of the halftime screens there is no way to return to the current screen if you access the tactics/subs part When this screen is accesses, there is no back button or close button for this overlay or any way to click out of it at all, the only way to move on is to click in the top right which takes you away from the screen to the next, meaning, if you haven't reviewed the analysis you can't get back to it again and taken straight to the dressing room or if
  3. Worst sitcom of this generation. The whole thing is set up for Kat Dennings one-line quips and comebacks and they're all terrible
  4. Absurd that she will likely get some sort of settlement out of it in the end for being a total moron.
  5. Worth noting on MLB this year, no smart delivery and no free upgrade. If you buy the Xbox One version, when upgrading to the series consoles, needs to be purchased again. Unless you buy the "special editions"
  6. Found the same with the Bugatti. Not happy with the doors on it either, very flimsy and make it look pretty poor. Found a few things online from people who have redesigned them using additional parts that are already present in the rest of the build. Might order and do that.
  7. I assume with Quicksilver it would be the Evan Peters version?
  8. Just finished season 3 and yet again she gets turned around and made to go against Shield only to be redeemed at the end. It's a recurring theme
  9. Working my way through AOS now, decent series, apart from Daisy/Skye being so bloody annoying. I'd hope they'd have written her out or killed her off after the family/afterlife storyline but no...she just get more annoying in season 3.
  10. It'll be at the top next to the Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar and Nat Geo logos I believe. Hoping it gets some other Hulu shows like The Orville and Futureman etc. I suspect we won't see the true advantage to this until existing broadcast deals with the likes of Sky are ended or amended.
  11. Please don't be EA that picks them up, they'll be shuttered, turned into an always online nonsense game or introduce so many micro-transactions
  12. And hopefully leads straight into Falcon and Winter Soldier the Friday after.
  13. Well Wandavision was weird but damn, it was entertaining and looking forward to the next episodes.
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