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  1. Gary_Parker

    Team To Build A Dynasty ?

    Parma, 1860 Munich or perhaps RC Lens in France?
  2. Just started my first save in the EFL for 2018. I usually stay away from England due to the ridiculous buying nature of the big clubs and nonsense inflated values of players. Started at Brentford and signed in Trincao from Braga and Monksgaard from the Brentford parent club in Denmark along with bringing in Lys Mousset, Callum Gribbin and Bene Baningame on loan for the season. I'm also badgering the board to invest in Youth again as the facilities are very basic.
  3. Gary_Parker

    Recent match feedback tab?

    If you click on the analysis tab on the tactic screen and select 'match' you'll get the info you're looking for there too. Hope that helps
  4. Gary_Parker

    Left Back

    Josh Tymon at Hull is an excellent prospect, also Amavi from Villa, Mendy from Monaco or Hernandez from Atletico, all excellent players on the left side.
  5. Gary_Parker

    FM17 - French Football Thread

    I've been playing a game with Lyon and now into season 4. I've been fortunate with a lot of results, including a win in the champions league in the first season. I've managed to keep the best players in the squad together, Fekir, Lacazette, Lopes, Tolisso and Darder are all key players in my side. Morel, Jallet and Valbuena have all become coaches at the club. This has been shored up with fantastic French signings of Lucas and Hernandez from Atletico, Lafont from Toulouse, Dembele from Celtic and Malang Sarr from Nice alongside the occasional foreign signing, of which Andre Horta from Benfica has been the absolute best of. I've just pulled in this result against PSG, a full strength PSG too.
  6. Gary_Parker

    FM17 - RB Leipzig

    Just started an RB Leipzig save today. Into March 2017 already. Signed in 2 players for the first team, first was Frederico Venancio from Setabul to bolster the defence and provide a good stop gap until the young guys are better equipped. The other was Assane Diousse from Empoli, quality tough defensive midfielder to provide good cover in the team. Playing a very attacking 4-1-2-3 formation with wingbacks and 3 strikers, using Selke (11 goals in 14) as a deep lying forward, Poulsen (16 goals in 22) as a defensive forward and Werner (18 goals in 26) as a treq. Oliver Burke is training to be a treq also with Fosberg training to become a defensive forward. Really enjoying this save so far, given that this is my first one in FM17, i've just finished with FM14 playing into 2055 with a club. hoping to replicate that again here.
  7. Gary_Parker

    England vs Iceland - 8pm ITV

    Pougatch having a breakdown in the studio. Asking how the richest league in the world can't produce good players.
  8. Gary_Parker

    England vs Iceland - 8pm ITV

    Kane again. Awful. I wonder, if the quota limits weren't in the EPL how many of these England players would be in the top teams? Not a lot of technical quality amongst them. Iceland are showing how to play well in a 4-4-2 with a lot of energy.
  9. Gary_Parker

    England vs Iceland - 8pm ITV

    Harry Kane. What a free kick
  10. Gary_Parker

    England vs Iceland - 8pm ITV

    I hope Iceland hold out, at least until half time, just to see the utter over-reaction from Ian Wright.
  11. Gary_Parker

    Round of 16 - Switzerland vs Poland - NOW!

    A great goal in an awful match. That deserves to be a winner, not one that probably guarantees 30 more minutes of this dross.
  12. Gary_Parker

    Croatia vs Spain I think bruv. Czech them Turks out too.

    And that's how to make changes in your side and still perform to get a result.
  13. Gary_Parker

    Game 1 - France VS Romania (10/06/2016 8pm)

    Stunning goal...
  14. Gary_Parker

    Game 1 - France VS Romania (10/06/2016 8pm)

    Really love Matuidi, such a work ethic but suffers from the whole head not knowing what the feet are doing syndrome when he's on the ball. Evra, what a tool...stupid foul
  15. Gary_Parker

    Senegal's Arsenal Thread 2015/16

    Ahhh makes sense.