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  1. I believe so yeah. Its a different gaming eco-system, like PC and PS4 for example
  2. Really enjoying playing as Hertha at the moment. 2nd season, smashing the league so far, their young players are amazing at times. Signed in Vagnoman and Arp as well as young Croatian Lovro Majar and a 4-2-3-1 asymmetric narrow formation. Working absolute wonders. Trying to stay with German players as much as possible, but its very tough with Bayern, RB Leipzig and Dortmund spending millions each transfer window.
  3. After some investigation and reading through what everyone has been saying here, i've actually gone with a flat midfield 3, retaining the same roles as I had with the DM and looking to give my DLP a few traits that better help him come deeper to get the ball and start off moves more. We're still as potent going forward right now, but defensively we've become a little bit more open. Its a trade off I guess.
  4. Great thread. A lot of good food for thought too. I've been working with a similar tiki-taka setup with Brentford, which managed to get me the championship title in the first season. Now in the premier league, we're doing fantastically, yet to lose. I'm not too happy with some of the forward play however. I think a good read through this as well as a bit of deeper investigation into my team will improve it. Good stuff
  5. For me, i've only had 2 saves (bought FM19 last month) with Brentford and Ajax, but Francisco Trincao is fantastic at both clubs for me, as he was in FM18 too. Still as cheap and still as performant. This is him, developing nicely at the start of my 2nd season.
  6. Sorry, didn't mean to imply that the players were the ones at fault, the problem with those views though are they're the views that are broadcast and heard the most, hence Modrics comments. If only the sensible views were heard, like Roy Keanes
  7. But nothing they've said isn't accurate. I feel a bit for England, they've done well considering the amount of changes they've made and players they've introduced but how many of the England squad players would be considered the best player at their club? Even the best in their position? The Spurs lads maybe?
  8. England are creators of their own downfall as usual. Trippiers attempt at a header was childlike, what sort of amateurish cretin goes to head a ball like that. Loved listening to the commentators try and defend Walkers mistake that should have cost England a goal earlier. Right back or centre half, if you have the composure and technique of a primary school player, doesn't matter where you play. Need to get back into the game.
  9. Timo Werner looks so much better when he's not the main point of the attack. Keep him out wide and let anyone else be in the centre
  10. That marking. In the last minute of a game like this, that should have ended with England appealing for high feet and Kane being treated for a nosebleed.
  11. That was a ridiculous call there, that was a definite penalty.
  12. Soft, blame culture mentality? "its not our fault, its the referee"
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