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  1. As you can see from the images, Inter Milan seem to have a Mezzala in the central midfield position according to the scout report and the pre-match tactical instructions. This may be the players preferred positions being shown rather than the tactic, if so, feel free to close but even during the game its being shown as a mezzala in the middle of 3 midfielders. My understanding and certainly my usage of the tactic screen suggests that the mezzala can only be selected on the outer midfielders in a 3 man midfield. This doesn't seem right especially if its actually being used tactically by the AI
  2. This boy must get pelters every time he misses a chance
  3. We already have this feature in a sense. If you go to Development > Progress and then select Attributes, you can see the all time progress of your player or at select stages. I guess an enhancement could be to take manual snapshots which can be used within here.
  4. I was just going to create a topic on some matchday UI/UX issues but as there already is one here i'll add to it. From either of the halftime screens there is no way to return to the current screen if you access the tactics/subs part When this screen is accesses, there is no back button or close button for this overlay or any way to click out of it at all, the only way to move on is to click in the top right which takes you away from the screen to the next, meaning, if you haven't reviewed the analysis you can't get back to it again and taken straight to the dressing room or if
  5. Great thread and a lot of good information. Quick question, noticed in the in game editor that some clubs have -1 for their youth recruitment and junior coaching rating, what exactly does this do and how does it impact the teams? The value states in editor that it must be between 1 and 20
  6. I'm using as 4-3-3 with a DM in a Tiki Taka style, very short controlled passing etc.
  7. Play them both as two up top. Cash in on Haaland
  8. Conceded my first goal in late November away at NAC. Proud of the achievement, though I feel I was entirely FM'd in the process
  9. Looking at Leverkusen on my game, their stadium was originally built in 1958 but then rebuilt in 2009. Its probably 20-25 years from this rebuilt date that is being taken into consideration for a new stadium request
  10. To your first point, I don't think this is an issue. I'm pretty sure that Leeds are being considered direct rivals to City in the save based on the in game achievements of the player to that point. On my Ajax save, I tried to buy Calvin Stengs from AZ and was quoted £69m but Dortmund bid and bought him for £28.5m. The reason for this is because we're rival clubs and AZ don't want to strengthen us while weakening themselves. Makes sense to me.
  11. With Alvarez and Martinez you don't need a central defender, but in your youth teams you can mould a few. Julius Dicksen, Schuurs, Rensch and Kasanwirjo are all capable, though their PA is a bit variable. Defensive midfielder, depending on the role you want them to play, some of these lads have DM as a position too. Youri Regeer and Kenneth Taylor fit that mould as well.
  12. Should be an inbox item your Youth Dev sends in December.
  13. There is. I've found that it's usually around the same day of the month that you get the intake preview in December. So if it's December 25th it arrives, it'll likely be on or near March 25th
  14. Gouiri has been nothing short of exceptional for me at Rennes. Signed in season 1 for £16.5m in total, he's a full French international now
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