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  1. Keiren Westwood played for my Finn Harps side until he was 40 - picked him on a free at 35 or 36. In his last season before the retirement he helped us qualify for the Europa League group stage, and we could finally afford to turn professional. Later he went on to manage our bitter competitive rivals Dundalk and played a huge part in our subsequent domestic dominance by being totally out of his depth in the new role.
  2. When arranging tours and friendlies away from home, especially as a lesser club, it is very easy to lose more money than you make in appearance fees/gate receipts because it is unclear how much you are going to spend on travel costs. As I found out the hard way, those tempting 275k fee proposals from the likes of Al-Ahly are completely negated by the money you spend to get your team to Egypt and back. Right now the only way to know is to make a screenshot of Income/Expenditure tabs and calculate the difference after the match. I suggest to expand the financial information on the Arrange Friendly screen so that it would show: - Appearance Fee - Projected share of gate receipts (for some reason it is only available when arranging tours but not during the normal away friendlies, which still yield you a decent amount of money in gate receipts according to the Finance screens). - Projected travel cost - Projected merchandising boost (for tours only). In my opinion, this would massively help managers of smaller clubs struggling with finances by showing a clearer picture of what each match is going to bring them.
  3. Would really like to see this, too, and it shouldn't be too hard to implement since all the geographical information is already in the database.
  4. This is one of the things that have been bugging me in quite a few recent FMs. I think a disproportionate 'value' is attached to saves which the engine perceives as 'difficult': I was paying close attention to goalkeeper ratings for a few matches and noticed them jump up considerably after just one good save. However, it seems to largely disregard the total number of saves, including those that look absolutely brilliant in 3D representation - close range reflex saves, long athletic dives etc. I've seen amazing performances from the opposition GKs against me, they might make 10-15 saves a match, even though conceding a couple of goals, and they still end up with 6.7 or some other nonsense. Then again, I'm sure it's difficult to find the right balance between rewarding goalkeepers and keeping their match ratings from being constantly inflated.
  5. Once again, I'd love an option to customise which events should stop the processing of the game time - or having more time to respond to player's complaints. I haven't got the fastest processor in the world, especially late in the game with a dozen leagues loaded, so instead of pressing Space every day or two it's easier for me to go on holiday between matches, let the game process it while I'm doing something else, and then return to the PC and read about injuries, scout reports and everything else on matchday. The problem is, in recent FMs it's impossible to do due to player complaints which have to be dealt with immediately, and if you accidentally skip them by holidaying, you return to find the player unhappy and unwilling to talk. So, two possible solutions the way I see it: 1. We are able to tick and untick which events should stop the game processing for the manager (scout reports, reserve team availability etc.). 2. Unhappy players wait up to a week of game time for the manager to have a conversation with them. (I tried ticking the new 'Have fewer stops in play...' box in Settings, did not see any visible changes)
  6. Well, every sub depends on how the game is going, I imagine. If it's a very important game and we're a goal or two down, I probably won't take off a key player with a knock unless his condition is somewhere around fifties and below. If the match seems to be going nice enough, I'd rather sub or even take off anyone with any knock/low condition immediately. If a player is struggling and making mistakes, I usually give him a hairdryer at half-time and then allow him 10-15 minutes more on the pitch, maybe with a bit different PI: if his rating keeps declining, off he goes. But, again, I tend to persevere with my best players on the pitch despite mistakes and low ratings because time and time again they come round and make that decisive touch in some crucial moment.
  7. I would like the possibility to see the estimated cost of each improvement via the board request before going for it. Granted, this is not something boards usually share with managers, but since AI boards tend to have trouble planning ahead, it would be nice to see the predicted impact on the club's finances (maybe metagamey/informal) before requesting it. For example, when I'm managing in a poor league like Ireland and get some money via Europa League, I might consider improving the youth setup, but have no idea how much it would cost in the long run. So a little bit of info like "Upgrade Training Facilities (Estimated cost: 750k, upgrade time: 6 months)" or "Increase Junior Coaching (Current cost: 80k/year, Estimated future cost: 140k/year)" would be useful, I think.
  8. Finn Harps of the Irish First Division (second, in actuality). I dunno why, I guess just like the name and the badge. Won CL with them in FM13, reached two CL finals and lost both in FM14, and now once again I'm slowly building from scratch in FM15 (finally got my first Europa League qualification place after finishing third in 2017).
  9. Yeah, it's another one, obviously Would have been REALLY interesting selection in that case. And here's another fun snippet of my all-British Liverpool career: a hat-trick of penalties in 3 minutes. Lost the game, though.
  10. Quite interesting approach to selection from Barcelona (enlargeable):
  11. Sacking a manager and hiring a new one the day before arguably the most important fixture in the club's recent history. Very Vincent Tan.
  12. Spurs are imaginative bunch. (Not sure if this is common, definitely the first time I'm seeing this in 5 years of FM-ing)
  13. I hoped this would be the case when I clicked the news item (never heard of this regen until then), but it still came as a bit of a surprise Could have only been better if he was born in Naples, too, but no, they actually bought him from Argentina.
  14. My all-British squad just won the Champions League, too. This happened a couple of weeks after the same Spurs unexpectedly spanked us 4-1 in the FA Cup final (for some reason it was held before the end of the league, go figure), but at least that helped me motivate my players for this one. We also won the league for the fourth time in a row, this time seeing off Man City's challenge rather than Chelsea's. Still no new signings that season, too, except for towering Dan Burn as the 4th choice CB (and I also sold Allen to Norwich in winter - too many young midfielders who deserved a chance). I guess that's it for now, in the beginning of the fifth season I've kinda lost interest cause there's not really much to do now except for maintaining the domination (or switching to all-grown-at-club challenge, but that is just sadomasochistic). Good luck with your LFC careers, everyone!
  15. I have to say, I find my British talent challenge disappointing I expected to slowly build the team, keep qualifying for CL and hunt for regens with high potential, but I've just won my third consecutive title with the players I bought in the very first summer, as well as won the FA Cup final by 30th minute, going 4-0 against Arsenal, and narrowly lost to Barcelona in the Champions League final (we clawed back two goals after going three down but were unable to equalize despite throwing everyone forward... Forster got injured the day before the final, which didn't help things, too). [/url] So Chelsea must have thought: "They won last two leagues with 87 points - we beat that and we're golden". They did just that and got 88... sadly, we got 89 this year. Mourinho must be really hating me by now. The fact they lost two previous Champions League finals must be only fuelling it. Apart from the fantastic Champions League comebacks, the most memorable matches were 4-0 thrashing of Chelsea, 1-0 against Stoke with Jack Robinson scoring his first ever goal for the club, and the derby against Everton where we needed a win to keep the title dreams alive, and Lallana provided that win with a tremendous half-volley on 90th minute. Oh, and obviously the second leg against Bayern Munich: Ward-Prowse scored the vital equalizer in "Fergie time" - 94th minute out of 90+2 Jack Grealish is a world-class player now, as indicated by his 30m price tag, 20 goals and 31 assists this season. Ramsey started out strong but is yet to justify the money I paid for him, Ward-Prowse returned from his nasty injury just in time to help us win the two titles with key goals and assists. Sturridge did better this year but still can't hold candle to what Lambert had been in the two previous seasons as a goalscorer, and I'll also post the screenshots of Liverpool's original youngsters if anyone's interested about their development. I actually didn't rate Brannagan all this time until he returned from his latest loan and suddenly started making some pretty exciting cameos as AMC. Ibe is a decent rotation option, Rossiter will be slowly introduced to the first XI, and Sinclair is prone to horrendous dry spells despite occasionally being quite clinical. I also have a fantastic regen in my youth team: Liverpool born and bred, a supporter, too - very excited about him, hopefully will become a goal machine. Oh, and Gerrard is retiring despite still being able to boss the DLP role in the DM position. Quite sad, actually, that you only get one shot at trying to persuade a player to stay. If anything, he's indispensable as a tutor.
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