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6 hours ago, andyus said:

Was playing as Brodd IL and got relegated, and continued playing in the 4th tier. But in my save there was a bug with finances.

Upgraded training and youth facilities and didn't lose any money but when i got promoted to 3th tier again the finances got lower when i upgraded stuff.


That sounds like what happens in the 4th tier in France as well. It is also not possible to save money from one season to another.

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7 minutes ago, XaW said:

Oh, and definitely the weather!

Have a laugh when you're playing on a snow covered field, a player commits a foul and the commentary says 'Player 'x' is on thin ice.'

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I'm taking over the team where I did my best last FM.
I'm really wanting to try it in England but lack of time to build a 30 season long career is not encouraging me to try it.
That's why I go back to Poland where the seasons go rather quickly.

Let's go, Widzew Lodz!


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A surprisingly good first intake! We're low on numbers in the first team so some of these will get plenty of minutes this season. The personalities are a worry but I've brought in a HOYD with a determined personality and 20 for determination, which should see to that.

The 5 players shown below are clearly the best, and will probably all make it. If any of the others do also, then bonus!

Granstrom is definitely my favourite though, what a winger he is going to be!



Granstrom.thumb.PNG.76eef4802c0132cae6937af1d025a177.PNG  Holtedal.thumb.PNG.b2151d26ce39829513326d654234d27a.PNG  Engebretson.thumb.PNG.900e1a2db1279280b7c8d92560a5cc7e.PNG  

Gronholdt.thumb.PNG.44b2787d23bc9fa65b61c22ef2be40bb.PNG  Aasdalen.thumb.PNG.9f09adb2267bb69743c11b210e6b6810.PNG

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Well, its been 6 months into the season and the club is changed in a big way. I posted earlier about the sale of our top talent Tihomir Ajdukovic for £6,5 million to Liverpool. Now Liverpool have snapped up our other top prospect as well! Zdravko Tomaskovic was always way to good to be destined for a long career at NK Zadar and he, as Ajdukovic, unfortunately has a buy-out clause in his contract. January started with a bidding war for him, and all of a sudden we had PSG, Liverpool, Porto, Juventus, Milan etc. in for him. The £9,5 million buy out clause was no problem for these guys, and we lost our biggest talent! This has given us a remarkable £16,8 million in the bank, and we are basically set for many years to come. But are we going to end up as Liverpools farmer club?! Definitely mixed emotions with this one. Now we have to keep the rest of our talents and start promoting some of our other youngsters, because this has been a big set back on the pitch! 


75.thumb.jpg.59fa2d3e7289166dbe33b6bc910d67ba.jpg    76.thumb.jpg.f878f92a78f82a8e257144c7a9d00cfb.jpg    



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XaW - Follo Fotballklubb - 2020


Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances

So here I am, back home, literally. I live about 5 minutes away from the stadium. And we are talking "stadium" in the broadest of terms. How broad?


This broad, and yes it's partly a football pitch, partially for running and long jump and the like. So I took over the club shortly after their previous manager had lead them from the depths of the 3. division, and now up to PostNord-ligaen avdeling 2. For reference, that is the 3rd tier of Norwegian football. The team itself were in pretty good shape, with the only issue a shortage of decent left defenders. So I went into this with an open mind tactically, and what do I know and like? 4-5-1 with wingers of course. So I did and tried to play to the strengths of the players. And it seemed to work great from the get go. Of the first 6 matches, we won 4 and drew 2. Some small hits here and there, but we kept going throughout the whole season. In the end we only lost 5 games in the league all season. Annoyingly, two of those were to Stabæk Fotball 2 who only won 5 games all season! With two games left we were a single point ahead of Sandnes Ulf, facing them away in the penultimate game. We played the worst match of the season and lost 4-1. Simply a horrible game and we deserved to lose, and it could have been more. So two points behind and the final game left. We were at home to Flekkerøy, while Sandnes Ulf faced Kjelsås away, so I didn't have much of a hope. We did our job, and when it suddenly rained confetti I were stunned and actually cheered loudly, having my girlfriend thinking I finally lost my last marble, she responded with a sigh and rolling eyes. No matter, we won it! Kjelsås did us a favour and beat Sandnes Ulf! This means we are going up and Sandnes Ulf have to do the playoffs. Amazing, but it's going to be hard in the 2nd tier.

In the Norgesmesterskap we beat Lørenskog IF before losing to Stabæk, who finished 4th in the top tier this season, in the 2nd round.

The leading players this season have been Ernest Hubert RzepeckiJoachim Glosli and Nicolas Pena.


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Toledo Season 2020/21

Well the 2020/21 season has come to a close, and the club survived relegation battle, winning the Relegation Playoff 6-2 on aggregate.  Rodrigo Pena has already made his debut, playing in the relegation playoff win.  

Anyway, season screenshots below.

Transfers - the player in was signed before I could cancel it.

Season Review

Despite signing a new one year contract my job may be on the line as Toledo are in the middle of a bidding war



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51 minutes ago, Fastbasher said:

@thomas_e Those look like good sales to me.


Can you invest the funds in facilities to produce even better players?

Yes, isolated they are good sales. But we are also talking about the best talent we have ever produced and I have to improve the team on the pitch as well. But when a release clause is met there is no arguing! 

We are improving facilities and we already have top junior coaching and recruitment so hopefully we can see some results from that in the next few years. 

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Youth intake 2021

A very good intake with quite a few interesting players.


Sindre Lakkala 21f is a really interesting talent. Great mentals for a 16 year old an good at the technicals a defender needs. A bit low jumping, but that's pretty much it.


I also chose to highlight Finn Støback 21b here since I need left defenders. Great mentals and a professional personality should help him improve a lot.


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On The Pitch
This year felt like the first year of the challenge where we belonged and were not fighting for relevancy.
It certainly helped that we won our first three league games without conceding a goal, but that proved to be a run of good form and not our true standing in the league!
In fact it took 18 games to win another 3 games and we fell from 1st to 15th.  We never truly felt in danger of a relegation battle like the first two seasons and eventually we regained our form and battled to a 10th place finish.

Very happy with my main retraining projects this year.  Sidney Meefout (02B) is coming along nicely as a central defender and Jovi van der Maarel (01B) is coming along nicely as a right back

Off The Pitch
Lots going on here.
We were able to get a bunch of facility upgrades approved and teams started paying attention to our players, signifiying we are no longer their perceived whipping boys.  Important upgrades saw Academy Coaching up to 'Excellent' and Youth Recruitment up to 'Good'.
June - Managed to finally get 'sign players under 23' removed from Club Culture
June/July - 20+ offers for Eric Stegeman (02A) from various teams.  He only once complained about the rejected bids and his teammate talked him down from the ledge for us!  Truth be told, I didn't do him right this season as I chopped and changed formations.  Hoping to find something more suited to him (and others) soon.
October - Completed National A Licence
January - Youth Recruitment improved
January - Academy Coaching improved
March - Data Analyst Facility improved
March - Sidney van den Dikkenberg (01C) out for 6 months with serious viral infection
March - Joint Training & Youth Training facility upgrades agreed (1.4m)
June - Club culture now has 'Develop players using the clubs youth system'.  I did not prompt this.
June saw part 1 of the old timers clear out.  It probably affected up on the pitch on and off, when suspensions and injuries hit, but contracts were expiring and it was time to bite the bullet.  More will happen this up coming summer, with only first team squad players being kept.

Youth Intake
Our best intake yet, 8 players tagged.  Some look certain for action (RvR), others will probably never make the grade.  It is just nice to see the under 19s fill out with some potential.
Robbert van Rooijen (03A) - A brave, flair and pacey winger who is tiny.  Came on for the last 21 minutes of the last game of the season for his debut, scored a 90th minute goal (we lost 2-3) and it was voted goal of the season....  A decent intro!
Archie Stone (03B) - This is an odd one.  A very tall left winger, who is English.  The problem here is Brexit.  League rules state non-EU players have a minumum wage of 3.6k for u21s and 7.25k for 21 and older.  Our highest wage at the club is only 1.3k...  Archie is stuck on a youth contract...
Peter Manual (03C) - A decent looking option in central midfield.  I am going to retrain for DM as well to help out, especially as two of my existing youth MC prospects are doing well in their retraining roles (a DC and a DR....)
Mart Molenaar (03D) - High potential strikers are always exciting!  Shouldn't see any first team action for a while but hoping he plays well in the u19s and gives me a selection headache.
Toon Peters (03E) - Similar to Mart.  I may retrain Toon (attack minded MC?), but hoping he plays well and develops in the u19s 
Sander Boogers (03F) - Unambitious and below 6 foot, but we are not overly well stocked at DC so he may see emergency time.
Yassine van der Horst (03G) - This is a potential dark horse.  Our former star player was our very attacking DL, but he is now 34 and has dropped off significantly this past season and will be released (he is still wanting over a grand a week!). Yassine will be our back DL to begin with while he gets used to first team football.
Quincy Beck (03H) - A central defender.  Nothing fancy about him, but we definitely need him in the u19s


Challenge History

Season League Position Highest Average Top Goalscorer Top Assists Top POTMs
01 Eerste 18 / 20 Stef Brummel - 6.89 Ahmed El Azzouti - 9
Danny van den Meirsacker
Many - 3 Ahmed El Azzouti - 2
02 Eerste 12 / 20 Eef van Riel - 6.88 Jeroen Bosch (00C) - 8 Mike van der Laar - 4 Jeroen Bosch (00C) - 4
03 Eerste 10 / 20 Mike van de Lar - 7.03 Jeroen Bosch (00C) - 8 Jeroen Bosch (00C) - 6 5 players - 2


  Training Youth Training Academy Coaching Youth Recruitment
Start Poor Poor Fairly Basic Basic
End of Season 01 Poor Poor Average Fairly Basic
End of Season 02 Basic Basic Good Adequate
End of Season 03 Below Average Below Average Excellent Good
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This just popped up.


I haven't progressed yet so i don't know if he will get sold. But this was the guy I asked about a couple weeks ago - I asked if I should sell him or not. I did for peanuts. But I had a 50% clause in there. If this goes through, I'm rich. Like filthy rich.

Of course I'm struggling and the board hates me so I may get sacked. But I guess I can't have everything.

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2031/32 Annecy FC season review - French National division

The League

This was my most enjoyable season of this challenge by far. Almost all tinkering with the team improved our fortunes. I suspected this team would prove capable in the French National division and they did not let me down.

At one point in February we were 9 points clear at the top of the table. We were guaranteed promotion with two games in hand and actually won the league with a game in hand due to all other games being played before ours in the final round and the head to head tiebreak with Beziers being in our favour.


The Players

Alaa Saibi YP24c was once again our player of the season, young player of the season and top scorer with 25 goals. He was also runner up for French National player of the season award. One frustration was the amount of times he got called up to the Tunisian national team without playing. He missed five domestic games because of this and we relied on him heavily for goals. He went to the African Cup of Nations, but made just a single substitute appearance.

Abdelhadi Amara YP24b won the French National division goalkeeper of the season award.

Julien Aubert YP28c was also selected for the French National division team of the season.



Our chairman once again tried to sabotage our team by accepting an offer for highly talented DM, Nicolas Renucci, for 2.2k. I asked him to renegotiate and he seemed pleased to get the deal up to 2.5k.

A board takeover could really improve our fortunes.


The announcement that we were turning professional came with two games left in the season, once promotion was confirmed. I'm now busy trying to tie down my first team players to full time contracts and keeping my reserves on part time contracts for 20-50 pounds a week.

The world has just opened up with greater possibilities for financial improvement, infrastructure improvements and increased player development.




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5 hours ago, jstu9 said:


This just popped up.


I haven't progressed yet so i don't know if he will get sold. But this was the guy I asked about a couple weeks ago - I asked if I should sell him or not. I did for peanuts. But I had a 50% clause in there. If this goes through, I'm rich. Like filthy rich.

Of course I'm struggling and the board hates me so I may get sacked. But I guess I can't have everything.

This right here is exactly why I always add the 50% of next fee into all sales. There are a lot of possible improvements to facilities for half of that money! ;) 

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49 minutes ago, OneManSnipez said:

Anyone noticing youth players getting their training reset every few months, cant tell if my 500 hours on this years game has turned me schizophrenic seeing things that arent there or if its actually happening

Yes, I've seen it happen, but only to a few select players, so I've been unsure if I'm doing something strange. Only individual training, mind.

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Il y a 9 heures, OneManSnipez a dit :

Anyone noticing youth players getting their training reset every few months, cant tell if my 500 hours on this years game has turned me schizophrenic seeing things that arent there or if its actually happening

When i train a player to a new position, every time he improves his position knowledge, the training is reset...I have to check every month if the individual training has been reset. This is quite annoying.

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Bildresultat för nybro if

Nybro IF Season 2022

So this season i decided to go for it no messing about title challange, to be fair i didnt believe that we could do it but the team surprised me. The title went down to the wire and the final game where our form dipped and FC Gute who had a few games earlier drawn 0-0 so it was 1 point diffrence we drew and Gute won

League Table


to place us in a playoff group, The group games were a breeze


PlayOff Finals




The finances took a battering in my quest 

Facilities - No change

Not much in the way of youth really but one who really caught my eye was Carl Malm, who could be a natural successor to Rasmus Artebrant with clubs starting to sniff round him. If clubs do start bidding for my players then i cannot do anything and will replace with youth if need be. In other news the Elections are around the corner for as new Chairman with the current chairman not going for relection...although he did change his mind but now decicides not to run again...secretly hoping for a sugar daddy :lol:


Next season..I Want that title!

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So I got sacked in France and after a couple of hours reloading to get a low rep team from the Azores but Operario (Rep: 4250) kept appearing so after at least 80 reloads I've ended up with managing the lowest rep team that came up, GD Cerva (Rep: 2250) winner of the AF Vila Real District and reaching the 3rd tier of Portugal for the 1st time.






It's going to be a long old season and this guy is head & shoulders above the rest:


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Palermo Season 2020/21 Review


League - was a season of 2 halves. A slow start saw us only win 2 of our opening 5 games but then we would only lose 4 of our next 22 as we settled in a very comfortable 5th place. Then we fell off a cliff losing 7 of our final 11 games and dropping down to 9th place as that lethal combination of goals drying up and a keeper and defence not being able to catch a cold let alone a football struck us. We stumbled into the playoffs though I wasn't confident. In the first round we drew Juve Stabia who finished just above us but a side we hadn't beaten in this season. The run continued as we lost 1-0 and never looked liked scoring. Season was over.

Serie C Cup - we had a buy to the 2nd round and were promptly eliminated at the 2nd round

Coppa Italia - Entered at the 1st qualifying round which we won before losing on penalties to my new enemies at Juve Stabia

Transfers - we lost a couple key players to free transfers but otherwise none out

Squad - it's a strange squad really, only a couple of players here in their early to mid 20's with everyone else either 30+ on 20 and younger as a result we have players that have not developed or are past their best, we also lost our top scorer from this season as he retired (he got 11 this year) so a lot of work to be done in this close season as I try and work out where the goals will come from

Finances - not bad, lose a fair amount each season but that's expected

Youth Intake - a pretty good looking one really, some potential here but some bad personalities 

Leandro Totaro YP01A - small left winger (only 5'3") but with some okay looking physicals to build on
Nicolo Toma YP01B - CB with nice mental's to start with. Will likely be needed in a season or so as our main CB will likely be out of contract 
Angelo De Vivo YP01C - always nice to get a high potential GK, he's our 2nd best keeper already, got him mentoring group while letting him play in the U18's. Also gave him his debut in the last league game
Filippo Foti YP01D - another potential CB, can never have too many I find
Alberto Lanza YP01E - another winger, he'll never likely be more than a squad player but like his personality so will be kept around for a bit

Career Progress

Year		League		Position	Youth Coaching		Youth Recruitment 	Notes
2020/21		Serie C		9th 		Adequate		Adequate		


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Half way stage. Couple of losses have seen us drop back into the drop zone from 15th. Close league so hoping the second half is about the same and we should hopefully stay up if we hit our target of 50 points.




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South Shields 2020/21 Season Review

League Table      Youth Intake    Squad    Transfers

First season started off quite well was top 4-6 for first few months , then hit a losing run of 7 matches in a row (this did co-inciide with the patch being updated but not sure if this was the cause) then ended the season with a 7 match unbeaten run and finished a respectable 10th position when the pre-season prediction was 24th. 

Finances seemed to struggle this season , with only a 3,500 capacity stadium not much gate receipts

Youth Intake - seems pretty average

Squad - been having to play youth goalkeepers  (poor ones aswell) which has hurt the performances , unfortunately nothing we can do until a good prospect comes through the ranks


Season    League                                     Finish   Notes
2020/21   Vanarama National North   10th   


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Folgore Caratese - Season One - 20/21



Season Summary

The first season started off well enough, grabbing key wins against other bottom teams. However, the end of the first season was rough, with us only winning 1 game in the final 16. Thankfully, we had just enough to keep us up this year! Next year will be equally rough with a very similar team to this years. No single player over 7 avg rating for the whole season! Yikes! I honestly can't point to a single individual that performed well on a remotely consistent basis. We did manage to start upgrading our Youth Facilities, so that's one positive from this season.


Youth Intake

Our defense was in shambles this season, with very little depth and a terrible #2 CB. So it's very welcoming to see some regens that will hopefully help out with that.

Gianbattista Fattarelli (21A) - Desperately needed a CB as I only have one that is first team quality. This guy's stats look like he will fit in to the first team immediately.

Antonio Coccia (21B) - Have next to no depth at either fullback positions, so this is a welcome addition.

Oscar Vecchio (21C) - Again, more fullback depth.

Not the greatest intake, as some of the higher PA rated ones seem to have fairly dreadful personalities and/or stats, but maybe they will surprise me.



Year		League		Position	Junior Coaching		Youth Recruitment 	Youth Facilities      Notes
2020/21		Serie C		16th 		Average		        Average		        Poor                  Youth Facilities Upgrade started!
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23 minutes ago, Kazushi80 said:

Thanks, came totally unexpected and I don't know how my players did it. It was just one of this runs where everything came together

As far as I know you are the only one that have won that playoff. Its a nightmare :) 

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Bilderesultat for nk zadar


NK Zadar 

Season Update 2026-2027

Our first season in Europe and our first season making a profit. The sales of Ajdukovic and Tomaskovic gave us a total of £16 million in income. We also did way better than expected in Euro Cup II which gave us great income. 

The final of Euro Cup II (which im obviously not participating in) is yet to be played, so I think there will be some more money coming in, but right now we have £14,6 million in bank balance, compared to minus £4 million 12 months ago! 

We had a pretty decent season considering we had to combine playing in Europe as well as domestic league, and losing two of our best players! We finished 6th place in the league, dissapointing compared with our bronze medal last season, but still good for a team tipped for relegation. 

We managed, by some miracle, to knock out Maccabi Haifa, AC Omonia and Legia Warszawa on our way to the group stage in Euro Cup II. We then drew Red Bull Salzburg, Videoton FC and Besiktas in the group stage. We somehow managed to get through the group stage, beating Besiktas away in the first group game! We also beat Videoton at home and got draws against Salzburg at home and Besiktas away, giving us 8 points, just enough! 

We were up against FC Nordsjælland in the first knock out phase and were deservedly knocked out 2-1. We should have done better against them, but progressing from the group stage, even getting to the group stage, was beyond expectation! 

In the league we performed okay, but never really got going with a solid winning streak. We win some games by luck and we tend to beat the bottom two-three teams comfortably, but we are far from a top team. We are struggling to dominate posession and we are terrible if we go behind early. We will just have to keep working and hope that we get some talented defenders the next few years...


Season Summary

79.thumb.jpg.d1a0930f6fd65502e0dceaf40329687e.jpg     78.thumb.jpg.6e3976f682ae9b21630c72f846a450de.jpg     80.thumb.jpg.6be6a3e52e063c95af415b294df50277.jpg     81.thumb.jpg.8ca1882d40688f8daba87dc570c99fbb.jpg     88.thumb.jpg.f7fe30a7b1256f0507689a91be3696ce.jpg

Best Performers

82.thumb.jpg.c2b98b87d7d1e3957f4a35804db6097c.jpg     83.thumb.jpg.c2e5ae1d665a313b4924648cdfa7dc74.jpg     84.thumb.jpg.c2c13e805c149cb19338a537e1b8234f.jpg

Top talents

85.thumb.jpg.b936251655a671dcffc7228aee4f0cc1.jpg     86.thumb.jpg.8c764ab4b6e4cfe483e5e9eec7fa0860.jpg     87.thumb.jpg.2ed7e1e17ef2e89d062a065c23505dd2.jpg


Season	|   League                            |  Position |  League Cup   |        Europe         |   Notes
2020/21	|   Druga Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga     |  1st      |  Semi-final   |         N/A	          |   Promotion to top division first year
2021/22	|   MaxTV Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga     |  7th      |  2nd round    |         N/A	          |   Stayed in the league. Good first half of the season
2022/23	|   MaxTV Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga     |  7th      |  Semi-final   |         N/A	          |   No improvement on last year, only worse finances
2023/24	|   MaxTV Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga     |  7th      |  Qtr-final    |         N/A	          |   Another 7th place finish
2024/25	|   MaxTV Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga     |  5th      |  Qtr-final    |         N/A	          |   Decent progress, finished just outside a European spot
2025/26	|   MaxTV Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga     |  3rd      |  Qtr-final    |         N/A	          |   Great season, bronze medal and European spot
2026/27	|   MaxTV Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga     |  6th      |  3rd round    |1 KO-stage Euro Cup II |   Good European season, average league performance


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Absolutely laughable! The board is very dissapointed that we haven't built the best youth academy in the country. We have gone from a failed lower league club to selling players to Liverpool for £16 million in a year and qualifying from a European group with home grown players.... 

They have spent two years to upgrade youth facilities... 


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2032/33 Annecy FC season review - French Ligue 2

The League

We started off on fire. 10th place at the halfway stage and 14th with 8 games remaining. Then things went downhill fast. We managed only a single point in our final 8 games and narrowly avoided relegation.

The board agreed to both youth and training facility upgrades, then cancelled to youth upgrade due to lack of money.


The Players

Alaa Saibi YP24c was once again our top scorer and player of the season.

The youth intake was the best so far. Gregoire Robert YP33a is the star in the group. Unfortunately him and the other promising players are attracting too much attention from bigger clubs. We may lose some of them.



Jean-Marc Riviere was sold for compensation. At least it was pretty good compensation.



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I got fired after defeat in the playoffs to first division in Poland. I lost the dressing room due to my low reputation compared to my players and they the board decided to sack me for it.
Has anyone else seen this? 

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So a formation change had been thought about at the start of last season having narrolwly missed out on promotion i have implemented the change

Formation change

Apart from, 1 loss which was against higher opposition the friendlies have gone well


the bookies have us again for going down pricing us at 3-1. I think its now or never for promotion if not i fear this save is dead in the water...Poor finances no improvement in infrstructure. On a brighter note i got my first coaching badge..:hammer:

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