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  1. guys the planned release has been pushed back, the australian bushfires and the NHS are hogging all the bandwitch
  2. Don't worry about the guys threatening lawsuits, its just Donald Trumps alt accounts
  3. my source is telling me it wont be exactly on the hour but within 5 minutes get excited
  4. pretty sure last year it was 14 days before the main release date around 12 - 3pm uk time so its not later than last year yet
  5. Release time prediction, the beta will be out in 3 hours. I just looked at the sun and the uv rays had the release time in them, you heard it here first
  6. This is my CPU usage whilst fm is idling. I recently reset my pc and ever since fm has been running really slow, before I reset I remember glancing at this graph a few times and it never fluctuated this much or used as much while being idle. I have a Ryzen 3600 and RX 580 with all the latest drivers.
  7. May I also add this problem is unique to football manager
  8. Unfortunately I had to reset my PC and since doing so FM hasn't been running properly in the menus. If I don't move my mouse at all, my fps sits at 66/67 fps without fluctuation. But if i start moving my mouse around rapidly it tries to keep the fps at 144. Before resetting I had no problem keeping the FPS at 144 in the menus and the ME. I have a Freesync monitor but I have the feature disabled, I don't have Radeon chill enabled either. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Im using the same driver version I was using before I reset.
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