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  1. How long does it take to process in 2115? And do you just holiday from game to game
  2. How do you guys managing in england improve facilities? I have been stuck in the vanarama south for 3 seasons now and cant gather up any funds to improve facilities. Do i just have to get lucky with regens?
  3. Whitehawk Season 1 19/20 After a long time lurking in this thread i'm finally starting my own save with Whitehawk. I started the season strong flirting with the playoffs but eventually dropped off ending up 16th surviving relegation comfortably. Unfortunately I couldn't improve any facilities thanks to our terrible finances but that seems to be expected in England. The youth intake was decent getting a few prospects worth mentioning, but nothing game changing. If someone could tell me how to the tables that summarise each season that would be appreciated
  4. Im struggling to find an interesting club atm anyone got any ideas?
  5. Basically doing what you do in this challenge on reset day to change who gets promoted except for every game so that i could guaruntee they win the title
  6. I recently started a save in romania with Csikszereda and all the regens that have come through need intensive language courses despite being romanian. Am i missing something?
  7. There isnt a playoff system, and the only way the teams ever changed is if i set up a completely new save. Thankfully the 3rd league is one that is viewable just not playable and i basically save scummed to get the team i wanted promoted.
  8. Anyone done a save in romania? I cant seem to get different clubs to be promoted to the second division, it is always the same 4 clubs
  9. Geez i havent got any offers for any of my regens, were you able to improve the facilities?
  10. Ah lucky you, im managing san marino and im hemorrhaging money. For some reason my team got paid 400k in bonuses for finishing 12th in serie c which was more than the entire wage bill for last season. Are you able to sell players easily for good fees? Havent really tried yet.
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