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  1. So attempt 2 after my failed Swedish jaunt. Now in Denmark and i have taken over as Kolding B Manager Club History Club Vision/5 Year Plan Manager Overview
  2. Nybro IF Season 2023 So this season i decided to go for it...AGAIN no messing about title challange, And this time it did not start well hovering around the relegation zone before changing my tactic to the previous season and we started shooting up the league but the damage had already been done and the top 2 were miles ahead Final League Table Finances Nearly 1 mill in the red Facilities - No change Next season..I have decided to call it on this save. But i will be coming back and definatly in a new country my intrest in the save was dying so im turning this save into my Carear save and will set up a new save to have another go at it...Maybe find the next Prosenetski or Modric or Biscan
  3. Dont for the love of god come to sweden...im finding it a struggle
  4. So a formation change had been thought about at the start of last season having narrolwly missed out on promotion i have implemented the change Formation change Apart from, 1 loss which was against higher opposition the friendlies have gone well Friendlies the bookies have us again for going down pricing us at 3-1. I think its now or never for promotion if not i fear this save is dead in the water...Poor finances no improvement in infrstructure. On a brighter note i got my first coaching badge..
  5. We have a new Chairman..after 3 yrs of the old one doing nothing its time for a change...give me 3 more years of anything but nothing New Chairman
  6. Nybro IF Season 2022 So this season i decided to go for it no messing about title challange, to be fair i didnt believe that we could do it but the team surprised me. The title went down to the wire and the final game where our form dipped and FC Gute who had a few games earlier drawn 0-0 so it was 1 point diffrence we drew and Gute won League Table to place us in a playoff group, The group games were a breeze Playoffs PlayOff Finals Transfers... Finances The finances took a battering in my quest Facilities - No change Not much in the way of youth really but one who really caught my eye was Carl Malm, who could be a natural successor to Rasmus Artebrant with clubs starting to sniff round him. If clubs do start bidding for my players then i cannot do anything and will replace with youth if need be. In other news the Elections are around the corner for as new Chairman with the current chairman not going for relection...although he did change his mind but now decicides not to run again...secretly hoping for a sugar daddy Next season..I Want that title!
  7. I'm thinking/planning to do a FM Story about an Italian team,
  8. i would go with this. Maybe add a few countries you never managed in before to spice it up At the end of the day its your story so go with what you feels right
  9. Challange load up multiple countries you have not ever managed in on FM ever and see where you end up...leave the country to chance and the team must be a newly promoted team in to the game
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