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    39 Year old lives in Stafford supports Liverpool Works for the NHS as a Data Inputter

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  1. thinking of booking a day off as soon as the dates announced..1 whole day of FM20
  2. Yeah i read an article about them. Its got to be hard on them... no proper home so all the training balls are in the blokes shed and the physio has her table in the back of the car they take all the stuff they need to play a game and after the game pack it all away and it starts all over the next game..
  3. Big teams i have never Managed.. All except newcastle, West Ham, Liverpool, Real Madrid The games i play i like too start out non league and see how far i can get them. This is the first time i got Stafford Rangers to the Premiership (FM18)
  4. Yeah i realised this when i clicked submit..was going to edit the post
  5. If both games are installed on Steam you can play both.. if you do make the change to FM 20 and still have 14 on your computer(Steam) you can just play 14 and 20 For instance im still playing FM 18 and looking to buy FM 20. If the time comes when and it might be soon that i have unlocked all the acheivements and had my fill of 18 i will just uninstall it from Steam..losing save files and move over too FM20. But if i do not uninstall 18 i can still play my Stafford Rngers save and the 5 other saves i have. its only when you uninstall a game from steam you lose the saves.. Hope this helps..
  6. Yep im Still playing 18, Gave 19 demo a go but it just didnt click and i stuck with 18, 2 main saves going at the moment Stafford Rangers - just won the Europa League Liverpool - Looking for my 3rd clean sweep in all competitions Looking at getting FM20
  7. Played a cup match that ended 0-0 i don't know how the amout of chances both teams had Went to a penalty Shootout - Final score 22-23..last few penalties i was begging for someone to miss so i could end the game
  8. i hate these situations, a bit part player in your squad starts running his mouth about how he deserves a chance, i usually give him the line will play you in the next few games. But regarding the squad split issue. I have stuck to my guns. Your the manager your in charge. You can please some people some of the time but you cant please everyone all of the time. Depending on squad depth could you rotate him in the position he plays?..look at the fixture see if there are any easy games you could chuck him in and get some playing time
  9. I always take the job straight away.. i got offered a lower league job in sweden 5 games to go and i said wait till end of season..they hired someone else
  10. 17 games unbeaten tyhen lost 1-0 to an own goal
  11. Football Manager 2018 - 1,584 Hours Football Manager 2017 - 741 Hours Football Manager 2015 - 1,944 Hours Football Manager 2013 - 1,918 Hours Football Manager 2012 - 2,098 Hours Football Manager 2011 - 1,466 Hours Football Manager 2010 - 1,532 Hours Football Manager 2009 - 810 Hours
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