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  1. Ok so i have taken over Real Jean. They have a B Team and i know that players can be signed by AI manager so do i take over the B team to stop this happening?... so i can soley rely on the youth intake? How does it work in relation to this challenge?
  2. regarding this challange. In italy do you have to accept the lowest team in Seria C/C or can you take any newly promoted team from any of the 3 italian C leagues?
  3. @lionel messi Thanks for the message!, Challange started anybody going to take a chance on a unknown English manager? Updates to follow
  4. love the latest version of this skin..love it
  5. but is it not linked to the players that they find and get in to the youth team?
  6. yep i got offered the Everton job in my save last night - being a Liverpool fan i laughed and spat my coffee out
  7. Out of the two i would go for Thern. But as @Bigpole says the better the personalioty that will filter down into the youth teams and future players he gets for your youth team so take that into account but i tend not to take media handling into account...maybe i should then
  8. Mantova 1911 - 2020 -21 So i'm back...second attempt at this challange chose Itay and Mantova 1911 Will do update post half season and end of season
  9. So attempt 2 after my failed Swedish jaunt. Now in Denmark and i have taken over as Kolding B Manager Club History Club Vision/5 Year Plan Manager Overview
  10. Nybro IF Season 2023 So this season i decided to go for it...AGAIN no messing about title challange, And this time it did not start well hovering around the relegation zone before changing my tactic to the previous season and we started shooting up the league but the damage had already been done and the top 2 were miles ahead Final League Table Finances Nearly 1 mill in the red Facilities - No change Next season..I have decided to call it on this save. But i will be coming back and definatly in a new country my intrest in the save was dying so im turning this save into my Carear save and will set up a new save to have another go at it...Maybe find the next Prosenetski or Modric or Biscan
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