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    37 Year old lives in Stafford supports Liverpool Works for the NHS as a Data Inputter

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    Football, Motocross, Computers

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  1. I second these comments, take your time get it right
  2. So finally i have my first Job in this challange. Let the adventure begin!
  3. That' s why i asked about the attribute masking, i went back into my 17 save and i had not got it on, so thus giving me an unfair advantage over everybody else. I felt it best to start again null and void my 17 save and start again with 18, I completely enjoyed my 17 save and I'm hoping for big things with my 18 save
  4. So after realising that i had attribute masking off on my 17 save, I have decided to start all over again on FM18. This time attribute masking is on and I'm unemployed lets see where i end up.
  5. @claassen great work as always, love your dedication to this
  6. Just a query, Attribute masking? On or off?,

    Looking forward to this skin...KUTGW
  8. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    Started the save again..Got Stafford First time...Lets do this
  9. i really don't know I'M thinking dafuge (which i have started) Stafford possibly (fail again to get the PL) Thinking of a FMStory carear which I'm in the process of writing out..but again what team i have two choices In short no Clue
  10. Cup winning private party

    maybe they got stagefright?
  11. [FM 18] The American Dream.

    With all these superstars your signing..you should rename to LA Galatigos
  12. FMITA Serie D - Italian 4th Level

    Would love to do a lower league save in Italy..Thinking of Casale
  13. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    There's a lot of reloading going on here..I'm thinking Stafford won't be coming up as they got promoted season before
  14. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    I Live in Stafford 20 minutes from the ground..im Hoping to get them in my save..will be keeping close eye on your adventures