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  1. Ok thx. If that only relates with a list of specific real players, I can deal with it.
  2. Their three goalkeepers are all grey. Is this a licencing issue?
  3. Hi, How to allow Windows 10 to go to sleep after a lapse of time while FM is still opened?
  4. How to change player morale icons?

    That works, thanks!
  5. The usual way to change the icons is broken. Where are located the original icons in the data folder?
  6. Last goals widget?

    I figured out the widget was last info but unfortunately, you can't switch the linked competition.
  7. Is there a calendar where you can access all the simulated fixtures in the world rather than competition? I'm playing FM 2016.
  8. In the old FMs match interface, you could read the live list of goals scored in chronological order in the other matches. Is there a way to get this stat back?
  9. Thanks. So the best solution is to keep the original database at start.
  10. I want to play a game with a number of clubs generating regens as high as possible, in different countries as much as possible. I made my own database with all real players being deleted so I only managed to start my game with 30 000 players. How many players my database will have in the next 10 years? When will I be able to reach the 300 000 mark? My PC is too slow to make proper tests but I've the feeling that too few new players are still generated year after year.
  11. Original location of flag pictures

    It works, thanks again!
  12. I cannot find the location of Sport Interactive's national flags in the FM 2016 data folders. How to get them in all sizes?
  13. Recover deleted items in the editor

    Didn't try yet but looks brilliant, many thanks!
  14. Recover deleted items in the editor

    Thanks. Is this option only available in the FM 2017 Editor ? Doesn't seem to be in the 2016 version.