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  1. For most of the mods that use extincted nation to play a new nation, there's no player in the national team. Friendlies only use grey players. All the players are loaded and generated in the playable domestic leagues.
  2. I can no longer load my save. Looks like it was corrupted since the very first save generation, it may explain my problem... and this graphical bug after I quit my save: At least it's pretty coherent since my save had three profiles of manager lol lol! (but frankly, these profiles were made by mistake)
  3. Hi, I deleted the second manager in the "add/modify manager" interface, but the second manager is still there in the right top menu of the FM main window.
  4. Found the solution. You have to put 10 in importance to your club vision trait. edit: for some reason, the club vision traits are still randomized if you try to generate a game with many, many fmf files like me.
  5. So I tried to put useless club vision to all clubs like "do not recruit players above 49 year old", but no success
  6. If I set a nation list in "Host Nations", the game will only pick the last of the list. If I set a nation list in "Possible host nations", the competition will not get host at all. The home team play in its home stadium. I use the format "Stadium 0, stadium 1" for my competition. Stadiums are defined by Fixture Dates page. edit : solved issue: I forgot to tick Host Nation box in the very top
  7. Trying to create awards for an international competition I made from scratch but I've exactly the same problem (FM20).
  8. I found the solution. You have to go to Advanced Rules>AFC Supercup>Stage Finished Action Replace Stage 11 by Stage 10.
  9. The issue occurs on the file where Australia is part of Asia. The file where Australia is part of Oceania works correctly.
  10. I found an issue. The 5th team of AFC Supercup wins the cup rather the final winner. Other supercups don't have the issue. I tried some tweaks (ranking level info, draw rules) but nothing changes. Any idea about fixing the issue please?
  11. Trying to create an award for my FM20 international competition but the award is blank ingame. Btw, I don't understand how you are supposed to display the competition award for international competition. Even in the default world cup, there's no option to display the world cup best player award.
  12. Do you know how to allow terracing? FM seems to forbid terracing by default for international competitions. [edit] I found it. stadium rules>stadium requirements>is terracing allowed
  13. I managed to create a perfect loser bracket for a 16-team tournament. Here's the FM20 file for those who would like to be inspired. Look at these files Coupe du monde de la CONIFA 13.1.fmf Vatican (Sangue Blu, spp) 3.2.1.fmf Stage 0: groups Stage 1: quarter finals, semi finals and final for 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th place Stage 2: loser bracket for the 9th, 13th and 15th place. Credits to Nabildx for the inspiration and krlenjushka for the help. The minor drawbacks so far: - The team history is not very pretty. For instance, suppose a team finis
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