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  1. Alternative solution with LibreOffice. Slower but more flexible as you can use more than one unknown (for instance, X and Y variable) : - In the spreadsheet, write astutely the first lines of your config.xml - Select the cells you want to fill (e.g. write A2:E800000) - Sheet > Fill the cells > Fill the series. The ideal solution would be getting the reactivity of online tools and the flexibility of calc with multiple unknowns allowed.
  2. Hi, In my attempt to reproduce CONIFA World Cup, I'm trying to create this loser bracket as shown in the picture below. Whatever the match(s) you lose, every team is guaranteed to play 6 matches as each defeat always leads to a sub-bracket or a placement final match. That way, every team ends up with an official ranking from 16th to 1st. Since it's my first time creating a tournament rather editing someone's one, I'm looking for some advice, especially about how to send loser teams to an alternative knock out stage in the advanced rules. If you have any idea, ple
  3. I agree, the limitation is likely preventive. I also believe the auto-limitation is scalable. I'm testing an extreme save with 730 playable leagues. In this save, neither highlights nor match reports are available past two ingame days (for AI v AI matches).
  4. Found the solution: 1) Rules > Add International Rules 2) International Rules (left bottom panel)> Competitions > Add. This will generate a "Rules" line. 4) International Rules (left bottom panel) > Competitions > Rules > Teams > Add Tips: you can use the filter "Is a national team" when selecting specific teams in the search panel.
  5. Hi, I would like to create a loosely reproduction of the Conifa World Cup. Problem is that I can only enter clubs in the Teams panel. But if you look at this mod, it seems there's a trick somewhere:
  6. I plan to make active and playable every D3 of my 230 nations. D8 loaded for France (my country) and Uncle Sam's USA D6 (I'm personally intrigued by its pyramid). With all its leagues loaded, I expect France to have some advantage in newgen production so I hope to set D4 for the 16 most important nations to counterbalance but Argentina (D4 in Argentina means 3000 teams more to simulate... France until D8 groups only 2000 teams). I might reduce modest nations to only D2 or D1 according the performance of my tests. Here's the list of the editor data files I plan to load: http
  7. I didn't know him but RealTimeFM's style of play is very close of mine. I usually play a match in full 90 minutes (in fact 50-60 minutes since FM is accelerating the time over little timeouts like throw-in or corners). That means I play very few matches per week irl so I can afford long time loading. By targeting a huge database, I'm looking for several things: - Less grey players as possible to make scouting more exciting and international competitions more interesting. If a player leaves your club because he gets too old or if you loan him, it's always a satisfaction to see wh
  8. 16GB Ram DDR3 800x2mhz CPU: AMD FX8320 (2x4 cores) Full SSD, Windows 10 My CPU is AM3+ architecture. AMD officially released the model about 10 years ago. It can be viewed as the straight equivalent of PS4 and Xbox One's AMD Jaguar. It's unlikely I buy a new rig as I've no money but I'm not complaining. FM20 is much more reactive and reliable than FM16 was. The 64bits transition is truly a huge step forward.
  9. Thanks lol. That's what I'm doing actually. I'm simulating my extreme save every night since two weeks now. However, I'm not in a hurry since I have yet to end my personal modding meanwhile. I expect to start my definitive save in one or two weeks.
  10. My goal is to get the most complete possible experience in one and unique save. I will probably play this save for the many years to come, like I did with my FM 2007 save over eight years. So I need to test an extreme pregame set-up to understand the software & hardware limits and decide how many leagues per country and how many competitions in full detail I can run eventually in my normal set-up. Before FM turns into 64 bits, the limits were pretty clear. You couldn't run more than 40/60 countries. Modern FM's limits are more cryptic and I want to push them for science.
  11. Intuitively, I was to buy 4x8 gb ddr3 ram as bottleneck workaround since it's much cheaper than buying a new motherboard + ddr4 ram + CPU. But you're probably right as my save crashed very early in the game. I've no guaranty I'm not going to encounter the same bottleneck in late game with moderate details. That's my fear: Getting a save with so much data inside that FM can no longer load properly.
  12. I ended to get a crash dump with a preventive message: "Running dangerously low on memory. Tried to allocate 764944 bytes". Forgot to screenshot the final error message but it was pretty much the same. It coincided with the day I decide to put all my 230 nations in maximum detail instead of mixed details (70 D1s with high detail) and the moment I enter mid September in the game (i.e. the end of most of friendlies, and the start of many seasons) . Before this time, I never got the error while my computer was regularly topping 99% RAM usage. I will pursue my tests.
  13. I'm freely personalizing your mod to fit other mods I would like to play with. For fun, I successfully gave Sark and Alderney a national team. I wonder if there is some reason why you didn't associate Sark and Alderney with Europe? Because they don't have a national team irl? edit: Ok I just figured out that Sark and Alderney are officially parts of Guernsey.
  14. Hi, Even if you set a competition at high level of detail, you cannot watch highlights of older matches after some progress. I would like to know which factors are influencing the time between you can watch highlights and you cannot, beside level of detail. Is it possible to set this time further? I don't think increasing storage space for match highlights in FM2020 settings have any relation. PS: I deleted my previous thread because the question was not straight forward enough, sorry.
  15. Sorry, I mistook the version. The option was there in FM16 but I didn't find it in FM20 editor. If you have an older FM Editor with this feature, you might read the xml file in FM20 editor like I did.
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