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  1. Shenmue-X

    Requests: My Anthology

    Thanks for reading me lol No. I just have other requests in mind but another time! Nice to hear! I did some tests in the past with 16gb ram in FM 2016 (32 bits). Databases around 500 000 people and as much real-time leagues as I can. They resulted pretty well in long-term window! Now that FM.exe is 64bits, I want to fan Sport Interactive: keep up the good work! Exact! You're certainly right. So just having the possibility in the pregame editor would be fine for me.
  2. First of all, thanks for making this section happen and for improving Football Manager so much over the years. My requests are based on my FM 2016 experience, so sorry if some have been fixed already. From the most important request to the least: 1. Ability to continue our old saves (e.g. FM 2016) in newer FM versions. 2. Ability ro run a database with all people of the world without crash in long-term saves. 3. Absolute complete ingame editor, close to the pregame editor as much as it is possible (AI manager tendancies, three letter name for U18 competition, names of clubs created by user, media infos, current table of a league, etc). 4. Generate a database exclusively with regens then be able to edit it in the pregame editor. That means a game where the players are completely new, with balanced CA-PA according the club they belong (a rich club with 9000 world reputation should get great regens with five or six world class players). This feature is very useful for me if the feature #1 is not possible. 5. Butterfly effect instead of Random effect. Restarting a match with exactly the same choices, the same conditions should produce the same results (player vs AI, and AI vs AI). 6. Constantly displaying all the people names in the match engine instead having to "Ctrl+left click" on each people. 7. Load the background picture file when loading a match. In FM 2016 and FM 2007, you need to load the match then exit the match then reload the match to make this picture appear (bug?). 8. Disable the 3d spinning stadium in the background when loading a match. Display the 3d stadium only when you start the highlights. 9. User tag system. Ability to add a personal tag to any item (people, team, nation). 10. Get a world calendar page like http://www.worldfootball.net/matches_today/ . This page could be read in "match interface>overview>follow other matchs live" and match widget. 11. Allow non-fifa national teams in all continents and non-fifa international competitions. 12. Fix the overrating of wing backs in statistics. 13. Control an existing manager. 14. Ability to display the Tactics page as landing page for team screen. 15. Get a complete scout report even if the player is playing in a non-simulated league. Automatically simulate the match where he's involved. 16. An setting option to be able to watch live several matches per day. 17. Critical mutinery if enough influential players constantly and deeply disagree the tactics or your management style. 18. Tendancies for new and regen managers (e.g. "Spends on Youth Signings") 19. Fix the column manual resizing. Still not as user-friendly as Excel. 20. Indicate the player name in the infotip instead "click to select row" when you roll over a row. 21. Indicate the division, the current ranking and miscellaneous infos in the tooltip when you roll over a team name (including when you're in the bracket interface) 22. Display the player profile tooltip when you roll over the player name instead roll over the information icon. 23. Display the interested clubs straight in the tooltip when you roll over the "Wanted" player status information icon. 24. Ability to scroll horizontally by holding shift or ctrl. 25. Bigger logo size in the top bar. 26. See the shirt of both teams in the match interface, like the old school Football Manager versions. 27. Ability to color each column to make the interface clearer. Or highlight the row and the column at the same time when you roll over 28. Ability to edit columns order and size in Team Player Stats table. If not, reduce space between the Player Name Column and the right columns to make the reading easier. 29. In "Stats>Match Stats" table page in match interface, reduce the space between the three columns. 30. Reduce the irrelevant space of every other table (league tables, competition schedules). 31. Display both Team Player Stats in the same one page. 32. In match interface, Pitch>Split, ability to display both team Formations in one side. Same for Team Player Stats. 33. In match interface, Pitch>Split, more info columns in Team Player Stats page. 34. Ability to search a media in the searchbox and subscribe to a media and its news feed. 35. Drag and drop a picture file from Windows Explorer to FM interface in order to associate a specific picture to any item (people, stadium background, team background). 36. Sort successive columns with "memory" : e.g. sort players in nationality order, then age order, then PA order. 37. Hide the final score when watching highlights 38. Display player names in formations in the Overview page in match interface. 39. Longer spoiler on half-time AI substitutions. 40. Real-time simulation of national team coach trips in club stadium to monitor players. If you restart the same match, the news about the national team coach trip should still appear in your inbox. 41. News about a national team coach trip in a club stadium may appear before the match 42. A user-friendly map interface where you can track geographically club locations, places of birth, etc. 43. Ability to repeat a column (e.g. put the player name column at the left AND another player name column at the very right). Useful when you're using a very large table. 44. Don't hide the shirt color or use a lighter outline when selecting a player in the 2D match engine 45. Charity matches with legends, regional non-fifa teams (catalonia, bretagne). 46. Display the team-of-the-week from the previous weeks. 47. The player ratings in statistics may be a subjective evaluation from your staff. You may have no player ratings for most of the players according your knowledge. 48. We may have different types of player evaluation so different ratings for the same player. You may pick your own statistic supplier. 49. Transfer rumors for staff with high reputation 50. Ability to select other competitions to follow live in match widgets. 51. A match widget to follow live last goals in other matchs. 52. Fix the bug in which you can get a wrong ranking when you sort players by hidden world reputation 53. Fix the bug in which player status information icons don't slide out sometimes. 54. Fix the bug in which you have to tick the player again in match statistic analysis when you come back from the highlighted action in the 3D match engine. 55. In saving interface, ability to highlight a specific file or folder by typing the right letters like in Windows Explorer 56. In saving interface, display an ingame time column 57. A world ranking of managers based on their money accumulated since the start of the game. 58. Read the top best selling football shirts anytime. Pregame/ingame editor abilities: 1. Create a new nation (non-fifa or fifa nation) 2. Change grammatical gender of items for foreign languages. 3. Don't allow AI to build new stadiums 4. Freeze/Decay quality of club facilities 5. Freeze stadium pitch quality for specific stadiums 6. Edit the regen first and last name database 7. Database and games with only female players. 8. Specific match background for day and night. 9. Play more than two matchs per day in the same stadium for little countries. 10. Define characteristic player requirement for a club (e.g. Basque nationality for Bilbao) Match engine abilities: 1. Players don't systematically attempt desperate powerful header to the front at counter-attack from the middle of the pitch. 2. Players round the goalkeeper when they have the very possibility. 3. Real feel of effort from the players. Fix the visual feeling of walking overcool players when they're supposed to dribble or challenge an opponent. 4. Players don't systematically trash the ball out of the pitch after a dribble from a wing when they've poor motivation.
  3. Shenmue-X

    [FM18][MOD] Match Day Backgrounds Mod

    The backgrounds do show in FM16 but not at the first click. You need to exit the match, then enter again the match page to make the backgrounds being shown (This bug was also present in FM 2007 !). But it's not the only issue since the spinning 3D stadium background shows in 5 seconds then. Really annoying.
  4. Shenmue-X

    [FM18][MOD] Match Day Backgrounds Mod

    Is there a similar mod for FM 2016 ? I tested it on base16_dark but that results with black screen.
  5. Shenmue-X

    Location of icons from the player page?

    Me too lol.
  6. Shenmue-X

    Location of icons from the player page?

    Many thanks, that's it! User>documents>sport interactive>football manager 2016>skin>your active skin>graphics>icons>custom>morale then create a folder with "large" as name and put your own graphic files there. The graphic file names must be: superb, okay, very good, good, fairly poor, poor, fairly good, very poor and abysmal.
  7. Hi I struggle to find the location of the player icons, especially the happiness ones (which are different from the happiness icons of the squad menu).
  8. Hi, I created some new clubs from scratch with your pre-game editor but I now want to change their names without restarting a new game. So I created a LNC file with these lines, put it in the right DB folder and reload FM but nothing change: "CLUB_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 2062007728 "Servizio Fotografico" "" "CLUB_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 2062007731 "Librera Editrice Vaticana" "" "CLUB_NAME_CHANGE" 2062007728 "Servizio Fotografico" "" "CLUB_NAME_CHANGE" 2062007731 "Librera Editrice Vaticana" "" "CLUB_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 2062007728 "Servizio Fotografico" "" "CLUB_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 2062007731 "Librera Editrice Vaticana" ""
  9. Ok thx. If that only relates with a list of specific real players, I can deal with it.
  10. Their three goalkeepers are all grey. Is this a licencing issue?
  11. Hi, How to allow Windows 10 to go to sleep after a lapse of time while FM is still opened?
  12. Shenmue-X

    How to change player morale icons?

    That works, thanks!
  13. The usual way to change the icons is broken. Where are located the original icons in the data folder?