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  1. Makoto Nakamura

    [FM19] We beta Basque in glory!

    Welcome, to my first save of FM19, my beta save which will be a youth only challenge with Athletic Bilbao! Whilst this may be youth only I have loaded Spain as playable and every other nation in Europe as view-only with a database size of 58,000 players to get a detailed level of European players, I will also be documenting any major transfers that happen during each transfer window. The aim? Try and win silverware, develop Basque players, new and existing and see how far we can go before the Fraud Thread kicks off!
  2. Another FM another Youth Academy/Dafuge try, this time with Hitchin. The original team was on the inaugural FA Cup, so it will be an objective to win it. So far I normally just stay in the same league I started, let's see if this save will be different. This is the Beta so hope no strange bug affects the save, also hope to not get fired while learning how to manage in the new edition.
  3. OH HAI THERE I have been lurking on the forums for a decade now, so might as well join in on the fun. This will be an attempt at Gundo + YA only challenge since I have done a few seasons with the new scouting system and still can't get a good hold of it. My journey will take me to the glorious land of Lithuania. Another Lithuanian save, you might think (FK Tauras), but no, there is so much more to this. I'll be using my very own db that's on steam workshop if anyone fancies a go. In a nutshell, Lithuania youth rating is upped by 10 to 74 and some new real teams are added for the bigger towns (so hopefully, bigger crowds). The biggest change is the reshuffle of the league system. IRL, Lithuania has a 9 team top division dominated by a Celtic-like club followed by a 16 club division monstrosity beneath that. All of this is revamped in the db, there are 4 tiers, top tier with 8 clubs and a championship playoff for top 6. The second division has most of the B teams, 14 B+A teams in total. Third division has two groups, 9 clubs each and bottom tier has 3 groups, 9 clubs each. With 3 extra teams, this adds up to 64 teams that compete in the cup for that elusive European spot. Speaking of Europe, Lithuania only has 1 CL spot and 3 EL spots and the coefficients are not going up any time soon. Top division is pro/semi-pro, second division is semi-pro/ama and everything below consists of amateur and B sides. Now, I started in July 2017 and simmed the game until New Year's, which is Lithuania's season reset date. Upon starting a new season, I created a new manager (No badges, SL experience), two new teams got promoted to the bottom and one of them even accepted my application. NB: The first couple of attempts were buggy, so I had to restart over. Head here for a proper start. A very warm welcome to FK Druskininkai (Derived from lithuanian word for salt - druska) All the facilities are at 1 as you can see but at least we got a fairly nice stadium and it's located in a 14k pop town. My chairman seems to be fairly understanding too and after a bit of negotiating let me do my coaching badges, The finances look great for this level, we have £30k in the bank and are not bleeding being amateur side Finally, the squad. There is only word to describe it - abysmal. Noone is fast or strong or good in any way. We only have 15 players, so I better hold on to these useless guys until the first intake. The aims for the save are two-fold. Short-term: Survive first season Upgrade the youth coaching, there are no facilities, so CA is king. Make a cup run at any cost. Cup provides a tiny bit of money but this level this is the difference between extra level in YC. Long term: Promote from the bottom division all the way to the top Become semi-pro/professional club Have players represent the national team Win the cup Win the league Qualify for group stages of a European competition Win a European competiton Considering, the side is amateur and there isn't much to start working with, this is going to take a while..
  4. Yes I apologise it's another career. I've really struggled to become attached to any clubs so I'm heading back to England, or more specifically Cornwall. Last FM I spent some time managing Porthleven but now with @Dan BHTFC adding in the Trelawny leagues I'm going to go a bit lower, down to the 13th tier to St. Buryan or the Trelawny Premier League. Why St. Buryan? Well, I like 'geographically challenged' places let's say, and St. Buryan FC is the closest club to Land's End. And why Cornwall? Well, Truro are the best side in Cornwall and they're currently in the Vanarama South promotion playoff spots and I don't think there are any other Cornish sides above the 10th tier. Also, just this season alone 4 teams in the Trelawny League have had to fold due to a lack of players and with Cornwall being a fair distance away from anywhere else in the country (Devon have Plymouth Argyle and Exeter City) It would cost quite a lot of money to travel outside the county so Cornish clubs struggle in affording the step up. *Enhance* *Enhance* *Enhance* *Enhance* I am well aware that the level 22 file has issues but even if this does get lost to a crash dump I will be restarting as St. Buryan once the full file is out, in a test save I'd holidayed until the 3rd season with no problems at all. We have no players so I'll sign up all these greys to make do until the youth candidates come through.
  5. On Top Of The Weld: A Titanic Challenge Introduction The Harland & Wolff cranes Samson and Goliath dominate the skyline in Belfast. Now diversifying into repairs, civil engineering and offshore energy, Harland & Wolff are most famous for being one the greatest shipmakers of all time. The White Star Line ships Olympic, Britannic and of course the Titanic were all built by Harland & Wolff. In the height of it's heyday H & W employed thousands of people from the city and one faction of these, the Welders, decided to set up their own Football & Social Club in 1965. In I come as a young up-and-coming manager with a dream of making Harland & Wolff famous for it's youth academy as well as it's ships. It's going to be a titanic challenge though, considering we're starting without a youth setup at all... We're also expected to finish 11th out of 12, so it could be a tough first season. Key Players Yes that's right, our best player is 41 years old . I reckon we can get a couple more seasons out of him. McKeown is exactly the kind of experienced player you need in your side, his mental attributes are very impressive, though his pace is woeful. Not the most technically gifted strikers, but he makes up for it with pace, movement and composure. Our only foreigner, but you certainly wouldn't mess with him! He's a man mountain at 6'5 and will sit in our midfield to win it in the air or on the ground and move it on. McMurray is the injection of pace in our backline, helping cover for the lack of pace in players like McKeown.
  6. Saving Football - Frauding a Nation *Voiceover* "...Back in the mists of time, in 2015, a man by name of Hakan ran a small, exclusive coaching academy in the South of France. Before his glory days (see @ManUtd1's excellent thread), he was nothing more than the head of the Académie des Fraudes. He had a few disciples, men who had travelled far and wide to learn the ween ways. Eventually, he could teach them nothing more and abandoned them as he set out to make his fortune. Those pupils gathered around and realised they could outdo the master in following the Youth Only philosophy. They made their way out, under cover of night, and set about conquering France from the inside..." These pupils all got jobs in France's 5th Tier, the Championnat National 3. They were; @Makoto Nakamura - Aubagne FC @wynter - FCSR Haguenau @BoxToBox - Aviron Bayonnais FC @MarcxD - Jean d'Arc Drancy @smp20 - USM Endoume @kidthekid - Le Puy Foot 43 (FM15, retired) @Benjoe - Entente Sportive Le Cannet-Rocheville (FM17) @ManUtd1 - FC Ouest Tourangeau @Deisler26 - FC Sochaux-Montbeliard @oriole01 - Vannes OC @Fer Fuchs Ake - FC Mulhouse @noikeee - TA Cannes @Jimbokav1971 - Racing Coulombes Paris (retired) @Keano16 - Olympique Alès Cévènnes @Bartrcm - La Roche VCF @shaunvamos - FC Aurillac Arpajon @Minuy600 - US Changéenne (retired) @After - F.C Vaulx @Schiavone - U.S Tourcoing Football @Vélodrome - Toulouse Rodéo This, this is their story....
  7. Welcome to the third installment of Kafra - the create your own club, youth only save that is based in England! After the great success I had with Kafra in the first installment (FM 16) of this save, the second version (FM17) faltered as I was bogged down with real life. The hope here is that the third version will fall more in line with the original than the sequel - I am already a season in, and it has been a fantastic start. So again, welcome to the third installment of the Kafra franchise!
  8. alexcmann

    [FM18] Fort William

    Fair to say that the Scottish Highlands are not the most hospitable places to play football, with tough winter weather, remote landscapes and a small population. The Press & Journal Highland Football League is Tier 5 in Scotland, the first non-league tier. To get into the football league you must win the league, then beat the winner of the Lowland League, and then beat the team that comes last in Scottish League Two. A bit of a hard task. Fort William Fort William are pretty rubbish. They come last most seasons. In 2009 they only got one point. Their points have been in single digits for 9 of the past 13 seasons. Last year they conceded over 180 goals and all six directors left. Since they joined the Highland League in 1985 they have never finished higher than 11th (there are 18 teams at the moment but there were as few as 14 at one point). Quite the task. They play at Claggan Park which is at the foot of Ben Nevis. Technically 1,800 capacity, but that includes an old wooden stand for 400 people and then a perimeter fence. My goal is to develop the youth and see where we can take them. Not we'll ever get them out the league let alone any further, but we'll see!
  9. INTRODUCTION We're back from Bolivia, back from unknown parts of the world. After all those months clawing away in the silver mines of Potosí, my eyes weren't used to the amount of sunlight to be found back on the surface. Therefore, a new save has emerged in another part of the world, much closer to home, where mining is still seen as a proud man's job. We've exchanged the silver for brown coal. We've reached the city with the largest coal fuelled thermal power plant of Europe. Feeling industrious? You bet. We've reached Bełchatów The city of Bełchatów (looking to @Rikulec as to verify that the pronunciation is, indeed, somewhere in the region of "Bear-cha-toof"), is located in the very center of Poland, has about 50,000 inhabitants and is home to one professional football team: Górniczy Klub Sportowy Bełchatów, aka the Miner's Sports Club of Bełchatów, aka GKS Bełchatów. GKS Bełchatów has been a team that's been around in the Polish top flight for the last twenty years, in and out at times, but it's been a respected side. However, after almost winning the national title in 2007, the team has slid down and is coming off back-to-back relegations. Its only trophy in recent years is winning the 2013/2014 First Division, in between two relegations. The club has finished second in a couple of national trophies. But all that is gone. As you can see, a serious slide has occurred in recent years for the Brunatni, or brown coalers. We start this save in the Polish 3rd tier. I'm here to try and stop that slide. The challenge is that I will not be able to bring in players to the club. All that will be done by my DoF, who will handle the incoming transfers. However, I will only allow players to be brought in by our DoF if they're 23 years or younger and coming from either Poland, or one of Poland's six surrounding countries (Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania). This means I still have the possibility to veto the transfers, but that's just because I can't set out any targets as to nationality or age. If the player agrees to both conditions stated above, I will have no choice but to accept the transfer. Obviously, we will still be very much oriented towards our youth setup as well. It's not entirely youth only, but for a big part it is.
  10. Hi all, I'm back again with a new idea I'm keen to try, in a country that's seldom visited in this forum. Well, it is a country pretty commonly managed in, but the country is home to another principality that's becoming popular, as that country doesn't have their own league. Yes, I'm going to Switzerland! More on this shortly......
  11. Growing up Down Wembley Way When the FA announced plans to rebuild Wembley Stadium in 2003, the new stadium came with a promise of making Wembley "one of the largest regeneration projects in Europe." They announced plans to completely transform what was a run down and deprived area, turning it into a vibrant, thriving part of the country. What did they actually do? They built some shops. Wembley resides in Brent, one of the poorest boroughs in London, and arguably the country. 33% of households live in poverty, with 32% of employees earning less than the London Living Wage, the second highest rate for any borough in the city. It's incredibly ethnically diverse - 36% of Brent is White, 34% Asian, 18% Black, 5% Mixed Race and 5% 'other'. However, it's also very run down, and the new Wembley Stadium redevelopment hasn't given much - if anything - to the local community. Brent had the 5th most homicides in London between 2000-2012, and has a bit of a reputation for knife and gun crime. It borders on insanity. You have the 'home of English football' built here. but apart from building some new (expensive) shops and flats, very little has been done to provide real regeneration for the local community. What the area needs is something to bring them together, to give them something to do and keep kids away from falling into the spiralling trap of the gang lifestyle. Something like a football team, maybe?
  12. If there's one region I always come back to when my interest in FM is waning, it's South America. The ridiculously filled game calendars, the vast amount of tournaments, the plethora of talent and two great international tournaments to qualify relatively easily for. This time we're going to country that's been waiting for its share of world fame for quite some time. With only three World Cup appearances (1930, 1950 and 1994), it's not a country that people think of when they think of South American superpowers. However, due to the ridiculous altitude of some of its cities, it always manages to spring up a surprise or two in the CONMEBOL qualifying section. You guessed it baby, we're going to Bolivia. Our aim for this save is to bring Bolivia to respectable heights they've never even faced. If you look at the altitudes some of the earth rises to in Bolivia, and the amount of silver that's been won by the Spaniards in its soil, this should only feel logical, right? To reach our goal of winning silverware, we're headed to the city that provided virtually all of the Spanish Empire's silver: Potosí. The aim is easy: we're going youth only in Bolivia with the aim of national dominance and eventually winning the Libertadores. In time I'll try and see if I can take over the national team and solidify the name of the Plurinational State of Bolivia in the footballing world.
  13. St Pats Athletic: Closest to the Guinness Brewery At just 1.2 miles away, St Pat's Richmond Park is the closest ground to the famous St James' Gate Brewery. Closer, in fact, than St James's Gate F.C. in Ireland's 6th tier who are the original workers club. My aim is to build up the club and eventually compete among the best in Europe. However, I will be doing this with only the current crop of players born in Dublin and also only players in future youth intakes also born in Dublin. As Guinness states, good things come to those who wait, and while it's going to take a long time to build up the academy, it's important that we keep close to our roots. My Irish nationality is stretching the truth a bit, and I wasn't born in Dublin like I've setup here, but I do have Irish heritage and it would be wrong to be anything other than a Dubliner for this challenge. I'm starting with Sunday League Rep, but my true to real life Continental B licence. Despite a strong history, the 5th most successful side in Ireland, St Pat's have been on a downwards spiral since last winning the league and have come close to relegation the last two seasons. We need to ensure that we are a top half top tier side and that will be the aim this season. If we achieve more than that, fantastic, but we have a small squad to start with. This is the 16 man squad I have to start with. Several players, including star striker Jake Keegan, have been demoted to the u19s and I will be looking to sell them as they don't meet the criteria. According to St Pat's website Maher, Toney and Lennon are all Dublin-born so I've kept them on. From now on we won't have that ambiguity as regen players will have a clearly defined birthplace. I'm not looking forward to cutting potential stars not born in Dublin, but that's the rules I've set.
  14. After two previous attempts at saves on this forum failed to hold my interest (turns out I don't like making transfers in this game), I have decided to revert back to the tried and tested youth only challenge. My first attempt at youth only on FM18 resulted in success, even if the original nation didn't work out. So based on that, I've gone back to a nation and a club I've managed before, and one in which I had a lot of fun watching it grow. Off to Andorra again, and with the youth recruitment bug sorted out this should be fun, as even without upgraded youth recruitment I was still able to produce some decent players. Aims are the same as always, develop from within until we win a European club championship. National team success is also a long term aim. This is the setup I have: Portugal, France and Spain are all playable as our players may choose to go there and those three countries either share a border with or have history with Andorra. England is playable because it will be interesting to monitor how the league changes over the course of the save.
  15. Jimbokav1971

    Bradley's Babes.

    Bradley's Babes. Anyone who reads any of my threads will be aware that the main focus of any of my saves is Youth Development and as a result, very much centered around Youth Intake Day every season. I like doing something a little different with my threads and I want this to be completely focused around Youth Intake Day with very little attention paid to whether we win, lose or draw matches, (yes, I know, I'm weird). I'm actually running this alongside my career that I'm updating in my "Music" thread, but I don't envisage there being any crossover at all of players between the 2 clubs. Stade Rennais are battling at the top of the French League and I really have no reason to even look at a club who were mid-table in League 2 when I took over. If the Sunderland experiment goes well then the Stade Manager in me might want to sign some of the hot Sunderland prospects, but the Sunderland manager will be none to keen to let them go. I really don't think there is going to be any cross-over between the 2 at all. I am really enjoying my time in France, but unfortunately it is not the ideal structure for a Youth Save. For a start you can only loan out 7 players in 1 season to other French clubs. (Well that's no good. I want loan out 57 never mind about 7). The fact that players come through the Academies so young there, (14/15), is good, but it can be frustrating having to wait 2 years to give a starlet his debut. My plan for this thread is to not really bother with updates about how the club is doing, and instead concentrate on individual players. I might even do no updates at all other than Youth Intakes and comparisons to see how players have progressed. Brexit. I can't remember exactly what the deal was with Brexit, but I know I got a harsh one. I wasn't managing in England so I didn't really pay too much attention to it at the time. What do the League 2 rules say I wonder? Make of this what you will. I won't be buying players anyway. Background. Sunderland are languishing in League 2 and it's this that made them an attractive proposition to manage. I'm not really sure why they are struggling so much. Their squad is a little unbalanced in my opinion, but they certainly have enough quality to be doing better and financially the club seem to be on a sound footing, presumably because the Sunderland fans are still turning up in large numbers. Facilities. The Stadium of Light might have very well seen better days, but the fact still remains that if we can give them something worth watching, it's possible to cram 48,707 paying bums onto seats. Our average attendance in League 2 this season has been a quite remarkable 23,549, with a whopping 27,056 punters turning up to watch us draw 0-0 to Carlisle early in the season. The facilities that really matter are the Youth based one's and these are decent. Finances. Surprisingly, (at least to me), we are doing ok money-wise, and I would guess this is as a result of such phenomenal support in League 2. Bright prospects. I wouldn't have say that we have any Superstars hidden in the ranks, but we certainly have a reasonable amount of quality. We are after all playing in League 2, so they don't have to be amazing to look good. I haven't checked yet, (I am about to), but I suspect that we have produced better players via the academy in recent years, but anyone with any real quality would have been snapped up pretty quickly. Stewart (NIR) (Bal) HG is a player I really like. He featured only fleetingly under the previous Manager, but has already become an important part of the team under me. I have obviously extended his contract immediately. Tinnion (Perfect) HG is another who has been offered and accepted a contract extension. Actually he's quite an interesting player for me because I am not sure that I have any experience at all with Perfectionist personality. He's a very good player for League 2 and should be with us for a good few years. Perfectionist Pro 18-20, Det 18-20, Amb 18-20, Tem 1-9 (Remember that these templates I'm quoting are the old one's from Cleon's Ajax thread and some are now out of date. I don't know if anyone has created new one's for FM18 yet). Ed (Bal), Gough (Res) , Rock (F.Loyal) and Martin (IRL) (Jovial) are all decent players, but they are not products of our Academy so I'm not going to bother talking about them. They will be replaced as soon as I can. Dowson (Bal) HG hasn't made his debut yet, but I will soon start rotating him with Gough (Res) until such time as I can cash in on him and then Dowson (Bal) HG will be 1st choice. He's just a little on the slow side, bujt otherwise looks decent. Bell (F.Pro) HG is a winger and I just don't plan on using them. When we have a good player like this, I will probably look to loan them out somewhere right from the off just to give them games. Karl (F.Pro) HG is probably my favourite player at the club. I just love the fact that he is a natural BWM. I've been trying and failing to shoe-horn players into a BWM role in my Strade Rennais save for a few years now and this bloke is just perfect for what I want. I like him, but he's not worth £800,000. Is he? Either way, hands off. He's got a 2 year contract with an option for 3 more. Before my arrival. Things were not going well, (hence the sacking of the previous Manager). They actually weren't playing badly, they were just drawing too many games. They were languishing in 12th place though and that just wasn't good enough for the Chairman, (and rightly so). The FA Cup and Carabao Cup didn't bring any respite from the League 2 woes unfortunately. The abomination that is the Checkatrade Trophy offered a small amount of light relief, but it was actually, (somewhat surprisingly) the loss to Sheffield Utd on penalties that cost the previous Manager his job. Since my arrival, (let's be completely straight here and admit that I am not even bothering with the IR button and instead just went straight on holiday), things started off slowly, but our fortunes soon started to improve. After going winless in our opening 4 games, we are now unbeaten in our last 9.
  16. The Sardinian Fortress This save isn't that special, the usual youth-only challenge, only this time done with Eccellenza Sardegna side Latte Dolce, also known as Sassari Calcio. The main objective will be to create somewhat of a dynasty with the team and reach the top flight of Italian football, whilst also trying to bring as many other Sardinian teams with me on the way. Sardinia is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean sea, second only to Sicily. This Italian island is located to the immediate south of the Corsica, and is divided into four provinces whilst being home to one metropolitan city. Its capital is Cagliari, which also happens to be the home of the only Sardinian club to have ever played in the Italian top flight. The second largest city on the island is Sassari, which boasts a population of over 127,000 inhabitants, in an urban area of around twice this size. Historically, its economy has relied mainly on industries such as tourism and services. All of this hardly matters to us, as what truly matters is information regarding the club which we will be following in this career update. U. S. D. Latte Dolce Unione Sportiva Dilettantistica Latte Dolce (which ironically translates to 'sweet milk') is an amateur Italian club founded in 1973, which has spent the vast majority of its history in Eccellenza, the Italian fifth division, with a brief spell in Serie D in 2013-14. Currently, their squad is considered to be the strongest amongst their Eccellenza group, and will fight for promotion whilst aiming to improve its facilities and generate strong youth intakes for the future. Their manager will be former high school goalkeeper-turned-coach, the Ethiopian-American Legend Tesfaye. And as you can tell, those aren't the best facilities. Poor training facilities, basic youth and corporate facilities, and minimal junior coaching combined with limited recruitment; we're rock-bottom, and we'll have to work on getting those facilities up as soon as possible. As for the squad itself, the assistant manager rates our starting eleven very highly, stating that all of them would be decent players if they were to be in Serie D sides, even mentioning that some of my key players (such as Andrea Usai and Omar Delizos) would be good players in Serie D, despite them really not being that good. I think the real struggle this season will be to keep our players, as although there is definitely talent in this team, none of them are actually earning anything for now. I'm personally just very excited for this, and can't wait to see how we end up doing this season. I'll see you in the next update!
  17. Kubson

    [FM 18] Achilles '29

    Achilles '29 is a football club from Groesbeek, Netherlands. Its women's first squad plays in the Eredivisie since 2016. The men's first squad plays in 2017–18 in the Tweede Divisie. The club is known for its successes in the Dutch domestic cup, having knocked FC Volendam, Heracles Almelo, RKC Waalwijk, Telstar and MVV Maastricht out of the KNVB Cup. Achilles '29 became Hoofdklasse champions for the first time in 1983 in the Hoofdklasse Sunday B. In 2006, Achilles became champions in the Hoofdklasse Sunday C, with a two-point lead over rival De Treffers. Two seasons later a comparable Hoofdklasse victory was achieved when Achilles '29 played De Treffers in the last match of the season. Had De Treffers managed to win the match, they would have become champions. As long as Achilles '29 managed to gain at least one point (either a draw or a win) the championship would go to De Heikant. In a historic derby, Achilles '29 won 3–2 and became champions of the Hoofdklasse for the third time. In 2010–11, in the first season of the Topklasse, relegated Eerste Divisie team FC Oss won the Sunday title, after it had beaten Achilles '29 in the last match of the season with 0–2. Achilles '29 finished on second place, just missing out to a decision duel by losing on the last day. In the following season, Achilles '29 became champion of the Topklasse Sunday with a nine-point lead over Haaglandia. As the Sunday overall champions they faced Saturday champions SV Spakenburg for the national title. In the first leg they won 3–0 and in the second leg 0–2, becoming the national champions in amateur football for the first time with a 5–0 aggregate win. Achilles '29 hereby received an option of promotion to the Eerste Divisie, but didn't chose to use it. In the 2012–13 Topklasse season Achilles '29 was the title favorite, as the reigning champion. After 11 matches it became top of the table and remained there for the rest of the season. It lost the national title to VV Katwijk, but unlike Katwijk, Achilles chose to use its right of promotion following dispensation to some aspects in the licence for professional football. As a result, it played in the Eerste Divisie for the 2013–14 season, having drawn their first game in professional football against FC Emmen. The club was relegated from Eerste Divisie at the end of 2016-17 season and suffered another relegation this time to the fourth division of Dutch football in 2018. We turned back the clock in FM however and in 2019/20 the club is back in Eerste Divisie after winning promotion the previous season (2018/19). The club is widely expected to go down again, so they need someone to keep them up, who have the club chosen? A 21 year old from Tuvalu who has never managed a club before, this could be a long season ahead for Achilles, especially with the club's plan for the future. Suprisingly the club has decided against signing players from other clubs and decided to rely on their academy like a lot of the succesful dutch team have done in the past. It'll be interesting to see how the club gets on this season. Can they beat the drop against all odds? Only the future will tell.
  18. Welcome to Maresfield! Tired of watching Keymer & Hassocks rise up through the ranks over and over again, the tiny village of Maresfield wants it shot at glory in the English Football Pyramid. This save will watch the exploits of Maresfield Village and their youth system as they valiantly attempt to rise to new heights. Focusing solely on the youth academy this career will see if National Conference glory is attainable and if luck and a generous owner emerges maybe higher. So youth only, no transfers in. While the team is on amateur status, if a player leaves on a free a one time immediate offer can be issued to counter the poaching team. As the youth intakes populate the team I will take a more active role in the youth teams, also working at moving them up the pyramid. Currently Maresfield Village II plays in Mid-Sussex Football League 7, Maresfield Village III plays in League 9. The senior teams is in the 13th tier of the pyramid, Mid-Sussex Football League Championship. I'll be starting with the recommended badges, so that's a National A license and Sunday playing experience. Expect a regular Jan update as well as a season recap with a few others thrown in as I find interesting things to note. And thanks to @danbhtfc for this excellent database!
  19. So, this madness is back again... No long introduction about why, because you've probably worked out why by now. I'm mental San Giovanni, youth only, let's drag San Marino to a respectable level in world football. Simple. This is the fifth one I've done, so if you want to see any of the prior ones you can check those out here, here, here or here. Has anything changed? Not massively. I believe the Youth Recruitment bug may have been fixed (and it might actually be too easy to upgrade this year), so I'm looking forward to that. If you're expecting us to get to a Champions League Final or win the World Cup, I'll direct you over to a @BoxToBox thread instead. If we can beat Dinamo Zagreb once, we've done what we needed to do You can expect lots of complaining, lots of bad management but maybe one or two decent results along the way. It's always exciting doing this on a new FM, because you don't know how managing at this level has changed until you get going. The game wasn't really designed to go 100 years into the future in San Marino Thanks to @Makoto Nakamura for the title suggestion, and let's get this started!
  20. Here we go again! Using @claassen's Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela databases, my slight edit of @Mrt90's Brazilian database and steam user Zato's Argentina database it's time to dig in to my long term save. Here's the setup: That's 4 tiers of Brazil, 5 of Argentina, 2 of Bolivia, 3 of Chile, 2 of Colombia, 2 of Ecuador, 2 of Paraguay, 2 of Peru, 3 of Uruguay and 2 of Venezuela. Every other nation is view-only since, as I noticed with my Shetland save it did still lead to some surprising teams down the line without damaging too much processing time. I've also loaded every player based in South America. Why am I managing in Brazil? Brazil historically have produced some of the best players in the world and it's about time I had a proper crack at this. Why Sousa? They're nicknamed the dinosaurs. Also because I want to have players partake in the Danny Roberts Challenge as well as the 1000 appearance challenge and with the edit I made to MRT's database I changed the Paraibano State Championship from 9 games which it's set to to play 18 games plus the playoffs. This was very difficult and I ended up spending a couple of hours in the advanced editor. That is not a fun place. Club history: (Translated from Portuguese) Not a lot of history and terrible facilities, not a great start. Squad: That is a hell of a lot of strikers... Reserves: The only players with potential are out on loan. Under 20's: Oh dear. Best Players: Best Reserves:
  21. Amsterdamsche Football Club "Those so-called AFC icons, they say they want the best for the club. They don't have one chainsaw in the back of their cars, but three. [...] It's fine to have criticism, but say it directly to my face. [...] I'm getting sick of this hypocritical behaviour. Next game I won't be the manager anymore." That is what the former AFC manager, Ton Du Chatinier, said in real life after their last league game in the third tier of Dutch football. They are currently near the bottom of that league, while they performed really well last year. Time for me to change things up. AFC is an amateur club that plays in the third tier of Dutch football, called the "Tweede Divisie". They are my most local club, and after having success with them last year I want to try that again this year as my first save for FM18. To get them playable I had to holiday two seasons, since the 2017-2018 season of the Jupiler League, the Dutch 2nd tier, does not have relegation. (Don't ask me why, the Dutch FA is run by idiots... the one good thing about this is that SI actually does follow all these stupid things and implements them in the game). The 2018-2019 season in-game does though, and after about 15 times of reloading I got AFC to be promoted again. Oh, and one more thing. I've been successful in my FM17 careers with my scouting and transfers, so for this save I won't be doing any of that. I won't be signing anyone. Youth Only, baby. [Edit: After the first season I've decided to allow myself to sign players that are born in Amsterdam] [Edit 2: After a while I stopped signing any players and went full youth only again.] Have made myself an Andorran manager as a bit of a call-back to the F.C. Andorra save. Almost all players are on amateur deals, and AFC has become a professional club after getting promoted, so at least there's that. Well, this might be an adventure. New features like dynamics should be easier with all the players being Dutch and all... Just a shame that they are so bad.
  22. Welcome! This is my first ever career update where I will be doing a youth-only challenge with F.C. Jeunesse Canach of the Luxembourg Promotion Division (2nd tier). Eventually if I start to produce some elite players I may attempt to take control of the Luxembourg national team but let's not get ahead of ourselves. The Goal: To win the CL with F.C. Jeunesse Canach, an amateur side in the Luxembourg Promotion Division. The Plan: To build up the club's youth system into one of the best in the world and to use that youth system to dominate domestically and compete abroad. The Rules: No transfers in whether they be free or not. Youth intakes only. I can continue to re-sign the current members of the squad regardless of nationality. The Manager: Meet Francois Joubert. A Luxembourger born in Ettelbruck, he has his National C License and only reached the dizzying heights of Sunday League Football during his playing career. The Facilities: Not too good. First order of business will be to try to upgrade our youth facilities and recruitment. At least we own our stadium though. The Stadium: Literally just a field with fence posts around it so not much to "own" per se. We have a capacity of 1500, standing room only. It would be nice to upgrade the stadium or build a new one, but that will be a few seasons down the line when we're hopefully a secure first division side. The Squad: Some fine looking chaps right here. Time to whip them into shape and win promotion to the first division. Key Players: Nana K By far our best player. Probably won't even be able to sign him again after his contract expires. Great stats, great name, great hair. What's not to like? Olivier Mukendi Tall, fast, decent finishing, and off the ball stats. This guy should bang in goals for us. He actually came up through Anderlecht's youth system funnily enough. Cadabra A Cape Verdean keeper with pretty decent stats. Has 7 free kick taking so maybe we'll have him try to bag some goals as a free kick taker. Hopefully he pulls of some "magical" saves in goal . The Elderly Brazilian Contingent: For some reason we have 3 elderly Brazilians old enough to collect pension checks in our squad. Let's do a quick run-through. Oseias A 45(!!!) year old target man. His technical stats are honestly really good for this level and his physical stats aren't as bad as I expected them to be. As of now he's Mukendi's backup because we'll be starting off with a 4-2-3-1. Rodrigo A 39 year old central defender who isn't even that good by the league's standards. Slow and not even that strong. Marcao Next we have his partner in crime Marcao who's even older at the ripe old age of 41! He's as slow as a barge as well with 3 pace. Him and Rodrigo are the only 2 senior centerbacks at the club so it looks like we might have to play a pretty deep line this season because if not we're gonna get beat by pace pretty easily. The Youth: Because there were barely enough real players to make a full starting XI I decided to have the game add user generated players to fill in the extra roster spots and the reserve teams. Marc Turpel 16 years old and has good pace and work rate, plus good teamwork and free kick taking as well. He's allergic to the weight room though with a solid 2 for strength. He'll probably have to start a few games for us this season so hopefully he can make the step up to the senior team. Davide Heinz Second best youth player and he's really nothing special at all. The next youth intake can't come soon enough. I believe that the Luxembourg youth intakes are in February so we have to make it through half the season at least with what we already have. Progress: So that's it for the introduction to my save. I'm almost done with the first half of the season so I'll try to give a midseason update either later tonight or tomorrow. I have a month's vacation coming up so hopefully I can try to make a few posts a week. This is my first ever career update so if you guys have any constructive criticism along the way feel free to let me know. I'll appreciate the advice Wish me luck!
  23. Following the inclusion of Kosovo into FIFA and UEFA, and the confirmation of their presence in European club competitions this year, it was only a matter of waiting for FM18 to come out so I could have a go at this unexplored territory. Well, thanks to @claassen and his amazing efforts activating unplayable leagues this is now possible. The usual youth challenge rules apply, no signing players, only players that come through the youth academy. The goal is to make Kosovo a major player in European club and international football. I'm not sure how difficult this will be compared to my previous youth saves in Andorra and other members saves in San Marino and other countries. But I think the football importance is in a better state in Kosovo than in those two and other smaller nations. That being said, it will still be a tough time! Club Name: KF KEK-u City: Obilic Founded: 1928 Status: Semi-Pro Training Facilities: Adequate Youth Facilities: Adequate Youth Recruitment: Fairly Basic Junior Coaching: Fairly Basic I have chosen a team in the Kosovan second division, to add a little bit extra to the challenge, however their facilities are a pretty decent starting point. We are predicted to finish 4th, so lets see how we go! I'll put up a squad analysis once I hire some staff.
  24. INTRODUCTION After my previous save in Guatemala was caught short due to an error in the file, I've decided to move over to another challenge. While in Guatemala, I was afraid that in the long run, doing a youth only save would be impossible as the money from international competitions are in no way comparable to the ones in Europe, where you're able to up your youth facilities in a couple of years. Therefore, I've chosen to move back to the old continent and start a proper youth only (no exceptions this time) challenge. The goal is easy: win the Champions League without buying any players. All my players must be from my own academy. Alrighty then, where does that lead us to? FC SFÎNTUL GHEORGHE SURUCENI If you're thinking: "Hey, why does team have such an awesome badge with a saint on a horse slaying a dragoo...ooooh it's Saint George isn't it?", then you're right. Our team has been named after him. This has all to do with the fact that a 223 year old orthodox christian monastery for nuns is only 2 kms away from our ground. Oh yeah, we're in Moldova! Stunning isn't it? Speaking of our ground, this is it: To summarize: Sfîntul Gheorghe was founded in 2003, primarily as a youth academy only. In 2008/2009, they registered their first team in the Moldovan football pyramid and entered in the 2nd tier straight away. After one lousy season, they were actually invited into the Divizia Nationala (1st tier) because their facilities looked that good. However, after a couple of bad seasons, they relegated in 2012. Five years later, they're back on the highest level after having won promotion in the 2016/2017 season. Our journey will start in May 2017 with a slight twist: The Moldovan football league will switch to a calendar year format (like most former Soviet countries) 2018 onward, so there will be a small transition league in between, played from May to November in which everyone pleays eachother twice, instead of the regular four times. NEXT UP Squad analysis
  25. So after the bug I found made my Andorran save dead and my East Kilbride save ending abruptly, I am starting again, in the lowest Scottish league available where promotion is eventually possible to the top flight. I am using the league created by @Morrissey. You can find the file here. Game Type - One club, youth only. I will be at Scottish club Tynecastle FC until I either retire, get sacked, or give up! I cannot sign anyone and must rely fully on our youth academy. Reputation - Sunday League. Starting Qualifications - None. Editor's Used - Real Competition Names. Huge database. The Scottish league database as stated above. Leagues Loaded Scotland. Number of Nations Loaded - One. Number of Leagues Loaded - Ten. Number of Players Loaded - 15,660. I have loaded all players from the Scottish leagues, including those in the lower leagues, as well as all players of Scottish nationality. Database Size - Huge. Game Start Date - 29 May 2017. Updates - I only intend to update at the end of each season, together with the youth candidates day. Youth - As this is a youth only save, I will tag all who are rated to have 3 stars potential and above. YP18A1 for example, would mean Youth Player from 2018. The "A" means he is the best prospect from that intake and the "1" means he is the first youth prospect I have produced in my career. Records - If you have ever read one of my threads, you will know I am a bit of a statto, so will be keeping detailed records during this save which you can see in the next few posts.