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Found 24 results

  1. INTRODUCTION After my previous save in Guatemala was caught short due to an error in the file, I've decided to move over to another challenge. While in Guatemala, I was afraid that in the long run, doing a youth only save would be impossible as the money from international competitions are in no way comparable to the ones in Europe, where you're able to up your youth facilities in a couple of years. Therefore, I've chosen to move back to the old continent and start a proper youth only (no exceptions this time) challenge. The goal is easy: win the Champions League without buying any players. All my players must be from my own academy. Alrighty then, where does that lead us to? FC SFÎNTUL GHEORGHE SURUCENI If you're thinking: "Hey, why does team have such an awesome badge with a saint on a horse slaying a dragoo...ooooh it's Saint George isn't it?", then you're right. Our team has been named after him. This has all to do with the fact that a 223 year old orthodox christian monastery for nuns is only 2 kms away from our ground. Oh yeah, we're in Moldova! Stunning isn't it? Speaking of our ground, this is it: To summarize: Sfîntul Gheorghe was founded in 2003, primarily as a youth academy only. In 2008/2009, they registered their first team in the Moldovan football pyramid and entered in the 2nd tier straight away. After one lousy season, they were actually invited into the Divizia Nationala (1st tier) because their facilities looked that good. However, after a couple of bad seasons, they relegated in 2012. Five years later, they're back on the highest level after having won promotion in the 2016/2017 season. Our journey will start in May 2017 with a slight twist: The Moldovan football league will switch to a calendar year format (like most former Soviet countries) 2018 onward, so there will be a small transition league in between, played from May to November in which everyone pleays eachother twice, instead of the regular four times. NEXT UP Squad analysis
  2. So after the bug I found made my Andorran save dead and my East Kilbride save ending abruptly, I am starting again, in the lowest Scottish league available where promotion is eventually possible to the top flight. I am using the league created by @Morrissey. You can find the file here. Game Type - One club, youth only. I will be at Scottish club Tynecastle FC until I either retire, get sacked, or give up! I cannot sign anyone and must rely fully on our youth academy. Reputation - Sunday League. Starting Qualifications - None. Editor's Used - Real Competition Names. Huge database. The Scottish league database as stated above. Leagues Loaded Scotland. Number of Nations Loaded - One. Number of Leagues Loaded - Ten. Number of Players Loaded - 15,660. I have loaded all players from the Scottish leagues, including those in the lower leagues, as well as all players of Scottish nationality. Database Size - Huge. Game Start Date - 29 May 2017. Updates - I only intend to update at the end of each season, together with the youth candidates day. Youth - As this is a youth only save, I will tag all who are rated to have 3 stars potential and above. YP18A1 for example, would mean Youth Player from 2018. The "A" means he is the best prospect from that intake and the "1" means he is the first youth prospect I have produced in my career. Records - If you have ever read one of my threads, you will know I am a bit of a statto, so will be keeping detailed records during this save which you can see in the next few posts.
  3. I know what you are probably thinking, not another thread by him. Well, I have already played a full season of this and am anxious to continue it, so I will document it. I saved the screenshots as I went along in case I got into it, which I have. Game Type - One club, youth only. I will be at Andorran club Futbol Sala La Massana until I either retire, get sacked, or give up! I cannot sign anyone and must rely fully on our youth academy. Reputation - Sunday League. Starting Qualifications - None. Editor's Used - Real Competition Names. Huge database. The excellent Andorran league edit by @claassen, which you can find on either the Steam Workshop, or here. Leagues Loaded Andorra. Number of Nations Loaded - One. Number of Leagues Loaded - Two. Number of Players Loaded - 11,660. I have loaded all players from the Andorran leagues, including those in the lower leagues, as well as all players of Andorran nationality. Database Size - Huge. Game Start Date - 5 June 2017. Updates - I only intend to update at the end of each season, together with the youth candidates day. Youth - As this is a youth only save, I will tag all who are rated to have 3 stars potential and above. YP18A1 for example, would mean Youth Player from 2018. The "A" means he is the best prospect from that intake and the "1" means he is the first youth prospect I have produced in my career. Records - If you have ever read one of my threads, you will know I am a bit of a statto, so will be keeping detailed records during this save which you can see in the next few posts.
  4. Welcome! This is my first ever career update where I will be doing a youth-only challenge with F.C. Jeunesse Canach of the Luxembourg Promotion Division (2nd tier). Eventually if I start to produce some elite players I may attempt to take control of the Luxembourg national team but let's not get ahead of ourselves. The Goal: To win the CL with F.C. Jeunesse Canach, an amateur side in the Luxembourg Promotion Division. The Plan: To build up the club's youth system into one of the best in the world and to use that youth system to dominate domestically and compete abroad. The Rules: No transfers in whether they be free or not. Youth intakes only. I can continue to re-sign the current members of the squad regardless of nationality. The Manager: Meet Francois Joubert. A Luxembourger born in Ettelbruck, he has his National C License and only reached the dizzying heights of Sunday League Football during his playing career. The Facilities: Not too good. First order of business will be to try to upgrade our youth facilities and recruitment. At least we own our stadium though. The Stadium: Literally just a field with fence posts around it so not much to "own" per se. We have a capacity of 1500, standing room only. It would be nice to upgrade the stadium or build a new one, but that will be a few seasons down the line when we're hopefully a secure first division side. The Squad: Some fine looking chaps right here. Time to whip them into shape and win promotion to the first division. Key Players: Nana K By far our best player. Probably won't even be able to sign him again after his contract expires. Great stats, great name, great hair. What's not to like? Olivier Mukendi Tall, fast, decent finishing, and off the ball stats. This guy should bang in goals for us. He actually came up through Anderlecht's youth system funnily enough. Cadabra A Cape Verdean keeper with pretty decent stats. Has 7 free kick taking so maybe we'll have him try to bag some goals as a free kick taker. Hopefully he pulls of some "magical" saves in goal . The Elderly Brazilian Contingent: For some reason we have 3 elderly Brazilians old enough to collect pension checks in our squad. Let's do a quick run-through. Oseias A 45(!!!) year old target man. His technical stats are honestly really good for this level and his physical stats aren't as bad as I expected them to be. As of now he's Mukendi's backup because we'll be starting off with a 4-2-3-1. Rodrigo A 39 year old central defender who isn't even that good by the league's standards. Slow and not even that strong. Marcao Next we have his partner in crime Marcao who's even older at the ripe old age of 41! He's as slow as a barge as well with 3 pace. Him and Rodrigo are the only 2 senior centerbacks at the club so it looks like we might have to play a pretty deep line this season because if not we're gonna get beat by pace pretty easily. The Youth: Because there were barely enough real players to make a full starting XI I decided to have the game add user generated players to fill in the extra roster spots and the reserve teams. Marc Turpel 16 years old and has good pace and work rate, plus good teamwork and free kick taking as well. He's allergic to the weight room though with a solid 2 for strength. He'll probably have to start a few games for us this season so hopefully he can make the step up to the senior team. Davide Heinz Second best youth player and he's really nothing special at all. The next youth intake can't come soon enough. I believe that the Luxembourg youth intakes are in February so we have to make it through half the season at least with what we already have. Progress: So that's it for the introduction to my save. I'm almost done with the first half of the season so I'll try to give a midseason update either later tonight or tomorrow. I have a month's vacation coming up so hopefully I can try to make a few posts a week. This is my first ever career update so if you guys have any constructive criticism along the way feel free to let me know. I'll appreciate the advice Wish me luck!
  5. So my KFR save got deleted when my PC crashed, so it is Back to Malta! Last year I tried to take tiny Ta' Xbiex SC to european glory, and I actually managed to get in to the CL group stages, and then my game crashed. So I will be trying again! In FM17, Ta' Xbiex SC were predicted to come last in the Bank of Valletta Third Division, the fourth tier of Maltese football, this year they are predicted one place higher on the table! Basically, we have nothing at all, even the stadium is owned by another team. The Manager Same manager as in my KFR save, only from a different country. I forgot to take a picture of the squad, but here is the key players Good players for this level, and they will play a key role in the first years of his save! I guarantee we will do better than this! A good pre season, and we are off! And thanks to @Mons, for the DATABASE ! English is not my first language, so there will be grammatical errors.
  6. Following the inclusion of Kosovo into FIFA and UEFA, and the confirmation of their presence in European club competitions this year, it was only a matter of waiting for FM18 to come out so I could have a go at this unexplored territory. Well, thanks to @claassen and his amazing efforts activating unplayable leagues this is now possible. The usual youth challenge rules apply, no signing players, only players that come through the youth academy. The goal is to make Kosovo a major player in European club and international football. I'm not sure how difficult this will be compared to my previous youth saves in Andorra and other members saves in San Marino and other countries. But I think the football importance is in a better state in Kosovo than in those two and other smaller nations. That being said, it will still be a tough time! Club Name: KF KEK-u City: Obilic Founded: 1928 Status: Semi-Pro Training Facilities: Adequate Youth Facilities: Adequate Youth Recruitment: Fairly Basic Junior Coaching: Fairly Basic I have chosen a team in the Kosovan second division, to add a little bit extra to the challenge, however their facilities are a pretty decent starting point. We are predicted to finish 4th, so lets see how we go! I'll put up a squad analysis once I hire some staff.
  7. So, this madness is back again... No long introduction about why, because you've probably worked out why by now. I'm mental San Giovanni, youth only, let's drag San Marino to a respectable level in world football. Simple. This is the fifth one I've done, so if you want to see any of the prior ones you can check those out here, here, here or here. Has anything changed? Not massively. I believe the Youth Recruitment bug may have been fixed (and it might actually be too easy to upgrade this year), so I'm looking forward to that. If you're expecting us to get to a Champions League Final or win the World Cup, I'll direct you over to a @BoxToBox thread instead. If we can beat Dinamo Zagreb once, we've done what we needed to do You can expect lots of complaining, lots of bad management but maybe one or two decent results along the way. It's always exciting doing this on a new FM, because you don't know how managing at this level has changed until you get going. The game wasn't really designed to go 100 years into the future in San Marino Thanks to @Makoto Nakamura for the title suggestion, and let's get this started!
  8. Welcome to the third installment of Kafra - the create your own club, youth only save that is based in England! After the great success I had with Kafra in the first installment (FM 16) of this save, the second version (FM17) faltered as I was bogged down with real life. The hope here is that the third version will fall more in line with the original than the sequel - I am already a season in, and it has been a fantastic start. So again, welcome to the third installment of the Kafra franchise!
  9. Here we go again! Using @claassen's Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela databases, my slight edit of @Mrt90's Brazilian database and steam user Zato's Argentina database it's time to dig in to my long term save. Here's the setup: That's 4 tiers of Brazil, 5 of Argentina, 2 of Bolivia, 3 of Chile, 2 of Colombia, 2 of Ecuador, 2 of Paraguay, 2 of Peru, 3 of Uruguay and 2 of Venezuela. Every other nation is view-only since, as I noticed with my Shetland save it did still lead to some surprising teams down the line without damaging too much processing time. I've also loaded every player based in South America. Why am I managing in Brazil? Brazil historically have produced some of the best players in the world and it's about time I had a proper crack at this. Why Sousa? They're nicknamed the dinosaurs. Also because I want to have players partake in the Danny Roberts Challenge as well as the 1000 appearance challenge and with the edit I made to MRT's database I changed the Paraibano State Championship from 9 games which it's set to to play 18 games plus the playoffs. This was very difficult and I ended up spending a couple of hours in the advanced editor. That is not a fun place. Club history: (Translated from Portuguese) Not a lot of history and terrible facilities, not a great start. Squad: That is a hell of a lot of strikers... Reserves: The only players with potential are out on loan. Under 20's: Oh dear. Best Players: Best Reserves:
  10. Knattspyrnufélag Rangæinga We start our journey in the fifth tier of the icelandic league system, the 4. Deild Karla Group B. As an amateur club, and with no resources whatsoever I will never buy players, just use whatever the youth intakes give me. And we will see how far we will go! This is pretty good for a team in this league. The Manager Warg Wargolini is a total newbie in the football world, he has never watched a single game of football. What made him want to manage Knattspyrnufélag Rangæinga? We have no idea... The Squad This is our team for this season, and it's, okay, I guess. No depth whatsoever, but we have to live with that until we get our first youth players. This is also our best starting eleven in my opinion. "Star" players And for some reason, the earliest possible starting date in the game was 13th March, and the League Cup had already started, so these four games was already played. I will be doing three to four updates per season, and if something special happens. EDIT This is the file I used for this save. https://community.sigames.com/topic/415725-fm18-released-full-icelandic-pyramid-5-tiers/
  11. For my main FM save this season i have decided to go with a combination save of Dafuge's challenge and a youth only save. After holidaying for 1 season, i have decided to start this journey with Hereford FC. ''Our greatest lies not in never having fallen, but in rising when we fall'' Profile | Facilities | History Hereford FC were founded in 2014 as a phoenix club of Hereford United and inherited their Edgar Street Stadium. They are nicknamed 'The Bulls' after the Hereford cattle breed. Main Squad Under 18s This is EXACTLY what awaited me in the U18s - 2x 27 y/o's and a 37 y/o Potential Tactic/Line Up So, we have a severe lack of a ML. I wondered about going 4-2-3-1 but dont really have a AMC/SS so not really an option. Im very raw tactically, ive always been one to download tactics but thats not something i want to do this year so if anyone has any advice or pointers for me then please, please post away. Im ready and wanting to learn. Next job on the agenda is to organise training hire some staff, i haven't got any! Thanks for reading so far, its much appreciated. I welcome any feedback.
  12. He's the most famous football fan in the world, he became an internet sensation after his outburst versus rival fans during an away match between his beloved Wealdstone and Whitehawk. Now the Wealdstone Raider has taken over the reigns, much to the delight of the fans and will do it his way in order to get the mighty Wealdstone who play in the Vanorama South in to the football league! Do ya want some? I'll give it ya! You got no ground, you've got no fans.... Rules: Youth players and free transfers aged 15-18 only (2 per season) Medium Database, English league only Sunday League Footballer (National B Licence) Famous ex Wealdstone players: Vinnie Jones & Stuart Pearce
  13. Amsterdamsche Football Club "Those so-called AFC icons, they say they want the best for the club. They don't have one chainsaw in the back of their cars, but three. [...] It's fine to have criticism, but say it directly to my face. [...] I'm getting sick of this hypocritical behaviour. Next game I won't be the manager anymore." That is what the former AFC manager, Ton Du Chatinier, said in real life after their last league game in the third tier of Dutch football. They are currently near the bottom of that league, while they performed really well last year. Time for me to change things up. AFC is an amateur club that plays in the third tier of Dutch football, called the "Tweede Divisie". They are my most local club, and after having success with them last year I want to try that again this year as my first save for FM18. To get them playable I had to holiday two seasons, since the 2017-2018 season of the Jupiler League, the Dutch 2nd tier, does not have relegation. (Don't ask me why, the Dutch FA is run by idiots... the one good thing about this is that SI actually does follow all these stupid things and implements them in the game). The 2018-2019 season in-game does though, and after about 15 times of reloading I got AFC to be promoted again. Oh, and one more thing. I've been successful in my FM17 careers with my scouting and transfers, so for this save I won't be doing any of that. I won't be signing anyone. Youth Only, baby. [Edit: After the first season I've decided to allow myself to sign players that are born in Amsterdam] [Edit 2: After a while I stopped signing any players and went full youth only again.] Have made myself an Andorran manager as a bit of a call-back to the F.C. Andorra save. Almost all players are on amateur deals, and AFC has become a professional club after getting promoted, so at least there's that. Well, this might be an adventure. New features like dynamics should be easier with all the players being Dutch and all... Just a shame that they are so bad.
  14. Introduction I got FM17 at Christmas, having spent the past few years messing around on 14. It's a big jump, and I've struggled to get into a save. I've got a Werder Bremen save on the go, trying to topple Bayern, but that takes time and I'm trying to learn the tactical side of things in a little more detail. I read this forum regularly, and the idea of a youth challenge got me thinking. Then, with the instant result button becoming a thing, it made it realistic. Armenia. Why? Good question. There are many answers . Firstly, I'm fascinated by the former Soviet Union, and it's a country I'd love to visit. Secondly, football there is in a curious mess. On the one hand they produce players like Mkhitaryan, on the other their domestic league has been shrunk to six teams and is on the brink of becoming amateur, the head of the FA is determined to scupper the national team by banning star players (despite being just a dodgy decision away from Euro 2012), and their club sides have failed spectacularly in Europe, with one ever losing to a side from Gibraltar. No Armenian club has reached a group stage since independence, and it seems feasible to want to change that. What makes this a little more puzzling is that, in FM terms at least, the clubs are reasonably well set-up - they all have far better facilities and reach than say, teams from San Marino or Gibraltar, or even Wales. Because I wouldn't class myself as particularly good at the game (hence a save trying tactical stuff) this will hopefully give me half a chance of making something like progress. Who's the lucky club then? You mean my awful title didn't give it away? I'm offended. I loaded up claassen's Armenian league and resolved to pick the team predicted to finish dead last (there are only six sides, remember). Imagine my surprise, and indeed delight, when the media picked Pyunik Yerevan as the team to prop the others up. Pyunik are actually the most successful team in the country (at least since independence), with no fewer than 14 domestic titles - including a decade of utter domination from 2001-10 - and eight cups. They actually won the league in 2014/15, but must have taken a bit of a nosedive since then, as the media have us a massive 1000-1 to lift the crown this season. Those odds seem a little bit ridiculous given there are only six clubs in the league, but there you go. In Europe however, Pyunik have struggled. In their history they've played 21 two-legged ties in the Champions and Europa Leagues, and have won just six of them, never progressing past the second qualifying round. On their hitlist thus far are the titans of Tampere United, KR Reykjavik, Pobeda Prilip, Derry City, Teteks Tetovo and Folgore Falciano. In the 2016/17 Europa qualifiers, they made history by being the first side to be knocked out of European competition by a Gibraltarian club. Not their finest hour. However, there is hope. Pyunik were Mkhitaryan's first club, and indeed the first club of many an Armenian international. They have the best facilities in the country, with extensive youth recruitment, excellent junior coaching, and training and youth facilities ranked as impressive and excellent respectively. There's room to grow, but not much - a very firm foundation. How is this going to work? With the instant result button, I'll probably get through seasons reasonably quickly. Expect screenshots of any European adventures (we begin in the Europa League), final league tables, cup runs, youth intakes and star players. I'm only running the Armenian league, so things should move along at a decent pace (at least to begin with), and hopefully as we go we'll see something like progress.
  15. SLIEMA WANDERERS A TACTICAL IDENTITY, YOUTH ONLY JOURNEY IN MALTA INTRODUCTION This thread will tell the story of ex-Sevilla FC U19 manager, Ricardo Van Alphen, in his journey to make Sliema Wanderers' youth academy into the Maltese version of La Masia. There is no specific goal to this save - Just to try and enjoy my second ever try in youth only challenges. I also want to give a shout-out to @LPQR - His tactic threads and analysis brought me into this save. I originally started a test save with Sevilla, got quite the results over there. This is the first actual test I'm doing with this tactic. Enjoy the thread, everyone! EX SEVILLA U19 MAN APPOINTED AS SLIEMA WANDERERS' HEAD COACH Sliema Wanderers have confirmed appointing 20 years old Ricardo Van Alphen as the club's new head coach. Van Alphen, who turns 21 in September, has expressed his joy to join his favorite club. He is holding Maltese citizenship, after living in Malta with his family during his childhood. The Sliema Wanderers spokeperson announced the Dutchman arrival and sparked mayhem in social networks. Van Alphen is known mainly for his work as Sevilla under 19's manager, and as an assistant to head coach Unai Emery, who left for PSG at the end of the season. Sliema Wanderers' supporters can't wait to see Van Alphen's tactical apprach, said to be 'fresh and innovative' by former associates at Sevilla. During his time in Andalusia, Van Alphen favored his own version of the famous 'Christmas Tree' tactic, the 4-3-2-1. The dutchman also seems to take a liking towards the 4-2-3-1, using it as an attacking option against weaker opponents. Van Alphen's tactical method recieved praise from other managers in Spain, such as Zinedine Zidane during his time in Real Madrid Castilla. Van Alphen once said he considers his tactical mentors to be Marcelo Bielsa and Jorge Sampaoli. Similar to the latter, Van Alphen's football career came into a painful halt when he was 17, playing for Ajax Amsterdam U18s. Since then, the Amsterdam born head coach took the reins at Sevilla's Juvenil C team before getting promoted to Juvenil A following his success. He now starts his first ever senior club job, and we'll definitely follow. MANAGER PROFILE: Good luck, I suppose!
  16. We're back. After trying this save twice on FM 16 here and here, we're back to give it a shot for FM17. The premise is simple. We're going to take the worst team in San Marino, San Giovanni, and attempt to take them - and, just as importantly, the national side - as high up in the world as we can. One catch - we're not going to be buying any players. We're doing this purely with the talent that we can find and nurture in San Marino. My love affair with San Marino started when I saw how the English media reacted to any qualifier against the minnows. It's a guarantee that before every game, one or two 'journalists' would complain about England having to even waste their time against San Marino, who didn't deserve to be gracing the same pitch as England. Well, excuse my French, but that's bulls***. They're a country. They deserve respect. They're going to get it. It's time to tear down the establishment.
  17. So, after my last save with Ta´Xbiex disappeared when my computer crashed, I had to start a new long term save. This time I'll try to take Kautokeino IL to the top of the norwegian league (and the world?), only using youth products. I will try to do four to five updates each season. Kautokeino IL play in the 5th tier of Norwegian football, in the 4. Divisjon avd 24 (4. Division, group 24). I chose Kautokeino as they are the one of the most northern clubs in Norway, and one of the worst in this group. I actually used to play at this level myself when I played football. Anyway, here is the club and the manager. Say hello to Warg Zala. Some random dude that showed up one day and wanted to be the new manager of Kautokeino. And to everyones surprise that's what he became. (As always my manager is from two "weird" nations) I felt kinda sad when I saw how long the manager before me had been in charge. Oh well, times change I guess!
  18. What's going on guys, As most of you know, the Irish leagues are playable, but as there are only two divisions with no relegation from the second tier, it can get boring quite quickly. I first discovered a fan made database for use in FM16, and luckily it works for 17 as well. It goes down to about the 6th tier with all the regional levels, while still maintaining the structure of the top tiers. Promotion into the second tier occurs through a playoff including the winners of the provincial divisions. The one out of the four who triumphs replaces the one who finishes bottom of the First Division. I think Ireland is a really interesting place to choose because while the nation is fairly strong internationally, the domestic side of things is not as much. This is due to most of the decent players jumping ship to the higher quality leagues in England and Scotland, among others. The aim here is to develop from within, and holding on to those players for as long as possible. Of course that is harder than it sounds, with the tendency to run out of money really quickly in Ireland, but I will try my best. Onto the team I have chosen: I have chosen them as they were relegated from the Premier League last season, are favourites to go straight back up and have decent facilities on top of that. My manager has the lowest possible qualifications and is from Uganda, so hopefully we get some regens through the system from there. I have loaded an add-on league in Uganda as a playable league too, as well as England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Non-playable leagues added for some realism/interest include Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Portugal, and Brazil. A quick picture of the manager: Next up we will take a look at the squad, and the tactics I will be using.
  19. FK Lokomotyvas Radviliškis Why Lithuania? Another day, another youth only challenge. Always wanted to start my own, so I decided that the Faroe Islands would be a good choice. Decided on a team when I realized someone was doing a youth challenge with the exact same team. So I dthought Malta might be a good country when I saw someone was doing one there too. So I ended up going with Lithuania seemed like a very interesting country and would suit one of these challenges well. Goal Win the Champions League with a squad of academy graduates. No transfers are allowed in to the club in terms of players, only backroom staff. Potentially lead the country to success too if possible. Process I simulated a year and chose the team predicted by the media to finish bottom of the 1 League (Second Division), FK Lokomotyvas Radviliškis. They play at the Radviliškio miesto centrinis stadionas, or Radviliškis Central Stadium, which is an all-seater stadium with a grand capacity of precisely 482. Here it is in all it's glory. . Looks like a really nice place, just might need a few more seats once we start tasting success. Manager Meet Antso Rakotondrandria, the new manager of FK Lokomotyvas Radviliškis (My copy and paste buttons are being abused). The 29-year old Malagasy manager played soccer some in his youth for fun, but has no coaching badges. Chose to make the manager from Madagascar to see if we can get any regens from there. The team already has some regens from the first season, but barely any real players, so the first season will be very hard. Anyway, it should be an interesting challenge. P.S.: Never done a thread like this before, so I may change up the way I portray information from time to time. Also I have no idea how often I'll be able to update this, but hopefully pretty often from now to the new year, and then from time to time after that.
  20. So, here we are with a new challenge, a classic youth intakes only deal, at the suggestion of @Jupjamie we're in the Faroe Islands..... Why Giza/Hoyvík, no like, I just liked the purple crest the best, though 07' Vestur's Star Trek knockoff put up some stiff competition. So, I don't know anything at all about the Faroe Islands, especially not the football there, so googling has happened. The club was founded in 2012, a merger of FF Giza and FC Hoyvík, which explains the name nicely. They're a semi-professional side recently promoted to the 2nd level called 1. delid by finishing 2nd in the 3rd level, 2. delid. Effodeildin is the top division. They are based in the capital(and largest city of the Faroe Islands, Tórshavn, which translates to "Thor's Harbour" how badass is that? It's in the south of the largest island of the Faroe Islands, Streymor, on the east coast. It's quite the lovely looking town, too! They play in Gundalaur Stadium, well, kind of, there are three football pitches there... Tórsvøllur is the largest, and one of two used by the national team a 6000 all seater stadium, we won't have to worry about this location for many years. Next is the Guldalaur Stadium itself, which contains two pitches, one... Is called the Upper Field, and is used by top sides HB and reigning Effodeildin champions B36. It holds 5000, again all seater. Then there is the Lower Field. In other words, the training ground, and it is where we will ply our trade, as do 3rd level side Undrid FF, who I'm sure everyone remembers from RBKalle's intense FMCU thread a while back. Or we should..... FM lists us, and B36 as playing in a 5000 capacity stadium, with 3000 seats, so maybe we've lucked out in game, here....... We're predicted to finish 8th out of 10, and thus just avoid relegation(which is the boards aim), and have exactly £108 in the bank, with predictions of massive debt in the coming seasons. It's 3440 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark... and we're wearing sunglasses. Hit it!
  21. Hello and welcome to my latest venture (one im well into now). This save is based on the concept of Youth Only. Its based in Northern Ireland and sees me managing a team called Tobermore United. Id like to thank @Raware for the recent advice etc. Let me introduce the save... Game: Football Manger 2017 (17.1.2) Database Size: Large League Loaded: Northern Ireland England (Vanarama North/South and above) France (View Only) Spain (View Only) Scotland (View Only) Italy (View Only) Germany (View Only) Previous Experience: Sunday morning football (literally) with NO licenses At the start of the save, Cliftonville are the highest rated team in N.Ireland. It will be one of the save ambitions to one day surpass them.
  22. The Pride of the Pyrenees

    Hello again, As many of you know, I started a save in Gibraltar. However, upon hearing that it is impossible to increase the European places no matter how high the coefficient rose, I decided to pull the plug on it and head elsewhere. I remember my time in Andorra in previous versions and how much I enjoyed it there, so I have returned there to finish what I started. I have decided to go with FC Santa Coloma again, as a 31 year old Catalonian former Sunday League player with a National A license. The goals here are fairly simple. Aim to make Andorra the best country in Europe on both a domestic and international front. I will only use academy players from my intake. I might leave the option to resign any former academy players, as technically they were a product of the club. Hopefully it all goes well this time around! Nation: Andorra Founded: 1986 Status: Semi-Pro Estimated Value: 220K Training Facilities: Poor Youth Facilities: Basic Youth Recruitment: Limited Junior Coaching: Minimal I arrive with huge expectations, and I definitely aim to achieve that and more!
  23. Hello, and welcome to my save with Ta´ Xbiex SC! In this save I will try to make Ta´ Xbiex SC european giants with only youth players! It will be a long lasting save, and very hard, I guarantee that. I'm planning on doing three to four updates each season. Pre, middle, and end. "Why Malta?" you might ask yourself. Well, I've always been a fan of youth only saves, and I have been following the people that (In my opinion) do the best ones. And one thing that I have never seen is a Maltese youth only. I know malta isnt as "bad" as San Marino, Andorra, Faroese Islands, and so on, but they are not really great, are they? I chose Ta´ Xbiex SC, as they are in the fourth tier of Maltese football, and predicted to be second to last. I meant to use Zebbug Rovers, but I realized that they play in a separate league that do not promote in to the top four leagues. After my previous two saves crashed this year (with other databases), I've simulated 30 years into this database, and everything seems okay. So, on with it! The Club Nothing to brag about here. The Manager As a total amateur in everything, it really can only go one way. I hope.