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  1. @Jambo98 I would like to join in if there is still room.
  2. I decided to try a Youth Academy Challenge. I picked Chesham United in the 7th tier and set my facilities, Junior Coaching, Recruitment to 20 in the editor. https://imgur.com/a/vPdDbIk I'm 6-7 months in and my Junior Coaching has dropped to "Fairly Basic". Now I figured the four ratings would drop over time but I didn't expect it to drop so quickly. The other 3 ratings have stayed high. I'm assuming tere is a good reason, but i was just wondering what that reason is. Is it the Youth Level? Is it because of the size of the club? The coaches I have?
  3. I have edited 4 players in the '2018 Editor' to declare for the USA but they will not accept a call when I ask them. So, I have a few dual nationals (Antonee Robinson is one). I changed their 'Nation' to USA in the Editor and clicked 'Declared for Nation' and it changes the 'Nation Declared For' to USA. But when I start up a game it does not give me an option to Call them up to the team. It says "Ask to Represent Nation" only. And when I click that, nothing happens. I don't know if I have found a bug. Or if I don't need to click the 'Declared For' button if I'm changing their nation anyways.
  4. Does a player gain any value, experience, exposure, anything by playing in international matches or does it matter? I am currently managing an international team with some promising youngsters. If I play them, does that make people take notice? Will their value increase? Does the experience add any value? Does it make it more likely coaches will try to sign the young players?
  5. 2017: FC Mtsapere: Mayotte: Won Premier League, Won Mayotte French Cup 2018: Sun Palace: Northern Marianas: Won Second Division (both Spring and Autumn), Won League Cup 2019: Sun Palace: Northern Marianas: Won First Division (Spring & Autumn) 2020: Mighty Barolle: Liberia: 2nd in League, Runner Up in Cup. I have semi-started this challenge though I'm not 100% sure I have followed the rules (thus I don't know if I will post much). So, I probably won't count up points too. 2017: Won the one Cup that the Board didn't care about 2018: Didn't realize when I took the job that Sun Palace had been relegated. In 2019 I wasn't in the Cup for some reason. 2020: Didn't really enjoy Liberia all that much so I resigned after the Cup Final loss. Currently in the process of looking for a new job. (Though I probably should have stayed until I won something) What I have been doing is adding the next 5 lowest leagues in each year and removing a few I figure i won't manage in. But what I have found is there are a bunch of teams/countries that I can apply for and never get an interview for.
  6. My young star central defender is gone. What I want to know is there there an option where I can talk to the board about this decision? I don't see anything. I want to yell and scream and threaten to resign over this. Second, is there a way I can avoid this situation in the future by any method? Either by philosophies or some contract negotiations. Or whatever. I don't want the President to have any say on transfers. Or is this just something I will have to live with?
  7. Ok, before I can read this, I need to understand the Michigan-Carolina part of this. And it sounds like you're a Packers fan. I assume you live in Michigan or one of the Carolinas? It's just freaking me out since they are not exactly close to each other.
  8. Yeah, that pretty much sums up why I only managed in Brasil for one season. (Won Copa Libertadores with Sao Paulo) It was fun but the season seemed to last forever.
  9. I'm trying to understand attributes better. How to use them more effectively, what weight I should put on which ones, figure out what the key ones are etc. In the past, I would use stars, natural positions and the green wheel (and genie scout) to figure who plays where and what role/duty to play. I think I am getting better with roles/duties and TI's and PI's. But what I read over and over about are attributes. So, this is me asking for help on this. I started a new save with Bradford PA in the Vanarama North. I brought in a bunch of players on non-contracts. And I did something I hadn't done in years. I created an excel spreadsheet to calculate their best role/duty. What I found interesting was my best players were my best players at every position pretty much. CRA is bravery, composure, determination, work rate and teamwork averaged. De, Su, Cr is @Rashidi's destroyer, support, creative which he posted a few days ago. Strk is composure and finishing. Spd is acceleration and pace averaged. Tec is dribbling, first touch, passing and technique. Int is anticipation, concentration, decisions, and vision. Prs is work rate and stamina. Pas is passing, vision, decisions and flair. Then all the roles/duties weight the primary attributes (the ones highlighted in blue) with 1 and the secondary (white) with 0.5. What my intent here is get a sense of what a player can do, figure what attributes are really the most important, put the players in the best role/duty and hopefully learn enough from this so i don't actually have to make a spreadsheet all the time. So, does any of this make sense? Am I weighting things correctly? Should their more important attributes considered? So, the first player I found interesting was this guy, Carl Palmer, 37 yo midfielder. His technical skills are pretty bad, his physicals are declining. But look at that Bravery, Det, WR and Tea. That's why i brought him in. Is this guy the best player on my team? Or is he completely useless? I'm not sure. If you look at the spreadsheet he actually has the highest score in my entire team as a Defensive Forward. So, does this guy have any use? How could I use him effectively? But this brings me to my main question. How should one weight work rate, teamwork, determination and bravery (the core attributes)? And how should i weight the primary attributes for each role/duty? So, looking at Carl Palmer above. If I was comparing Palmer to a player with weak core attributes but very good primary attributes, which guy should i select? I've just started the season. This is the current formation. I expect that I will experiment this season. I actually played with a 5122 DM WB in the preseason and first game or two. I have Linley at DR even though he is a MC simply because I had him rated pretty highly there (according the spreadsheet). Same thing with Downes at DL even though he is a MC. I think this should be ok, right? I think Nicky Wroe is my best player and I have experimented with him in the MC and now at DM. So, what I am trying to do is 1) pick guys who have the primary/secondary attributes for that role/duty while still trying to create a logical/solid formation. 2) Pick guys who have good core attributes. 3) And now I'm at the point where I need to figure out what the balance between those two things and also what other things I should consider. For example, Lacey is in the defense because he has decent speed. Shaw is there because he is decently tall. Rashidi just mentioned having good tacklers in the midfield. I just looked and the 3 I have there now are all at 11 in tackling. So, what are those key attributes that I should ensure are there at each position? Have I hit on them already or are there more? How do I want to play? I just pasted this in from @Ö-zil to the Arsenal!'s excellent post from a few days ago. I think this sums up exactly how I want to play. Though this post is more about attributes, how to use them effectively, and how to select the best players to help me win games.
  10. An example would be best to explain B teams. I was playing as the USA. I had them qualified for the Confederations Cup. So my main squad played in that. But we were also playing at around the same time in the Gold Cup. So the USA B Team played in the Gold Cup. I guess you can't play your main guys in both so I had my top guys play in the Confed Cup and my 3rd/4th guys at each position play in the Gold Cup. And i don't think they get 'caps' with the B team.
  11. I am managing in Papua New Guinea. I have an option of preseason lasting anywhere from 3 weeks to 13 weeks. I typically select the time based on how quickly I can get my players into match shape, tactical familiarity etc. But it got me to thinking about training. Would those extra weeks help with getting my youngsters trained up faster? Or do players gain more from games? In PNG my players aren't very good so I figure even a slight improvement might be a factor.
  12. 4-5-1 The last I posted I had played 19 games. 8W, 5D, 6L, 0GD, 29 Pts, 8th place. I had a 8 game winless streak going. Jan 15 - Feb 4: I had been playing Counter/Structured so the first thing I tried was to go Control. Had a great result against Genoa. Then I lost 3 of my next 4. I don't think it's working. Feb 12 - Feb 26th: Hey, I remember @thels did this formation, let's copy him. So i did. First game we look the absolute best I have ever seen them play. Win 6-0. Played 4 more games with it, going 2-1-1 including a great win against Inter. But I felt like it wasn't my tactic so I stopped using it. So I went back to my original tactic. Looked at my players, made some adjustments, tried to figure out how I wanted my team to play. My first game with the adjustments was the 3-0 win against Udinese on March 5th. And I had only 2 losses the rest of the way. I moved LB Peluso back to Fullback Support. I put Acuna who I had mainly as Winger or Wide Playmaker on Support before as Winger on Attack. I move the most central midfielder from CM(a) to AP(a). And put the MR as a WM(s). Simplified the TI's to just Play out of Defense and Work Ball into Box. LB - Cross More Often. Acerbi on Close Down Much Less. Antei on Pass it Shorter. The ML, AP and F9 on Tackle harder and Close Down Much More. Then the MR on Sit Narrower and Run Inside With Ball. So, where did I finish? 5th. Not bad. There was a 4-way tie between 3rd and 6th place at 68 points. So, I clinched a Euro Spot! I was named the Head Coach of the Year! Magnanelli had the Serie A Goal of the Year. Berardi was named on the Serie A Team of the Year. Acuna finished 2nd in the Italian Media Foreign Player of the Year (Damn you Carlos Bacca!) though he did win the Midfielder of the Year. We made it to the 2nd knockout Round of the Euro Cup which isn't too bad. The less said about the Cup the better. I used a rotated, low match shape squad in that game and got thumped by Pontedera. But they went on and beat Juventus in the next round and had a draw against Lazio in the first leg in the Semis before losing the second leg. So, they played really well. One thing I did not notice during the season was how many of my opponents assists came from their left flank. My RB was Gazzola most of the year. In retrospect I probably should have played Mattiello who I got on loan from Juventus more. Or adjusted defensively. Crazy season. I had some real highs. I started off strong and finished strong. In the middle it was a struggle. It was an interesting experiment to be forced to play a particular formation. Especially one that did not have any DM's or AM's which I almost always use. [this is a phantom image I can't remove so I made it smaller]
  13. Would playing Counter but with higher tempo, higher defensive line, more closing down and a bit wider basically be the same as playing Standard?
  14. 4-5-1 First the good news. I had an ok start of the season and then I had this. I climbed to 2nd place. Everything was going pretty smoothly. There were a few games here and there where our defense seemed a bit suspect but what can I really complain about with 6 clean sheets. We created chances, played well....... Then.... My defense has just collapsed. My attack which sometimes creates chances just can't finish. The most demoralizing loss is the Cagliari match where I had a 3-1 lead. And the goals aren't coming from the same place, they come corners, long shots, crosses, passes through the middle and just dumb mistakes by my players. I think I am going to have a long think on this. My tactic is pretty much the same with.... This is probably the most common lineup recently. And this is how they are playing. During the win streak, i was mainly playing a possession tactic. TI's of Shorter Passing, Play Out of Defense and i usually left Pass Into Space on. Whipped Crosses typically. Counter/Structured. As I have started to lose I have gone back to a direct approach as well. TI's of Pass Into Space, More Direct Passing. Then Prevent GK Distribution for both. I have experimented with other shouts. GK has Roll it out. RB has Cross More Often. ML has nothing now but I had More Risky Passes on Acuna for awhile. The CM(s) and DLP(d) have More Risky passes and More Direct Passes. The CM(a), MR and F9 have Tackle Harder and Close Down Much More. Right now I also have the CM(a) on Move Into Channels and Roam From Position. Now to try and figure out what I'm doing wrong here...
  15. 4-5-1 Since I came late in the selection process, I knew this formation had already been doled out to someone before me. So, the first thing I did was check to see who had it already. @thels had it. And 1) I recalled reading their posts and 2) I had just seen @Rashidi do a video on his formation. So, at first thought I decided to try and forget everything I had seen so I didn't just copy what he did. Then I had the brilliant idea to read his posts and do the exact opposite to what he did. Then I realized the only thing I want out of this is to learn something and have fun with it. So, I re-read the posts and re-watched rashidi's video. Then I did what I was probably going to do anyways. i.e Try something, suck at it, try something else, suck at it. Rage quit. etc. Picked up Acuna for ML. Looking at the roster, ML seemed to be the weakest position. I scouted a bunch of players and he seemed the best that I could afford. And in 7 competitive matches so far he has 2 goals, 6 assists.Gobbi was meant for depth and I think he has played once or twice. Mattiello got hurt in a friendly and has been out so far. This is where I am now, just entering October. My defense has played well at times and has been terrible at times. My attack has been great at times and has been terrible at times. So, in other words, my typical teams. That Juventus pasting, I had a 1-0 lead, tried to go defensive, gave up 2 goals, tried to go control, gave up 2 more goals, then gave up and gave up 2 more goals. The two losses coming from Juventus and AC Milan don't bother me too much. We actually played well against AC Milan, they just scored. Tactic - Counter/Structured I have experimented with Structured, Flexible and Fluid but Structured seems to make us play better. I will likely continue to experiment with it. I started out with a direct/counterattacking approcah so i would go with TI's of Prevnt Short GK Distribution, Pass Into Space, More Direct Passing. I tend to exploit one or both flanks based on what is happening in the game. Then I have PI's of get forward to the WP(a) and CM(a). The last few games I have tried a more possession oriented system with Play Out of Defense, Shorter Passing, Work Ball Into Box. What I plan on doing is play the more direct/counter game against better opponents and the possession game against weaker opponents. I've had the F9, CM(a) and WP(a) on close down much more and tackle harder to try to disrupt the opponent.
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