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  1. Koninklijke Voetbal Klub Tienen-Hageland - 2037/38 Season - Belgian Pro League A After finally reaching the top tier of Belgian football, I of course was concerned about getting relegated immediately. But we reached mid-table early on and stayed there, bouncing between about 7th to 10th. We finally ended up 10th after a weak final few games. We actually came close to advancing in the European Places Playoff. If we had won our final game we would have advanced to the semi-finals. (The EPP is where the bottom 10 teams of League A and top 6 teams of League B battle for the right to compete for a spot in Euro Cup II). The youth pulls have not been as strong the past couple of years but I think most (or at least some of that) is just due to having better players. I'm pretty sure my players now are much better than the guys I was producing when I started this save. I sold off Christian Fox to Dortmund mainly for the money. Of course I am still basically broke, we must lose millions of dollars every year. I think the only way I will be able to improve my facilities anymore is when (or if) I get into Europe consistently. And I guess 425k is the amount of money a team must pay to just sign one of my youth players, that's how I lost Leo Hermans.
  2. Koninklijke Voetbal Klub Tienen-Hageland - 2036/37 Season - Belgian Pro League B PROMOTED!! The season started off against Virton with goals from Raf Sterckx 30c and Alieu Sanneh 32b. Unfortunately, those guys play for Virton and we got crushed 3-0. I tried out a new tactic in that match using a Balanced Mentality and fewer TI's. After that drubbing, I decided to try it again and then proceeded to go on a 17 match unbeaten streak in the League. I won the first phase going 8-5-1. The 2nd phase wasn't too bad finishing 8-3-3 and 3rd place, 2nd place overall but I had clinched a spot in the Promotion Playoffs. We played Cercle Brugge, a team trying to get back to Pro League as they had been relegated two seasons ago after spending most of their time in the top tier. The first match was on the road and we managed a dull 0-0 draw. In the 2nd match, at home, Gunther Van De Velde our right wing scored in the 8th minute and a further strike by Gert De Bondt at 23' gave us a 2 goal cushion which we were able to hold onto the rest of the way. Promotion! The youth pull was much stronger this season with some really nice potential, especially at positions that we are kinda thin on, such as DC and DM. Over the past few seasons I have been sending out a handful of players out on loan every year. I'm not 100% it is working but some of the players have been developing as they all pretty much play every game. What I generally do is send out the good prospects but keep the great ones with me and play them. Many seasons ago, I posted my starters and as I am going up to the Top Tier (and hopefully to stay there), I figured this would be a good time to do it again... GK: Gustaaf Dumont 29f: This past season was his first full season as starter as Aron Goossens (27b) has been the starter for many seasons. But Dumont was younger and had some potential to improve. I have a few guys who have some potential to take this job in the future (Younes Robert 36a the most likely) but I think he is the guy for the next few seasons. DL/DR: Tim Simons 34h / Gunter De Smedt 33b: As will be true with many of these players, both of these guys have only taken the jobs away recently from long standing players. Simons took the job from Timmy De Vos (30i) and De Smedt got it from current club captain Dirk Nicolas (25a). At right back Francis Deprez (34f) has a shot to take the job but I don't see anyone pusing Simons at DL. Fullback has always been a position where I don't get alot of players. DC: Luigi Dumont 33c / Wouter Poels 34c: These two actually only solidified their starting spots over the past couple of months of the season as I had Dries Van Campenhout (27c) and Aron Muelemans (30l) as primary starters early on. But these two should be the starters going forward. Well, until some of the younger guys kick them out, I have 3-4 guys who I think might have the potential to become starters. DM: Glenn Andries 32e / Raf Hendrickx 31g: Cesar Andre (29c) had been the prime playmaker here for years but Andries as quickly surpassed him and looks to be my best player at the moment. Hendrickx is not as safe but not that club legend Thomas De Schrijver (21d) has lost this job, there is not alot behind him. I don't get alot of DM's (or even CM's) in the youth pulls. Though I did get an unambitious one this past year (Boris Owona) so I will keep an eye on him. AML / AMR: Ivan Saula 31d / Gunther Van De Velde 30b: I think Saula is the guy here, I have Dean Borremans (33h) getting playing time here and I get Mitchell van der Velden (33a) back from loan. On the right wing, Van De Velde has taken the job from club legend Kim Paquet (24i) but not so strongly that I benched him for Paquet the year before (and Paquet led the team in assists). Paquet is not good enough anymore but German Christian Fox (35b) looks like he might be the future at right wing. AMC / ST: Timothy De Backer 30a / Gert De Bondt 30d: By stars these two, who I have mixed around AMC, AMR and ST, should be my 2 best players. But they have never really produced as much as I think they should. De Bondt did lead the team in goals this past season so hopefully that is a sign. I have a number of talented players at the AMC/ST positions such as Mark Moens (32g) who I suspect will grab one of these spots soon. And that's it. As happens every year I'm sure some of these guys will become backups in a year or so, but that's where I am now. Every now and then I check out Timmy De Backer (27a), my superstar who I sold off to AA Gent as a youth. When AA Gent sold him to Atletico Madrid I got alot of money which allowed me to upgrade my facilities and produce most of the players above. He was sold off to Man City last season and has 72 caps for Belgium. But here he is (I don't know why I can see his attributes as in the past I couldn't).
  3. Anyone know what I need to do to hit the goals for "Develop players using the club's youth system"? Clearly, ALL of my players are from my club's youth system. I have 3 starters who are U21. Actually almost all of my key players are U24. So, it can't be players who came from my youth system and I don't think it can be due to age (though maybe if they want 17-18 yo's to get playing time). Or is it about players on a youth contract? Or maybe their role on the team (ie Breakthrough Prospect, Regular Starter)?
  4. Koninklijke Voetbal Klub Tienen-Hageland - 2035/36 Season - Belgian Pro League B My game crashed two matches into the 2nd phase. We had finished in 4th in the first phase but 5 matches were gone forever (I had went 2-2-1). So replaying the first 3 games, I went 0-3 (when I had been 1-1-1), thought that a bit unfair, so I restarted. This time I went 3-0 and won the phase. Again, I thought that was pretty unfair so I restarted. This time I just holidayed the first 3 matches, went 1-2 and just accepted it. Finished 4th again in the phase so that was fair. The 2nd phase was a struggle, just could not get going at all, was in 7th place for awhile. But I managed to win my last 3 matches and finish 11-6-11 and 5th place. Another treading water season though each season the board seems to keep asking for just a bit more. Instead of fighting against relegation, now they want Top Half finish. The '36 youth pull was probably my weakest pull in this save. But I like to see our best prospect is a GK, hopefully he can develop into the starter in a few seasons. I'm not that I have ever shown my finances, but here you go. I think my peak Balance was around $15M.
  5. I took Ebbsfleet a couple of FM's ago when they were in the National League South up to the Premier League. Trial everyone. I'm sure there were seasons where I trialed several hundred players. When the youth players were released (it was around June 1 on that save), trial anyone that the EPL teams released. Get a Senior Affiliate. iirc, I had Man Utd and that helped to get loan players in. Use loans like crazy, get as many quality players into your team as possible. Play youth, the youngsters will improve over the course of the season and improve as you move up the levels. Know that your star player in non-league is garbage and you'll have to release them soon as you move up.
  6. Koninklijke Voetbal Klub Tienen-Hageland - 2034/35 Season - Belgian Pro League B I talked about the tale of two halves last season where we played well the first half and then collapsed in the 2nd half. This season was the complete opposite. finishing 6th in the first phase. Only 4 points from 7th and a possible relegation battle. But the 2nd phase rolls around and we start on a 6-1-0 roll, first place in the phase and we stayed there. Finished 9-2-3 and finished 1st, clear by 6 points. Combined with the 1st phase we ended up going 14-5-9 and 3rd place overall. But the promotion playoffs are the champs of the two phases face off...... and yes we lost to OHL, our fierce local rivals, failing limply 1-0 and 1-0. But I'm pretty happy to get to that point. Maybe next year we can take that next step and reach the Top Tier of Belgian football. Another strong youth pull. The main reason I took over Tienen was due to the facilities and I have been able to improve them over the years. The only issue I have is I seem to have alot of Balanced personalities. I haven't quite got the mentoring thing down. The legend that was Gert Verbeeck is now gone. He wouldn't re-sign so he is now a free agent likely to stay a free agent and retire shortly. I'll keep an eye on him to see if he might become a coach or something and maybe sign him. But a couple of seasons ago legendary Jean Pierre Schmitz wouldn't re-sign and he's retired now. I am getting to that point now where some of my original youth are getting up in age and retiring. I still have 2 guys from my first youth pull, Thomas De Schrijver and Willem De Wit. De Wit is now about the 5th or 6th choice at central defense though he is still team captain. De Schrijver is still excelling, was the 3rd choice as Player of the League last season, though I know there are probably better younger players than him now. I still play him since he clearly plays well. I finish with my team summary and I included my Top 10 Lists as well.
  7. I assumed it might be something like that. And for all I know, it might be. But Antwerp made it to the Final in 26/27 but didn't in 31/32. And Antwerp has been in the top tier (and currently is). Also, I think Antwerp's stadium seemed fine to me when I looked. Same thing has happened with Charleroi, they have advanced and have not advanced when they should have.
  8. fyi, I did put a comment in the bugs section, it sounds like the team that advances is random (at least in my save). Hopefully it gets fixed soon.
  9. It sounds like the team that advances is just random. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.
  10. Koninklijke Voetbal Klub Tienen-Hageland - 2033/34 Season - Belgian Pro League B The Tale of Two Phases This league is broken up into 2 phases. First phase, we looked good, finishing 2nd in the league at 8-2-4 (WDL) with a +11 GD. Even though we never seriously contended for 1st, we played well and i was looking forward to an even better 2nd phase as my players develop. Nope, we sucked. going 3-3-8 with a -10 GD. Go figure. I have tried to find the up and coming players and just play them more. 19yo striker Remy Godart and DM Glenn Andries, 20yo DC Aron Meulemans, AMR/L Gunther Van de Velde and AMC/R Timothy de Backer, 21 yo AMC Gert de Bondt start to push out the graybeards like 25yo striker Felicien Brasseur, 27yo Kim Paquet and 29yo Thomas de Schrijver. I have gotten another good youth pull with some good potential though i wish that all the best players I seem to be getting the past several years have all been AMC's (30a de Backer, 30d De Bondt, 32a Peeters, 33a van der Velden, 34a Heymans). I need to be creative in getting them playing time. All in all, not bad. I feel like we've solidified ourselves in this league. It's now been 2 full seasons in Pro League B without much concern of relegation, in fact we have been closer to promotion. Though my results this past season have made me wonder what would happen if you qualified both for the promotion and relegation playoffs (it would be tough to do but not impossible).
  11. I have the same issue as the original poster. I talk about the issue here Basically about 60% of the time the loser of the European Places Playoff Final advances to play for the last continental spot. I haven't checked all of my seasons but as you can see the last two instances of this happening, the team that should have advanced did not play in Europe the following season. So I don't think what you say above is the reason, at least not for all of the seasons. I have uploaded my save, it is called Tienen. @Gorando
  12. In 30/31, Charleroi beat Waasland-Beveren 2-1 and 1-0. W-B advanced to the final against AA Gent and won. W-B played in Euro Cup II the following year. Charleroi had lost in the Semi-Final of the Cup in 30/31and did not play in Europe in 31/32. In 31/32 Antwerp beat STVV 2-0 and 1-0. STVV advanced to the final and lost to AA Gent. AA Gent played in Euro Cup II the next year, STVV did not. Antwerp did not play any continental comp. They went out in the 6th rd of the Cup. Antwerp did play in the 2nd tier that year though I don't see why that would make a difference (Charleroi from above is in the top tier). This past season 32/33, Zulte Waragem won on penalties against STVV 5-5 on aggregate. And they advanced! And lost to perennial AA Gent (AA Gent likes to play in these matches I guess).
  13. The match you refer to is the 2nd Final which contests the 4th place team from the Championship Playoffs against the winner of the "1st" Final, the final of the European Places Playoff. My question is about this 1st Final, the team that advances is not always the team that wins that.
  14. Koninklijke Voetbal Klub Tienen-Hageland - 2032/33 Season - Belgian Pro League B Going into this season I was concerned about relegation and how I would position myself within the 8-team league to avoid that. But all those games last season where we would play well (Be about even in shots, chances, possession but they would just finish better) and lose 2-0 turned around this season. We started winning (except against Antwerp - we've played them 9 times and lost all of them). The league is broken into two phases. The winner of the first phase plays the winner of the 2nd phase and that winner is the one promoted to the 1st tier (Pro League A). I finished 3rd in the 1st phase but only 3 points back of Antwerp and finished 2nd in the 2nd phase, in fact if I had won my last game, I would have won the phase (Of course we would have played Antwerp and since we've never beaten them we probably wouldn't have been promoted, but still would have been cool). So all in all, a crazy season that I didn't expect. I guess we are getting better. After the league there is a European Places Playoff. The bottom 10 teams in the top tier and the top 6 teams of the 2nd tier enter into this tournament. The top 6 teams in the top tier enter a Championship Playoff to determine the champion, and the bottom 2 teams in the 2nd tier enter a 5 game relegation playoff (which we have been a part of twice). But theoretically the winner of this European Places Playoff should play against the 4th place team of the Championship Playoff for the final spot for a continental spot. I ask this question. It might never affect me, but I have found that the winner of the playoff often does not advance to play against the 4th place team, the runner-up does. Why? Beats me. Anyone play in Belgium and can explain it? I recall thinking a couple of seasons ago that I felt like my team was pretty much set. I had my starters. Then shortly after that I realized that was pretty stupid. NONE of those players will be starting for me if and when I complete this challenge. They just aren't good enough. So, some players who were automatic starters a couple of seasons ago are becoming bench guys. My star striker who has led me in goals the past 5 seasons (Felicien Brasseur 25b) may be benched. My superstar right wing from the early days would not sign another contract and was let go (he was a backup by then). And my current star right wing who just won team's Player of the Year Kim Paquet 24i may be phased out soon. So, no job is safe. Another solid youth pull though I wish these guys would have better personalities. I keep on getting AM(C)'s as one of the top prospects so I'm getting overloaded with them. In fact I switched from a 442 (with DM's) to a 4231 (with DM's) this season in order to play with a AM(C). I am now at -2M after having +15M about 2.5 seasons ago, though as you can see below, my facilities have improved quite a bit (that's where alot of the money went).
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