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  1. Nice. When I was in the Pro league B, I had a match where I drew 1-1. I had one shot, they had 40 as I recall. I can't go back to take a look, I guess I'm not saving matches back that far.
  2. Funnily enough I feel like when the full game came out, my team finally started scoring. My latest season we actually were scoring goals while my two previous seasons we just could barely score.
  3. In my first season my board had a "sign players" vision. They were Devestated iirc but I don't believe it affected anything. The following year they took it off so I haven't had any issues with it.
  4. Koninklijke Voetbal Klub Tienen-Hageland - Belgian First Amateur Division - 2027/28 Season Back to the fringes of the Promotion Playoff we go. After struggling the first half of last season, something clicked for the boys the 2nd half and continued into this year. We had a 16 unbeaten streak over the two seasons. But again, we were inconsistent and bounced around 4th-5th place and the final spot for the playoff most of the season. The final game of the season was against the team I was competing for that spot with, a win and we finish 4th and make the playoff. A loss and we are out in 5th. We won though we had no chance of promoting. Lierse Kempenzonen had too strong of a season. I am starting to get the sense that we are about as good as we are going to be. My coaches don't rate my players all that highly and the one player that was really good I sold off because I had no chance of keeping him. My intake this past time was my worst, I think there may be a couple players that might help but I'm not confident about it though I expect the ratings are more that my current players are a bit better than they have been. Until I get promoted again I won't have money for upgrades. I've let my 33 yo GK Arthur Hannes go, he collected 239 career appearances for me with 89 clean sheets. I believe I only have 2 players that are still with the team when I took over, Willem Loman a 28yo central defender who I have put in the U21s and Aron Cornelis, a 24yo striker who is actually a regen from the season I holidayed. So, Willem is the winner. The last real player to last on my save. And yes, Willem Loman (and Arthur Hannes) are real players. You can look 'em up. Youth intake was the weakest pull I've had so far. There are a couple decent looking players though I wish my highest potential youngster wasn't a ML. I have 3 guys already there (Verbeeck, Buelens, Verhaegen) who I don't have enough time for.
  5. I think I have had a "golden generation" on every intake. It is just another thing I ignore now, like the mentoring "he has gained positives and negatives" message I get all the time.
  6. Yes. No. My fullbacks frequently have low ratings, it feels like every couple of games one of them will have a rating at 6.0 or less. I just assumed it was something to do with my tactic actually.
  7. Nice to see another person taking on the challenge in Belgium! I actually beat Racing Mechelen in the Cup in my current season to get to the 6th round.
  8. I'm not sure what to do here. I have my "wonderkid" 4-star youth pull from a couple months ago, still on his youth contract (which runs until the end of the year), getting offers from the big boys in the top league in Belgium. It's July 5th and I've already had 4 offers for him. The first two I rejected. No way I'm going to be able to keep this guy. I just tried to re-sign him and he won't talk. And like i said he has only that one year left. Is it better to just let him go for a ridiculously low amount (see below) with added clause of "50% of next sale" or try to keep him? I'd obviously rather keep him. But losing him for nothing seems pointless.
  9. Koninklijke Voetbal Klub Tienen-Hageland - Belgian First Amateur Division - 2026/27 Season Back in the 3rd tier after promtion/relegation, I was ready to challenge for promotion again. It was not meant to be. With what I thought were better players than 2 seasons ago and the tactic that won this division, we went winless in our first 8 games (not even scoring in the first 5). Last place. Things weren't looking good as I tweaked, changed, adjusted my tactic every game with no success. But about midway through the season, we started scoring a little and within a few games I had settled on a tactic which led me from last to 7th place, ending on a 9 game undefeated streak. The squad and table look like this. I had mega concerns about losing lots of players during the relegation but all of them signed non-contracts which helped keep the wage budget down. We got two really good youth pulls, one a AM(L) who I am sure is the best player we have produced. I hope he doesn't get poached too soon. He will immediately go into the starting lineup. Also, our heir apparent at GK. 7 seasons in.My defense has actually been mostly steady through the years but my attack ebbs and flows with my leading scorer <10 goals the last two years. And with no money I haven't been able to upgrade the facilities for years. As you can see above, I sold my very first player for money. Not much but I added the 50% of next Sale clause. If he develops as he might he could bring in some money a few years from now.
  10. I would lose 5 defenders, 4 of whom had 20+ apps last year. And four 4+ star potential youngsters. But I *think* I could get promoted again, but knowing how FM works, I could easily have an off year and finish mid-table. But I think I have to re-sign at least those 4 youngsters and some of my defense.
  11. I'm looking through this now... and this is going to be rough. I have about 1/3 of my players I need to re-sign but in reality I don't know if I can re-sign any of them. I've tried to transfer list a few of the high price guys I think I can afford to lose but no offers. The staying on budget is "Required" but will I get fired if I'm over just a little if I can do well in the league/cup?
  12. Koninklijke Voetbal Klub Tienen-Hageland - Belgium Pro League B - 2025-26 Season RELEGATED! We only needed one win in our last 2 games (or 2 draws) to stay up in the Pro League B. After a great promotion last season we went up a tier. We turned professional, and immediately we went from about $1.5M down in finances to about 500k up. Money, more staff. Of course we were overmatched most of the way. Actually no, we had lots of 0-0, 1-0 type games. We did have some bad 3-0 type losses but the main problem is we couldn't score. As you can see below our leading scorer had 5. Our highest rated player was our 31yo GK. That's a bad sign. But with all that, the bottom two teams go into a relegation playoff. The 7th (of 8) place team and the last place team play each other 5 times. The 7th place team gets a 3 point head start and with the tiebreaker being seeding, it basically means the 8th place team needs to win 2 more games than the 7th place team. You need to go 3-1-1 for example. With two victories and a draw in the first 3 games, we were in first place. All we had to do is win one of two (or draw both). We lost 2-0 and 3-1. Ugh. We need to get better. Much better. My staff tells me my *best* players are playing at First Division level (ie the level I just relegated to). My youth pulls recently have been good, it's a matter of trying to get everybody playing time so I can get these guys to develop as my facilities are not very good. And trying to get my facilities up. I just haven't had any money to improve the facilities and I don't foresee any money coming in anytime soon unless I can get back up to Pro League B again. Now I have to figure out how to cut about 25% of my payroll, I'm glad I didn't re-sign everyone to full-time contracts.....
  13. Koninklijke Voetbal Klub Tienen-Hageland - Belgian First Amateur Division - 2024/25 Season PROMOTED! With a 82' equalizer in the final game of the season and hanging on for the draw, we got the needed point to hang on to first place and promotion to Pro League B! Oh boy that was close. We won the league by 11 points, but the top 4 teams make a promotion playoff, halve your points and play each other twice. I had multiple chances to clinch the division but we just don't play well in this playoff. Yet, that being said we were 5 points up with 2 matches to play. One point would be enough to clinch. We fall behind 2-0 in the 2nd to last game, I go full attacking, everybody going forward. Then we get a red card in 68'. Ugh. But we score at 71'. Then we score again at 75'. All we need to do is hold on to this 2-2 draw with 10 men..... and of course they score at 89'. Last game of the season we are up against Lierse Kempenzonen, who had beaten us twice already this year. They go up at 24' on a well struck ball from the edge of the box. I go attacking, we NEED the point. And we win a penalty at 66'... and miss. But at the 82', my star right wing Jean-Pierre Schmitz passes it out to the wing to my marauding right back (Loman who typically is a center back) who crosses it low to Gert Verbeeck to slots it in to even it up. We hold up for the last 10 minutes and we are champs! We had our best youth pull yet, I have a scan of Mark Verbeeck who looks to be a star at striker. But we have several really good looking players.
  14. Koninklijke Voetbal Klub Tienen-Hageland - Belgian First Amateur Division - 23/24 Season Cup: The board expects a minimum 5th round appearance which entails beating up two lower league teams in the 3rd and 4th rounds. I'm 2-2 in the 5th round over these 4 seasons and somehow managed a QF finish in the 21/22 season (i.e 8th round). The 3rd-4th-5th rounds are played before the league begins so there is no reason to not do well here. But we fell this season in the 5th round, to fellow First Amateur Div team Tubize. League: We started out 6-0-0 with 5 of those being 2-1. We were in 1st place for most of the season but after the great start we were pretty ordinary (10-5-9 the rest of the way). But we fell to 2nd place at the end of the year and were not even guaranteed a place in the 4-team playoff during the final game of the league season. But we finished 2nd overall which is our best finish and a vast improvement over the 10th place finish last season. Promotion League: Our late season struggles continued here as we dropped to 3rd place in the promotion playoffs. We were never all that close to promoting as our rival (my thoughts, not the games) Aalst promoted. Hopefully we will join them soon though the board and the players all think we will be relegation battlers. Facilities: With my finances just dropping and dropping (currently $1.2M in debt) the board will not improve the training facilities. I did schedule some of those "league" friendlies but going forward will only do one per season. But in reality, they haven't helped much considering my finances. The oddity is the youth recruitment has dropped from Exceptional to Average. I don't know if that is just the game or if its a bug. It started out as Excellent (one of the main reasons I chose this team) and I have improved it 2-3 times so it dropping is not good. But I think one of the big reasons I'm in debt is the cost of the youth setup. Transfers: I started to let some of the lesser youth players and some of the old vets go. I also tried loaning a couple players out to see how they would progress in the lower leagues. Youth: Another solid youth pull. Alan Hoffmann (see below) looks good. Squad: In our first two seasons we played many of the original players, breaking in a couple youth players the 2nd season. Our 3rd season I tried to give lots of time to the youngsters. But this season, I put most of the vets in the U21's and played the kids. The only vet I played significantly was my GK, Hannes. GK: Hannes has been the guy. We did get a young GK with some promise in this last pull. FB: I have 3 young good left backs so I have retrained them to play right back as well. CD: I like Loman for his speed, he was 20 during my first season. MC: I have generally played De Schrijver as my CM(d) with Razak as a playmaker or BWM. RW: Schmitz is arguably my best player. LW: I play De Cock here and on the right side. Verbeeck is the main guy here now while Van De Velde splits his time here and as a striker. ST: Cornelis was a 16yo kid when I took over, he is the youngest player and youngest scorer in team history. But he is widely inconsistent. He is one of the highest rated players but I'm hoping someone emerges to take his spot. My leading scorer from season 1 left to sit on the bench a league up and my leading scorer in Season 2/3 is getting old though he still played pretty well this past season. Overview:
  15. Koninklijke Voetbal Klub Tienen-Hageland A Struggle After finishing in the top 4 the first 2 seasons heavily using the original players on the squad, this 3rd season saw much more usage of the youngsters. We finished 10th, never really in any danger of the promotion or relegation zone but many of the young players that should be the backbone to the team got some playing time. Squad, Table, Transfers: Youth: Some nice potential in this group.
  16. Exploit or Feature? In Belgium, if you are not in the promotion or relegation pool you have no games in April/May yet your players are still at the team. I just watched a yt video showing how to make money from friendlies. Play them in a "League". I just did it, invited a number of English clubs, and made ~$250k. So I've set up another one. But it feels almost exploit-y. Yet it is in the game. So is this ok or should I stop doing it?
  17. Koninklijke Voetbal Klub Tienen-Hageland Ok, I'm managing Tienen and have played through two seasons. I believe I am supposed to have posted some other screenshots but considering I wasn't sure how long I'd play this save, I haven't. If you want anything, let me know. I believe I've followed the rules. I finished 3rd in my first season. At this level in Belgium, the top 4 teams go into a promotion playoff. You get half of your accrued points and you play each of the other teams twice (so 6 additional games). I didn't come close to promoting as only one team does and the 1st place team dominated. The youth pull was... So 2nd season rolls around. Finished 4th this season as I tried to incorporate the young players into the squad. Somehow made it into the Quarter Finals of the Cup too. My leading scorer got poached but it didn't really hurt us much. Schmitz (21a) started most of the season at MR and De Cock (21b) started most of the year at ML. De Schrijver (21d) played the last half season as my CM(d) and De Wit (21e) the same at CD. Willems (21c) played as a backup to Schmitz most of the last half of the season. This is what the youths look like for '22. Another 3-4 players that look to have some promise. They will start to get incorporated into the squad this next season.
  18. @Fastbasher@XaW@darren1983 Thanks for your thoughts on this challenge. And after reading through this thread and skimming through some of the last one, i decided to just try it. Not sure I will post about it, maybe if I get through 2-3 seasons and not get bored/frustrated/sacked. But I took over Tienen in Belgium primarily because they have good academy coaching and excellent youth recruitment (the facilities aren't very good though). I guess I'll see how far I get. I've played a handful of games so far and seem to be doing pretty well. But I feel like the challenge really starts when the regens appear. Belgium's reset date is June 29 fyi.
  19. I've always wanted to try this challenge. However, I've never been able to fathom how it is possible. From my experience the only way I have progressed up the ladder and gotten better is just getting better players. Yet, I don't think I have ever gotten a decent youth pull player (no, i got one in FM19) that actually ever played significant time for me. So it seems you have to be a tactical genius to actually do this challenge. I assume you get inferior players and get weak youth pulls. So, how is it possible to really progress? What am I missing? Or is it just as hard as I assume it looks?
  20. @Jambo98 I would like to join in if there is still room.
  21. I decided to try a Youth Academy Challenge. I picked Chesham United in the 7th tier and set my facilities, Junior Coaching, Recruitment to 20 in the editor. https://imgur.com/a/vPdDbIk I'm 6-7 months in and my Junior Coaching has dropped to "Fairly Basic". Now I figured the four ratings would drop over time but I didn't expect it to drop so quickly. The other 3 ratings have stayed high. I'm assuming tere is a good reason, but i was just wondering what that reason is. Is it the Youth Level? Is it because of the size of the club? The coaches I have?
  22. I have edited 4 players in the '2018 Editor' to declare for the USA but they will not accept a call when I ask them. So, I have a few dual nationals (Antonee Robinson is one). I changed their 'Nation' to USA in the Editor and clicked 'Declared for Nation' and it changes the 'Nation Declared For' to USA. But when I start up a game it does not give me an option to Call them up to the team. It says "Ask to Represent Nation" only. And when I click that, nothing happens. I don't know if I have found a bug. Or if I don't need to click the 'Declared For' button if I'm changing their nation anyways.
  23. Does a player gain any value, experience, exposure, anything by playing in international matches or does it matter? I am currently managing an international team with some promising youngsters. If I play them, does that make people take notice? Will their value increase? Does the experience add any value? Does it make it more likely coaches will try to sign the young players?
  24. 2017: FC Mtsapere: Mayotte: Won Premier League, Won Mayotte French Cup 2018: Sun Palace: Northern Marianas: Won Second Division (both Spring and Autumn), Won League Cup 2019: Sun Palace: Northern Marianas: Won First Division (Spring & Autumn) 2020: Mighty Barolle: Liberia: 2nd in League, Runner Up in Cup. I have semi-started this challenge though I'm not 100% sure I have followed the rules (thus I don't know if I will post much). So, I probably won't count up points too. 2017: Won the one Cup that the Board didn't care about 2018: Didn't realize when I took the job that Sun Palace had been relegated. In 2019 I wasn't in the Cup for some reason. 2020: Didn't really enjoy Liberia all that much so I resigned after the Cup Final loss. Currently in the process of looking for a new job. (Though I probably should have stayed until I won something) What I have been doing is adding the next 5 lowest leagues in each year and removing a few I figure i won't manage in. But what I have found is there are a bunch of teams/countries that I can apply for and never get an interview for.
  25. My young star central defender is gone. What I want to know is there there an option where I can talk to the board about this decision? I don't see anything. I want to yell and scream and threaten to resign over this. Second, is there a way I can avoid this situation in the future by any method? Either by philosophies or some contract negotiations. Or whatever. I don't want the President to have any say on transfers. Or is this just something I will have to live with?
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