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  1. I was online, xbox app was open, game bar was working, I clicked downloads to see store but no achievements appeared
  2. Gamepass version is broken, tried multiple new saves, reloaded game etc but nothing Only 20% of players have the first win trophy so that says it all
  3. Have the game on Steam, played it a lot, decided to try it on gamepass to get some achievements Totally seperate game, new save etc, yet no achievements unlock. Why? I'm not using the editor either.
  4. Still dont get why touchline shouts arent in Touch
  5. This is weird, I ALWAYS instant result and it always counts it as ME managing it I'm always winning manager of the month awards etc
  6. What do ya'll do when your board goes over your head and signs a player?
  7. wtf I put the folder there but it doesnt appear in game when I try to change the skin
  8. Oh yeah, I still love FMT, but I have longer processing breaks enabled but it still has me pressing continue more than usual
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