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  1. The end of the that season was rougher, not going to lie. Although the vast majority of that was due to a threadbare squad (I was having to play my 18 year old GK who was Conference N/S quality in the Championship, along with others of similar quality) and they were jaded. We finished strong, including the wildest last day of the season I have had in a long time. Home to QPR, we are 10th and can finish 9th-11th, so no biggie to us. They are one spot above relegation (Charlton), but 3 points and 7 Goal Diff better off, so 99.9% safe.... Charlton win 3-1 away and we just went nuts, winning
  2. Have been able to log off of work and play a little FM since my post above. Here are my results so far using this tactic. Those last 4 fixtures were a murderers row of games as well. The opposition were 5th, 3rd, 2nd and Nott'm Forest are runaway leaders of the Championship this year (we were a fantastic 2-0 up on Forest before they came at us HARD in the final 15, before emergency backup MC 35yr old Aaron Ramsey came off the bench and smashed the 90th minute winner in!). Very happy with how things are going and now climbing the table nicely. Prior to this I was P26 W12
  3. I hope more people are trying this and just not posting (like I was until now! lol) I don't have any screenshots to share right now, but my Poole Town team in the Championship (playing a 'dafuge' game, just not posting) are playing very nicely with this tactic. I love the simplicity of it and it creating a solid, reliable tactic. Thank you and I highly recommend it!
  4. TABLE // TRANSFERS // SQUAD STATS Chronological Diary December - We beat 2nd tier FC Den Bosch 4-0 in the cup to progress into the 3rd round for the first time in my tenure (we beat non league Scheveningen earlier in the season in round 1) December - We enter the winter break in 4th! Were are either winning or losing, rarely drawing. But the wins are keeping us much higher than expected! January - Ajax come in with a 3m offer for Bjorn Roelofsen (04C) who has made the switch to right back permanently (although he is defensively deficient....). Juventus have started sniffing ar
  5. TABLE // TRANSFERS // SQUAD STATS Chronological Diary June - After requesting it at the end of last season, the board have formed a Reserve team to go along with our Senior and u19s July - Completed my Continental C coaching licence July - PSV have been chasing Edwin Mommers (04A) all summer, 2.3m offer accepted by board over my head but I managed to talk them out of it. PSV return with a 2.6m offer which I reject. They return again and offer the 3m (1.2m, rising to 3m) which the board again take matters into their own hands and accept! I cannot protest this time and I lose my best
  6. Overwhelming..... the amount of progress and posts in this thread to catch up on since I last viewed it, and also trying to retrace my saves steps to report on here soon! I was off work during Christmas, so that meant some FM time, but only in very short bursts. As such I played a game or two here and there and didn't want to waste the chances to play and do posts instead I'm almost 2 seasons on from my last reporting (season 5 is in the bag, working through March of season 6 currently). I'll put a catch up post together once I have finished this season. Shoutout to @XaW fo
  7. Identical to the player roles. The Player Roles have their relevant attributes identified in game, the PPM relevant attributes were laid out in a blog or thread post by the author, based on their opinions. I agreed with the majority of their opinions, so used it as the basis for creating the PPM sheet It is an even 'grayer' rating than the Player Roles (which are by no means black and white to begin with) and should be used as an idea generator, imo.
  8. Updated my spreadsheet to v2 - https://community.sigames.com/topic/510157-weight-of-attributes-per-role-and-general-spreadsheet-geeking/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-12216805 More people downloaded v1 than I anticipated Nothing earth-shatteringly different in v2, change list posted in the link above - I just get a little OCD if I notice something wrong / off
  9. Ok, here is my current spreadsheet I am using. Braumillers Role Ability Analysis v2.xlsm Sheet updated to v2 on 1/8/2020 - fixed; Club DNA calculation (division now by 14 and not 12 - thanks @EnigMattic1!) Conditional formatting fixed on DR sheet Updated PPM sheet to handle full Player Stats list Updated calcs on PPM sheet to handle blanks Updated calcs on all sheets for player name to handle blanks Sheets rundown.... temp - simply where I copy and paste the data from the web page that FM exports the data to. I can manipulate the
  10. That's the beauty of this game, there are a limitless number of ways to approach it - nothing wrong with your way, nothing wrong with those above As for missing out on all-rounders, a few of us here are regulars in the Youth Only challenge thread, and for me, this is primarily a way for me to identify potential retraining projects
  11. Yes (by 5) I did have a personalized version of the staff recommendation calculation - I'll have a dig through old OneDrive docs to see if still around, but that one might be long gone
  12. I'll happily post my spreadsheet once I'm done, then you can grab a copy and use and abuse it Will probably be a couple of days, as I am biting the bullet and doing a 'base' version with all of the available outfield roles (I have been creating 'quick', smaller versions recently, with just the roles of the tactic I am using). It'll have the PPM sheet in it too, which I've received a couple of PMs about
  13. @XaW love this! I've been away from the forums for a couple of week, but this is my kinda thread to pull me back in Quick personal notes from my previous spreadsheets (currently working on a new one, but my Youth save and Path of Exile are monopolizing my time to work on it! lol) I currently just all of the highlighted stats as the core stats for the role, regardless of their shading and whether the game regards them as primary or secondary stats for the role. Several years ago I went further and split them out. The calculation for each role would then reference two cells I had w
  14. TABLE // TRANSFERS // SQUAD STATS On The Pitch Well that was a season that exceeded expectations and managed to end in disappointment at the same time! A switch back to a 442 saw an uptick in performances overall, especially up front as we were not so reliant on one player. Jeroen Bosch (00C) certainly enjoyed having a partner up front, breaking his seasonal goals tally of 9 with 22! Eric Stegeman (02A) enjoyed playing up front as well netting 11. We fought our way up to 5th place, which with 3 of the reserve team taking up the top 3 spots was actually the 2nd automatic promoti
  15. TABLE // TRANSFERS // SQUAD STATS On The Pitch This year felt like the first year of the challenge where we belonged and were not fighting for relevancy. It certainly helped that we won our first three league games without conceding a goal, but that proved to be a run of good form and not our true standing in the league! In fact it took 18 games to win another 3 games and we fell from 1st to 15th. We never truly felt in danger of a relegation battle like the first two seasons and eventually we regained our form and battled to a 10th place finish. Very happy with my main re
  16. Been away for the weekend and a lot of great updates to work through, nice going all
  17. Been a long day, so finally getting on FM tonight.... This is my HoYD currently Ticks the boxes for attributes (although JP could absolutely be higher!) and in theory (and in my head, where it counts even if not true ) several of my kids each year will be a little more professional because of him.
  18. Oh boy, I wouldn't touch a poor personality HYOD with a ten foot pole I ALWAYS go for someone with something positive in the personality department. Top tier are your very rare Model Citizen, Model Professional Next is a wide band and where I generally end up - Professional, Fairly Professional, Determined, Fairly Determined, Driven, Resolute etc... Last chance (often only in the first few seasons when pickings are slim) I will settle for a Balanced, as long as they have good Determination stats (double digits) You want to make sure that you are perfectly ok with th
  19. lol, @darren1983 you just caused me to waste 30 minutes at work reminiscing looking back through the old threads - FM14 & 15 I did it with Vastra Frolunda. Damn I love that club.... I'll eventually go with them again, if not this year, then definitely next year! And I still shed a tear for Excelsior Veldwezelt (RIP) from Belgium as well, loved them in FM13.... Side note - this is my best ever youth from this challenge, from FM14. I so much prefer the newgen look from 6 years ago
  20. Love this! Trying to resist adding something similar to my write-ups now, otherwise I end up spending longer on them than the season in game itself
  21. In one of my previous saves it was due to me not being personally in charge of a specific staff responsibility for this squad. I forget which one though Sorry
  22. Hmmm, so Eric Stegeman (02A) is attracting a LOT of interest during this preseason...... Still 3 weeks until the season starts, and..... RKC Waalwijk offer for Eric Stegeman (02A) - rising to 77k, rejected RKC Waalwijk offer for Eric Stegeman (02A) - rising to 200k, rejected N.E.C. offer for Eric Stegeman (02A) - rising to 64k, rejected RKC Waalwijk offer for Eric Stegeman (02A) - rising to 275k, rejected Sparta Rotterdam offer for Eric Stegeman (02A) - rising to 77k, rejected Sparta Rotterdam offer for Eric Stegeman (02A) - rising to 200k, rejected VVV-Venlo offer for Eric S
  23. TABLE // TRANSFERS // SQUAD STATS On The Pitch Hopes were higher than last year after the finish to the season we had with our new set-up. That fell as we struggled in our first 12 games, finding ourselves in 19th place. The obvious issues we had was scoring (as we failed to hit the net in 6 of those 12) and stopping the opposition from scoring (1 clean sheet in 12). So, it was time to change things up. We ended up with a more defensive 4141. It took time, but slowly things improved. We gradually ground out draws, which improved morale and started creating partnership on the
  24. There is no promoted sides in Holland after the first season. You have to holiday two seasons in Holland.
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