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  1. This is my CPU usage whilst fm is idling. I recently reset my pc and ever since fm has been running really slow, before I reset I remember glancing at this graph a few times and it never fluctuated this much or used as much while being idle. I have a Ryzen 3600 and RX 580 with all the latest drivers.
  2. Happens to drop down menus after clicking them
  3. May I also add this problem is unique to football manager
  4. Unfortunately I had to reset my PC and since doing so FM hasn't been running properly in the menus. If I don't move my mouse at all, my fps sits at 66/67 fps without fluctuation. But if i start moving my mouse around rapidly it tries to keep the fps at 144. Before resetting I had no problem keeping the FPS at 144 in the menus and the ME. I have a Freesync monitor but I have the feature disabled, I don't have Radeon chill enabled either. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Im using the same driver version I was using before I reset.
  6. I recently reset my PC and ever since fm has not been running smoothly in the menus. Before I reset FM would run smoothly at 144fps in the menus but after resetting my pc the fps is erratic and sits around 30-70 while just moving my mouse around not even clicking anything. It seems to sit near 144 when moving the mouse but if my mouse is static it lowers it to 60-70. I have a ryzen 3600 and rx 580.
  7. Starting to lose motivation for this challenge it feels like ive hit a ceiling.
  8. I built a new stadium in 2025 on my save, im now in 2045 and I am starting to sell out most matches but I don't have any option to request a new stadium from the board, what factors can influence your ability to request a new stadium from the board?
  9. This is my player with the most apps in my save so far. 600 apps in germany isn't easy with the 34 game seasons
  10. I am currently in 2039 in the Bundesliga with FC Energie Cottbus. I built a stadium in 2025 but the club has already outgrown it, how long do I have to wait until it becomes an option to build a new one?
  11. Anyone noticing youth players getting their training reset every few months, cant tell if my 500 hours on this years game has turned me schizophrenic seeing things that arent there or if its actually happening
  12. This guy is my only youth player to come through that looks like he could be a decent striker after almost 15 youth intakes, is it worth training him to be a striker or should i just concede and go strikerless?
  13. It was annoying at the start because what I was getting in my intakes was already good enough to be in the squad, but after a season or 2 it didn't really bother me
  14. FC Energie Cottbus 2029/30 Season Review League Table Facilities Finances Summary My start to the league campain was pretty poor, with 1 win and 4 losses in 5 games, but through the season I managed to improve my form and hang in there with the top 3. Thanks to some brilliant form at the back end of the season getting 29 points from a possible 36 I finished 2nd avoiding the playoffs and getting automatically promoted to the Bundesliga. The DFB Pokal was pretty uneventful, getting knocked out in the 3rd round by Bundesliga opposition for the 3rd year running. Facilities are continually being upgraded and thanks to the promotion money won't be too much of an issue. Youth Intake My youth intake this year was kinda dissappointing bar a few prospects, mainly a 5 star potential striker that is sorely needed in the squad. Eduard Klinsmann 30A Jonathan Hauptmann 30E First Team Martschinkowski Broschinski Heinrich 25D Thomas 26K Bartles 27A Freiwald Stein Buchenauer Flugel 25A Watzke 26I Reiniger
  15. It really is ruining it for me, this is the most frustrated ive ever been playing fm
  16. Got this gem of a player developing, will hopefully be instrumental in my Bundesliga promotion challenge
  17. Im not sure if i am doing anything wrong but my top youngsters keep getting poached despite signing them to pro contracts. Is it because they arent old enough for the pro deal yet so they can still be poached? I dont get it
  18. You can loan out players just can't loan players in as far as i know
  19. Havent been updating the last few seasons but I thought id share this gem of a player I have, just maybe don't say his name out loud
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