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  1. SpS_Zen

    Youth recruitment and junior coaching

    @Russell Hammant Thanks for the answer. Depiste, several thousand hours on FM, i never saw a similar situation. I will get back to you if i face again an accepted request leading to no financial change. Cheers, SpS_Zen
  2. SpS_Zen

    Youth recruitment and junior coaching

    @Russell Hammant Hey, thanks to have took the time to look into the save. It is not clear why the "description text" hasnt changed. Usually, once the board agrees to a request, and the facilities updated, there is a change in the description text. Am i missing something? Is this something new in fm 19? It is confusing to be able to improve facilities without reaching the upper score bracket. Why would it be even possible? It sounds weird.
  3. Tuto of the day: How turn a thread into an ego fight no one cares about? You guys are doing a good job.
  4. There are several ways to make the game harder. In fm 17, i did a czech save where i could only recruit players speaking czech and players on transfer market. In fm 18, i did a save where i recruited only players suggested by my scouts. In fm 18-19, an youth academy challenge in which you cant sign a player apart of your youth intake. It is very challenging/rewarding. Also, simple ways to make the game harder is to create his own tactics, and not exploit ia over transfers and contracts. For example, i have a rule in my saves for when i buy/sell a player, i will never have bonuses representing more than a third of the total amount.
  5. SpS_Zen

    Youth recruitment and junior coaching

    @Russell Hammant No worries. The save is called "No upgrade despite good finances" To resume => In my save, board agreed twice to improve youth recruitment(YR), and once junior coaching(JC). Despite that, the upgrades weren't done. JC is still average and YR fairly basic. I went on holidays until the new season, and i noticed youth set up expenses increased. I want to point out that the first time my YR request was accepted, the expenses didnt change. It's not normal that an accepted request led to nothing.
  6. SpS_Zen

    Youth recruitment and junior coaching

    @Russell Hammant Hello?
  7. SpS_Zen

    board accepting low offers

    @dr tangalanga you can also just wait until the offer expires or you are forced to answer. That way, you will receive less offers, with lower amounts. The board and the player will less likely mess things up.
  8. SpS_Zen

    [French] Issues in French Translations

    Thanks, that sounds better even if médiocre and rudimentaire have pretty close rating in my opinion, and the order isnt clear. This will be updated with next update?
  9. SpS_Zen

    [French] Issues in French Translations

    @Woodg SI Hello? The facilities should be improved from "minimal" to "mediocre", not the opposite.
  10. Yes it is! Emmanuel Leite still going strong @XaW is also doing a great job this year, while doing the GK challenge. I wish i could play, but those facilities issues/bugs ruin my experience so far. Im not talking about the ME, we can just hope SI does his best to improve it. At least, it feels like they are trying to improve the exchanges with the players. Public beta + all the players suggestions reviewed are positive signs in my opinion.
  11. SpS_Zen

    Youth recruitment and junior coaching

    @Russell Hammant I went on holiday until the end of the season and find out this: Youth set up expenses increased, despite junior coaching and youth recruitment hasn't changed.
  12. SpS_Zen


    As you can see below, his rating staff is half a star, despite having good staff attributes. Further below, you can see, once he retired from being a player, his staff rating display correctly. You can find easily other similar cases.
  13. SpS_Zen

    Youth recruitment and junior coaching

    @Russell Hammant Happy new year, i really hope to get an answer. SI would win a lot by improving ingame communication about the game mechanisms.
  14. SpS_Zen

    [French] Issues in French Translations

    May be its not wrong, but it sounds wrong. You are not calling your son "a colleague". I improved my training center from "mediocre" to "minimal". In french "minimal" represents a lower rating than mediocre. Could you check that?