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  1. Season 28 2047/2048 A sucessfull season, with promotion/a decent run in FA cup/my best hot propect. Back in our stadium, we enjoyed way better results at home than during the previous season (2,4pts/game). We managed to keep 1st place from the 20th journey until the end. Nikolaou 19a won the player of the year for the second year in a row. Mills 24a won the best young player award. You can notice in my squad the predominance of the 22th youth intake with 4 first team players and 2 substitues. This is a real golden generation. End of a cycle. My captain and club icon, Campos 11a will leave the club after reaching the appearances record for the club (507) He helped the club from VNLS to PL. I hope he will become a coach. An other important player will go, Stone 12e. With more than 300 appearances this solid defender always gave me satisfaction when on the pitch. I will also sell my 2 back up wingers, they are decent for L1 but this won't be good enough for PL. I reached Quarter finals for the first time in FA Cup, beating the Wolves, a strong PL team, 3-2 at home thanks to a header during extra time (90+2) Some minor sells, a lot of loans (around 15). I was surprised to receive an other help (30M) for the relegation from PL. It seems i forgot to make a screen from this year youth intake. This is probably due to the excitment from having the best hot prospect of this save. Chadwick 28a looks amazing for his age. (#Chadstrong) Aim: Survive
  2. Season 27 2046/2047 A slow start, and an overall average season. We played in Watford stadium and we suffered from poor results at home. 1.48pts/home-1,39pts/away. Basically, we played the whole season away :P Brady 22a won the best youth of the league, and Nikolaou 19a, the best player. Mills24a keeps improving and Campos 11a will play one more season with us, so he can reach the appearance record. Cups went poorly as usual. It is weird how hard it became to won a single game in cups since i am in Championship. No notable sales. I am being raided by Premier League clubs every season, and there is nothing i can do about it lol. Every year, they hired 4-5 persons from my staff. This is annoying. A similar youth intake to 24th season, with 2 high CA/PA newgens, and the rest is average. No golden generation despite being annouced a "terrific" year. The 2 hot prospects are unambitious with low determination but they look really promising. I really needed a GK and a right winger. Aim: Reach play-offs.
  3. The cyprus squad I have no cyprus coach, or knowledge of the country, but i keep getting newgens from there
  4. Season 26 2045/2046 A decent start with 17 points taken in 18 games. That gave me hope we would be able to maintain. We had many issues : score goals, maintain our score lead, or get points versus the top 8 (we got 2 points). I didn't manage to fix those issues and we got relegated logically. Funny part, our affiliate club was promoted in L1 and given my club is announced as one of the favorite to be relegated from Championship, my chairman cancelled the link. Like if it was unevitable lol. PL accession was just too early, but it gaves us a massive financial/reputation boost, even after the relegation. With all that cash, i was able to ask facilties update + a 8k seats stadium extansion. We will be playing in Watford stadium next season. Despite those expenses, we are 130m in green. I gave decent wages to most of my players. The PL promotion also gave us a massive sponsorship boost. During the PL season, we had 750k from sponsorship, despite relegation we will get ~15m next season. While in PL, i was able to ask for an affiliate club to increase our commercial revenue. I took a chinese club. I wonder if increasing the knowledge of a country will help to get regens from it. Cups went poorly, as usual. I got eliminated by 2 L1 teams. I sold some back up players, nothing notable. L2 players and below. Mills 24a will become my best player for sure. I made the choice to renegociate his contract and concede a 84m clause release. If he keeps improving, he might refuse to negociate with me in the future. I'm taking a "reasonnable" risk as his generation was not golden. Finally, a golden generation! The previous one was 4 seasons ago. A left wing back is my hot prospect. I am not sure at which role i will train him. I might wait to see how he is evolving. Aim: Promotion in the next 2 seasons.
  5. I suppose. These are competitive games with stronger opposition that what you will get in u23/u18 friendlies.
  6. You need to improve the youth level. At level 2 your team should be invited in division 3 or 4. It could come from staff requirements if you are not respecting them.
  7. I'm following your road, just got relegated :/ How is your reputation?
  8. It is weird how you either win championship or get relegated. Have you consider tweaking your tactics for pl? May be something more counter attack oriented.
  9. Season 25 2044/2045 An average start, we were 15th after 19 games. We had a rush in december with 5W/6, and a decent run afterwise but nothing crazy. With 78 points we reached somehow 2nd place, meaning direct promotion. I checked, this is the lowest amount of points to be 2nd in Championship after 25 seasons. This is really unexpected, i wasn't aiming promotion as i don't think my team is ready for PL. Cups went poorly, an elimination straight away in Carabao Cup against a L1 team. And a defeat against Chelsea during the 4th round in FA Cup. 13 loans + some players sold. Most notable sell is Smith12a. I didnt' plan to sell Smith12a, he was my GK from VNLS to Championship and he was close of the appearance records (501) with 478 games. He should have been my back up goal this season but i received an offer from a PL team. He asked to leave, and it seems fair to let him go for a last big contract. His wage was multiplied by 20 and he signed 4 years. I didn't receive the usual 5-6M in May, probably due to my promotion. Without it, i wasn't able to ask new facilities upgrade. I started to renegociate some players contracts. Mills24a improved surprisingly well, he was announced 2 and half star around March and he is now 4 starts, rated as my best striker at only 18. He has a 5 years contract but he won't renegociate without a release clause. I hope the club reputation will grow enough to allow us to keep him for a while. I can't afford to let my PL regens go, as they are rare so far. Looks like a poor youth intake, a CD is my hot prospect. He looks decent. For some reason i keep getting cyprus regens lol. Aim: Survive
  10. Making your coming out leads to more shirt sales? Wtf
  11. Season 24 2043-2044 An other quiet season, spent between the 8th and 15th place. 2 big improvements this season: a new stadium already too small for us with 12k seats. The chairman already asked to expand the stadium to 15k seats. The 4m invested didn't come from the club finances, which is nice. We got after 24 seasons our first premier league level player : Nikolaou 19a, a cyprus midfielder. I also got a second potential Premier League player, Brady 22a a highly regular midfielder. I will use him as right winger for now, as it is an area where i am weak. We lost to a L1 team in the Carabao Cup. This is a bit disapointing but some youths weren't ready enough for first squad. I sold a lot of players for a total amount superior of 4M€. This allowed us to ask again for facilities improvement for 6,5m. Despite those high amounts, we are still in the green over the season. Thanks to our new stadium. Around 30m€ income for 26m€ spent. Our most notable sell was Furlong17a (240 games with us) a solid midfilder that i may regret. Despite being announced as a L2 player, he did a 7 rating season with his new club who finished last in Championship. Nikolaou 19a was our best player this season. I didn't expect him to reach PL level. A happy surprise. A highly concentrated youth intake. 2 really promising players, an other 2 interesting. A striker is my hot prospect, and i have to admit, he's looking good. Aim: Focus the cups and try to improve our reputation.
  12. After 24 seasons, the chairmans never included "develop youth players" in our club vision. In fact, apart few seasons in VNLS during which i had to play "offensive football", this is inexistent. I suppose you need to stablize in a league for several seasons to have those club vision request. @Padders This is crazy dedication. Do you use the instant result tool?
  13. For years, i had an average youth intake, with several 3,5*stars potential players at best despite being "golden generation". With time, several of them became 5 stars potential. My point is, the youth intake report is not always accurate and you need to wait around 1 year to see a more precise potential evaluation.
  14. Journey man in leagues you don't know. You could make a focus around a geographic area. China is surprising, south america or north are interesting as well. Otherwise, find a club with a background story you like, or with something that gives you motivation to keep going. I found The Metropolitan Police FC this year, a club founded and only composed by police agents until recently. I did some research and found the background story cool. I'm starting my 24th season with them. To add difficulty, i play them while doing the youth academy challenge. This gives me a goal to reach.
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