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  1. I agree with @Lanko, the drop can be massive, especially in speed/acceleration. I dont remember to see a player still active in a competitive league at 38yo+ in my saves. Yet, you can find several examples of players still performing well at an advanced age in the reality.
  2. It is mainly after 32yo. It depends on differents parametres like the natural fitness. I would say overall it is realistic. But SI could add some exceptions or change it slighlty. We can see some players able to be competitive in an elite competition even at 40 yo. I think about Hilton playing at Montpellier, hes around 42yo. There was also Benjamin Nivet who retired recently who played midfield in ligue 1 at the age of 40.
  3. Try to change your organisation in defensive corners. 14 goals conceded in 17 matches is a very high amount.
  4. IMO, the best way to force you to try new formations and roles is to try a youth academy challenge. This challenge pushes you to be creative and adapt to your players.
  5. I will play Châteauroux to see the new mechanics and the changes in the game. If the game is good i will try again the youth academy challenge.
  6. I already did 6 suggestions few months ago, small ones, easy to implement. Then what? See you in 1 year too see if there is any progress?
  7. Sure, but you can expect better game mechanics from a 20 years franchise. AI is what it is, and i have no major problem with it. I think the game mechanics could be easily improved in many ways to make the game more immersive and realistic. The player experience should be the main focus while having the will to make the game as realistic as possible. Right now, it feels like SI is making things more complicated, to advertise "we have complicated things, game is more realitic now". That's not how things work, more complicated doesnt mean its more realistic, and it's not because SI made FM Touch, that it's ok to neglect player experience in FM. When SI cedes to players crying about injuries, they did a step back, not because they changed the injury frequency, but because they did it whitout letting a choice to the player, neglicting again player experience. I want a FM as depth and complete as possible, and in the same time easily accessible with smart game mechanisms.
  8. Despite the latest updates, the game still has a lot of bugs/non-sense. The game is decent and can be enjoyable, but you may run into situations than ruin your experience. I just had one of those... During the half time of a game for the title, i asked my team to do more as they were playing poorly. Players reacted very positively, then i let my ass man (16 motivating)do the specific player talk and he chooses to praise them, making them demotivated and confused for the second half, leading to a loss. My ass man would have done crazy things like that before, i wouldnt let him even talk to the players. But for the title game, he chooses to have the exact opposite talk than the coach. Why is this even possible? IRL, trainer and ass man are in the same room with the players and do the talk. In which world do you imagine a trainer and an ass man telling their players the exact opposite. It makes no sense, especially in a club with no crisis and good atmosphere. Report all those bugs/non-sense would be a full time job during a few days. And for what? There will probably have no more patch for fm19. And the next fm will have as every year his own bugs/non-sense. This is demoralizing.
  9. I have played at least 1000hours on each of the 3 previous fm, and i have trouble to enjoy this fm 19. I know my opinion will not be popular, but i dont understand why SI changed the injuries frequency without letting a choice to the player. This game wants to be as realistic as possible, then why force players to have season with 90% injuries decrease. I dont understand. This would be simple to add an option letting the player choose.
  10. Nice to see this challenge is having a lot of success. We have already reach a similar amount of post than last year. After the new update, i have started again this challenge with King's Lynn in england (4th time lol). I want to be sure to go long term before posting any reports.
  11. I have finished my first season with the new update (VNLN). Over 65 goals conceded, 25 came from free-kicks and 20 from outside the box. Those numbers feel high, i will keep in eye on it during the next seasons. @JEinchy 1-3 let the staff handle it, 4 you can disable it. Agree with 5. 2-6 are whatever.
  12. @Russell Hammant Thanks for the answer. Depiste, several thousand hours on FM, i never saw a similar situation. I will get back to you if i face again an accepted request leading to no financial change. Cheers, SpS_Zen
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