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  1. I notice youth players progress faster since the last update :o
  2. Try and see. It seems to work. 5W-3L so far, with 5W in a row. Thanks again for your advices.
  3. Not only to CBs but also FBs. Because it's safer than playing out of defence, while still somewhat preventing the keeper from just hoofing the ball. Unless you want to constantly give possession away to the opposition. Usually, i only ask to distribute to FB. Distributing to CB is scary, between their technical skills (ball control, technique, vision) and strikers pressing. I tend to avoid that, thats why i was curious to know why you would recommand that. Thanks for your help
  4. @Experienced Defender Thanks for your suggestions. I really appreciate the early crosses idea. I always tend to ask the "work ball into space" due to the poor players finishing. I will try the team instructions as you suggested. What about this composition: PFat TMat Wsu BBMsu DLPsu Wsu FBsu CDde CDde FBdef SKde I may switch the left side to what you advice. The DL never performed well in my team, despite being one of my best players. Edit: Why would you add "distribute to CB"?
  5. Hey, i am doing a youth academy challenge. This means i can't recruit. I am managing met police in VNLS. Since the 20.2.4, i have trouble to find a tactic working. I would like to avoid relegation due to a ME change...This was my tactic, i tried a lot of tweaks without success : My keys players are 2 strikers, 1 winger and a DL, here they are: And the rest of the team: Any help is welcomed !
  6. Hello, I haven't launch the game in a while but i got tempted after the new update. Some positive changes, mixed feelings about the ME. It is nice to see i am not the only one to struggle in england i won't be promoted this season, but i got lucky in FA Cup. Somehow, i beat a VNL and a L1 team. The L1 team shot 27 times, didn't score once. I had 3 shots, 2 goals. Easy Gl all !
  7. Played 5 games with the new ME, it shows 1 clear cut chance created for both sides. My last 5 games before the update, both sides had 19 clear cut chances and 10 goals. Damn.
  8. Already happened to me before the update. It didn't impact the save and the game went normally.
  9. Season 9 2028/2029 In VNLS, the season was similar than last year. A strong start with around 25 games in the top 8, then 0 points in 5 games to start 2029. Then i slowly fell to the 15th place. With the second highest amount of opportunities created and 18 goals scored with set pieces, you can expect to not be the third worst attack of the league. I don't really know how to fix that. I am happy with the amount of goals scored on set pieces, this took me a while to figure out good strategies without exploits. This is the last season of my legendary striker Jack Mazzone, he carried me along those 9 seasons with 233 goals, 52 assists and 68 POM. He won 2 times the player of the season in VNLS in 2024 and 2026. He will get a testimonial just before his contract ends. I hope i will be able to hire him as staff. After his departure, only 1 player from the original squad will remain, Arthur, a central defender. Yeeee a good run in Fa cup! After a rough double confrontation against Yeovil (predicted 2nd in VNLS), we faced Bolton a L2 team. Surprinsingly, we dominated them in both confrontations and managed to reach 2nd round after a 87 min goal. Their coach was fired between those confrontaitons, that's surely helped us! Then we faced Harrogate a VNL team, they dominated us 3-0. We came back in the last minutes to 3-2 and we even had the chance to equalize. A good financial boost allowing us to do our first facility improvement!!! After 9 seasons lol. 220k to improve youth facilities. I'm confused, this YT is presented as a potential golden generation, yet this looks like a bad year. I would like to reach play-offs, my squad is overall better than when i took over the club. Yet, something is missing. With no one scoring more than 10 goals this season, i can assume Mazzone records will hold for a while...
  10. Your salary and your staff salaries are high for this tier. It's not normal to have staff wages > player wages by 30%+.
  11. @rahil.98 in england low tier, your main income comes from the spectators. The second way to improve your finances is to have a good FA run. Given the debts, i would say you need a big fan base, otherwise this will take a while before you go green again. Also, from the screen i can say the staff wages are too high.
  12. Season 8 2027/2028 The season started well with no goals conceded in the first 6 games. We spent the first part of the season in the top 7, but it didn't last. We began 2028 with 3 points taken in 9 games. The follow was not better, and we finish to a disapointing 17th place. Also, i lost one of my fidel coach, he was one of the rare positive point when i took the club, as he had an amateur contract and was a fairly decent coach. He became trainer, despite having terrible stats for this job. His club got relegated and he ended up fired. I replaced him, and to keep control over my expenses, i had to fire my GK coach. My DPL, Green03B confirms is previous good season, with an other exceptionnal season: 7,46 rating over 32 VNLS games. Best rating of the league. Decent runs in cups, despite bad draws. Not enough to improve finances. It looks like a bad YT, but i needed a GK, and i got one. So i guess it's ok. The 4 most promising youths have bad personalities. This is an issue.
  13. Is it a bug? I ask a wall with 2 players and i only have 1 in this example.
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