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  1. On The Pitch - League Table Europa Conference Qualifying 1st Round - Beitar Jerusalem of Israel and an easy 11-2 aggregate win Europa Conference Qualifying 2nd Round - Tougher draw with APOEL of Cyprus, but navigated well enough 6-2 on aggregate. Europa Conference Qualifying 3rd Round - FC Nordsjaelland of Norway and we played very well against them, 7-2 aggregate win Europa Conference Qualifying 4th Round - CSKA Moscow of Russia and we fall at the same hurdle as last year, 4-6 on aggregate after winning the home first leg 3-2 This image says it all! What is really
  2. Re-reading through the thread, without the assistance of a couple of Long Island Ice Teas unlike last night, and my reply here sounds kind of a$$holey and not jokey as intended. Apologies @witticism if it did come across that way
  3. On The Pitch - League Table Europa Conference Qualifying 1st Round - Lynx of Gibralter and an easy 13-2 aggregate win Europa Conference Qualifying 2nd Round - Tough draw and Rosenborg of Norway. A fantastic 4-2 home win was followed up by a great 0-0 away result! Our biggest scalp to date! Europa Conference Qualifying 3rd Round - AaB of Denmark, still bigger than us (who isn't at this point!) but not as big as Rosenborg. Away first and we held a 1-0 lead most of the game, until condeding in the 84th, but 1-1 away is good! Home and this one was a battle! We scored early on, but they
  4. For those who have not followed my save from the beginning, lets just say that TNS are DOMINANT in my save..... I just spent way too long going through my yearly fixtures so I could see exactly how many games it took for me to finally beat them. Here we go.... (NOTE - If a cup game went to penalties, which two of them did, I counted them as draws - TNS won both penalty shoot-outs) So we finally beat them in our 44th match!! At least I got the goal difference back into double digits!
  5. On The Pitch - League Table That was a fun year! The kids took quickly to our newly tweaked 442 with Lukas Jedlicka 10E as a targetman and Adam Dunn his usual pacy self playing off of him. Europa Conference Qualifying. 1st round we had Zalgiris Vilnius of Lithuania who were fairly evenly matched. We won 4-1 at home, before losing 1-2 away but easing through 5-3 on aggregate. 2nd round we got Astra Giurgiu of Romania, who were a step up from us, but who I felt we had a chance against. Unfortunately a rare poor game in the first away leg away from home put us well behind the 8 ball, a
  6. I think their D line might have been a little too high and their defenders a little too slow Quick long balls over the top from GK distribution are deadly in certain circumstances
  7. Genuinely, my first reaction is that I have wasted 8 seasons of playing TNS at a minimum 4 times (usually 5 or 6 as they knocked me out of the cups) and not being able to fine half the team after each of those games!
  8. On The Pitch - League Table Our first season in 4 years with no Europe, so an actual semi normal preseason! Plus our first season as a professional club! We start off the league in fantastic form, winning 6 and drawing 2 in our first 8 games. We then lose 3 on the bounce, before going unbeaten again until a league doubleheader with TNS on Boxing Day & New Years Eve, where we lose both (although they are slowly getting to be closer affairs!). In the league after the split we win 6 and lose 4, to comfortably finish in 3rd, 28 points behind TNS, 15 points behind Bangor but 18 points ah
  9. We've gone from a very helpful community to a bunch of very helpful a$$holes in a very short period of time
  10. Check the Projection tab, you are probably under 0 in the 3 year projection (I am as well!) Also, the Debt and Loans tab might be right around 0 as well, with your numbers mentioned and probable interest on the bank loan.
  11. So, very next game I have 3 poor ratings (6.0, 6.1 & 6.1). Not wanting to jump straight into the deep end and take all their money, just a 1 day fine for each. 1 player had no visible changes, 1 had a full up green arrow next to Determination and this guy had a full up green arrow next to Determination and Work Rate.... This could be purely coincidental, as I did not look at them before fining, but whoa...... You guys just blew my mind
  12. This is really interesting! I always praise / criticize training performances each week when I get the round up email (and that quickly dries up the bad training), but I do not know that I have ever used fines for poor match performances.... Time to start!
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