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  1. The end of the that season was rougher, not going to lie. Although the vast majority of that was due to a threadbare squad (I was having to play my 18 year old GK who was Conference N/S quality in the Championship, along with others of similar quality) and they were jaded. We finished strong, including the wildest last day of the season I have had in a long time. Home to QPR, we are 10th and can finish 9th-11th, so no biggie to us. They are one spot above relegation (Charlton), but 3 points and 7 Goal Diff better off, so 99.9% safe.... Charlton win 3-1 away and we just went nuts, winning 7-0 and condemning QPR to the harshest relegation I have witnessed. Brutal. Anyway, finally had a close season to reinforce and looking very nice again. I am still very ropey in both full back positions, but happy with the rest of the first XI (I don't have the depth I would like, but hoping to avoid any bad injuries). 11 league games in and just the one 'one of those games'. Currently top of a very competitive league and my main striker has 13 in 13. Only change has been to import in all set pieces from a previous tactic (I forget which) - only 1 goal from a corner, but a healthy 4 from indirect free kicks. Not bad for a team forecast to come 17th, with the 24th smallest stadium, 24th smallest wage bill and 23rd smallest sponsorship income After a couple of squeaky bum finishes I tend to go to the 'away' tactic early in the 2nd half now if I get a 2 goal lead. My young team (again, with sub par full backs) tends to get pegged back, but this has helped a lot. (The friendly results were bananas - the 3-0 was a pure second string due to being forced on us and wedged in between the games I had already arranged)
  2. Have been able to log off of work and play a little FM since my post above. Here are my results so far using this tactic. Those last 4 fixtures were a murderers row of games as well. The opposition were 5th, 3rd, 2nd and Nott'm Forest are runaway leaders of the Championship this year (we were a fantastic 2-0 up on Forest before they came at us HARD in the final 15, before emergency backup MC 35yr old Aaron Ramsey came off the bench and smashed the 90th minute winner in!). Very happy with how things are going and now climbing the table nicely. Prior to this I was P26 W12 D2 L12 and sitting 16th. Now 9th and 2 points off the play-offs. Love this tactic! Thank you
  3. I hope more people are trying this and just not posting (like I was until now! lol) I don't have any screenshots to share right now, but my Poole Town team in the Championship (playing a 'dafuge' game, just not posting) are playing very nicely with this tactic. I love the simplicity of it and it creating a solid, reliable tactic. Thank you and I highly recommend it!
  4. TABLE // TRANSFERS // SQUAD STATS Chronological Diary December - We beat 2nd tier FC Den Bosch 4-0 in the cup to progress into the 3rd round for the first time in my tenure (we beat non league Scheveningen earlier in the season in round 1) December - We enter the winter break in 4th! Were are either winning or losing, rarely drawing. But the wins are keeping us much higher than expected! January - Ajax come in with a 3m offer for Bjorn Roelofsen (04C) who has made the switch to right back permanently (although he is defensively deficient....). Juventus have started sniffing around as well! I decide to bite the bullet and play ball. After 4 or 5 back and forths, Ajax semi withdraw but allow me to set a price and they will consider. 8.75m and 50% of next transfer. 2 days later they come back with that exact offer! I accept and our first big money deal is done. The fans are not happy at losing someone of his calibre and the board actually complain that the money is too low, but they like the clause (the same board who sold two players last year for relative peanuts!!!). January - Cup 3rd round in first game since sale. We lose 0-1 to ADO Den Haag. 6 days later, same opponents in the league. We lose again. And a 3rd loss in a row next weekend. Uh-oh. February - The board agree to Training, Youth Training and Data Analysis facility upgrades now we are financially improving. February - Sees 2 wins and 2 losses to semi stabilize, although it is one of the losses that I see as the turning point. We got spanked at our place 1-5 by Ajax in September as expected. In the return game here we stunned them by leading 1-0 until the last kick of the 1st half where they equalized. They go up 2-1 in the 58th minute, but we smash and grab 2 goals in the next 3 minutes to lead again. They equalize for 3-3 but we immediately counter and go 4-3 up! 88th minute heartbreak as their bombardment of goal finally sees an equalizer. And then a 90+5 minute heartbreaker to beat us 4-5 in the Eredivisie game of the season. I sympathize with the team and congratulate them on the performance and they soared! March - 3 wins and a draw see us reach 5th spot and into the European playoff spots! April - Nerves! This young squad visibly wobble, losing 3 out of 4. The solitary win was a last minute winner in a 1-0 win at home against relegated Willem II.... May - Last game of the season and we are 1-1 against high flying Vitesse when they get a red card. We take advantage and run out 4-1 winners. May - League prize money of 6.99m, when added to the transfer sale money in January has our bank balance at around 14m! May - European Play-offs! Due to AZ winning the cup and finishing 3rd in the league, the playoffs were between 5th and 8th. Two legged semi finals, winners meeting in a two legged final. Winner goes into Euro Cup II next year. May - The board reject my request to build a new stadium (we sell out our 8,000 ground every game this year). They do then agree to expand the current stadium, currently planned to increase capacity to 10,940 for around 4m. Would have preferred more, but...... May - Semi final against 6th place NAC. An absolute dream start, in the game where I officially fell in love with this squad! Steggers (Eric Stegeman (02A)) put us 2-0 up within 11 minutes. Everything fell our way, and two OGs in the next 7 minutes put us 4-0 up with less than 20 minutes on the clock. They pulled one back, but we continued playing fantastic football and won 6-1! 2nd leg was a formality. Steggers scoring again and Mart Molenaar (03D) netting, after replacing the out of form Jeroen Bosch (00B) May - Final time and it is against PSV Eindhoevn who finished 8th. First leg at their place and the newly formed strike partnership of Stegeman and Molenaar both score in a 2-1 win! Just a positive result away from Europe.... 2nd leg three days later and an unchanged lineup for the 4th game in a row. We take a 2-1 lead on the stroke of halftime, 4-2 on aggregate. The 2nd half is nervy, but a pair of Molenaar breakaway goals gives us a flattering 4-2 (6-3 agg) win and entry into the Euro Cup II in the 3rd Qual Round! Youth Intake (screenshot) Alex Lopes (06A) - A mentally strong kid, with a fantastic personality and can play with either foot. While not fully suited to it, will retrain to hopefully be a natural left back as I currently am very weak there. Mitchell Ditewig (06B) - On the surface a run-of-the-mill central midfielder. Hopefully his potential translate into good progression in the youth set-up. Wouter Kramer (06C) - Defensive midfielder, decent personality. Again, if he progresses in the u19s then he might be good. Enrico Verwey (06D) - An odd one.... Cannot finish, cannot cross, cannot tackle. So that rules him out of his three disparate positions. Poor personality. I will need a LOT of convincing from this kid! Luis Carlos Bosnie (06E) - Will need retraining (I do not play AMC currently) and not sure where to retrain. Another that will need to do a lot of convincing to get long term chances Paul Zonneveld (06F) - Another central midfielder. Looks ok. Guus Sanders (06G) - A youth prospect up front. Should get plenty of chances in the u19s to find the back of the net and make an impression Overview Well. That was a very unexpected and fun season! The bank balance looks great, although that will surely drop fast during the close season as we have Training, Youth Training and Stadium Expansion projects due to be finalized. The first XI is looking good now, all youth promotions except the GK (who is our captain and chief problem solver), but the depth is lacking. This is partly due to me, playing a settled team whenever possible (& not having fixture congestion issues) and partly due to not having the kind of players I would give a ton of chances to. I need to change this moving forward as I need to develop a squad and not a team, plus I am hoping for more midweek games in the Euro Cup II. The true star of the season was Eric Stegeman (02A) with an incredible 31 goals, but the below the radar star was easily Peter Manuel (03C) in the middle of the park. Averaging 7.60, he rarely disappointed and chipped in with 9 assists. He is also the only member of the starting XI with an undesirable personality, maybe I shouldn't fixate on them so much! lol Hopefully this past seasons success will help raise our low club reputation. The one downside to the season was losing Jordy van den Hooff (00A) to a broken leg for 6-7 months (still 3 months to go). It left us light in central midfield, but thankfully other injuries didn't strike and our 1 game a week schedule didn't stretch us too thin. Challenge History Season League Position Highest Average Top Goalscorer Top Assists Top POTMs 01 Eerste 18 / 20 Stef Brummel - 6.89 Ahmed El Azzouti - 9 Danny van den Meirsacker Many - 3 Ahmed El Azzouti - 2 02 Eerste 12 / 20 Eef van Riel - 6.88 Jeroen Bosch (00C) - 8 Mike van der Laar - 4 Jeroen Bosch (00C) - 4 03 Eerste 10 / 20 Mike van de Lar - 7.03 Jeroen Bosch (00C) - 8 Jeroen Bosch (00C) - 6 5 players - 2 04 Eerste 07 / 20 Jordy van den Hooff (00A) - 7.04 Jeroen Bosch (00C) - 22 Matthijs Janssen (01A) - 10 Jordy van den Hooff (00A) - 4 05 Eerste 03 / 20 Eric Stegeman (02A) - 7.15 Eric Stegeman (02A) - 19 Robbert van Rooijen (03A) - 10 Eric Stegeman (02A) - 10 06 Eredivisie 07 / 18 Peter Manuel (03C) - 7.60 Eric Stegeman (02A) - 31 Robbert van Rooijen (03A) - 10 Eric Stegeman (02A) - 9 Facilities Stadium Capacity Training Youth Training Academy Coaching Youth Recruitment Start 8,000 Poor Poor Fairly Basic Basic End of Season 01 8,000 Poor Poor Average Fairly Basic End of Season 02 8,000 Basic Basic Good Adequate End of Season 03 8,000 Below Average Below Average Excellent Good End of Season 04 8,000 Adequate Adequate Exceptional Exceptional End of Season 05 8,000 Adequate Adequate Exceptional Exceptional End of Season 06 8,000 Adequate Adequate Exceptional Exceptional
  5. TABLE // TRANSFERS // SQUAD STATS Chronological Diary June - After requesting it at the end of last season, the board have formed a Reserve team to go along with our Senior and u19s July - Completed my Continental C coaching licence July - PSV have been chasing Edwin Mommers (04A) all summer, 2.3m offer accepted by board over my head but I managed to talk them out of it. PSV return with a 2.6m offer which I reject. They return again and offer the 3m (1.2m, rising to 3m) which the board again take matters into their own hands and accept! I cannot protest this time and I lose my best prospect for less than I would have sold him for August - AZ offer 1.2m for Kevin Boer (04B) and the board accept again. I protest, they relent and reject the offer.... (I am officially skittish at every news item at this point....) September - Transfer deadline day and Vitesse offer 500k (rising to 975k) for Dirk Sluyk (04G). Guess what, the board accept and I cannot protest (this was literally a couple of days after protesting Kevin Boer (04B), presuming they only allow those interactions periodically) December - A defeat in the league in the final game before our mid-winter break snaps a fantastic 13 game unbeaten run. The run started with 5 straight draws, then 7 straight wins. Propelled us up to 6th spot and only 5 points off top. January - Jovi van der Maarel (01B) has 3 contracts offered him (he wants to move to a bigger club and will not talk to me about a new one). Thankfully he turns them all down. January - Jovi van der Maarel (01B) has 2 additional contracts offered, he accepts from Eredivisie Willem II and will join in the summer January - PSV Eindhoven offer 1.1m (rising to 2.2m) for Bjorn Roelofsen (04C) after he made a very quick rise into our starting XI. I negotiate and they renogotiate to 2.6m straight up and the 50% of next fee I had made mandatory. Thought about it for (quite ) a while, but took a risk and rejected February - We went unbeaten in February and climb to 4th (3rd when you ignore Ajax Reserves). 2 points off the 2nd automatic promotion spot and now firmly in the playoff places April - A good looking youth intake. 5 tagged. April - Penultimate league game and a win secures promotion.... We go 1-0 up early and dominate. Nerves set in and we cannot put the game away. A late red card for RKC Waalwijk helps and we see out the game 1-0. Promotion! May - A last day 1-1 draw sees us finish 3rd in the league, but with Ajax Reserves occupying 2nd place, the 2nd automatic promotion spot is ours. Next year is expected to be a tough one, but league prize money in the 3.8m to 8.7m range will be fantastic Youth Intake (screenshot) Nothing was going to match last years intake, but this is another tasty batch of potential. The facility updates are definitely noticeable. Bas Smit (05A) - A raw, ball winning midfielder. Will be retrained to be a natural MC, but I am hoping he will be a great compliment eventually next to a playmaker in the middle of the park. Joel Mulder (05B) - An interesting one. Love his personality, he just doesn't quite fit into the tactic currently. Going to retrain to ML, but I will keep an eye on development and a potential switch to retrain at FC if finishing, composure and off the ball look to be improving naturally. Peter van Kempen (05C) - Great versatility, which is a plus for him as central defender is a well covered position currently. Will retrain for DR, but he lacks the attributes for a long term option there. A good squad player. Remco Troost (05D) - Right sided player, who I wish was a little more defensive minded and I could retrain into an attack minded full back. Right side of midfield it is, will see if he produces in the u19s Maarten van der Spek (05E) - See 05D! Good personality and pace, so he could progress. Overview A fantastic season and our 442 approach worked a treat. Just 29 goals conceded in 38 league games is great, but can have no hope of being recreated next year when in with the big boys. The loss of Edwin Mommers (04A) didn't hurt this season, but with his potential we will feel his loss going forward. The money was nice, but in the grand scheme of things not vital. Challenge History Season League Position Highest Average Top Goalscorer Top Assists Top POTMs 01 Eerste 18 / 20 Stef Brummel - 6.89 Ahmed El Azzouti - 9 Danny van den Meirsacker Many - 3 Ahmed El Azzouti - 2 02 Eerste 12 / 20 Eef van Riel - 6.88 Jeroen Bosch (00C) - 8 Mike van der Laar - 4 Jeroen Bosch (00C) - 4 03 Eerste 10 / 20 Mike van de Lar - 7.03 Jeroen Bosch (00C) - 8 Jeroen Bosch (00C) - 6 5 players - 2 04 Eerste 07 / 20 Jordy van den Hooff (00A) - 7.04 Jeroen Bosch (00C) - 22 Matthijs Janssen (01A) - 10 Jordy van den Hooff (00A) - 4 05 Eerste 03 / 20 Eric Stegeman (02A) - 7.15 Eric Stegeman (02A) - 19 Robbert van Rooijen (03A) - 10 Eric Stegeman (02A) - 10 Facilities Training Youth Training Academy Coaching Youth Recruitment Start Poor Poor Fairly Basic Basic End of Season 01 Poor Poor Average Fairly Basic End of Season 02 Basic Basic Good Adequate End of Season 03 Below Average Below Average Excellent Good End of Season 04 Adequate Adequate Exceptional Exceptional End of Season 05 Adequate Adequate Exceptional Exceptional
  6. Overwhelming..... the amount of progress and posts in this thread to catch up on since I last viewed it, and also trying to retrace my saves steps to report on here soon! I was off work during Christmas, so that meant some FM time, but only in very short bursts. As such I played a game or two here and there and didn't want to waste the chances to play and do posts instead I'm almost 2 seasons on from my last reporting (season 5 is in the bag, working through March of season 6 currently). I'll put a catch up post together once I have finished this season. Shoutout to @XaW for keeping me FM focused with his spreadsheet tomfoolery
  7. Identical to the player roles. The Player Roles have their relevant attributes identified in game, the PPM relevant attributes were laid out in a blog or thread post by the author, based on their opinions. I agreed with the majority of their opinions, so used it as the basis for creating the PPM sheet It is an even 'grayer' rating than the Player Roles (which are by no means black and white to begin with) and should be used as an idea generator, imo.
  8. Updated my spreadsheet to v2 - https://community.sigames.com/topic/510157-weight-of-attributes-per-role-and-general-spreadsheet-geeking/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-12216805 More people downloaded v1 than I anticipated Nothing earth-shatteringly different in v2, change list posted in the link above - I just get a little OCD if I notice something wrong / off
  9. Ok, here is my current spreadsheet I am using. Braumillers Role Ability Analysis v2.xlsm Sheet updated to v2 on 1/8/2020 - fixed; Club DNA calculation (division now by 14 and not 12 - thanks @EnigMattic1!) Conditional formatting fixed on DR sheet Updated PPM sheet to handle full Player Stats list Updated calcs on PPM sheet to handle blanks Updated calcs on all sheets for player name to handle blanks Sheets rundown.... temp - simply where I copy and paste the data from the web page that FM exports the data to. I can manipulate the columns a little (I move the positions column out the way - I should just fix my view! lol) Player Stats - The only place you need to edit anything! Paste in your player name and attributes. Then fill in the positions grid, as this feeds every other sheet (except PPM). The Club DNA column is my first crack at identifying a base set of position agnostic attributes I'd like all players at my club to be good at. DL thru FC - gives a quasi percentage value for role ability (*) for each eligible player in the position - if you want to see how all players score, change the 0 to a 1 in cell A1 of that sheet PPMs - This is based on data from 3 or 4 FM versions ago, and I do not recall the thread or blog I used as the basis of this (or I would give credit - if anyone recognises it, please let me know and I will edit in credit here!). (*) - this is purely stat driven and is meant as a thought provoker for myself, not for making decisions - it ignores personalities, height and a swathe of other in-game factors The conditional formatting on the positional sheets is driven by the B2 cell in the Player Stats sheet. That is the ability score that the formatting starts at. The conditional formatting on the PPM sheet is the grid in the AU & AV columns Feel free to use and abuse this. Copy and paste is our best friend Hope it helps some (if you notice any bugs, let me know! probably best via PMs to avoid any thread clutter)
  10. That's the beauty of this game, there are a limitless number of ways to approach it - nothing wrong with your way, nothing wrong with those above As for missing out on all-rounders, a few of us here are regulars in the Youth Only challenge thread, and for me, this is primarily a way for me to identify potential retraining projects
  11. Yes (by 5) I did have a personalized version of the staff recommendation calculation - I'll have a dig through old OneDrive docs to see if still around, but that one might be long gone
  12. I'll happily post my spreadsheet once I'm done, then you can grab a copy and use and abuse it Will probably be a couple of days, as I am biting the bullet and doing a 'base' version with all of the available outfield roles (I have been creating 'quick', smaller versions recently, with just the roles of the tactic I am using). It'll have the PPM sheet in it too, which I've received a couple of PMs about
  13. @XaW love this! I've been away from the forums for a couple of week, but this is my kinda thread to pull me back in Quick personal notes from my previous spreadsheets (currently working on a new one, but my Youth save and Path of Exile are monopolizing my time to work on it! lol) I currently just all of the highlighted stats as the core stats for the role, regardless of their shading and whether the game regards them as primary or secondary stats for the role. Several years ago I went further and split them out. The calculation for each role would then reference two cells I had which held the weightings for primary and secondary (this way you could simply change the weighting for everything by changing the values for those two cells). I couldn't come up with a satisfactory feel for what the weightings should be, so I ended up reverting back to treating them as equal. To come up with my 'Role Scores', I simply take the average of the highlighted attributes (so that piece will be between 1 and 20) and then multiply it by 5, to give a score up to 100 - which works as a quasi percentage. This way you can compare roles for a player, regardless of if they have just 8 highlighted attributes or 241! (Looking at you Box to Box midfielders ) If a player had twenties for all highlighted attributes for a role, they would score a 100, and be 100% the best possible player for the role. For example, in the screenshot below, this player scores a 55% for a Ball Playing Defender (Defend), which was excellent for my team at the time. The attributes highlighted average out to 11, and then * 5. (This is an old screenshot I took months ago when I was grabbing the highlighted attributes for each role, so I could work on the spreadsheet at work without having to have the game open! lol) - I think it was one of my handy DM / MC's, which led to them being retrained into my main BPD-D..... Well, this 'quick' note suddenly went longer than anticipated I also have a tab which shows which PPMs might work for a player based on attributes (obviously they might not be a good choice depending on your tactic). This was based on a post / article I found 3-4 years ago, showing their opinions on which attributes relate to all PPMs (at that time). It is getting out of date now, but I still reference it. Based on @OlivierL 's posts, and others, I have also been toying with a 'Club DNA' rating as well. Identical to a role score, but a singular score for all my outfield players for a set of general attributes I would want them all to have. I haven't finalized this yet, as I keep chopping and changing tactics and approaches! lol Will keep an eye on this thread
  14. TABLE // TRANSFERS // SQUAD STATS On The Pitch Well that was a season that exceeded expectations and managed to end in disappointment at the same time! A switch back to a 442 saw an uptick in performances overall, especially up front as we were not so reliant on one player. Jeroen Bosch (00C) certainly enjoyed having a partner up front, breaking his seasonal goals tally of 9 with 22! Eric Stegeman (02A) enjoyed playing up front as well netting 11. We fought our way up to 5th place, which with 3 of the reserve team taking up the top 3 spots was actually the 2nd automatic promotion spot! We held 5th from matchday 30 to 34, but then we fell apart Our last 6 league games were DDLLLD! This left us in 7th and a playoff spot for the first time. Here we played SC Telstar who were also out of form. Away leg first and we went 0-1 down but fought back fantastically and won 2-1! The home leg and we got a first half goal, 3-1 on aggregate. The disaster, 2 second half goals conceded and 3-3 on aggregate and extra time. A second yellow card for left back Yassine van der Horst (03G) in the 97th minute and we were up against it. Held on and we went to penalties. 4-4 after the 5 penalties and then ......... urgh. No-one expected a promotion challenge and even though we fell short, it was a great season on reflection Off The Pitch July - Physios from 3 to 4 August - Sure sign we are now an established (and dare I say rising) entity. A lot of offers for our stars at the transfer deadline. Rejecting and just about keeping them happy afterwards.... Sept - Academy Coaching & Youth Recruitment improvements Feb - Youth Recruitment turned down on financial grounds March - Offered Willem II job interview May - Youth Recruitment improved Our youth set-up is now exceptional and that is great news. Our healthy bank balance is no longer due to this though, and our seasonal projections show losses of about 1.2m per year now and a current balance of 30k Youth Intake Wow! A very deep intake of potential. 11! tagged (and could have been a couple more...) and the u19s should look great now. The highly upgraded and expensive facilities look to be paying off. Edwin Mommers (04A) - A very handy looking striker! Will immediately go on the bench as our primary back up forward as we are actually lacking a little there in first team terms (often dropped to a 4411 if a striker had to come off). Hoping his high flair will help create a spark at times. Kevin Boer (04B) - Tall and two footed. Thinking of trying to retrain him into our left midfield spot, which is currently a weak link. Needs to work on his passing though. Bjorn Roelofsen (04C) - Professional youngster, so hoping he kicks on due to this. Right sided midfielder for now toying with the idea of being an attack minded right full back Jahmill Beekink (04D) - Another right sided midfielder. Needs work on his personality. Rene Bosch (04E) - Another forward, a little slow but a decent finisher. Robbert den Boer (04F) - Tall central defender, who looks solid for his age Dirk Sluyk (04G) - A two footed right back who is unfortunately lacking in techincals. Yusuf Kurniawan (04H) - I like the look of this project I think I will follow the Sidney Meefout (02B) template and retrain as a Ball Playing Defender. He has some of the basics and a trait for it. Need better tackling and a bit more pace before I start looking at him seriously though. Walter Harlaux (04I) - Versatile defensive minded youth. Decent mentals, needs work on his marking for the end of the pitch he plays at. Eneo Kapzhiu (04J) - A lightweight midfielder with a poor personality Nick Hendriks (04K) - Youth keeper! Challenge History Season League Position Highest Average Top Goalscorer Top Assists Top POTMs 01 Eerste 18 / 20 Stef Brummel - 6.89 Ahmed El Azzouti - 9 Danny van den Meirsacker Many - 3 Ahmed El Azzouti - 2 02 Eerste 12 / 20 Eef van Riel - 6.88 Jeroen Bosch (00C) - 8 Mike van der Laar - 4 Jeroen Bosch (00C) - 4 03 Eerste 10 / 20 Mike van de Lar - 7.03 Jeroen Bosch (00C) - 8 Jeroen Bosch (00C) - 6 5 players - 2 04 Eerste 07 / 20 Jordy van den Hooff (00A) - 7.04 Jeroen Bosch (00C) - 22 Matthijs Janssen (01A) - 10 Jordy van den Hooff (00A) - 4 Facilities Training Youth Training Academy Coaching Youth Recruitment Start Poor Poor Fairly Basic Basic End of Season 01 Poor Poor Average Fairly Basic End of Season 02 Basic Basic Good Adequate End of Season 03 Below Average Below Average Excellent Good End of Season 04 Adequate Adequate Exceptional Exceptional
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