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  1. /boggledmind 1098 posts prior to yours would suggest otherwise...... At the moment it is all in my personal, single user license Office 365 tenant. Using it as my hands on use-case for all kinds of fun O365 stuff, so I have a leg up when our company makes the move later in the year. If/when that changes, I'll let you know
  2. And I can now officially blame @XaW for my lack of productivity this afternoon Began recreating my old spreadsheets in SharePoint Online so I can access anytime / anywhere
  3. I enjoy following these threads. @Mr U Rosler out of interest, did you see how Man City performed with your 4141 in comparison to the 442?
  4. Domestic League : Allsvenskan - 2nd! I could write so much here... Our final totals for points and wins would have set records for the Swedish top flight and therefore won the league in any other season in its history! It just so happens that Malmo had the season of their lives. Fair to say that this one screenshot sums up the season >> The league table ahead of our first meeting with Malmo..... They won this game 1-3 and then we lost our next game 0-3 as well. At that point I presumed the league was gone, but we only lost 1 more game in the remaining 19 and it went right down to the wire. Last game of the season, we are 1 point behind Malmo. We win 4-2 and Malmo sneak what must have been a VERY nervy 1-0 win to secure the title. Domestic Cup : 2030-2031 edition - Group Stage A mixed bag in the group games. 1 win, 1 draw, 1 loss and we did not qualify for the knockout games (you need to win your group). Domestic Cup : 2031-2032 edition - Qualified for next years group stages An effortless 8-0 drubbing of 3rd tier Lunds. Great performance Europa League : 2031-2032 edition - Quarter Finals Our second time going into this phase of the competition and we go one better than before. 1st Knockout Round and we get Saint-Etienne. A great 3-1 away win set us on our way and then a solid 1-1 draw at home 2nd Knockout Round against Roma. This time at home first and another great 1st leg performance set us on our way. A 4-1 home win was followed by a 2-0 away win Quarter Final time! We draw Sevilla and this proves to be a step too far for us currently. They played very well in the first leg at their place and run out 4-1 winners. There was a faint hope the away goal would prove to be valuable, but they also won the 2nd leg to wrap up the tie. Europe : 2032-2033 edition - Did not qualify Youth Intake A top heavy intake with four tagged Joacim Stridh (14A) - Ooh, this kid has a look of being our future playmaker. I would have liked to have given him some senior minutes this year, but the games were too important. Will play a role next year for sure Joakim Svensson (14B) - Decent looking forward who can also play out wide as well, which might be important for us moving forward. Anders Olsson (14C) - Another entry into the overcrowded central midfielder club Mats Hansson (14D) - It has been a couple of years since our last decent GK prospect, so he should have a clear run at the role in the youth setup for a while Transfers No outgoing permanent transfers again, but there is massive related news in the General section which I am not happy about..... Squad Stats - Season Awards 1st - Theodor Karlberg-Blank (12B) 35% - A great season from our current playmaker. 8 goals and 9 assists from the middle of the park. Currently has a host of German and Italian clubs interested in him and he is wanting a move to a bigger club. Thankfully I have him tied up for 4 years, but this could evolve. 2nd - Marcus Antonsson (09B) 30% - Again the left back is a fan favorite. 3rd - Hans Larsson (08D) 23% - Hans' last appearance here.... A cracking return of 23 goals. General A season of so much, but again nothing to show for it yet. We had the 2nd best record EVER in the Swedish top flight, beaten only by Malmo with the best ever record... The positive here though is that the feel-good factor is back. There is the constant underlying issue of our stars wanting to move on, but that seems to be the reality we live in, so.... However.... Before the season started Hans Larsson (08D) again wnated to leave for a bigger club. We had a chat and it went south. With only 12 months left on his contract he stated he would then just let it run out and leave at the end of the season. We ended up turning away a couple of offers for 2-3 million almost immediately, in the hopes of things improving. Obviously they did on the pitch, but Hans never reconsidered, unbelievably. He was top scorer, in great spirits and this is his Dynamics screen 3 weeks before his contract ends and he left ON A FREE! Loves me, loves the club, loves life and doesn't have a negative in sight.... Thankfully we have a bevy of forwards waiting to get starts, but obviously no-one is at Hans' level right now. My standout GK Christer Eriksson (10F) is down to just 12 months on his contract and he is willing to re-sign. However, I hate his agent, as he is demanding a minimum fee clause of around 2m for him to sign! He is valued at 325k in game, but anyone worth their salt should be triggering the clause should we agree to it. Holding off for now, but I figure I need to get something signed before the start of the season. Europa League money is again funding another round of training & youth facility upgrades, which are finally starting to get up to standards. We have also added affiliate clubs from the lower leagues in Belgium and Spain. The new stadium opens up during this close season, so we should start seeing improvements in the finances from here and hopefully some expansion in the next year or two.
  5. Domestic League : Allsvenskan - 7th What a disappointing season! After a pair of 3rd place finishes we are now due to miss out on European competition for a season (unless we win the conclusions of either the Swedish Cup or EURO League at the start of next season!). We started horrendously with just 1 win in our first 8 league games (as you'll see below, there were lots of wins, just not in the league). We did eventually stabilize, but by the time we did we were too far behind to realistically challenge for anything significant.... Domestic Cup : 2030-2031 edition - Runners-Up! The first half of where our early season wins were.... We lost our first group game, but qualified top of the group after winning our remaining two. We were stretched to the limit in the QF, finally winning due to an own goal in extra time. The Semi Final saw a professional 2-0 against a strong Hammerby. Our 2nd Swedish Cup final saw an outcome the same as our first..... heartbreak. AIK nicking it 0-1 in the end. Still we wait for our first top tier piece of silverware. Domestic Cup : 2031-2032 edition - Qualified for next years group stages A run of the mill 3-1 win against 3rd tier Eskilstuna. Group Stages again next season Europa League : 2030-2031 edition - 2nd Round The magical run resumed with a kind First KO Round draw against FC Zurich. We kept it tight in the first away leg, before two late goals on the break gave us a fantastic 2-0 away win. The home leg was similarly tight and professional, 0-0 and we advanced! Second KO Round draw and again we avoid the worst of it (Liverpool vs Juventus was another tie!) and get Shakhtar. Home leg first and a very even game ends 1-1. Away leg time and we take an early 8th minute lead! Shakhtar equalize early in the 2nd half, but it remains the same. Extra time..... Shakhtar then score in the 93rd minute and we have to throw everything at them. Sadly it proves fruitless and then see out the game without any further scoring. A great run, which will raise our profile and bank balance. Europa League : 2031-2032 edition - Advanced from the Group Stages This time around we start a round later, 3rd Qualifying. Here we get VPS from Finland and take care of business 7-1 on aggregate. 4th Qualifying round is tougher, pairing us with Serbian Partizan Belgrade. Two tough games followed that could have gone either way, but thankfully we won both legs 3-2 for a 6-4 aggregate win. This gets us to the group stages and this time we are drawn against Bordeaux, Dynamo Kiev & FC Midtjylland. An opening draw away at Bordeaux set the table nicely and when we then won our next 4 games we were assured of top spot in the group before our final game. Here we give the youngsters some European experience and fall 2-3 away at Kiev. Knockout rounds again early next preseason! Youth Intake After a very nice run of intakes I guess we were due something like this. Not great. Vilmer Andersson (13A) - Vilmer could turn into something good. I like his many possible playing positions and his personality. MC is crowded right now, so time will tell. Billy Lind (13B) - Another striker with sub optimal finishing. I messed his screenshot up and cropped out his personality.... Low determination..... Transfers No outgoing permanent transfers!!! I cannot yet say if this is the new norm or just a season without a quality kid getting poached from me, but I will enjoy the feeling while it lasts! Squad Stats - Season Awards 1st - Adam Johnasson (09C) 45% - A lovely all round performance this season from Adam! 2nd - Niklas Oscarsson (10D) 32% - A lower goal return this year, but still central to our play 3rd - Marcus Antonsson (09B) 14% - One of our more consistent performers, first choice DL General A season of extremes. Great in the cups, very poor in the league which will cost us next season. Hans Larsson (08D) is still wanting to leave for a bigger club, but none have come in for him yet. Just 12 months left on his contract, so that has potential to be a story line next year! Dario Hadzic (11B) and Theodor Karlberg-Blank (12B) are also starting to make similar noises, although nothing said to me yet from them. Prize money continues to fuel our facility upgrades. Many Data Analysis upgrades and another round of training and youth facility increases. Another smaller issue is that both our captain and vice captain have been knocked down the pecking order and neither are first XI players right now.
  6. Domestic League : Allsvenskan - 3rd An identical 3rd place finish to last season, but this felt like a big step up in terms of our ability and standing within the league. We again started off with 2 straight league defeats, which set us back and ultimately would prove costly. Once we got ourselves going though we were now able to mix it with anyone in the league and on our day really punish teams. Our league point total of 65 was 8 points better than last year and if it wasn't for the top 5 spots running away from the rest of the league, it would have been enough for a higher finish for sure. 3rd place again gets us into the EURO Cup at the qualifying rounds, but we were only a couple of minutes away from finishing in 2nd place and a Champions League qualifying round spot! Last game of the season, 2 points behind AIK and with better goal difference. A win for us would mean AIK needed to win. We were comfortably winning and then AIK go 0-1 down in the 83rd minute! AIK then immediately equalize on 84 and immediately go ahead on 88.... We stare in vain at the latest scores as our game uneventfully ends, but alas no miracle. AIK escape with a win and secured 2nd place. Domestic Cup : 2029-2030 edition - Already knocked out last season Domestic Cup : 2029-2030 edition - Beat lower league IFK Timra 3-0 to qualify for next seasons Group Stages Europe : 2028-2029 edition - Did not qualify Europe : 2029-2030 edition - Oh boy.... The eagerly anticipated draw came for our first ever taste of european competition finally arrived and we received pretty much the toughest draw possible in the very early 2nd qualifying draw, Atalanta from Italy. I fully expected a 1-and-done adventure, but when we saw their line-up in the away first leg I began salivating almost as much as my widemen. A narrow 4222 (DM, DM, MC, MC, FC, FC), which we have taken apart previously with our wide play. Sure enough, they just gave us cross after cross and soon enough we were 4-0 up at halftime! They scored late on, but the damage was done. It finished 9-1 on aggregate. The 3rd Qualifying Round draw was a lot kinder, giving us FC Differdange, an amateur side from Luxembourg. Thankfully no slip-ups and a very comfortable 11-1 aggregate win. So, 1 round away from an improbable Group Stages appearance. In the 4th Qualifying Round we drew Braga from Portugal. This was a lot tougher. Away first and a great battling performance saw us come away with a 1-1 draw. The home game was huge. We went down 0-1 early and it stayed that way until we equalized on 64. 10 minutes later and we get another to go ahead on the night and on aggregate. A very nervy last 15-20, but we broke away deep into injury time and wrapped it up! The draw for the Group Stages saw us avoid the REAL big names and get Marseilles, Besiktas and Steaua Bucharest. First up is Steaua at home and the performance of the season! 7-1! We then drew 2-2 away at Besiktas, before trading wins with Marseilles. A draw at away at Steaua and a win at home against Besiktas meant we not only didn't get embarassed, we progressed from the group! Our first round will be early on in our preseason next year. Youth Intake A decent looking intake, with a few prospects at the top end that should rack up first team appearances over the years. Gustav Borjesson (12A) - A technically decent attacking fullback. Will try to integrate into the first team ASAP. Theodor Karlberg-Blank (12B) - Another good looking technical player. Current thought is to try and retrain as a central midfielder (even though the development feedback is telling me he could be retrained as a striker..... Er, nope!). Would love to get his passing higher and along with his very high flair get a playmaking role going. Johannes Nilsson (12C) - A professional personality is great. A finishing of 6 for a forward, not so much. Work to do here Magnus Ohlsson (12D) - Nothing particularly wrong with the kid, he is just going to be behind quite a lot of competition for games in his position Transfers I really am hoping this is my last seasonal update that has to report on one of my top players being poached.... Viktor Lilja-Ekeros (10A) was still on a youth contract due to not believing we have the quality to match his ambitions (kid, check out the continental games you played in!!!) and so just two days after qualifying for the EURO Cup group stages SL Benfica came in and offer him a full time deal (talk about bursting my bubble!). He agrees and we receive 775k in compensation (peanuts compared to his actual worth to us and what we could have gotten in usual transfer negotiations.....). There are clauses, including a 250k one which has already been paid to us for him receiving his first full Swedish cap. We have decent kids waiting behind him at DL, but Viktor Lilja-Ekeros (10A) was easily a step above anyone else He has already made a decent start for Benfica, which is more than any of our previous outgoing transfers can say Squad Stats - Season Awards 1st - Hans Larsson (08D) 38% - A great return of 20 goals and 11 assists, forming a deadly partnership up front with Niklas Oscarsson (10D) 2nd - Dario Hadzic (11B) 26% - Took to left midfield like a duck to water and made the spot his this year - 15 goals and 12 assists. 3rd - Niklas Oscarsson (10D) 22% - Hans Larsson (08D)'s partner and 23 goals gave him our record. General Losing Viktor Lilja-Ekeros (10A) was a tough loss, but I am hoping our performances this season have help stave off future issues. Hans Larsson (08D) has for 12 months been unhappy with me due to wanting to go to a bigger club. No-one ever came in for him (he was valued at around 300-400k and rose to 1.1M by the end of the year - Malmo were always listed as interested), probably due to the 10M asking price I had on him. However, at the end of the season he stated he is now happy to stay with us! And Hans Larsson (08D) was key to our performances this year. What is a 442 set up for us by default, actually switches to a 4411 more often than not. Niklas Oscarsson (10D) plays as a targetman and then depending on who is playing off of him, we have an Advanced Forward, Poacher or Hans Larsson (08D) actually as a Shadow Striker. This may evolve again soon, as Simon Carlen (11C) has been a revelation when rotating in and seems to score whenever given time. While we didn't struggle, we were always on a razors edge when it came to fitness and rotation in the 2nd half of the season. The extra 12 EURO Cup games really did push us to our limits. There is a new batch of kids ready for a little more play time, but I was too nervous to give it to them while we were trying to qualify from our EURO Cup group and push AIK for 2nd place. Next year should see the start of a new phase of heavier rotation. Right at the end of the season we received notice that we are building a new stadium! The capacity of just over 10,000 is a little underwhelming but I guess we can also expand. We were selling out our old ground of 5,500 every domestic game and in europe we were putting 14,000-15,000 backsides on seats when playing at IFK Goteborg's 18,400 capactity stadium due to ours not meeting competition requirements. It is pretty pricey, but it is all covered by a loan. 2 years to build, so we still have to wait a little while..... The influx of prize money also gave us our first tax hit! 1.2M! On the plus side, we got our first 3 data analysis improvements. Going from not having any DA facilities to now being of a poor standard! A lot more upgrading to do here (which is thankfully cheap and quick, at least currently). We also now have a double training facility upgrade going, which are much needed. And to finish out the off the field upgrades, we got a couple of affiliate clubs to start this process off. An Icelandic and Czech club, to kick start our world knowledge.
  7. Domestic League : Allsvenskan - 3rd Well, this was a great development! We changed things around a little bit, some of the kids took huge strides while grabbing the smallest of opportunities and it felt like we kicked on nicely. After the great cup run (see below) we started the league campaign with a thud! We lost both of our first games without scoring and doubts began to creep in. We then won 5 of our next 6 (including two thumping away wins) and we did not look back after that. We have an annoying habit of letting in late goals, which did cost us a few points, but thankfully in other games they didn't hurt us. There was one small wobble in August when we lost 3 out of 4 and conceded 12 in the process, but then there always seems to be one! We even managed to do the double of the champions AIK, including a 1-0 last day of the season win which secured 3rd. It took an 89th minute OG to do it and vault from 4th to 3rd, but we will take it! The massive revelation this year though was Niklas Oscarsson (10D) who exploded onto the scene and outshone other more highly touted youths. He scored two off the bench in a cup game and then after the 2 poor first league games I started him and he scored two again never looked back. The exclamation mark being 4 goals in one game, 4 games from the end of the season. Domestic Cup : 2027-2028 edition - Lost in the semi finals Our second great cup run in our 11 year journey so far and again Malmo played the role of party poopers. We almost didn't make it out of the group stages, as after winning our first two games we needed either any positive result or a loss by a single goal to progress. We went 3-2 down in the 91st minute to Falkenbergs FF and then endured a frantic next 4 additonal minutes but JUST held on. From there we won our quarter final 1-0 against Norrkoping before heartbreak in our Semi Final. Malmo scored a 93rd minute winner in a 7 goal thriller of a game. Domestic Cup : 2028-2029 edition - Lost in 2nd Round I cannot fathom out our team and this qualifying round against lower level opposition. I only made 2 changes to our first choice XI (1 enforced by injury) and we played horrendously again. An embarrassing 0-1 loss to Gefle, who we used to battle against in the early years of the challenge. Europe : n/a Youth Intake A very top heavy intake this year. I actually only signed the top 5 of them to youth deals and let the other 11 leave. Shewangizaw Tebabal David (11A) - Possibly the best named player I have ever received! I have actually had to drop a letter from his name in game in order to add his youth tag! Now known to me purely as Dave, Shewangizaw looks like a future DC for sure. Tall, relatively pacey (both for his size and in terms of the rest of my defense) and determined. I will try and give him minutes in the first team as chances arise in games late on. Dario Hadzic (11B) - My new retraining project! I want Dario to be my longer term left midfielder. Pacey and fairly well rounded, I have started giving him spot starts already and he even grabbed the ball and took & scored a penalty late on in a league game! Simon Carlen (11C) - Simon has something my other forwards do not, natural finishing. He needs some polishing before challenging for senior starts I think (personality! and his starting trait is not great for a forward role hanging on the defenders shoulder) but he could be handy. Johan Peterson (11D) - A defender who can play anywhere across the line. A little short for my liking back there, but fairly well rounded. Transfers I will be happy again when this section reverts back to reporting on just outgoing loans...... It was always a worry, but Jonatan Hansson (08C)'s rise to starting on our right wing brought attention to his release clause his agent insisted on him having if he was going to sign a deal. Granted, the 500k at the time seemed extortionate when his value was so low, but his value shot up as his performances merited. He has 11 assists for us already by the time the big boys came in for him. He had the choice of both Milan clubs and chose Inter. The sad thing is, if not for the release clause I could have squeezed a LOT more out of them for sure, fixing our short term money issues..... Squad Stats - Season Awards 1st - Joakim Stromberg (08A) 35% - A career high haul of 17 goals, Joakim won the fans vote. 2nd - Selim Ari (03B) 28% - Captain marvel again for another great season in the middle of the park 3rd - Niklas Oscarsson (10D) 23% - Highway robbery! How did this kid not win the award this year?! 20 goals (a club record) in 32 appearances and a key part in our upturn in fortunes. General A massive feel good feeling around the club right now. 3rd place means we get to enter European competition for the first time next year, entering the EURO Cup in the 3rd qualifying round. Last year 3rd place gave entry to the Group Stages immediately, but Sweden dropped down 1 spot in the coefficients and it cost us. The money will be a big plus and hopefully will help us back towards breaking even again for the first time in 4-5 years.
  8. Domestic League : Allsvenskan - 7th A second consecutive 7th place finish and overall that is a solid consolidation in the top flight. This felt more comfortable than last year and we rarely felt the pressure of a relegation fight, unlike last year. We did have a worrying wobble in the middle of the season. After a full month of June off due to Euro 2028, we played several top teams in July and picked up just a solitary draw with 3 losses. Thankfully with that tough stretch out of the way we only lost another 3 in our final twelve games. Domestic Cup : 2027-2028 edition - Already knocked out Domestic Cup : 2028-2029 edition - Qualified for the Group Stages next year Our struggles in the qualifying round (technically called the 2nd Round) of the cup against lower league teams continues. This time IK Oddevold took us to extra time at our place before we won with the only goal of the game Europe : n/a Youth Intake A very nice intake indeed, giving us needed depth in quality prospects and also providing an instant impact kind of player. Viktor Lilja-Ekeros (10A) - Oh yes! This may finally signal the end of Sebastian Hansson's grip on our left full back spot after a 10 year run! He has almost everything I would want, and to be honest I have half thought about trying to convert him full time to a left sided midfielder. A very well rounded kid with a professional personality. There is one huge worry, noted in the General section below. Jesper Sandberg (10B) - An interesting central defender, who can also play central midfield. That alone gives hope he can turn into a more classy DC than the current crop (low bar!). Hopefully he can progress. Mathias Bohlin-Larsson (10C) - Another interesting looking player. Natural at DM, which I we have been moving away from recently, but has options at retraining at DC or MC. He feels a little small and lacking in physicals for DC, so I am thinking of trying to turn him into an MC. If successful, it would be a great addition for me as his tackling is already far superior to other CM options at my disposal. If his teamwork rises, also possible future captain / vice captain considerations. Niklas Oscarsson (10D) - I do like prospects who can play multiple positions for me. Niklas has the well rounded physicals to give chances in the senior squad to, just not sure what to make of that personality.... Joakim Berglund (10E) - A second natural forward but with other positions available to play. Joakim needs more development that Niklas, but I like the potential look of him. Christer Eriksson (10F) - A good looking GK prospect Transfers Well, this was going to be another 'lots of loans' one line entry and then the day after our Swedish transfer deadline passed something unexpected happened..... Juventus came in for Joakim Groundstroem (08B) with an initial offer in the 400k range. After a lot of haggling, we managed to get them up to 800k immediately and another 1m in payments over the next 2 years. I felt my hand was forced here as the signs were not boding well if I turned them down. The downside is that while this is great money for us, it did not fix our mounting money issues. On the plus side, Joakim was not playing overly well anyway, so his departure didn't hurt us too much in the short term (long term, if he filled his potential he would of obviously been great for us) Squad Stats - Season Awards 1st - Anders Hall (04C) 35% - A first showing in the awares for Anders. He is a typical no nonsense defender who can win the ball and then do nothing with it! But he won the ball well for us this year and then fans appreciated that! Our vice captain in waiting for when Abdoulie Jobe moves on and Selim Ari (03B) gets promoted to captain. 2nd - Ivan Vukcevic (06B) 28% - Our right winger with a good season in the books 3rd - Selim Ari (03B) 23% - Our Mr Consistent General This year felt like we belonged in the top flight as players began to settle down and perform better. So, Viktor Lilja-Ekeros (10A). Granted he did not really shine at all during his first 5 games of his career, but he has a lot of potential. Sadly, he knows this as is evidenced by our contract negotiations. He signed a 4 year youth deal on intake day and as the season wound down I tried to get him to sign a full time deal. He is already stating that he doesn't think Vastra Frolunda can field a team on the level he wants to play for..... So, at best I might have a 4 year 'loaner' type player, but chances are he might starting causing an issue well before then
  9. Welcome @optimusprimal82. Purely personal thoughts; 1 - I have not yet played in England, so I cannot comment on experiences. I would imagine disabling it (if possible) would constitute a rule break. 2 - The only encouragement is to play, your way As long as the club fits the bill (previously unplayable in season 1) and you like them, go for it 3 - Yep - you start in the lowest playable league in your chosen country and select one of the previously unplayable teams which got promoted during the initial holdayed first season. Good luck!
  10. Domestic League : Allsvenskan - 7th A predictably rocky start to life in the top tier of Swedish football, especially when we dropped 4 losses in a row early on. Even then, we were alway just outside of the relegation and relegation playoff spots. A permanent switch to a more cautious mentality in our 4141 formation that got us here proved very fruitful though. We had a simple target of 30 points (1 point per game) to survive and we kept ourselves 1 or 2 points above this for the most part and generally 3-5 points above the team in 13th (the relegation playoff spot). As we finished out the season we had a very nice run of results and bumped ourselves up from 9th-10th to a final finish of 7th! (I think this flatters us and gives me unfounded optimism) Domestic Cup : 2025-2026 edition - Knocked Out In Group Stages We didn't make it out of our group after drawing all three of our group games Domestic Cup : 2026-2027 edition - Lost In 2nd Round The league game before this cup game we were 0-1 down in the 2nd half, I switched to an attacking 442 and we won 4-1! So I tried the attacking 442 from the start in the cup against lower league opposition and it backfired spectacularly..... Europe : n/a Youth Intake I feel like this was always going to be a let down after last years great intake, and it was. A few decent prospects, but none that I feel will be instance impacts over the next year or two. Possibilities to develop into first teamers though. Isac Persson (09A) - A potentially interesting prospect. Not particularly noteworthy in any area, and with an unfavorable personality, but there is something to work with there and not too many others in front of him at left midfield Marcus Antonsson (09B) - I love the versitility on this kid and that alone should secure him some appearances in the senior team. What he does with those chances may well determine his long term future Adam Johansson (09C) - Central midfield is a populated portion of the field for us right now, so he will have a fight on his hands. That said, I do like a two footed player and he has fantastic teamwork as well. Both positives. Oliver Abrahamsson (09D) - The positive here is again versitility. The negatives though as another unambitious player and very poor physicals, which are often the strong points of the kids that can hide their poorer technicals Transfers Another year of a lot of outgoing loans. Not 100% sold on the idea being a particularly good one, so I may scale this back and only loan out when necessary for happiness reasons Squad Stats - Season Awards 1st - Selim Ari (03B) 45% - A deserved player of the season for our captain in waiting (he is currently still vice captain while Abdoulie Jobe is at the club, although playing less and less) 2nd - Sebastian Hansson 24% - 3rd - Erdem Ozdemir (01B) 19% - General This was a season where it felt every game was of upmost importance. We were never more than 2 losses away from being dragged into a real relegation dogfight until very late in the season. As the year progressed Hans Larsson (08D) started to really stand out. A natural AMC, I tried to play him in our lone FC role a few times and he flopped (as did Joakim Stromberg (08A) for the most part - even earning himself a month or two back down in the U19s!). Once our survival was assured, I switched from our trusty 4141 to a 4411 to try and incorporate what was quickly becoming clear as a stand out developing youth. In the 4 games we played our 4411 we won 3 and drew 1. More importantly, instead of having a lonely figure upfront who would often have poor games due to either isolation or inconsistency, we would have a link (granted, we lost the security blanket of a DM at the back....). Interestingly, with the FC not having to link up play any more, Joakim Stromberg (08A) became a Poacher and scored 4 in 2.5 games (he got a red card in a game and so missed one through suspension!). Hans Larsson (08D) played well enough for me to consider this switch permanently next year. TBD! We lost money like crazy this year. Moving most people at the club to full time contracts and crazy high youth set-up costs being the main culprits. Our attendances are rising nicely though and they may force a stadium expansion / build in the next few years (more costs!).
  11. Domestic League : Superrettan (Tier 2) - 2nd (Promotion!) A fantastic league season! We started off strong and despite a wobble around the middle of the year when we lost 3 on the bounce, we were able to see out the year in good form and clinch the 2nd automatic promotion spot. I will be honest, it felt like for much of the season we were riding our luck quite a bit, winning tight games and not feeling like being on the end of too many bad decisions or lucky breaks. This was highlighted in one particular league game when we won 2-1 against Vasteras, who had 3 (!!) goals disallowed. As the season got to the business end, we were dead level with IK Frej Taby with 4 games to go, but they had a 1 goal advantage in goal difference. We then had a huge swing in our favor, when we won our game 3-0 and they lost theirs 0-3. Last day of the season saw us needing just a point to guarantee promotion and we played out the most fantastically boring 0-0 in our history (apart from kick offs, there was 1 highlight! A long range free kick for them.....). IK Frej Taby also drew, so a loss would have done! Domestic Cup : 2025-2026 edition - already knocked out Domestic Cup : 2026-2027 edition - Advanced to Group Stages next season After last years embarassing loss at this stage, we treated this like a regular league game and played a full strength team. We beat Gefle from one league below us 4-2 to advance to the group stages next preseason. Europe : n/a Youth Intake The facility improvements are really starting to show in the recent intakes and this one continues the trend. A, B, C and E all featured for the senior squad in the final games of the season. Joakim Stromberg (08A) - A quality, instant impact prospect up front! As with any intake product, there are weaknesses (in this case personality, determination & finishing) but we need something to work on! Joakim Groundstroem (08B) - A slightly small central defender with relatively great starting heading, marking, tackling, technique, aggression, bravery, determination, positioning and work rate. Will start him as often as possible. Jonatan Hansson (08C) - A determined central midfielder who will find it difficult to break the strong Jobe/Ari partnership in the middle of our setup. That said, after a goal and an assist filling in at right midfield I have started retraining him there for a possible full time role. Hans Larsson (08D) - The odd man out with regards to getting immediate game time. Hans is an AMC at a club that currently doesn't utilize one. I'll retrain at forward and see where it goes Patrik Lindstrom (08E) - The exact opposite of Hans, Patrik is a natural DM at a club that has been playing central midfielders in a DM role for the past couple of years. Has the basics already in place to fulfill the role, we just need to flesh out his ability and try and get his personality trending positively. Charles Aboker (08F) - This one is a definite project. Retraining underway for left midfield and will spend a fiar chunk of time in the youth squad. Transfers Another season with a flurry of transfer activity, but this time it was all of my own chosing! A lot of loans going out for a season of games. A few played their way into consideration for next years senior squad. Squad Stats - Season Awards 1st - Sebastian Hansson 63% - Moving back to our old 4141 formation (although tweaked) meant Sebastian became a very attacking fullback again and excelled 2nd - Admir Jukic (01A) 14% - Forming a scary partnership down our left with Hansson, Admir played great. 3rd - Abdoulie Jobe 13% - The tiny captain again produced when needed General A very unexpected and successful season! The realist in me wonders if it was too soon, but I am just going to try and suppress that feeling. Off the field it was very quite, except for the screaming and crying heard coming from the finance department. We lost over 500k this season, mainly due to the much higher costs of running our junior coaching and youth recruitment operations at such high levels. That said, they are definitely starting to bear fruits with the recent intakes! I went and took a look at all 32 teams in the top two division and we now have the best junior coaching rating in Sweden and the joint best youth recruitment (along with Malmo, Norrkoping and BK Hacken). Therefore we are now in a fantastic position to be in with a chance of bringing in the better of the Swedish kids as they enter the footballing world. I realized I have not updated the Selim Ari (03B) experiment since its initial first season failure. It is fair to say that since then it has been a great success! In giving him the vice captaincy every year and now with him being a key piece of our first XI, he has risen up through the pecking order of the clubs dynamics and this year became a Team Leader. This now gives me a determination 15 Team Leader to use in mentoring the new kids who do not have the best personalities. He will eventually take over the club captaincy, but Jobe still has that for now. Once a new youth comes through who will be the next captaincy project, I will promote Selim to captain and install the new project as vice captain. One of the big news items immediately after promotion... The board finally took the step to make us a Professional football club finally! Looking forward to being able to train full time and hopefully kick the development up a notch! Next season.... I fear a little, but anything above the relegation spots will be a success.
  12. @theBlackPrince - just wanted to say that your season write-ups are by far the most unique and well put together we have had in this challenge! Love the layout and content I really admire those who take on this challenge in England. It is such a long climb. *tips hat*
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