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  1. I'm also having the same issue, think for me it was the Lisbon Youth Cup being played with my U18s in June. Could really do with a way of fixing this for an ongoing save, but don't see how it could be done.
  2. Well done! Though I'm slightly puzzled by Nguiamba being signing of the season and not making the team of the season
  3. Great news, and thanks for your hard work on this. Always much appreciated!
  4. Having won two friendlies 12-0 and 13-0, I can comfortably say the match engine is complete and should see no further changes, ever. I love how it feels like there are different ways to play the game now. In the past I've felt like there were limited options - yes, I could change formations and so on but the football always looked very similar, the philosophy that got played out always looked fairly Barca-esque regardless of what I picked. Team training was a twice a season 10 second switcheroo, when I remembered to change it at all. It felt like success was all in the initial setup - if I got things just so, it would all work out. I feel like now there is much more flexibility, more ways to play FM, largely influenced by being forced to make big decisions early on. How do I actually want my team to play? What's the actual philosophy? It's a more fundamental decision now, at least for someone not tactically-gifted anyway. Same with training - I feel like I can probably trust the expert to get on with that and just chip in as and when... but I know in all of this, I can probably find another 10-20% of optimisation if I do want to chip in. The training is forcing me to rethink preseason completely - before I just lumped in 10-12 friendlies and tried to maximise condition and bonding. Now I'm thinking much more about the role of training and match time, about the impact of not resting after friendlies. Top work, SI. And in a year where you've moved offices as well... bravo!
  5. It does feel like there should be an in-game music player now, especially with the way it has been integrated. I actually quite like the song too, though I'm not sure we should be having references to kissing of thighs in a game rated PEGI 3+...
  6. I love the insane detail people can go into. Great work!
  7. That's interesting. One thing I've done is in the Tactic Screen, when viewing the Fitness option I've changed the 'Injury Susceptibility' column the 'Overall Risk'. This shows the overall risk of a player picking up an injury - was surprised to see it High for four of my players, but then they'd played the first three games of pre-season in 14 days. These were all in intensive roles too.
  8. People also tend to go straight for very heavy training for long periods of time during pre-season, too - which is not necessarily appropriate.
  9. Like the intro music, but the way it presents the title/artist info makes me think there must be a music player built in now. If there is, I can't find it. If there isn't, there should be.
  10. It's like watching England play... SI have said if the PKM is submitted they'll look into it.
  11. Not based on experience - and it will depend on what you do. Spend an hour messing about with scouting, maybe it will take a long time. But that's your choice. I was through and played my first match within 10 minutes, I'd say.
  12. First impressions from me are very positive. I won my first game 6-1 so clearly the new ME is the best yet. Really like the work that has gone into the new graphics engine for matches. So much better to watch, and I was happy before... Love how everyone used to complain about the number of news items from Scout reports, and now are complaining that there's not enough news items from Scout Reports.
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