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  1. No worries - only a five minute job for me to tweak that myself anyway. KUTGW.
  2. Now that you've almost finished, do you plan to do a release at some point with the latest promotions and relegations implemented?
  3. Oh no. Had the pleasure of meeting Chris in person a few times, and he was a genuinely lovely person. Very saddened to hear of his passing.
  4. As someone with experience of editing English leagues... wow, that's crazy I'd really question the value of adding real fixture lists, which only impact on the first season anyway. But you guys know what you're doing, and you do a great job so good luck with it I'm waiting eagerly!
  5. I play with two AP-As, but have one at MCL and the other at AMR. I would, as the mods have said, not play them too close together, generally.
  6. You pay your money, play the game however you like
  7. The Fantasy Draft mode sounds ace - could be really good fun.
  8. Other staff members are often seen IRL shouting to players - could be an opportunity for interference, maybe someone whose philosophy differs significantly from yours could be shouting things to your players that actually you wouldn't want them to. Could open up a whole new chapter in staff recruitment and relationships...
  9. Mac

    I'd imagine they will see how the market is for PC first. If they get a success on PC, then it's worth porting to Mac. If it doesn't sell well on PC, there's no point fussing with a Mac version. That said, I hope it sells by the bucketload on both formats eventually!
  10. Great news. Congrats and good luck to all involved!
  11. You need to ask on their website.
  12. I've got a new 13" MacBook Pro Retina, and I comfortably run a very similar setup to what's proposed. It's also about your expectations though, and how fast you expect the game to process. Specs: 2.8 GHz Intel Core i5; 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3; GPU is Intel Iris 1536 MB, and I am running a 512GB SSD.
  13. I've never really suffered from any crashes on Mac tbh.
  14. Control, generally. I've found that adding in 'Less Tempo' tightens things up a lot, and generally boosts my pass completion rates by around 10% but without totally sacrificing the forward momentum.
  15. One thing I'm finding interesting - I've started viewing games in full now, and I don't feel like my players are making any real attempt to play possession football, despite my instructions. It's all end-to-end blood and thunder stuff, with my players trying to move the ball quickly from front to back. They are making a lot of poor decisions to concede possession, a lot of mistakes per game and the forwards constantly being caught offside. I thought I was doing OK, but having watched a couple of matches in full I instead appear to have a lot to do!