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  1. Season 2032 / 2033 - 2nd in Serie A - CL Finalist After leauge win last season I got as close as you can get finishing the challenge. Lost CL Final 2 -3 after extra time against Guardiola and Man United. Annoying ofc but I'm really proud of the boys and what we have achieved so far. Hopefully I can finish one or two more seasons but real life are ruining my FM time atm.
  2. First step completed. Secured the leauge win in the last match of the season with 3 - 0 win over Genoa at home Next step will be alot harder I imagine. And havent got any help from the last seasons youth intakes. 3rd season without anything to highlight. GL ALL !!!
  3. Season 2030 / 2031 - 5th in Serie A Throwing away CL spot in the last couple of matches. Ended last in the group in my first season in CL. Last two years youth intake have been very bad despite top notch facilities. GL ALL !!!
  4. Season 2026 /2027 - 7th in Serie A -EURO Cup II Qual Manager of the Year - Serie A Player of the year: Agate - Serie A Top Goalscorer : Di Piazzo
  5. Season 2025 / 2026 - 6th in Serie A A brilliant season from my boys securing European football next season. Feeling like I have overperformed this season so we'll see how we will cope with more matches. Last season I got nothing from the intake but this season I got some new talent that will be useful in the future. GL ALL !!
  6. Season 2024 / 2025 - 1st in Serie B Promotion to Serie A after a solid season. I will be a big test since my tactic atm is very offensive and I suck at defending. Got 3 stars that I'm desperate to keep if I'm going to score any goals in Serie A. Especially my two wingers. GL ALL !!!
  7. Season 2023 / 2024 6th in Serie B - Lost promotion playoff semi final
  8. Season 2021 / 2022 - League Win and promotion too Serie B. Started this save a while ago, will now put in some time and try finish this challenge Great promotion second season but lost my 3 best players due to release clause so expecting a hard battle to survive. Not anything special from youth intake yet but maybe they will surprise me GL All !!
  9. 2021 2022 A season above expectations but loosing the league win on goal difference by 1 goal is never fun Loosing the last match of the season after 10 wins in a row just made it worse. Normally I would have stayed to grab some titles next season, but this club is really annoying. Especially because of their policy to buy pla
  10. A short update. Great start for me i Chilean second division with very limited resourses. I've been applying for other jobs without any luck so seem like I will stay and see what I can achieve in the top leauge.
  11. 2019 Got hired earlier than I expected. Ended up i Chilean First division B. San Felipe is at the bottom of the table and in financial problems, but I think I can overpreform and grow my nonexistent reputation. Managed to last 4 matches of the season ( 2-1-1 )
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