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  1. @HbG93 GL I'm playing with Cesena too. @OrToDaRy282 Welcome to the struggle and GL @Shakes Great job in Europe
  2. @b101 Its a great achivement what you have done with that team
  3. @b101 So why do I have alot of though balls and well working passing game ? What I'm saying is that this is your issue, not an ME issue. I rest my case
  4. @b101 I understand. I would argue its a tactical issue, not a ME issue. And there are not any known ME issues at the moment, so you can only expect minor tweaks.
  5. @b101 great job but buying players ? just a normal save then. when did you start buying players ? about varied attacking football, I dont have this issue at all. But I had to spend alot of time experimenting to find a tactic I'm comfortable with.
  6. @grbmlb welcome to the struggle and GL
  7. @Fadedaf GL You start in the league I played in when I was 17
  8. Romagno Centro Cesena Season 2025 / 26 League Table Transfer History My best season so far but ended up like a repeat of my previous seasons in Serie B. Had a great chance of securing promotion in the last match of the season, but my boys couldnt get that last goal to win the match. Played a very bad match in the promotion playoff semi final so have to wait atleast one more season to play with the big boys. Feeling very good about my tactic at the moment and feeling comfortable I will keep my best players happy despite still getting alot of bids for them. Best players og the season Luca Di Giacomo Serie B Top Goalscorer Edoardo Perrotta Serie B Player of the Year Alessandro Cesaroni Serie B Young Player of the Year Youth intake was again just decent but this time I got a future star in the mix. Juan Alberto ! Didnt need a GK, but I will try to get a good deal for my other GKs. Finances are ok for now but I will need to get some cash soon. GL to you all and Happy new FM year
  9. @XaW congrats with promotion to PL
  10. @OneManSnipez @SpS_Zen Same thing has happend to me a couple of times. I think its just because finance projection has changed since you asked for the upgrade. When it happend to me it made sense. @tomay how is it playing in Germany ? I have been busy the last couple of weeks but will be back at it today. Have to stay home with my dogs tonight so will celebrate new years the best way possible. With FM and some beers TcE TV if anyone wanna join me
  11. Season 2024/25 League Table Transfer History A really hard working season for me in Cesena. It was clear for me after the 5 first matches that my tactic didnt work anymore after the update. Spent more time this season staring at the screen like a question mark and messing around with my tactic than actually playing matches After a tactical roundabout I ended up with something simular to my original tactic without loosing to much ground to the top teams. In January I had finally settled and at the end of the season it was again playoff time. Manage to crawl my way to the playoff final. Dont know what happend to my boys but lost the first half of the first leg 4-1, making it a upwards battle against Novara, a team I feel I should beat over 2 matches. It was a drama until the last kick but lost 6-5 on aggregate. Best players of the season - Luca Di Giacomo, Team of the Year. Edoardo Perrotta, Serie B Player of the Season. Youth intake was pretty bad again only giving me one player that could have a future in the senior squad. - Marco Boscolo Finances are stable and I got some money in the bank but not more than I need for singing new contracts for my young squad, Wage expences increasing pretty fast. I still manage to keep my best players despite a lot of bids. Luca Di Giacomo was unhappy and wanted to leave the first half of the season, but when teams dont even want to bid his value it has been a easy decision to keep him. He has now changed his mind and want to stay at the club. Hopefully my players will be happy to stay when the season starts this time, then maybe we can take the last step to Serie A this season. GL to you all and welcome to the struggle for all you new challengers
  12. @tomay great job anyway! looking forward to what you choose...Italy ?
  13. @The_Gato_In_Goal awesome intake