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  1. Not sure but I expect the newgen changes to be save game compatible. I think only data and leauge updates are not.
  2. This might be a stupid move, but I have decided to start over. It has been my plan all along to start over with a small club eventually. With the new update and newgen changes this seem like the perfect time to do so. I will leave the Palermo challenge to our boss @darren1983 I will follow you closely I have Rushden & Diamonds in my sights, we'll see if I can get them. GL ALL !!!
  3. Season 2037 / 2038 2nd in Serie A League Table Squad Transfer History My best season so far in the leauge but its still not enough to beat Inter and Pep Guardiola, but I'm still optimistic it can be done. Got knocked out in the group stage in CL by Dortmund and Liverpool. Played good against them but they just have alot more quality. Youth Intake was awful so I have sacked my HOYD even if he looks perfect on paper. Last 6-7 seasons of youth intakes have been disappointing. Looking forward to next season and will probably try prioritise both the league and CL even if it hasnt gone as I hoped the last couple of seasons. GL ALL !!!
  4. I have atleast 4-5 players on Mark Tall Player / Man Mark. Rest Go Back -I use Zonal instead of go back on wide free kick. If I remember correctly I have removed one player from the wall to help in the box - compared to the default
  5. Season 2036 / 2037 3rd in Serie A League Table Youth Intake Transfer History Great season again still fighting in the top of the table. Too many bad results and performance against low-mid table teams prevents me from doing even better. In Champions Leauge I was alot more competetive. Winning my group and reaching Quarter final loosing on away goals against Barcelona. Youth Intake was at most decent as it has been the last 6 seasons. Roberto De Angeli looks like a possible future first team player. Getting rid of 4 players that have been with me from the first couple of intakes. They could still be useful but had several talks with them about them considering leaving because they want a new challenge. Their age and lack of motivation made the decision easy. So we will get some fresh faces in the senior squad that hopefully will contribute and improve the squad. GL ALL !!
  6. Season 2035 / 2036 2nd in Serie A on goal difference League Table Squad Youth Intake Transfer History Another great season for me !! Losing the leauge title on goal difference sucks but I feel the leauge win will come eventually. Have done some small changes to my tactic this season to to try involve my striker abit more. So far it has worked as I hoped. Qualified for the 1st knockout round in Champions Leauge. Played Liverpool and got knocked out 3-0 on aggregate. Winning the Champions Leauge will be a big mountain to climb. The quality of the players on the top teams are just crazy. But hopefully I can outplay them tactically. Youth intake was disappointing ! Have been 5 seasons since I got a good one. But got one players that probably will be in the senior squad in the future - Daniele Coscia GL ALL !!
  7. Season 2034 / 2035 2nd in Serie A So close but still far away!! League Table Squad Transfer History A fantastic season !! Got really close to the leauge win. Had AC Milan in the last match away, so was hoping to be in striking distance before that match, but never got closer than 4 points. For the first time I played well for the whole season without a big spell of bad form. I'm really optimistic before next season, but will be a new challenge with my first season i Champions League. How I will balance the squad I dont know yet, but will probably prioritize both in the beginning. Youth intake was only decent. Only one good prospect in GK Rodolfo D'Emilio. But some prospects I hope will be late bloomers. GL ALL !!!
  8. Season 2033 / 2034 6th in Serie A League Table Youth Intake Transfer History Another good season and EURO Cup qualification. But this time I'm very dissapointed as we looked to do alot better mid season. Had a really bad period in March and April including 3 bad and long injuries in my attack. This season confirm for me that I actually can win the leauge, but I need my attacking players to be more effective and consistent. So far in Europe I have used as development really playing 2nd and 3rd choises. Will probably do that this season too and prioritise the leauge. Youth intake was pretty decent again with Niccolo Lombardo being the most promising. Experience from earlier intakes I get some players that show better potential later on. Got some more players this intake that I like but potential is low at the moment. Already had a couple of players that have gone from 3 star potential to 5 star after a couple of years, and also the other way around. GL ALL !!
  9. Season 2032 / 2033 7th in Serie A League Table Transfer History Another good season for me. Similar as last season but scoring more goals and had a couple of dominating wins against top teams. My squad is developing really well so I actually belive I can win trophys with these players. Youth intakes that will improve my team will be rare now, but got a striker this intake that looks promising : Raffaele Penzo GL ALL !!
  10. Season 2031 / 2032 5th in Serie A Squad League Table Transfer History A breakthough season finally taking the step from mid table to securing EURO Cup spot. We are still a young team so it will be exiting to see how far this squad can go. The last couple of intakes have been pretty bad so it wont be any fresh faces in the first team anytime soon. Best prospects from this years intake : Fabio Bosco and Matteo Gori GL ALL !!!
  11. Season 2030 / 2031 9th in Serie A League Table Youth Intake Transfer History Another season mid table but I have high expetations for next season. Preformance is looking very good especially against the top teams. Prospects from the last couple of intakes I expect to start blossom this season and get me closer do the top teams. Youth intake was just decent with a couple of players that might have a future in the senior squad. Domenico Persiani and Paolo Turi GL ALL !!
  12. Season 2029 / 2030 11th in Serie A League Table Youth Intake Transfer History Another season mid table as expected. But this years youth intake was as good as I could dream of @vikeologist reports was actually very accurate Combined with last years intake I can now finally start to aim towards the top of the table. Next season will be too early ofc but now I atleast have the talent to start dreaming. GL ALL !!
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