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  1. Short update from me. I have now started my 3rd try with San Marino Calcio. Didnt make my life easy choosing this club but really motivated to succeed ! or Obsessed is maybe a better word Have been working alot on my tactics and this time I have finally got at decent start to the season. Hopefully I will keep my job long enough to show you my first youth intake Really enjoy reading all of your updates. Crossing my fingers I will post my first season update in not too long
  2. Ok my first attemp failed. Got the sack in Modena....got an awful start and needed to experiment with my tactic. My board didnt have the patience. Hope my tactic are more solid now. Really enjoy this challenge even if it so far have been frustrating I'm now the proud manager of San Marino Calcio fingers crossed
  3. Kudela will be Worldclass...what a player <3
  4. Starting my first season with Modena tonight. Will be streaming so come keep me company and have some FM discussions if you want. www.twitch.tv/tcetv
  5. @darren1983 GL @allisiaa Hello and GL my fellow Norwegian @Bartrcm Great job and congrats
  6. Ok I will now throw myself into this impossible challenge I took over Modena in Italy. Manager profile. A club that went bankrupt in 2017 and refounded in 2018, they are now called Modena F.C 2018. I just found that perfect for this project. Actually got a pretty useful and big squad to begin with so I'm optimistic. Squad. Only got 1 Goalkeeper but lucky me, he is also my biggest talent. Pierpaolo Bardeggia. Also some other promising youngsters Pierpaolo Cinelli Fabio Ghesleni Abdou Mendy Wish me luck
  7. Diego D10S

    Improvement on rating system. Great job!

    Aboslutely loving it You guys are doing an amazing job <3
  8. Players now get awarded alot more even if they are not involved in goals. Really missed this...Great job !!
  9. I have the same issue with just one player......but it is stated as ( Pre-concern )
  10. When does the new update release ?
  11. I also want to report the normal corner bug on the fist post. Too often player are alone at the first post without any player follow him or marking him. This is the same as in earlier FM. Seems like it not was a problem in FM 13. I guess this problem not is something new but I report it anyway. also I know I just can avoid exploding it, witch I ofcourse do, but a still think it should be fixed.