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  1. Season 2029 / 2030 12th in La Liga League Table Youth Intake Transfer History Surviving my second season in La Liga and its all I can hope for at the moment. I'm alot closer to relegation then a place among the top teams. Will be a fight for survival next season aswell as I still feel very fragile. Conceding less goals this season, but I'm still very far away to compete against the best teams. Youth and training facilities are now good and I invest in more upgrades as fast as I can. The board has also announced plans to build a new stadion, no details about that yet My investments in facilities seem to give results, finally getting a really good intake. Should be some future first team players here. GL ALL !!!
  2. Season 2028 / 2029 9th in La Liga League Table Youth Intake Transfer History An aboslutly brilliant season for me. Despite some really bad losses against Barcelona and Real Madrid I felt in control to avoid relegation the whole season. Hopefully its not a fluke and I can stabilise in La Liga. Building upgrades as fast as I can. Training and Youth Facilities will be average in a couple of months. Youth intake was better than expected after the early reports, atleast getting a DM that have some potential. Will highlight my best players for the season. Again Bryan Ibanez having great season. Also getting the award for young player of the year in La Liga. GL ALL !!!!
  3. When you wake up and just want to play some matches before work. Maybe the definition of a wake up call ? Still doing good against all teams exept Barcelona and Real Madrid. But its still a long way to go
  4. I play with playable on all the best nations. It shouldnt effect you speed that much depending on your PC. I do it for the same reason as you mention...but havent tried without so dont know if that is still the case...but it sure was earlier
  5. @officiallydeej About mentoring I have had alot of success with it. Its all about creating better personalities. If you dont have any strong personalities you probably have some fairly determined, fairly proffesional, fairly sporting or even fairly loyal. Every positive personality works. Let the assistent set up mentoring groups and just make changes to that in the beginning to get used to it. Position I dont care about at all, as I said its all about personalities. Only thing you need to be careful about is preferred moves. Players do sometimes acquire preferred moves from their mentor, so for exampel if you have a center back mentoring a more offensive player and he has stay back at all times as preferred move it is a risk he will aquire it. Also you want to use Influential player, higher influential or team leader, all those work. And for exampel having a 20 year old mentoring a 19 year old is no problem at all as long as the mentor are a more influential player.
  6. Season 2028 / 2029 January Update In short youth intake doesnt look good, but absolutly delighted with the season so far. If I can keep this up it will be one of biggest achivements. My hope for the season is to atleast go down fighting. The board doesnt share my excitement tho and this feedback just provoke me. Loosing 0-7 against Real Madrid fair enough but being concerned about my 1-2 defeat against Barcelona..... really ? I will highlight my defence line. Playing the best players in the world, what do you expect ? It actually worries me because what if I fall apart second half of the season ? Getting the sack ? Maybe. GL ALL !!!!!
  7. PROMOTION Season 2027 / 2028 3rd in Segunda Division League Table Transfer History Finally I preform a full season and get rewarded with a promotion to La Liga. Had to win the last match of the season but the boys delivered. Made a new tactic after a bad start to the season and it made me more clinical and creating better quality chances. Even if its a very attacking tactic I have been solid i defence, but I think I will get big problems in La Liga. In midfield and attack I have pretty good quality but my defence is average at best. If I can survive I will be delighted. Finances have gone from good to very bad this season because of higher wage demands from my players in general. So the money I get from a season i La Liga is the most important. Finally I can start doing some upgrades. My facilities are pretty bad and its reflected in the last youth intakes. This years youth intake was bad like last season. Nothing to even highlight. I will instead highlight this seasons best players. Especially my start striker Brayan Ibanez. He have had alot of injury problems but this season I could use him most of the season. Delivering 17 goals and 13 assist, involved in 50% of my team goals. Have got alot of bids for him, but they dont even bid his value, just an insult ! GL ALL !!!
  8. A small January update. This intake of winger would have been very good news. But the irony is that I have changed my tactic with no wingers Training them in new position have worked very well for me so I'm not worried. My new tactic looks very promising. Had to make a change after a awful start to the season. I might fall apart like last season so I will save my excitement GL ALL !!!
  9. First time I've been in this situation in Real Jaen. Happy to see the board listening to me Its a good bid but dont need the money and he is happy at the club.
  10. Season 2026 / 2027 14th in Segunda Division League Table Transfer History A step back this season. End of January it looked like I would compete for promotion like last season, but then we just fall apart and had a very bad end to the season. I'm expecting to do alot better already next season tho, I feel its a big unrealised potential in this team. Finances are stable but not enough for any upgrades yet. Wage demands from my players are increasing so it might change. Youth intake was like the end of the season, very bad. Wont even bother to highlight any players. GL ALL !!!
  11. I belive you get a good amount of money at the end of the season depended on placement.
  12. I remember I got invited to one in my Palermo save. But beside that I dont know
  13. Season 2025 / 2026 5th in Segunda Division - Lost Promotion Final , on away goals Leauge Table Transfer History Fantastic season going above all my expetations. The big difference was my defence that looked alot more solid and winning more duels in my own box. Very close to promotion to La Liga but I'm not to sad about it, its probably too early anyway. If we can do even better next season I think we might be ready for a bigger challenge. Finances is slowly getting better. We had a club takeover at the end of the season, they invested 500K so now I got abit over 1M positive balance. The board was reluctant but accepted upgrade on youth recruitment, its now adequate, and upgrade on youth coaching, its now average. Youth intake was pretty bad but I gota new attacking player that will be useful already and a couple other players that I hope will improve their potential. GL ALL !!!
  14. Season 2024 / 2025 14th in Segunda Division League Table Transfer History Alot better this season actually giving most teams a fight for the points. Next season might be different tho now that we go full youth. The last original players have left the club. My experience is that it also can be a boost for the team so it will be an interesting season. I hope to show alot of potential. Finances are now looking very good. I hope I can get around 1mill positive balance at the end of the season and maybe try get some upgrades. Youth intake was only one player but he might be something special. We finally got a striker. Not the best finisher yet but alot of flair and a set piece specialist. The striker I have had since the start have scored 10 goals in the last two seasons. This guy have scored 6 goals in 9 matches for me so far. Two of them on direct free kick Hopefully he will give me alot of joy GL ALL !!!!
  15. Season 2023 / 2024 17th in Segunda Division B Leauge Table Squad Youth Intake Transfer History A fight for survival at the moment and will probably be for atleast 2 more seasons. I'm scrambling together enough points but for the most part I feel I'm not good enough for this division. Upcomming season will be the last season for the last original players as they are all in their last year of their contract. So then we will go full youth Looking forward to it but it might make the fight for survival even harder. Finances are finally stable and I might see a green balance during next season. After next season I will also ged rid of alot of wages so then finances will be very good I hope. Youth Intake was my best so far. Getting a very talented GK and finally some offensive players. GL ALL !!!!
  16. Season 2022 / 2023 14th in Segunda Division League Table Squad Youth Intake Transfer History Absolutely delighted with staying in the division this season. I had a really bad spell of form with some big losses, but I stuck with my tactic and managed to get enought points to stay up. Next season I expect to do better, squad will be the same with some additions from last intake and my prospects already in the squad have got alot of playing time and develop well. But this season I have been very fragile as expected with a young team so hopefully I will be abit more solid next season. I have managed to balance the finances so now I atleast dont loose money every month. So next step will be to try get some money in, get a positive balance and start building for the future Youth Intake was pretty good, again defenders and midfielder, got one attacking player but 2 in finishing was a bummer but he is quick so he can potentially be a good winger for me. Jose Antonio looks very promising tho GL ALL !!!
  17. Leauge Table Squad Youth Intake Transfer History 3rd in Segunda B Group 4 - Promotion through Playoff Fantastic season and this time I was at my best when it counted. Won the two first rounds in playoff on away goals and dominated Lleida in the final I have no clue how I will match against the opponent, but at the moment I feel confident Finances are still terrible, the board keep taking loans to pay the bills. So I have a loan dept at 9million and balance at the moment - 2.8 million I signed a new contract and now I am required to repair the financial damage within the end of 2023 / 24 season. Thats going to be interesting Youth intake I'm very happy with, getting some good talents in midfield and defence. Hopefully I will get some attacking players next time around. Some highlighted players - GL ALL !!!
  18. I'm guessing between 200K and 500K. If they wanna upgrade also depend of club vision, how good you perform, your status in the club and if your owners are cheap. So no blueprint here.
  19. Season 2020 / 2021 3rd in Segunda Division B Group 4 Knocked out of Promotion Playoff Final League Table Transfer History So finally I'm getting started Getting a fantastic start but lost the two most important matches of the season. Last match of the season I was leading the leauge by 2 points, could have secured the leauge win with a win over Marbella but lost 0 - 2. Promotion final was a very even one but lost 2 -3 on aggregate. I have no rush getting promoted, I feel this leauge is the best one for development at the moment. Finances are terrible, currently 5million in depth. Loosing 500K a month, got rid of some overpaid very old players but income is low so finances will be a big challenge. Youth intake was pretty decent and I got a good number of players that can be useful pretty quick. Nothing special but highlighting these guys. Also I was lucky enough to get these two boys when I started. They didnt look good at all in Juli, but both potential and stats have gotten a boost during the season. GL ALL !!!
  20. Well I got fired again. Alcoyano had a very old squad and the board expected top half. Bad physical attributes is just a tactical nightmare and I couldnt figure it out in time. I will probably give Real Jaèn another go but I will give you a break from my failed attempt post and wait until I have finished a season. Some tactical testing is needed too I think. GL ALL !!!
  21. So I got fired after 5 months in Real Jaèn. Club Takeover at a very bad time because if me arguing with a couple of very old, overpaid and very influential player Wasting no time and starting over, staying in Spain Segunda Division B, starting with Alcoyano. GL ALL !!
  22. Ok finally I have started my new project. After countless hours of loading trying to get Rushden & Diamonds I gave up. I started then with Nuneaton Boro to then see that @schnauzer beat me too it. GL my friend, I think thats a club with potential. So I decided to start in Spain since nobody else are there at the moment. I start in Segunda Division B Group 4 with Real Jaèn. GL ALL !!
  23. Definitely But thats probably the only advantage. But you still will have several social groups. If you want a big challenge join us in the struggle. But be prepared to be frustrated
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