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  1. Change your mentality settings to "defensive" and keep your very high D-line. I **** you not. Your players will keep the ball more. Or keep it as it is but lower your tempo.
  2. If you're a small club like at the start of this challenge I'd go for - youth coaching - recruitement - training facilites & then youth facilities. Why? The first two depend regen quality as a base. Youth facilities are how they train/improve that base quality before they grow into the actual intake. I think training facilities are more important because they depend the growth of your whole team. They stop using YF after the intake.
  3. Meet the new female Geordie boss of South Shields FC. I'm gonna mix this with Youth Only. I took this club purely cos of better facilities. I want it to go a little bit faster. The Minyor Pernik save goes on hold cos I really want to mix these two challenges at the same time. Anyway, let's go!! Wuppertal is a sister city of South Shields. And "Sandancer" is a nickname of South Shield inhabitants. So this will be fun!
  4. The Adventures of Romy Pernika, a young female Bulgarian football manager. Minyor Pernik (Bulgaria) Season 1: 2020-2021 League Table - Youth Intake & Best Prospects - Transfer History This young female wants to show female managers can be a thing. Pernik born and raised, even named after the city, she took the chance of becoming Pernik's manager. Minyor Pernik is a very small Bulgarian football club with a decent fanbase. They're crazy in love with the club and the city, just like Romy. She had one of the best debuts ever, getting promoted with a 4141DM through the season. However, the whole town of Pernik fears this promotion came way to early. The board wants her to play defensive football with a focus on set pieces, so that's what she'll do. Dinkov, one of the new prospects had already his debut, and what kind of a debut...! Best player of the season: Season Division Position Notes 20/21 Vtora Liga 4th Promotion through playoffs. Manager of the season.
  5. Yup. I used them as a sub tho. Not enough apparently. Anyway, I'm gonna try it again in Bulgaria, with Minyor Pernik.
  6. Widzew Lodz season 1: 2020-2021 Club Info - Transfers - League & Cup overview - Youth intake + best talents Furthermore, young Piecszek got his first Poland U21 call-up. We also got some good news! Youth facilities are being upgraded, as well the coaching. For the recruitement my boards wants to see me playing youngsters first. Lovely thing: the polish cup was one by one of our second tier cocompetitors. They go into Europe! Transfers: we lost both our best striker (Mihaljovic - 28 yo) and midfielder (Modzden - 29 yo) to top tier teams. They were also declining so I'm happy with what I got. These were my star performers this season: Season | League | Position | League Cup | Europe | Notes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020/21 | Polish Fortuna Liga (2nd tier) | 2nd | 2nd round | N/A | PROMOTED - coaching & youth facility upgrade incoming.
  7. I got fired in Austria as well after 8 straight losses XD . Thinking who to take next. I'm NOT giving up this challenge! it was hard being the only semi-pro team in the league.
  8. I'm joining my friend @keeper#1 in Austria to bring football domination back to Vienna. I called my save the Wiener Winners. I'm not giving up to succeed in this long hard challenge! I'm taking over one of the oldest clubs in Vienna, Wiener Sport-Club.
  9. FC United is a bit more realistic because they have the fanbase to generate some more money than other teams. But maybe you're just waaaaaaay better FM-players than I am ^^ Each to his own I guess. I'll keep my thoughts for myself in the future.
  10. I got fired after defeat in the playoffs to first division in Poland. I lost the dressing room due to my low reputation compared to my players and they the board decided to sack me for it. Has anyone else seen this?
  11. I'm taking over the team where I did my best last FM. I'm really wanting to try it in England but lack of time to build a 30 season long career is not encouraging me to try it. That's why I go back to Poland where the seasons go rather quickly. Let's go, Widzew Lodz!
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