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  1. So. No comment, just watch. This goal got disallowed for offside. I don't understand. Berchem v Virton.pkm
  2. I'm gonna join you lot in England and gonna take on @DazRTaylor to complete the challenge with the same club. Let's make Manchester UltraRED ! Fan owned football + the class of 92 comes close to completion Let's do this!
  3. Well, that escalated quickly. I was dead last after 12 games. Board sacked me after having me to make me win to Boca Juniors away lol. Very disappointed.
  4. Flandria season 2021-2022 Review League - Fixtures - Transfers - squad - Signed Youth Intake So, where do I start? The League: We finished again in a playoff spot. Our draw was very lucky. We met all the team we beat before in the league. We went straight to the final and there we were favorites as well! We won in a very close game the final with a penalty, converted by my goalie Lungarzo who has 14 on penalty taking (go go @Jimbokav1971! ) So we are going up to the Superliga! Now we can start really the developing! I'm going to focus more on training now. The youth intake
  5. Flandria - Season 2020-2021 League - Playoffs - Transfers - Fixtures 1 - 2 - 3 - Youth Intake - Balanda So, Romania was a failure. I love this challenge and the way of playing too much to give it up even though I'm failing a lot haha. Anyway, back to Argentina. Flandria. Founded by a guy from Flanders where I live. They also play in the same colours as my favourite football team, KSC Lokeren-Temse (new merged club after my club, KSC Lokeren went bankrupt this month Guaranteed youth challenge next FM with my local team tho! We're starting in 4th tier and 3rd tier is playable in the def
  6. Season 2024 review Competions overview - Transfers - Youth Intake 2025 We were able to retain the title. The leagues almost a done deal because of the so low level and my focus on progress is making it so that I'm already playing with the best players in the league. Asian football is sooo hard tho, because of the difference in quality. I got hammered in the CL. From now on it's taking the best prospects, including them in my team and trying to perform each year a bit better in Asian Continental football. It's hard because the group stages of the CL are actually in my pre-sea
  7. Lovely attendance raise you got there @shaunvamos. Keep it up! I got my youth intake for 2024. I'm showing the ones I'm keeping. Don't know what to do with the first one tho. 24A. Any tips?
  8. If you want decent facilities and go fast: Widzew Lodz in Poland.
  9. Season 2023 Review League Overview - Fixtures 1 & 2 - Transfers - Top Scorer - Top Assists I told you guys already that the level in Indonesia is really low. My youngsters have been developing like mad and my best 11 are all star players for the Prem league. We started to rock just after the start in the season. My defence has been tremendous. They won me the title. So many clean sheets, it's insane. Hats off to them! We grabbed the title! Goals for next season: first I want to prolongue the title. We need to if we want to grab the Asian experience playing in the Champio
  10. Well, this is quit annoying in the season to deal with: I'm having an awesome season! Can we hold on while missing lots of players?
  11. Season 2022 Review Screens of Transfers - League Table - Fixtures - Top Scorer & Top Assists We got a very good intake which I sadly forgot to take a screenshot from the moment they went in. A couple of players went straight into the first team. The level in Indonesia is really sad to be honest. I except to be topping the league in 2 to 4 seasons. My youth coaching and recruitment got another update. To upgrade the facilities themselve, we still lack a lot of money. I sold some youth players who I think are not up for the task. I want to keep enough for the u21s and u18s
  12. Season 2021 - Liga 2 League Table - Fixtures - Transfers - Key Player - Finances So this season was mental. We finished 4th which gives us a playoff-spot. The winner takes all. And so we did! We also managed our way into the cup final but we lost that one on aggregate. Our team is **** at everything, except for passing. Our short passing game is OK but we do concede a lot tho! We have heaps of work before us to manage in the Indonesian prem league. Look at my key player. He's my def mid but oh my god, he cleans up a LOT of work! He's the only one being called up for internation
  13. Lost the cup final. Got promoted though. Will summarize later.
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