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  1. Looks like a poor intake for the second season running, however there wasn't even a single positive comment on last year's intake preview and it ended up being alright... How much should these previews be believed, do you guys think?
  2. Nabil Shariff is the GOAT! So many goals haha! To be fair, his scoring figures are what my strikers would have if they didn't finish so terribly
  3. I don't doubt that - in general the match engine works great, and player intelligence (again, in general) has improved! Once they iron out these issues and nerf/buff certain things in the ME they've got a great overall game on their hands. In the mean time I think I might pause my youth academy save until the ME fix and try a 1-2 season thing with a prem team, just because I'm really enjoying this save and want to keep it until things are all ticking all nicely
  4. Whilst I think this years match engine is a noticeable improvement on last year's - the ME on FM19 was so bad that it pretty much put me off playing the game - I'm still getting frustrated with the same old things. As with last year it seems that the ME is encouraging you too play a certain way, as you have much more success when accommodating to the faults in the ME. In last years edition it was all about press, press, and more press. If you didn't play a variant on the Gegenpress you probably wouldn't be as successful as you should. I don't think it's quite as severe on this year but there is waaaaaay too many clear cut chances per game (from balls over the top) but weirdly hardly any of these end up as goals, and waaaaay too many shots flying in from 30 yards. Also what is up with wingers'/strike partners' vision to play a simple cut-back cross for a tap in? Goalkeepers seem a bit too OP as well. On the plus side I think player positioning, marking and decision making in general sense has all improved. I think the simple hotfix that SI could do at the moment is to reduce the distance and accuracy of players long balls. Hopefully by the full release all of this will be amended. I think that I might put my save on hold (midway through 2nd season) until the match engine functions better.
  5. Is anybody finding that the match engine is ruining the enjoyment of the game for them at the moment? The sheer amount of 1v1s that my strikers contrive to miss every game is winding me up a treat. Midfielders however score at will from 30 yards out. I want to carry on my save but it's so annoying when my tactics are playing the ball in over the top on the counter to my quick strikers, who always make good runs (they are suited to this style) but for some reason the match engine only allows them to score about 2% of 1v1s. Infuriating!
  6. 50% of next sale is better, but the difference probably wont matter much unless you get a huge fee. Say you sell the player for £100k, with a 50% of profit from next transfer on a follow-on £500k sale (by the club who bought the player from you) you would make 50% of the difference between 500k - 100k = 400k. 400k divided by 2 is 200k. 50% of next sale means that for a 500k sale you get 250k. So both are good!
  7. I feel the same way! I was really annoyed about what happened in my Whitby save, but it has set me up nicely for playing as Folkestone! Whatever happens keep going with it
  8. Folkestone Invicta - Season 2020/21 Review Vanarama National League South League Performance - Not the greatest season on paper but I'll more than take staying up! For much of the season we have been in the drop zone but a strong turnaround in the last third of the season ensured that we survive. The upturn is form largely owed to tweaking my 442 to play simply: defend deep, be disciplined and counter with the ball over the top of the opposition's defence. Finn O'Mara, our best player and one of only 2 senior CBs, leaving means that on paper we are weaker but our youth intake and success with our formation change means that I'm confident we can improve next season. Survival will be the target again. FA Cup - Only made it to the 3rd qualifying round and disappointingly knocked out by Chesham. FA Trophy - We had a brilliant run and made it all the way to the quarter final before bowing out to Slough Town. In the end it was probably for the best that we didn't make the semi final as it would have involved two more fixtures (two legs) that we didn't need in our relegation run-in. £30k cup prize money added this season in total. Squad - Not really too many standout performances as this was more of a team effort to stay up but my top 3 players for the season were: 1. Johan ter Horst a team leader at a good age, his 26 goals were so important for us. Works really hard in his pressing forward role. 2. Finn O'Mara an Rolls-Royce of a CB at this level and we will miss him but can't blame him for wanting to go at the end of his contract and ply his trade at a better level. He will be very hard to replace with inadequate youth players. 3. Callum Davies a colossus in the air. Not quite as good as O'Mara but crucially that we have him contracted for the next two years. Transfers - A few deadwood players released and O'Mara not willing to discuss new terms, but no in and outs transfers wise. Finances - Worryingly bad finances, and barring a big player sale / sell-on fee / FA Cup run, I don't how it will improve - Which means I can't upgrade facilities! Strangely the board have announced their intention to sell up Cheriton Road stadium and build a new one... On to the next season, come on you yellows! Career Progress
  9. @darren1983 Good result for your team in the FA Cup IRL today!
  10. So despite my pre-intake report having ZERO positives to give, we have actually come out with a half decent intake! Spencer Smith looks the best of the bunch and with my best player Finn O'Mara leaving I will train him to take over his position at CB - a) because we have literally no one else to play there other than Callum Davies and b) Spencer Smith looks a beast in the air and his stats look more like a CB than a LB. Carl Blanks will provide good cover to LB as I currently only have Ethan Madden to play there. Chris Hewitt will already be good enough to challenge for a starting spot at CM, and is much needed as I currently only had 3 players there and my backup is a 1 star player. He has great determination and is only 16 so i'm not sure why his potential is only 3 stars. If this is a bad crop then I can't wait to see next year's!
  11. I tried for ages to load Harrow and I don't recall seeing Yate Town once I'm afraid
  12. @XaW another great season Nabil Sheriff 51 goals!! Going to be very hard to replace once he retires. Your intakes have been great so far, you've got lots of decent players coming through I'm envious! How have you managed to stay in a positive bank balance? Is it to do with cup runs?
  13. I know, it literally couldn't be worse Oh well it's probably only 50/50 at this rate if we even stay up
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