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  1. I just googled it and yep they are indeed. Confusingly my badge pack download had given both Biggleswade and Biggleswade Town the latter's badge. Crazy that there is 3 similar (ish) sized clubs in what is a pretty small town! Sorry for the confusion!
  2. Hi @danbhtfc, great job as always. Just a quick message to let you know that I've come across a couple of potential team errors. Biggleswade Town (I know that there is a 'United' also but this doesn't apply) crop up twice in the database: once in the Southern League Premier Central as 'Biggleswade Town' and once in the Southern League Division One Central as just 'Biggleswade', with the latter having B Town as their rivals. I say this is a potential error as perhaps this could be to do with a naming right debate with phoenix/continuation clubs but I wasn't sure... I also found Retford twice. Not sure if this is a similar issue?
  3. A full Lithuanian international who just scored against BELGIUM! I guess he can't be that bad eh?
  4. I'm convinced the production of youth players is pretty random regardless of youth coaching, rec, facilities etc. For Brackley, I haven't really invested in facilities or upgrades whatever as it's not a youth save, so all of the facilities are Conference North/South standard - and yet we've produced a full international winger at just age 17 and a few other prospects too... Where was all this when I needed it?
  5. Ok so Germany turned out to be a flop... We were performing above expectations in midtable, had some great youth prospects from the holidayed season that we desperately needed to keep hold of, not only to advance us but more importantly to fill the gaps of the players retiring. Then our chairman decides to have a firesale of the best youth players, selling them all for under £100k... when they probably had the potential to be multi-million pound players. I protested, he wouldn't back down so I threw my toys out of the pram and resigned Back to my Brackley Town save I guess. I've had 4 straight promotions to the Championship there, so not all bad!
  6. Hahaha! Btw, how are on earth have you made it to 2050 in your game so quick??
  7. I've decided to have another go at this, this time in Germany. I tried for hours to find FSV Frankfurt or Saarbrucken, but it seems that there is a limited number of teams that will load from this country... In the end of gone with FC Rot-Weiss Erfurt, a club from the beautiful medieval town of Erfurt, in the middle of Germany - which was also once the home to Martin Luther and Max Weber. I'll probably get sacked pretty quickly though, so I'm not getting my hopes up
  8. Hopefully they add Japan to the game soon, it would be such a great nation to play in!
  9. So I haven't really played with Finnsnes in Norway much at all recently as I've got too invested in my other regular save - I'm playing as Brackley Town. We've won back-to-back promotions from the Vanarama North to the promised land of the football league, and to top it off we won the FA Trophy in both of those seasons! My point is… This challenge is really damn hard, and I need to be able to make transfers I'm sure I will return to the challenge eventually, and I'm currently learning a LOT about building effective tactics! Good luck and keep up the good work everyone!
  10. I personally think you should hold off, he looks to have the personality and the attributes to be an elite CB
  11. Hi @Sebastian Szlenkier, I have found a save file from after the holidayed season and just before I took over Stourbridge! I have uploaded it to the SI Cloud Server as 'Stourbridge.fm'. It hope it helps you to figure out the problem
  12. A surprisingly good first intake! We're low on numbers in the first team so some of these will get plenty of minutes this season. The personalities are a worry but I've brought in a HOYD with a determined personality and 20 for determination, which should see to that. The 5 players shown below are clearly the best, and will probably all make it. If any of the others do also, then bonus! Granstrom is definitely my favourite though, what a winger he is going to be!
  13. Thanks pal, do you think it will be the football or the weather conditions that drive me crazy first? I can tell already that it is going to be tricky to balance finances here just as it is in the English leagues! Have you had any issues with Follo?
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