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  1. Whitby Town FC - Season 2021/22 (Year 2) Review - Vanarama National League North League Performance - A truly awful second half of the season sees us finish in lowly 18th place. We regressed a lot from last year's 9th place finish but in truth we could have finished in the playoffs until mid-way when we just couldn't buy a win most weeks there on. A couple of the previous years youth intake made real strides forward - notably Neil Lewis - and this was a small positive. Unfortunately we had another disappointing YI despite the HOYD looking good on paper - so he will be dismissed. No
  2. Whitby Town FC - Season 2020/21 (Year 1) Review - Vanarama National League North League Performance - A respectable first season as we miss out on the playoffs in 9th place. We finished 9 points off in total and if it hadn't of been for the inconsistency of results we probably could have had a shot of promotion in the playoffs in the first year. However I think it takes a while to learn about your squad and how to get the best out of them in tactics so it's understandable. The youth intake was a little bit disappointing on the whole but there is a couple of players in the that can
  3. Another restart for me, as I wasn't able to play my Witton Albion save for a while and @XaW has since flown through the seasons with them and done brilliantly, and there's no way that I was going to match what he did. So I'm going back once more to Whitby Town:
  4. @XaW wow you are cruising through the seasons, and doing well! How are you progressing your players that much? Mine have barely improved at all. I hope I get my own version of Mark Thomson too!
  5. Ah @XaW I've just seen your latest post - it seems we are both at Witton Albion! I managed a 9th place finish in the first season and I'm sure you'll do great. Need to get the best out of Renshaw, Goulding, Lingouba, McKenna and Will Jones, all of whom are pretty reliable. I had a pretty good first intake which helps. Hoping for a playoff placing in my second year but don't have much time to play this week. Good luck mate!
  6. Back once more to the mire of England my friend! You know it makes sense
  7. Witton Albion FC - Season 2020/21 Review Vanarama National League North League Performance - I was really surprised with how much of a good first season I was able to achieve with a very limited squad! After the first third of the games played it looked like we would be in a relegation battle of sorts but probably have just enough to stay up, but we went from strength to strength and narrowly missed out on the playoffs. We don't have a big squad nor do we have strength in depth but our four best players - Chris Renshaw (GK), Liam Goulding (CB), Danny McKenna (CM) and Will Jones (ST
  8. I haven't played my old Nuneaton save for a fair few months now and whilst it was going alright I've decided to dive back in to this challenge with a fresh save. My new team will be.... Witton Albion FC! They are a team based in Northwich - and actually were formed as a breakaway club from the better known Northwich Victoria. They are based in Cheshire which is a region renowned for making great football players, so I thought it would be perfect! The playing squad is possibly the worst of any team I've tried this challenge with but they are a hard
  9. Hey guys I haven't been on here for a while (about 50 pages back), has anyone managed to complete the challenge yet?
  10. I've just noticed that Barnet, a team in our division (Vanarama National) are paying a player £9,250 a WEEK. How are we meant to compete against that They're also paying up to £1million per player for their incoming transfers... I wonder if we are coming up against a team with a sugar daddy owner??
  11. Nuneaton Borough FC - Season 2026/27 Review Vanarama National League League Performance - A really great season of progress! We make the playoffs in 4th position,but aren't quite able to reach the promised land of the Football League. The playoffs in the non-league are really tough as you often have to win 3 games in a row to be promoted, unless you finish 2nd or 3rd. We beat Hereford 2-1 after extra time in the first playoff round but this tired the team out and we lost in the semi final 2-1 after extra time away to Morecambe, who themselves were beaten in the final by Fylde.
  12. Nuneaton Borough FC - Season 2025/26 Review Vanarama National League League Performance - A season of progress as we finish very strongly to secure a comfortably mid-table finish. In truth this was a season of two halves, but thankfully the better half was the latter half and we ended up virtually in promotion form (see below) which really is testament to how badly we started. To be fair we lost our most talented player Steve Sadler just before the start of the season to Sunderland for £300k + 50% of next sale and this for sure weakened us, as we were still lacking from losing Gour
  13. Of course my friend, trade you for an adaptability point? Only got 1 of them
  14. My in-game attributes, look at the level of discipline attribute... 21! How the heck did that happen?
  15. Nuneaton Borough FC - Season 2024/25 Review Vanarama National League League Performance - I'm really not sure how - we finished with -40 goal difference for goodness sake - but we managed to stay up. In truth it was thanks to two winning streaks, one in October (every game) and one in March. Apart from this we looked way below the standard of the division. We even got hit for 7 goals on a few occasions, which goes some way to explaining the goal difference. Following the sale of Gourlay we went on a 10 game losing streak, so to turn it around took great character from the team (*pu
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