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  1. Folgore Caratese - Season One - 20/21 TABLE / TRANSFERS / SQUAD Season Summary The first season started off well enough, grabbing key wins against other bottom teams. However, the end of the first season was rough, with us only winning 1 game in the final 16. Thankfully, we had just enough to keep us up this year! Next year will be equally rough with a very similar team to this years. No single player over 7 avg rating for the whole season! Yikes! I honestly can't point to a single individual that performed well on a remotely consistent basis. We did manage to start upgr
  2. Folgore Caratese - The Beginning - 20/21 Decided to give this a go in Italy! Let's see how long it lasts.
  3. Glad you are enjoying it! Been a fun journey so far, exciting to see so many prospects growing so quickly! Thanks for that catch, fixed it!
  4. Le Mans FC - Season 5 - 2022/23 League Table: A great first year in Ligue 1. We started off the season well, and had some big victories over some of our lower table rivals to propel us into mid-table, and we managed to hang in there the whole season. One of our star strikers got a broken leg and missed most of the season, which caused us to slump in the middle of the season, but we hung in there! No cup runs of note. We've managed to lock almost everyone down to a long contract, with the exception of our LB, and he may be leaving to PSG soon. Hoping for a similar result next y
  5. Le Mans FC - Season 4 - 2021/22 League Table: Champions and Promotion!!! Wow, this team clicked in such a big way this year. I took a big gamble and decided not to sell Wilfried Thomas. He received big bids from PSG and Marseille in the summer, including around a 7M big with a 50% future profit clause from PSG, but I turned it down hoping he would help guide us to promotion. And how does he repay that? By getting injured for 2 months right at the start of the season! But my other two strikers stepped up huge, and when Wilfried came back, we had a strike force that would go on
  6. Le Mans FC - Season 3 - 2020/21 League Table: Such a great season, started off really struggling to find wins. But once our youth started to get revved up we really started finding some more late season form. Crucial wins against the teams I came up with and a lot of surprise results against teams we had no business beating. Not much else to speak about though, no cup runs of note. Best Eleven: Our youth really started making an impact for us this year. They are doing a great job for us in the midfield and up front, but we are really struggling to keep goals out. If
  7. Le Mans FC - Season 2 - 2019/20 League Table: Playoffs and promotion! I honestly was expecting a mirror of last season with practically the same squad, but our up and coming young striker really found us some form late in the season and we managed to just squeak through! Best Eleven: No real standouts this year, except for the aforementioned Wilfried Thomas! We were struggling at the beginning, but after an injury he made his way into the side and really found us some great form! Nkosinathi Faissoil (YP00C) - Has developed well, but just isn't coming throug
  8. Le Mans FC - Season 1 - 2018/19 Le Mans is known for it's racing heritage. My goal with this challenge is to overshadow this legendary racing town with the best young football club in the world. Youngsters, start your engines! My Manager League Table: Great first season. I honestly expected us to be fighting hard to relegation, but we managed to stay right around mid-table most of the year. Expecting to be here for a few seasons until some of our promising youngsters get up and going. Squad: My strikers and wingers were really the standouts for me th
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