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  1. Yeah I guessed that - I did a long running Russian Campaign last season. Just run a holiday game and they have relegation and promotion from the Second League so have chosen there... first update coming soon
  2. Just about to start this again - is there a reason why Greece is not one of the Nations to choose from? Is it because it has only two "playable" leagues?
  3. Not the correct forum mate but that is wrong. No manager in Scotland (outside the Old Firm - and even then) is getting sacked for not winning a cup if they are meeting their league commitment...
  4. Tavenier is not available for Scotland. He does not fit any of the following 1. Born in Scotland. 2. Have a blood parent born in Scotland 3. Have a blood grandparent in Scotland 4. Educated in Scotland for 5 years before his 18th birthday
  5. Seems like a bug. Checking the Db they should only be expected youth production from you. Can you report it in Club Vision and Performance section.
  6. Hi mate, defo sounds like a bug. Not a data issue though. Would recommend posting that issue in the transfer/contract area as it will need looked at.
  7. It might be minor, but it is still a data error. Thanks
  8. Thanks for coming back to me mate. I have passed the info/let the Hearts researcher know and he will decide what yo do
  9. Let's do this. Was tempted to go back to Russia where I had my closest attempt to completing this in FM2020 but no, let's return to where I first failed. Spain - with the same club!! CD Toledo Proof of Unavailability Year 1 The Manager - Me Club Information Media expects a good season, so does the board - have they met me Facilities Give me a good starting position - see how it goes Other Info With no staff, it has given me a fresh blank canvas, lets hope I can get things through the door early and soon
  10. Do you guys know when he last played CM as checking the likes of Transfermarkt etc. he does not have any mention of CM. I have past your comment onto the Hearts Researcher though to consider! As for Left Back, he is set as "competent" in the DB but will not show up on his "known positions". Do you think that should be higher?
  11. Hi mate - this is not a Scottish specific issue. Maybe Europe or World.
  12. Yes it is. And in FM2021 we have shown you there is no gap of any size. So whatever your problem with the game it's certainly not for the Data Issue forum.
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