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  1. Apologies all. League Table, Transfers and Alex Berry (21D) links
  2. Hmmm. Once I am back home from work I will fix that. Money is not as important in this challenge - although still good to have some. Saying that, good question. It's the reason I only hire a Head Scout and no other Scouts.
  3. Kelty Hearts 2021/22 Season Review With the excitement of promotion on my first season, unfortunately it was matched by the devastation of being relegated this season, the same way we won promotion by losing the playoffs. Scoring goals were never a problem but conceding 94 goals, almost 40 more than anyone else just doesn't lend yourself well to the ability to compete in the league. 2021/22 Review League Table Transfers - also losing no.1 keeper, who is refusing to sign a new contract, so I will have a 16 and 17 year old keeper next season. Various other players leaving too. Improvement of Youth Facilities agreed Previous Players to Watch (2021) Chris Barlow (21A) - Only managed 4 competative appearances, but he did manage to get his first goal of his career. Expect him to feature more in 22/23. Kieran Courts (21B) - Leaving this summer to pastures new after signing with Kinnoull, making only 1 solitary sub appearance for the club George Macgregor (21C) - Spent the first half of the season on loan to Broxburn, making 13 appearances before returning in the winter and seeing the rest of the season in the reserves Alex Berry (21D) - A newcomer to this list, also spent the first half of the season at Broxburn, making 5 appearance before seeing out the rest of the season with the reserves. Players to Watch 2022 Lee Winter (22A) Lee Barr (22B) - He's going to be my No. 1 keeper next year
  4. Promotion!!!!!!!!!!!! We won the League 1 Promotion playoff, first beating League 1 side East Fife, then taking out Stenhousemuir who had the better of me in the league campaign. The League Transfers - with a further player due to leave Youth Intake (for some reason it wasn't in my Development List, so here is my Reserve Squad (all the Youths) Youth Players to Watch 2021 Chris Barlow (21A) Kieran Courts (21B) George Macgregor (21C)
  5. Kelty Hearts 2020/21 Half Way Update Small update, and I have to say it is going well. Although being out off all 3 cup competitions, I made the standard the board hoped. Meanwhile the League is looking rather good, but won't count my chickens yet as it is me after all. Youth Intake is looking meh again.
  6. And I am back in the game! I'm going home to Scotland, taking over Kelty Hearts. Profile Information Facilities Squad
  7. And it comes to end in the 22/23 season, sitting 17th after 18 games
  8. FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt 2021/22 Another season has come to a close, and it was a nail biter this time, only confirming safety with 1 game left to go. As I have not been sacked yet, it means it's the furthest I have gone in this challenge! 2021/22 League Table Transfers Board Announcement 1 - improvement to our Youth Scouting. Review - Youth Players of Note 2020 - 2021 intakes Philip Berbeg (20A) - Made over 20 appearances for the club, winning Young Player of the Year. Eduard Danzer (20B) - Made a couple of appearances for the II side, nothing much more to note. Moved to Senior side for 22/23 Reinhold Perry (21A) - Under 19's player moved to the II for 22/23 Michael Pommer (21B) - Under 19's star and moved to the Senior Side for 22/23 Sebastian Zimmermann (21C) - Under 19 player moved to II's in the final few months of last season. Will be in II for 22/23 Roger Gonzalez (21D) - Started in the Under 19's, moved to the IIs and ended in the Senior Side, where he featured a handful of times. Will be in the Senior Side for 22/23 Matti Dreier (21E) - Same pathway as Gonzalez. Youth Intake and Youth Players of Note 2022 Intake Danny-Gunther Schmidt (22A) Sandro Durrast (22B) Leon Menzel (22C) Rolf Kohler (22D)
  9. FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt 2021/22 The winter break has come. Most of the youths mentioned further up have been moved to the II team, while a couple others are not old enough to play in either the senior side or II side. In the league it has been very meh, although sitting in 15th of the media prediction (500/1 to win the league - next worst was 22/1). I am currently sitting 14th, 3 points clear of relegation. Youth intake is looking not too bad for this level -
  10. FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt 2021/22 A small update. The board have come to me and offered me a II team. I have decided to accept, and they will play the Regionalliga The following players have been released, former number 1 keeper Danial Haas (wanted a Player-Coach role), Patrick Manthe (the player brought in last season) and striker Velimir Jovanovic who played 33 games scoring 3 goals last season.
  11. FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt 2020/21 I said not even I could relegate the club from my last update, well I did my damn hardest to do so it seems but thankfully right at the end I got my message across to the players and we survived. Season Details League Table Youth Intake Transfers In - the two keepers were unavoidable, but neither have featured in competitive football, as seen here and here. One was released but the board wouldn't let me release the other so, his contract is being run down (ends this summer). Players to Watch Philip Berbig (20A) - was unable to feature due to age, but he led the Under 19's as captain to promotion. Eduard Danzer (20B) - again due to age was unable to feature in the first team Reinhold Perrey (21A) Michael Pommer (21B) Sebastian Zimmermann (21C) Roger Gonzalez (21D)
  12. FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt 2020/21 With 7 games to go, I have been offered a new contract, managing to ebb out a 2 year deal from the board. Unfortunately, the two players I picked from pre-taking over youth intake I have unable to get any action out of as in Germany you need to be at least 17 years of age to play in the league. Anyway, update of the following: The league table sees me just in the bottom half, but (touching wood) not even I could get us relegated from this position... Youth Take info looks a bit meh, but we will see what we get.
  13. Chickened out. Went to Germany My Profile. Rot-Weiss Essen Information Rot-Weiss Essen Facilities Rot-Weiss Squad 2020/21 I do have two transfers coming in that I do not seem to be able to cancel. No idea why they have signed two brand new keepers... Looking at the Under 19's, I have a couple of possible future stars already. With Philip Berbig and Eduard Danzer
  14. New save. Been in Italy, now Spain. I hear Sweden is a rather nice country.
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