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  1. Thanks. This has now been fixed and will show in any future versions
  2. Thanks for all this - sure our Celtic man will cover all this
  3. Thanks. Will make sure we get this in for '22 Thanks, I believe this is now fixed but won't show until '22
  4. No idea why I am answering you - especially if you don't think Edouard is by far the best striker in the league - and oh by the way it is not even a close contest. But I am sure, if you can tell me anything that says Morelos should be better then please let me know. As it isn't goals this season, it's not minutes per goal, goal conversion or shooting accuracy...
  5. Olympiakos Volou - End of Season Update 2021/22 The League We were expected to end in the relegation zone so I have to be really pleased with the performance of the team, unfortunately the quality between the clubs above me and myself was there to see. The Cup Fell at the first hurdle (4th round) which the board were not happy with Youth Intake Players to Watch Ilir Gjoshi 21a - Greek DMC/MC/AMR - Currently out on loan at Kifisia for the 2022/23 season. Dimitris Mystakidis 22a - Greek DMC/MC - Retraining as a centre back, and will probab
  6. Greece - 20 June AS Olympiakos Volou Before I was Here A Club that has had a trouble past, "falling victim" in the Greek Match Fixing Scandal that seen them not only relegated from the First League, but also kicked out of the Europa League, on their only visit to the competition. After much legal wrangling and fighting they were finally relegated to the non-league, making their way back into the Second League at the end of the 2020/2021 season... enter me (fun act team actually were managerless in db) Meet Me The Club
  7. Yeah I guessed that - I did a long running Russian Campaign last season. Just run a holiday game and they have relegation and promotion from the Second League so have chosen there... first update coming soon
  8. Just about to start this again - is there a reason why Greece is not one of the Nations to choose from? Is it because it has only two "playable" leagues?
  9. Not the correct forum mate but that is wrong. No manager in Scotland (outside the Old Firm - and even then) is getting sacked for not winning a cup if they are meeting their league commitment...
  10. Tavenier is not available for Scotland. He does not fit any of the following 1. Born in Scotland. 2. Have a blood parent born in Scotland 3. Have a blood grandparent in Scotland 4. Educated in Scotland for 5 years before his 18th birthday
  11. Seems like a bug. Checking the Db they should only be expected youth production from you. Can you report it in Club Vision and Performance section.
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