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  1. 2020/2021 - Salisbury Football Club - A New Beginning... Taking the plunge into the football world of England, and have chosen Salisbury Football Club Meet the Manager The Club The 2020/2021 Squad So, 18 players - 3 of which are keepers (they must know I love a keeper ). There are a couple of pre-campaign start youth to watch out for though... Simon Curley (20a), 17 - 16 Year old keeper. Will play back-up as well as being available to play any youth games. Jake Casey (20b), 16 - Young Anglo-Irish centre midfielder. Could mak
  2. Will carry on with my Russian campaign - but thinking I might join everyone in England...
  3. 2033/2034 Russian Winter Update Well, the bottom line for this season is, we're not retaining our title The Super Cup As Champions we took on the Cup Winners Krasnodar. First taste of the Super Cup unfortunately seen us lose The League Our defence got of to not a great start, losing 2 of our first 4 (which was a shock to the system after a whole season without a defeat). We are currently in a 7 game undefeated streak, unfortunately only 2 wins in that run. This run of results have left us battling for the final European Conference place.
  4. 2033/2034 - Quick Update - Till We Meet Again I really should have added this to the above update, but these two deserve a thread of their own. For over 10 years they have battle away for the Club. Giving their all, but today (30 June 2034) both Vitaly Makeev (20c) and Stanislav Voronov (21a) will both leave the club when their contracts run out later today. Vitaly Makeev (20c) The midfielder joined the club through the Youth Academy the March before I joined the Club and although he spent most of the first few years on loan or with the 2nd Club, only beginning to start in th
  5. 2022/2023 - End of Season Update - CHAMPIONS!!!! So, 10 years ago I lead the mighty Dinamo to the National League Championship... The League And at the end of 2023 we became Premier League Champions for the first time in the Club's history. It has been a marvelous journey, but not only that with 4 games to go we had the possibility to do the Invincible season (as per the last update). The results went well, although in the end it was a crawl rather than a run... It was the win, at home to Nizhniy Novgorod sealing the title in the end (beating Khimki would ha
  6. 2032/2033 - Quick Update - 4 Games to Paradise... The League has 4 games to go. Sooo close! And the fixtures include Zenit and Dynamo.
  7. Guys, it finally happened. I finally did it! Spartak Moscow have no longer failed to lose to the mighty Dinamo. I could greet!
  8. 2032/2033 - The Russian Winter Update - Keep on Plugging!! So winter is here again, and the team have gone on their little break. The League What a season so far. But saying that, am I the only one who could have their team past the halfway point in the league undefeated and not actually be top of the league. The Cup Any guesses? Yep, Sixth Round exit for us again! The Europa League Well, the draw was okay, but the we did not get off to the best start, losing our first match to Valencia, who did the double over us. But, in the end we did enoug
  9. 2032/2033 - The Europa League Draw Dinamo were seeded second for the draw. Could have been easier, but again it could have been a lot harder
  10. 2031/2032 Season Review - Getting Closer The League A 4th place finish again, means a place in the Europa League, but it could have been a lot better if we could only manage to overcome either Zenit or Spartak. The Europa League After the topping the group I was given nye into the Second Knockout round. This led to a tie against French side AS Monaco. So after once again, Fortress Dinamo coming to the rescue, we then were drawn with Scottish Giants Celtic in the Quarter Finals. Sadly... All in all, a good campaign. The Youth
  11. 2030/2031- The Russian Winter Update - Fortress Dinamo First things, first, Evgeny Arsentjev won Russian Young Player of the Year. While Vladimir Yeremeev (28a) came second. As for the ongoing season, it has been a rather successful one domestically and in Europe. The League Unfortunately, Zenit have dominated from the off, and although for a while we kept pace, a couple of poor results, including a loss to Zenit has seen them open a 13 point lead. When we come back from the break in March, I think could decide early on how well we will do as we have Zenit, Lokomotiv an
  12. 2031/2032 Update - Youth Young Player of the Year dominated by my Dinamo side... As for the Candidates... if you guessed there would be another keeper in there, you would be right...
  13. 2030/2031 Quick Update - The Europa League Draw Totally forgot the Russian side that qualified for the Europa League automatically qualified for the group stages. I think it is a pretty tough group, with no new countries to visit
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