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  1. Congrats! Welcome, and good luck!
  2. Season 2019/20 Review - Burgess Hill Town in the Vanarama National League South League Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances | Season Review We're up! The insane early-season form obviously couldn't last, but damn; I would never have guessed we'd finish with a mere 3 losses. I'll take my share of credit for the new tactic - be it not the most refined one - but much of this success came thanks to one Max Ryan. I wanted a big man up front and found him at 17th-placed Whitehawk. Scoring 15 and being the only player in their squad with an average rating over 7.0 certainly seemed promising, but he's truly outdone himself for us. Had to make him top earner with a few promises attached, but I like to think promotion was worth it! Tom Phipp no doubt deserves a mention as well, banging in 19 from midfield. The cup runs were forgettable bar a £70K FA Cup payout for hosting Yeovil. Nothing too impressive, but along with repeated cash injections it's finally put our finances in decent order. The projections are still dour, but one thing at a time... Aim for next season: Stay up. At any cost. Season League Finish Achievements 2019/20 Vanarama South 1st Champions! 2018/19 Vanarama South 4th Playoff semi-finalists 2017/18 Vanarama South 6th -
  3. I think defenders are bad at tracking back and goalkeepers move very slowly side-to-side. It may just be this low tier of football, but the long ball over the top seems lethal even with just 1-2 players participating in the attack/counter. The receiver is often not closed down well and a simple squared low pass/cross to a teammate rushing the opposite post eludes most keepers. Even if it turns into a one-on-one, the conversion rate seems high. Without getting too much into the nitty-gritty, I try to keep things tight with an all-defensive back four and two tenacious CMs, then transition fast and direct after playing hard/dirty. It's working well so far!
  4. Huh. I spent a good chunk of my Sunday observing and trying to emulate Dulwich Hamlet's excellent style of play from last season and I think I may have struck gold! Counting the days until this somehow falls apart, but enjoying the ride for now! Pleased with the board as well who've kept injecting funds, bringing us closer to black than we've been in years.
  5. Season 2018/19 Review - Burgess Hill Town in the Vanarama National League South League Table | Playoffs | Squad | Season Review It's going in the right direction! Finishing 4th instead of 6th may seem like a small step, but I finally found some consistency with a simple 4-4-2 and the 14 extra points compared to last season ain't nothing to sneeze at. We aren't always pretty, but wrestling control over games feels a lot better! As for the playoff? Well, we certainly tried! It wasn't exactly the cleanest or quietest lead-up in the first place, but gee: 17 goals, 16 yellows, 1 sending-off, a stoppage time equalizer, extra time, and a player scoring 4 goals in one match later... We're out. Bath is, coincidentally, also the team that ended our FA Trophy run last year, and considering they went and lost to Dulwich Hamlet in the final I don't think we've seen the last of each other yet! Finances | Transfers | Stadium Expansion Time to comply with league regulations. We are, of course, still hemorrhaging money without this extra expense, so I'm wary of what it will mean long-term. I've already let the highest-earning players go so it's sort of out of my hands now. Aim for next season: Kick and punch ourselves into the playoffs again. Season League Finish Achievements 2018/19 Vanarama South 4th Playoff semi-finalists 2017/18 Vanarama South 6th -
  6. Going through some tough times. I wonder how long we can run this deficit for. £230K in the red and still dropping.
  7. Season 2017/18 Review - Burgess Hill Town in the Vanarama National League South League Table | Squad | Transfers | Season Review 6th, right now feeling something like finishing 4th in the Olympics. We were in playoff contention all season, but with 1 win from the last 9 games it was never going to last. Results were inconsistent even when things were going well, but I feel my incessant tactic tinkering in hopes of fixing that ended up costing us this one. Oh well. For a team that should be fighting near the bottom, this is still a good first season to build from. While I'm within my budgets, club finances aren't looking too hot with the chairman injecting £85K mid-season just to see us sitting £120K in the hole come the end of it. I may have to be selective with which contracts I renew and which players are better just released. Amusingly, my wage budget is increasing quite a bit next season along with the new mid-table expectation. Aim for next season: Better tactical consistency. Season League Finish Achievements 2017/18 Vanarama South 6th -
  8. Enfield Town save, if you get bored of reloading on your own.
  9. It's been an encouraging pre-season, though these are all smaller rep teams played mostly for fitness. I'm anxious to see if we can carry this form into the season proper. The squad is actually pretty nice apart from a 7-month injury on the main DR, but I've made a few pointed signings, most notably Connolly on the left and Staunton on loan to fill in centrally for Cheick Touré. What’s that? Why would any sane manager replace Touré at this level? Why, because of his work permit situation. I was even blocked from signing a new contract, so now he's on a month-to-month deal and sadly probably won't be playing any more competitive football for us. I'm very surprised at the 15-2 odds the bookies have given us to make this work, especially considering how many reloads it took to even see this team promoted. Maybe the algorithm is smarter this year and takes more than club reputation into account? I’m used to sitting in the 1000-1 to 5000-1 range from previous years, so this will be an interesting change. On the staff front: replaced my assistant and signed a fitness coach, physio, and scout. The board is too stubborn to allow any more, but I'm honestly pretty happy with these finds. Let the season begin!
  10. Here you go. Are you from the area? Congrats! That was quick.
  11. Let's have a go with Burgess Hill. Wish me luck!
  12. .Maybe he's just got one of those faces?
  13. Congrats deadfncat and iseemonsters! I wish I, too, had a defender named Tank.
  14. Sounds familiar. I just finished a game against Bognor Regis with 3 reds and 7 yellows handed out. No holding back at this level, eh.
  15. I can offer 2 year contracts (end date in 2018). No longer than that, though.