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  1. .Maybe he's just got one of those faces?
  2. Congrats deadfncat and iseemonsters! I wish I, too, had a defender named Tank.
  3. Sounds familiar. I just finished a game against Bognor Regis with 3 reds and 7 yellows handed out. No holding back at this level, eh.
  4. I can offer 2 year contracts (end date in 2018). No longer than that, though.
  5. Let's give this another whirl.
  6. Let's see if i can follow through with one of these for a change. Manager profile, information. ASM Belfort profile, information, history. Wish me luck.
  7. Yes, it is real. Of course, there may be uncertainty concerning certain players' contract details and the data is quickly rendered semi-fictional the moment you hit Continue a few times, but it is largely accurate.
  8. Let's see how this goes. Giving Grantham a whirl.
  9. Yes. If you holiday past a game and your assistant attends in your place, he is recognized as the attending manager and you are not.
  10. Do the options under the Aggressive tone not cover this?
  11. It's all down to processing speed. You will not run into problems, per se. It will just be slow. I would hazard a guess that it won't be significantly different from how you experienced FM13. Most games tax the graphics card more than the CPU. FM is the other way around. I'm not at all surprised your setup works well in most games with that GTX 570 in there.
  12. That list seems to update extremely slowly. I usually use the subscription page instead as the forum auto-subscribes you to threads you post in.
  13. The second paragraph in the specs you posted looks like customization options? Better parts you can add to improve the default configuration (against a higher price, I would assume). Hard to say for sure without seeing the webpage. A 3rd generation i5 processor would be faster than the Pentium listed higher up in the specs.
  14. Well... Not to go off on too much of a technical tangent, but Hz is unfortunately becoming less and less useful for performance comparisons as newer processors go for higher IPC - i.e. get more done "per Hz" - rather than higher frequencies, as well as more cores for parallelization. The cheap $64 Pentium G2010 released early this year is roughly twice as fast as OP's FX-62 (from 2006) at the same 2.8 GHz frequency and same number of cores. Time is not kind to old computer parts. You really need to compare specific models these days. As flaky as the FM star system can be, your 2.4 GHz CPU is probably faster.
  15. That's an ancient processor. I can only assume the game primarily bases its star rating on CPU performance, in which case I agree with forameuss - it seems about right. Of course, what's a "tolerable" game speed is very subjective. Start a game and see how you like it.