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  1. Giving this a whirl with Atherton Collieries.
  2. I'd say I've spent about 7 or 8 hours reloading @Scoham. Seen Radcliffe once and Bamber Bridge twice.
  3. Check your PMs. Bamber Bridge and Radcliffe, yes. Atherton Collieries, no.
  4. Can confirm that Cray can show up. Let me know if you want a savefile.
  5. Summary: The game crashes when trying to view the team profile of Croydon. Description of Issue: Whether going via the search bar or the hyperlink in the Rivalries section for Cray Wanderers, the game crashes as soon as it tries to open the team profile for Croydon. I have asked two other players to try this and the game crashed right away for them as well. Deleting Preferences and Caches did not help. I suspect this will be easy to reproduce without, but I can provide crash dumps and/or dxdiag if need be. Steps to Reproduce: Type "Croydon" into the search bar and click the match.
  6. St. Ives 2034/35 Season Review League Table Youth Intake Squad Transfers All right, we're not going down. Good enough for me! Intense scheduling forced me to rotate more and Cull seized his chance. At 23 goals he's our best striker this season, ahead of even Atkins. Not a bad time to have your big breakout season! Honestly happy with most of the team considering the quality of players we're facing now. Every game feels like we're barely hanging in there. I've been experimenting with training schedules now that we're F/T and finding it incredibly hard to nail a bala
  7. St. Ives 2034/35 Season Review League Table Season Review Squad Transfers Finances Back to the old 4-4-2, back to hoofing long balls. Started rather poorly with 11 games without a win, but a good October turned things around and in the end we managed to fight our way up to 16th. I'll take it! Struggled a lot with fitness this season. In the VNL we had busy months and reasonable months alternating, here it's pretty hectic every week. Probably not helped by me messing around with training schedules and intensity, but I really want to nail those down now that we're fina
  8. Junior Coaching is a facility upgrade (go to Club Info > Facilities and look toward the bottom of the list). I assume it's the coaching they get before they enter your youth team, i.e. before ages 14-16. So yeah, In FM terms it would/should affect their starting CA/PA.
  9. A good personality, followed by Working With Youngsters and JPA+JPP. Tactical style apparently matters too, at least for the players they say they influenced when you get your youth intake. I've previously read that all youth staff have a mild influence, not just HoYD, so I try to make sure they all have decent WWY/JPA/JPP, but I'm frankly not sure how outdated that information is. Broadly I'd go by what Seb Wassell posted recently, though so far I've had to settle for the facility upgrades the club can actually afford rather than a preferred order.
  10. I'm having more fun than I've had doing just this challenge in many years, but I do think it depends on which parts of the game you enjoy most. You will not be producing good youth until you've had several facility upgrades, which you won't have until you have money, which you won't have until you either manage consistent cup success or luck into a spendy chairman. In other words: prepare for many years of slow progress, making the most of very little purely through tactics and motivating. This challenge already demands an extremely long-term approach so adding youth may be amplifying that too
  11. I think doing this challenge at all is a bit masochistic. South Shields start fully Professional. For the others, you need to ask the board to go Professional and have them say yes. Likely won't happend before League Two as most Semi-Pro teams already lose money paying P/T wages, but if you somehow manage to increase the cash flow (cup success, probably) they might.
  12. St. Ives 2033/34 Season Review League Table Season Review Squad Transfers Finances Boom! Up we go! Got the wingers going and that seems to have made the difference. Well, that and the fact that no other team did very well this season. Between 2019/20 and now, no club has won with any less than 88pts. Normally, you'd need over 90, but even that has frequently only been good for 2nd. We just clinched it with a mere 76, all while conceding a whopping 80 goals. If you want to call it luck, I won't argue! Heck, we had more points than this last season! The squad is l
  13. St. Ives 2033/34 Season Review League Table Youth Intake Squad Transfers Ha! Playoff dodged again! And up the pyramid we go~. Getting the wingers firing really helped going forward; Bloomfield scored 11 cutting in from the left and Davenport managed 13 assists spamming crosses from the right. Both had barely any last season. Truth is, though, playing essentially three up front and attacking wingers didn't do much for our already shaky defense. At 80 goals conceded, we're 2nd worst in the league! Our 76pts is also a good bit worse than last season and only 1pt better tha
  14. St. Ives 2032/33 Season Review League Table Playoffs Season Review Squad Transfers Finances 2nd and playoff loss? This brings back memories... Made the switch to a 4-4-2 diamond to get Aspin into the side while keeping Atkins and Harrison in there. It pretty much killed our wingers as they're forced into more balanced roles, but the three up top have been a menace. Heck, we score more than anyone else! We may also concede like hardly anyone else, but hey, what's the point of a chart if not to top it?! Lots more takeover rumors, except this time around our cha
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