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  1. Well that was quick. But not undeserved. Sacked 14 games into the season. All losses. 3 goals scored, 67 conceded. We also got dumped out of the cup by a lower league team. The non contract players refused to sign a contract with us and left for other teams. We were playing with a squad of 7 players. Missing a keeper, central defender, central midfielder and striker. To top it off we had two players on long term injuries and two missing games with International duty. Burundi and Spain U19s.
  2. There are already two transfers confirmed when I got here that I can't cancel. Can I use them, or do I need to get rid of them and not play them?
  3. Ok, time for another go. Meet the new manager of Geel in the Belgian First Amateur division We have a squad of nine players. Things could be rough until the first youth intake. The good news is that the facilities are at a pretty good starting point for a team of this level and for this challenge.
  4. 2024 Nassjö FF season review - Swedish Second Division North Götaland Back in the second division and we really struggled. We escaped the drop zone with three games to go, but unfortunately lost all three and got relegated. This of course got me sacked! The sad irony is that this happened just as the youth looked like they were starting to get somewhere Time to look for another victim.........
  5. 2023 Nassjö FF season review - Swedish First Division South The League Bottom of the table and relegated. This was to be expected, so I gave a few of the promising youth players a lot of playing time to try to develop them. Our performances were not as bad as the table suggests as we had several winning games turned into draws and draws into losses by conceding late goals. The Players Veteran Dan Danneman was once more the player of the season and top scorer with 9 goals. The youth intake was more promising than the past two seasons, with Oskar Strandsater
  6. 2022 Nassjo FF season review - Swedish Second Division West Götaland The League The move from North Götaland to West Götaland was beneficial to us. This league seemed a lot lower level, despite being at the same tier on the football pyramid. The season was really exciting, with the top 7 team swapping places every round throughout the season. Onsala BK was top of the league with 3 rounds to go and finished 6th. We managed to take a major leap forward by gaining our first silverware in Sweden and promotion to the First Division (third tier) in the closest race I've had in a
  7. It's a great place for your youth to gain some experience.
  8. 2021 Nassjo FF season review - Swedish Second Division North Gotaland The League We started well, then had a poor run of results that dragged us into the relegation battle. It was tight for a while, but we pulled through with a win on the final day that we didn't actually need and survived. We must be a border team, as we've been moved to the West Gotaland league for 2022. The Players August Sander was my player of the season and joint top scorer with 10 goals. Alexander Goransson YP21a was the best of a poor youth intake. Transfers
  9. Back to Europe. Now with Nassjo FF in Sweden. There are 17 players, but all of them are on amateur contracts. My task now is to try to get enough of them to sign part time contracts at this semi-pro club.
  10. It's happened again. Bottom of the league and relegated Discipline was the problem. 63 yellow cards and 12 red cards in 20 games. We had too many players suspended and too many games playing a man or two down. Nahuel Rodriguez YP21a was the worst culprit. 5 yellows and 6 reds in 13 games. He missed the other 7 games due to suspension.
  11. Fantastic. The reset date is 1st Jan, a youth intake came through on 28th Jan, and first competitive game kicks off on 27th Feb. Good timing for reinforcements.
  12. Time for something a bit different. Meet the new manager of Bella Vista in Uruguay. The club are a bit of a fallen giant in Uruguayan football. They have a long history, being founded in 1920 and won the Primera division in 1990. For some reason they were relegated from the top flight directly to the third flight in 2013, but I haven't found out why. Now they've come up to the second division and I've taken on the challenge of leading them back to glory. They start with only 10 players. Friday Mushili of Zambia provides some international flavour. The first
  13. The youth intake came in quite late in Portugal. 4th April. It looked pretty good for EA Braganca. Just a shame I got sacked the same day, just as relegation was confirmed with 5 games to go. On to the next victim I guess......
  14. Oh no they won't. We need a minimum of 12 homegrown players in the matchday squad. Currently only 1 is considered homegrown, which means I can take 7 into each squad and 4 will need to sit out for 'greys' to take their place.
  15. Time to take a team down in Portugal. Meet the new manager of EA Braganca I was inspired by @XaW's attempt in December. The players all come from Cape Verde. I like the thought of my club team also being the Cape Verde national team and may even do it as a double challenge, a bit like the San Marino challenge, once this ends. I've also made the manager Cape Verdean to fit with the club theme. Xaw was missing defenders. We are stacked with defenders and wingers, but missing a striker and central mids. The good news is that all eleven players make the start
  16. Yes it does. 3 wins and a draw needed from the next four games with Marseille as the final game. But that doesn't matter...... SACKED after a 2-6 loss and only 50 seasons in charge. During this time we won one French National title, two League 2 titles, a Ligue 1 title, a French Cup, three Euro Cups, a Trophee des Champions and a European Super Cup. I also won French Manager of the year four times. It was a great ride, but we came up short on the ultimate goal. Seven staff members left after my sacking and are keen to continue working with
  17. 2069/70 Annecy FC season review - French Ligue 1 The League We started poorly, hit a rough patch in the middle and tailed off towards the end. This season was one to forget. We limped through to a 14th place finish with poor runs interspersed by a few great comebacks. Lyon won their 6th straight title, again with 100pts to go along with the French Cup title, Euro Super Cup, Tropee de Champions and a Champions Cup runner up place. After the final game, the board gave me an ultimatum of 11pts in our next 5 games to save my job. I'm assuming that carries over to next season.
  18. And at 50 pound a week wages, is exceptional value. A high % sell on clause is essential on him.
  19. I'm starting to like these late comebacks. Especially when a player down and being completely outplayed on the pitch.
  20. And why is it that complaining about it here breaks the trend? In style too. A 93rd min equaliser and a 95th min winner to complete a hattrick.
  21. Again, after a great season, a poor start. How can it be such a big contrast with the same players and system?
  22. 2068/69 Annecy FC season review - French Ligue 1 The Ligue Lyon blew everyone away, amassing an amazing 100 points. We had a good season, at one point looking like achieving a very safe 3rd spot, but contrived to once more drop one place on the final day. At least it's still a Champions Cup spot. Europe After a very easy group stage, winning all 6 games, scoring 22, conceding only 1, it looked like we were going to dominate the Euro Cup once more. Fellow French team, Metz, put up resistance in the semi final, but we made it through to our 4th final. This ti
  23. Is it because he's a team leader? I've found my team leaders seem to have way more impact at those lower league levels, they seem to pull all the younger players up to their level somewhat. I always play with at least one in the side. Yes. I have an attacking midfielder that looks like he should struggle in Ligue 1. But for some reason, when he plays, our results are better. I only noticed this at times when I had to play him due to injuries/suspensions, expecting a loss, but pleasantly surprised. He consistently over performs.
  24. Edit - I'm an idiot. It was the reserve keeper that got injured.
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