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  1. I feel like hamster in his wheel. A lot of effort going round and round, but not getting anywhere. Our team is realistically sitting just one tier below the elite teams. But every time I get a new couple of top quality player developed, my previous stars are in decline. We can't seem to keep enough players together in their prime for long enough to break through.
  2. I'm using google photos. The sharing option is open to public. Thanks for the interest. Are there any screenshots you particularly want to see?
  3. 2059/60 Annecy FC season review - Ligue 1 The League Our new generation continued to improve. They climbed to an outstanding 4th position. We did lose 1-2 to Lyon in the quarterfinal of the French Cup, but got revenge against them in the league with a 4-1 home win in the 3rd to last league game that pretty much assured us 4th place and a return to the Champions Cup. Europe We managed to win our second Euro Cup by beating Nantes 3-1 in the final. This really is a second rate competition in this game. The only real competition is from the other French teams. All three made the semifinals. Nantes knocked out Lyon in their semi. This means Ligue 1 and the French Cup are now stronger competitions than the Euro Cup in my game. The top 4 French teams have been dominating the Champions Cup for decades. The Players Benjamin Bernard YP45a broke Bryan Pham Ba's single season scoring records with 38 league goals and 51 goals overall. He won the Ligue 1 player of the season and came runner up in the 2059 French player of the year award. Sylvio Rimane YP55a also cemented his place as a leading striker, with 28 goals. He won the 2059 European Golden Boy and World U21 Footballer of the year awards. Pierre Girard YP40d retired after playing 764 games for us at left back or centre back. He played a further 44 games while out on loan in his youth. Florian Dupuis YP41d also retired after playing 626 games for us, mostly off the bench in a variety of positions. Transfers
  4. Congratulations @Jaketomsett. Very impressive time. Did you still have any original players left in the team?
  5. What a late flurry of goals and great win against the best team in my game at present. It's great when the substitutions work.
  6. 2058/59 Annecy FC season review - French Ligue 1 The League We started reasonably well and were in 10th place at the halfway stage. The second half of the season wasn't so great, but we finish in a safe and solid 12th place. This represented an improvement over the previous two seasons. Marseille offered me an interview. A chance to join the best club in my game. I turned it down of course. The Cup At the 39th time of trying and in our 3rd final, we finally won a French Cup. We did it in style by destroying anyone we played. 23 goals for, 4 against. We got quite lucky with the draw. We avoided all the elite teams, and only had to face two relatively weak League 1 teams. We also got 4 out of 5 home games leading up to the final. This gets us back into Europe after three seasons with no European football. The Players Benjamin Bernard YP50a was our player of the season. He lead the scoring with 32 goals. The trio of youngsters Sylvio Rimane, Zaid Neubronner and Daniele Vanacore look to be developing into real stars and the core of our next generation team. Eliott Bruneau YP58a looks to have the physical and mental qualities to also make the first team, so I threw him in as soon as he turned 16. Ahmet Cinar saw the benefits of changing nationality by getting to go to the World Cup with Turkey in the off season. Transfers The redevelopment of the team continued. Four young players are improving. Tossavi, Callamand, Makengo and Cinar have a few more seasons left. We're basically only two key centrebacks and a bench away from having a competitive team again.
  7. 2057/58 Annecy FC season review - French Ligue 1 The League The struggle is getting harder each season. We are going backwards. There were several times we dipped into the relegation playoff spot, but eventually finished in 17th spot. I'd like to think of this as a development season for Sylvio Rimane and Daniele Vanacore, but the truth is there are too many older players in decline and a lot more development needed. 35yr old Bryan Pham Ba broke the club appearance record, but he is now playing off the bench and only scored 3 goals from 41 appearances. The Players Florent Tabou YP40c is retiring after playing 600 games for Annecy FC, mostly at RB, but sometimes LB. Sylvio Rimane YP55a is the long term replacement of Pham Ba and progressing nicely. Daniele Vanacore YP57a was thrown in the deep end at 16yrs old and also performed well. But he is a bit of a hothead and picked up 18 yellow cards and 1 red card. Transfers
  8. Congratulations on Promotion @jstu9. Some good steady progress going on there. Sending players out on loan is definitely helping for me. I send 7 youth players out per season, the maximum allowed in the French League. The youth players tend to get loaned out for 1-4 seasons and the ones that do well, go into my first team.
  9. Pretty sure you'll hit that goal naturally by playing the way we are.
  10. 2056/57 Annecy FC season review - French Ligue 1 The League Whenever we are playing in Europe, our league form suffers. This season was no different. A very poor 16th place had us flirting with a relegation battle and getting warnings from the board about performance. PSG knocked us out of the quarterfinals of both the Euro Cup and the French Cup. The Players Club record league appearance holder, Jean Magne YP38c, has retired. He finished with 669 league appearances, 795 competitive games overall and 24 goals. He also achieved 5 caps and 1 goal for the French U21 team. Magne may not have been a superstar, but he was a consistent performer at both CB and RB. His contribution to the club will continue, as he has signed a new contract to be a coach of our U19s team. Screve Makengo YP48a was our player of the season. Unfortunately it looks like he will not be building on the two caps for France he received early in his career. With Magne's retirement, we only have three defenders in the first team. I plan to move Pierre Girard from LB to CB and fast track youngster Daniele Vanacore YP57a to LB in the first team. Hopefully his 20 determination can speed up development. Transfers
  11. 2055/56 Annecy FC season review - French Ligue 1 The League We started off well and were in 3rd place at the mid season point. In the second half of the season, we suffered our usual issue of injuries and suspensions and dropped down to 6th. Importantly, we are back in Europe next season. Marseille had an 'Invincibles' season, winning the league with 7 games in hand and without dropping a game. 100 points was an amazing score. The Cup We reached our 2nd French Cup final. Unfortunately it came at a time when we had several injuries and suspensions. With only 13 first team players available, we went down 0-3 to PSG in the final. The highlight of our cup run was the quarterfinal victory over national champions OGC Nice. It was 0-0 at the end of 90mins, then they scored in the 2nd minute of extra time. We equalized just before full time and won the penalty shootout. The Players Bryan Pham Ba rolled back the clock and scored 22 goals, just one behind top scorer Benjamin Bernard. Screve Makengo YP48a was our player of the season. Despite a few injuries, he contributed 14 goals and 11 assists from the left wing. Gabay Callamand YP50a got called up to the French national team, but didn't take the field. He's also been called up to the French U23 team going to the Olympics this summer. Gabay was the last youth player to make it into the first team. It's been a while. Zaid Neubronner YP54a had a good season on loan at Le Puy Foot 43. He was runner up in the French National division (third tier) player of the season award. He looks like he could be the next to make the step from youth team to first team. Eight players from the youth intake were signed this season. Not so much because it was a quality intake, but more because five of our starting eleven and a further three subs are over 30yrs old. We're facing a substantial rebuild some time in the future. Transfers
  12. 2054/55 Annecy FC season review - French Ligue 1 The League As often happens when we have a European campaign, we struggled in the league. I had two meetings with the board regarding our performance, with my job in jeopardy. We eventually finished in 15th. Safe, but no European football next season. OGC Nice, caused a storm by breaking Marseille's dominance on the league. The unearthed a gem from FC Kobenhaven. Niklas Beck was purchased for 11m as a youth player. At 22yrs old, he top scored in the league and lead Nice to victory. Luckily for the rest of the Ligue 1 teams, they have just sold him on to Man Utd for 115m gbp. Marseille consoled their runner up spot in the league by winning the Champions Cup and French Cup. Champions Cup We started with 3 wins and 2 draws to be top of the group going into the last group game. Unfortunately we lost to Atletico Madrid to finish 2nd in the group and got a tough round of 16 draw against FC Bayern. Bayern beat us 1-4 on aggregate. I was not too happy about our performance, but when Bayern beat Atletico 6-0 in the quarterfinal, it cheered me up a bit. The Players Jean Magne YP38c broke the club league appearances record with 599 in the league and 705 appearances overall. He is starting his decline, but will get more games as there are no quality centrebacks coming through to replace him. Miloud Hadj Youcef YP40b became a centurion for his country, reaching 107 caps and 36 goals for Algeria. Ahmet Cinar YP46a changed his nationality to Turkish and got called up to the national team after 26 caps and 6 goals for the French U21 team. He scored on his 2nd game for Turkey. Transfers
  13. A bit topical and controversial. His original nationality was English.
  14. 12 goals and 5 assists from 45 games so far this season. Average rating 6.85 If that's bad, then half my team are terrible. I put him back in the starting line up straight after the threat of the sack was over.
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