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  1. Well I had the first 11 playing most of the games, with one or two players complaining but accepting that they are second fiddle since the team was performing really well. I mean I was first, normally players are happy
  2. Hi All, I have downloaded Claassen's final pack update, and playing with 18.3.3, and for some weird reason, I was sacked in the Paraguayan 2nd Division whilst I was 1st and cruising to get promoted. As you can see in the images below, the board wanted to meet me and there was a squad unrest when clearly I am 1st. Is it a problem with the download? I also noticed that all the clubs in the Paraguayan 2nd Div sacked their managers. Thanks for your help
  3. @vikeologist The age I knew about, however I did not know that Added Leagues are not allowed (using Claasen's patch). No worries, I will continue my save as is since I like to have a lot of added leagues running. So I will stop posting here
  4. I decided to have a go at this challenge and finished my first season. More info can be found here
  5. Quick question guys, I want to do this challenge, however I have no idea how I get to the reset date and the Season Review in FM 2017. I want to manage in Croatia, and I got to somewhere around June 3, where all the leagues ended, and found a team Primorac which had no history in the Third Division (using Claessen's update). So I decided to go with them. However I would like to know how to get to the proper reset date and the Season Review screen, just for future reference. Thanks
  6. Thanks guys, did not know about this rule. Is it something implemented IRL this season?
  7. Hi All, Started playing Football Manager 2015 fairly recently and I have a question. I am managing in the Conference, and I am in February 2015. I noticed that when I go to players who have their contract expiring in June/July 2015, I cannot sign them on a free. The Option Approach to Sign is not there. Why is that? Previous versions were that I could approach a player who had his contract expiring in 6 months. Any new rule which I have not heard about?
  8. Instead of a flat back 3, I play 2 CD (D) and a HB in the DM position. I find that he will both contribute to the defence, and also to create play if he is a creative player
  9. Hi All, Where can I find the command to tutor a player this year? When I go on the player training, I get suggested a player to tutor my youngster. However what if I want someone else, how can I change that player? Thanks
  10. I started the game as unemployed and loaded almost all available leagues with all the low divisions, and started as automatic rep. I only got offered 2 jobs in 6 months and gave up. Started another game with the same exact leagues and unemployed, this time as Sunday League Footballer and got about 8 jobs from the start, and refusing these, I got around another 10 in 2 months. So my opinion is that starting Sunday League is better than Automatic when you start Unemployed.
  11. They are 2D kits yes. And they are not even showing in the club overview screens! Does the config files need to be outside of the folder or inside the same folder?
  12. Hi All, Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this. I have downloaded the Megakits pack from the community (another website) and I have put these in the C:\Users\me\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\graphics\kits I started the game, reloaded the skin, however nothing appeared. Do I need to do anything else?
  13. So to sum it up, those 3 options (World, New Talent and Known Talent) are not worth as the Regions and Nations? Then why are they there? They should have some benefit other than that I would think. Any other have any clue?
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