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  1. Another thing, I found that an IF for me performed better than a IW, but mine is paired with a CF of course, not AdvF. What I find is that the Winger since he is on support will cross from deep, the CF will come for the ball, and he either passes to the IF to score, or the BWM which I have to run forward. Infact my IF and my BWM get a lot of shots on goal, but my CF is still my top scorer. My CF is also my best player. I also had a combination of CAR and MEZ but I did not find they are effective esp the CAR. I also tried 2 B2B with a DLP, but then I settled for an AM(A) which contributes
  2. @XaW in my first seasons with Toulon, I opted for a Libero(S) instead of the Anchor Man. I actually converted a midfielder to a CD to play that role. I found that the Libero gives you the assurance of a defender, but also starts the attack himself most of the time. He is also on of my best players today, but I play him more as a BPD now. Also my roles in midfield are a DLP(s) and a BWM(s) with both players given instructions to move forward when possible. Front three are IF(s), W(s) and CF(A). I found that the Complete Forward plays better than a DLF even if he does not have all the skil
  3. Well in real life there is no promotion to the third division in Malta since there is an amatuer division beneath so not part of the league.
  4. Finished 6th place against all expectations. Knocked out by giants Monaco in the 9th round. The 532 narrow formation which served us well this season. I only tagged 3 players from my worst intake ever. As you guys can tell I am not a big writer myself, however I love to capture my journey on a youtube series I am doing. If you are interested this is the link to this episode where I go more into details of how the season proceeded. I hope I am allowed to post youtube links here not just screenshots @darren1983. If not feel free to
  5. My problem is that I am still not 100% sure about my tactic, and as soon as I go extended, I concede! So I have to watch most matches on Comprehensive. I also like dabbling with the tactic myself, I feel more "achieved" if I create something that works. However, this is taking too damn time, only in the middle of season 2, and that has taken me almost a week
  6. Are you a coach or are you a manager? Coach - using your own tactic, even though sometimes you have no idea why its working/not working, following ALL matches at least on Extended or Key. Manager - you are just interested in managing your players/youths with training, team talks etc, and just use some else's tactic and Insta Result. Which are you?
  7. Lucky you! I finished 6th first season , and second battling relegation so far
  8. Can you tell me how you get the team report horizontally rather than vertically? I like it
  9. How do you manage to move that fast? You almost finished 2 seasons in a day?
  10. Not just in Poland..................anywhere! Pretty damn good to finish top in consecutive seasons, we have the next Mourinho
  11. That is Ruffier for you! Good personality but attributes still lacking. I think I can get him to an Advanced Forward, though Nat Fitness not the best
  12. Nicknames as regards to Set Nickname for Player? If that is no it was not fixed
  13. I offered a youth contract to all until Ruffier. I need squad depth at the moment, and some have good personalities. Also my squad is an aging squad, so I need backups anyway. I know I might be throwing money down the drain but if they can develop to a 2 star CA, they can be a good backup until the next intake. Not too sure what to do, never had such a bad intake and in need of players
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