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  1. You are lucky! Some players have to use the greyed out players first season
  2. You are also forgetting players like me, who, although would be nice to win the challenge, do it purely for the fun of it. My goal this FM is to take a team in every country possible and once I get sacked I move to another country. This gives me the possibility to manage in many countries I have never managed before. I have done the dafuge challenge before (FM15), and although not easy does not compare slightly to this challenge. You cannot go search for the ideal player to slot in your wingback position. Your goalie retired and you only have a 16 year old graduate, you have to put him in
  3. Thanks @XaW yeah I am starting to get used to it all, I am loving this challenge. Cannot imagine playing the game any other way now Do you have this as a downloadable? I am also working on my spreadsheet at the moment, trying to get the best ratings of the players in every position but still needs tweaking
  4. Class! Thanks @XaW really helps understanding that website and your thinking behind that.
  5. I know there was already something posted on personalities before in here, will try to go through 21 pages again . Looking at my intake, nothing to boast about. But the youths are doing well so far
  6. hmmm good idea. Do you consider balanced as an excellent personality?
  7. A question for the "experienced" players of the youth challenge in here, have you ever had players you "throw away" because they had 3star pot (by the HOYD standards) turn into really world class players? Sometimes I am thinking of offering a contract to all the youths, and eventually release after a year or two if they are not up to standard. Am also aware that they can take up spots which would have been reserved to the more promising players.
  8. Hi All, I have set some players to be available for the U/21 and U/18, and now I do not want them to be available anymore, however when the team selection comes for the U/21 and U/18 (when the assistant asks you to make players available) I cannot remove them, so then in the Seniors match, they are unavailable. Anyone knows how I can undo this and set them back to unavailable for the U21/18?
  9. Finally managed to finish my first season with Lokeren-Temse, and just survived the drop after the relegation play offs :- Transfers:- My Profile Youth Intake Best of Class '22 Finances
  10. I also started documenting my progress in a Youtube series just for fun...................that's what makes it longer also, but its a hobby more than anything
  11. Another non "Instant Result" player here. I see all matches on Extended, and the less important on Key. That's why I am still in my first season
  12. Was not possible in the Beta too, lost 4 players like that with Lokeren. So I guess this bug has not been fixed
  13. Do you guys know if the "contract" issue for the Free Transferred players has been fixed? The one where you cannot extend the player's contract if his value is 0? Have not started a new game yet.
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