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  1. I will put Lancaster on hold and try my luck in Bulgaria
  2. Man my team is able to hold it's weight but the defense is soo leaky. Had the typical match, more possession, a slightly higher xG and we lose 1:4. Very exciting though.
  3. First try with Lancaster over. Second half of the season wasn't too bad. So I got a good feeling for the second attempt.
  4. Currently in my first try with Lancaster I feel like those stubborn promoted team coaches, who are not willing to park the bus. My team plays well, is able to score goals and retains possession. We just get smashed at defense. But even if I fail, I will just try again.
  5. I settled with Lancaster City. Due to me just being bad, I will also make a real post, when I feel like there is a chance for survival.
  6. For some reason Stafford does not want to grace me with getting promoted. Will try another hour and a half and hope they finally show up.
  7. I will try this challenge again, when I'm a bit more used to FM21. Currently trying stuff out with La Coruña. As always my favourite part of the challenge is reading all the updates in this thread.
  8. Respect for keeping on it. I would have had a days break, if my boys disappointed me like that.
  9. Welp. And this was the first season we made some money from a sold out cup game... Well I've got a night's sleep to think about the next country I try the challenge.
  10. Atrux - Donegal Celtic - 2023/2024 Season Youth Intake League Table Squad Transfers Finances Kinda could write the same like last season, we struggled all season. We avoided the drop and the save can continue. Matt Kelly was our first instantly usable Youth Intake. I have high hopes on him. We had a great run at the Steel and Sons Cup, but the Linfield Reserves were way too good, so we ended up as Runner-Up. The losing money continues, as I expected quite harshly in the 3rd tier. The board gave us a cash injection at the end, I feel like I have to hope for a takeo
  11. Atrux - Donegal Celtic - 2022/2023 Season Youth Intake League Table Squad Transfers Finances We struggled all season and it was obvious quite early that we would end up at the relegation or playoff place. Losing games we should have won, where we were tied against 10 man and conceded in the last minutes got us relegated. The squad has regressed and we lost almost all of our first youth intake... especially Kilmore Rec and Wakehurst love to poach my players. We are hotly tipped for back to back relegation and are still losing money and being a division down won't h
  12. So a Cup wasn't possible (would have had a huge minus), but I could higher the numbers of friendlies, in which we get hammered. So now we're only 8k in debt. We played against Linfield (the best NIR club) and our 3000 seat stadium had 2.400 away fans
  13. Atrux - Donegal Celtic - 2021/2022 Season Youth Intake League Table Squad Transfers Finances We started off really well, but struggled at mid-season. We never touched the relegation place, but losing to the 11th placed Queen's meant, that the last day decided the playoff place. We lost 5-1, but Queen's also lost 5-2 meaning we made it! The second division has 22 games and then splits to a top 6 and bottom 6, playing another season in those tiny leagues. The youth intake again has a lot potential, but the finances are getting worse. I feel like this will lead to th
  14. Atrux - Donegal Celtic - 2020/2021 Season Youth Intake League Table Squad Transfers Finances What a great first season. We achieved promotion to the second tier by scoring a 93 minute goal. The league season is very short with only 22 games, but you play in four cups. We had only one Centre Back and the Midfielder I played at that position decided to leave on a free at the Winter transfer period. The youth intake obviously is great, the finances on the other hand not so much. I hope we have a realistic chance at the second tier or at least my board won't mind gett
  15. Very exciting season finale. Best part I can't bother to get nervous, since I already achieved staying in the league. So no pressure on my team to perform.
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