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  1. As we prepare for the new season, our manager has left us for Grenada's B team after two years in charge of the club! We are now in search of a 3rd manager for our fourth season at the club.
  2. Mar - Apr 2024 & something did change! We went on an 11-game unbeaten run at the end of the season to climb to a respectable mid-table finish. The board have decided that this boost in fortunes was enough to extend my contract. It's very clear that Loic Boum's presence in the defence was a huge part of our success. Azcona broke a few records, whilst Fraga Torres became the club's highest all-time appearance maker. We had another decent intake, too. Not the best personalities though.
  3. Jan - Feb 2024 Our best two players according to our scouts both made attempts to leave in this transfer window due to unhappiness with the clubs league standings & dressing room atmosphere. They have two years left on their contracts & have since withdrawn their transfer requests, but it's a sign that we need to start performing much better to ensure we don't lose our top players at the end of the season. Transfers In Loic Boum rejoins us on loan, for a pretty hefty wage, but he was key to our defence two seasons ago & I hope he can help sure up o
  4. Nov - Dec 2023 We started to get hit by a few injuries on our wings, which meant we have turned to Tena who is a huge prospect from our youth ranks. He's stepped up to keep his place in the team despite the injuries starting to subside! We've been having trouble scoring, so Soeiro has come in to create some competition for places. Incredibly, we managed to scrape past Intercity & Algeciras to get to our first ever final, where we unfortunately lost on penalties. Our league form picked up in Nov, but dropped off aga
  5. Aug - Oct 2023 Zuzao joined to sure up our defensive options in midfield. We've had a pretty rocky start to the season, with only 3 wins & all against teams in the bottom half of the table. However, we have been doing well so far in the Federation Cup, although we have top-of-the-league Intercity in the next round.
  6. Hi mate. I'm using the player search screen for this challenge (I usually play without it, but feel I have to use it here as the scouting for Basque-only players that I set up didn't seem to work properly). And yep, anyone who is interested in a trial & is first-team level or a good looking youth prospect I'm bringing in. I'm keeping an eye on finances too, so there's been a few good players I've decided not to bring to the club due to the big jump in wages to our current highest paid players. I'm in charge of the hiring of staff, yep. The ass mans preferred formation is important as
  7. I am English, yep. I've played in the Faroe Islands for one or two seasons quite recently, but haven't managed in Scandiland for a while prior to that!
  8. Pre-season 2023 I sold Arbreas, but have since regretted it after we lost our depth & quality in defence. As Rodriguez also chose to leave to Sabadell. & we lost our cover at left back too. In response, I have brought in a few of youngsters. But it's proven hard to get first team level replacements in. The other player that joined was a Beasain boomerang as Rodriguez left in January & now in August has come back. We disappointingly lost a huge prospect to Gi
  9. Basque clubs in the top 4 tiers: La Liga Segunda División Primera División RFEF BB Segunda División RFEF CB
  10. Off-season 2023 Our manager, Diego Capel has done enough to secure a new 2-year deal. We've managed to extend Agote's loan for another season. & the squad is bolstered by a couple of long-awaited arrivals. ..as well as a strong right wing back loanee. We are going to struggle keeping our two key players. Both signed 3-year deals at the start of last season but now feel they have out-grown the club. I offered a pay-rise, but they seemed offended by that notion. I can only hope that no one comes
  11. Despite demanding a 3-year contract last season that would have seen him playing until he was nearly 47, our captain has decided it is time to hang up his playing boots. He has been a huge success for us despite being a whole decade older than all of our other players, two decades older than most of the squad & 3 decades older than some of the players on the same teamsheet! I imagine his rapid decline in speed, stamina & strength over the past two seasons were the deciding factor. Thankfully, we are not losing him altogether as he has agreed to join as our U19's coach. Could he b
  12. Mar - Apr 2023 Sadly, we have been punished for not playing our star striker as a Poacher & we have to see our top scorer get recalled as we come to the business end of the season. Luckily, we were never really within touching distance of promotion, so hopefully his loss won't be all that costly. We had our youth intake & I was surprised with a much better set of players than last year. The goals did dry up, but all-in-all a solid end to the season. We finished 5 places higher than last season, but
  13. Jan - Feb 2023 Transfers Out Both our backup goalkeeper & the club's youngest ever appearance record holder Rodriguez have decided to leave the club. Transfers In Our other goalkeeping options were very limited, so I brought in Unai Goti, just in case. Goge has been brought in to offer a different option at half back where Rodellar has been filling in all season. & I signed a youngster who is a master dribbler in the hope he can get half as good at some of the other aspects of football!
  14. Nov - Dec 2022 We haven't managed to find any sort of form and have slipped down the league standings as a result. Despite this, I am ecstatic to have tied down our two best non-contract players to 4-year part-time deals! We also got our youth intake preview, where it looks like we are getting a decent goalkeeper as the main man in the intake for a second year on the spin.
  15. Oct 2022 It's been a busy month! We've had plenty of injuries in key areas to contend with. Which has meant we have turned to some of our youngsters. We've managed to sign 3 new players, including spending £275p/w on a part-time contract (most of our other players are on non-contracts) for a commanding centre-back to replace Caneda. The board have agreed to further improvements to the youth setup. Which is increasing our monthly outgoings. We've had a couple of months in the red, so I am goin
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