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  1. Thanks, I got it! I just had to wait for the season to be over. I had got past the end of season awards, but not to the season reset date which is why the Season Summary tab on the Nation page wasn't available. Thanks for the tip!
  2. First off, apologies if this is the wrong place or has already been asked somewhere. I had a quick look through the rules/guidelines & any Googling I tried on this took me off topic. I am sure I have seen others post an overview of the clubs from a single nation's progress in European competitions from a single season. I.e: Club X knocked out in Group Stage of UCL Club Y knocked out in First Rnd of EL Club Z knocked out in SF of EC2 ..or something to that effect. I am making this up or does it exist?
  3. Jan 2021 Although I couldn't coax any staff to follow me from Nimgil to Tamil, I did convince some players: GK Torbiong BWM Olmos As well as someone my successor signed, Barnabus They were joined by:
  4. Tamil None of my previous colleagues were interested in making the switch, so I have brought in Cantero as my assistant. He's helped me figure out the squad balance and where we need improvements. Last year's stats: Our best player & Micronesia international, who may be hard to keep hold of is Paul. Our finances aren't great. And a majority of our youngsters are on £25p/w wages, which we can't afford, even though we're semi-pro. I've offered them all appearance fee based contracts for when they turn 17
  5. Awesome news! Good luck balancing both responsibilities. Tip: 3 managers is definitely too much! It'll be interesting to see how long it takes before you end up facing yourself in a European competition. Have you got any idea what you'll do if that does happen? IR Skin maybe? How are Swansea Uni getting along? Are they (or someone else) entering the ECC every year or was it a one off? Also, you weren't the only one facing image-size issues, there were a few remarks made across the forum & eventually things were returned to normal.
  6. After a poor start to my managerial career at Nimgil Youth, it was no surprise that I was sacked in 7th of 8 in the second tier of the world's worst footballing nation. Only in one game did we score more than one goal from open play. Results weren't going our way even with dominating performances & a majority of chances falling to our team. I am happy to be looking for a fresh start. And that fresh start came in the form of last season's 4th place finishers Tamil. They were the last team I beat as manager of Nimgil Youth & have been manager-less for the whole of the
  7. The transfer window is open again. A bit late for any transfers to make an impact this season, but we'll need to make improvements for next. I am worried that our league position will have an influence on whether we'll be able to keep hold of our current players too, if they are bid for by any of the other teams. First up this month though is a match against 2nd place G&B. Injury & suspension mean we've been forced into a couple of changes, but the core of the team remains the same from the drumming we took last time out. I'm hoping for vast improvements!
  8. Probably our best game was followed by what was definitely our worst. Quietly optimistic of a change in fortunes, I made no changes to our starting lineup or formation for the first time this season in the hope of putting in a late surge for 2nd, but Weloy Strikers did what we have failed to do all season: finish clinically. Conterro got his first goal of the season & Olmos, who has our highest average rating so far this season, played his worst match in a Nimgil shirt. I am really hoping that this was an off day and that we can recover. This was the first time we
  9. For the next game I reverted to a more traditional formation, with a striker sacrificed for more security in midfield. Our BWM drops deep with a Carrilero coming into midfield to broaden the options to move forward. Sasao got us off to a great start and a penalty also early on gave us the security to go on and win the game! A huge 3 points & a convincing win. As usual, the stats show that we should have inflicted more damage. With our shots coming a lot more centrally & from closer range too, it's surprising that it stayed at 2-0.
  10. We had to wait until our 8th game for one of our strikers to score from open play & it wasn't a joyous occasion as it came in the form of a 91st minute consolation. We hit the woodwork, again. We created clear cut & half chances, again. We come away empty handed & disappointed, again! We managed to find the back of the net 3 times, but twice from an offside position. So I know that we can finish, we just need to start working better openings. Finding a way to do that is my task!
  11. The less said about the next game the better. I wouldn't be coming to watch us play if I didn't have to! The only positives for us were the performances from our two centre backs and our goalkeeper to ensure we got a point. We are still playing with 4 attackers, but for once we didn't create any real chances. A mixture of blocks & saves meant we kept them out & a clean sheet, but our finishing was wayward.
  12. To get Paul into better goal scoring opportunities, I've changed him to an advanced forward as well as asking his strike partner to drop a bit deeper. The other alteration is to ask the wing backs to push wider to exploit the space left by the inside forwards runs, when they cut in from the wings. We created 3 clear cut chances and 3 half chances, didn't take any of them & to add the cherry on top we lost to a preposterous own goal. 9275d0d4fcbf0092e0308ce98dae4761.mp4 If only our strikers could find the bottom corner like that!
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