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  1. Great progress guys! I'm doing a spin-off version of this challenge. Difference being I have started with Full Qualifications & International Experience but am attempting to achieve the list of accolades using only teams that have never won them before! Obviously the longer the challenge continues, the smaller the number of teams available will become, so it will be continually harder & harder to grab titles & cups. I've started in Spain with Real Zaragoza & after promotion to La Liga and then a mid-table finish I moved to Celta de Vigo and almost won the league in the first season but we capitulated in the last 4 games to drop to 3rd. This season we are looking good, top of the league after 10 games and needing a single point to qualify for the Round of 16 in the Champions League from a group of us, Juventus, Spurs & Zenit. I doubt I'll get as far along the journey as most of you guys, but the stories and reading here keeps me motivated!
  2. Hey all, When I am creating a post or response and I copy & paste a screenshot within the text editor, it automatically reduces the images size. Is there a way to stop this from happening? i.e. when I post, it reduces the sizing in a similar way to the second post here. Whereas I would like to be able to post like is seen here. Cheers EDIT: I found the below, but this doesn't seem to work I.e, don't use the upload image box. Just copy and paste.
  3. May 2018 Another New Signing Kontol Premier League FC Sevastopol 3 - 1 FC Kyzyltash Bakhchisaray Outclassed by top of the league FC Kyzyltash Bakhchisaray 3 - 2 Rubin Yalta Hit the woodwork 3 times & looked like it wasn't going to be our day when they took the lead from the penalty spot Great effort to turn the game around! We're mathematically safe!! Okean Kerch 1 - 2 FC Kyzyltash Bakhchisaray We made this harder for ourselves than it needed to be Kontol Premier League Table Season Review We avoided relegation 10 points from possible 15 whilst in charge Very positive foundations for next season
  4. April 2018 (Continued) Squad Overview GK Huge quality & depth in goal Def Two decent CB's, atrocious elsewhere Mid One outstanding winger, two decent CM's + few youth prospect's Att Only two strikers of limited ability Backroom Staff I guess I can't complain about my wages Kontol Premier League The first fixture came just 27 hours after appointment FC Kyzyltash Bakhchisaray 1 - 0 Yevpatoriya Striker's 13-hour goal-drought AND team's 7-game winless run both ended; great start! Additions A HoYD, 2 scout's & 2 physio's 2 players were drafted into the squad to provide more strength on the bench & TSK-Tavria Simferopol 0 - 0 FC Kyzyltash Bakhchisaray We chased the game until the 85th minute, but twice the post denied us of stealing another 3-points in the last throws of the match Kontol Premier League Table A 3-point buffer against relegation
  5. April '18 Crimea Kontol Premier League Domestic Top Division in only it's 4th season Formed by Russia when UEFA denied Crimean clubs admittance to the Russian leagues FC Kyzyltash Bakhchisaray Originally a futsal team Debut season in the top flight Current League Table 5 games to go Avoid relegation! Fixtures Facing our main relegation rivals on the last day of the season could prove the decisive match Expectations
  6. This is going to be a place for me to splurge about my erratic management adventures and hopefully build a few solid challenge attempts completions along the way. Supat Rungratsamee The Championship Manager 03/04 legend spent 5 real-life years in the youth ranks at Portsmouth before returning to his native Thailand where two failed trials left him at a dead end. Returning to his parents Thai restaurant in the UK, Supat played & coached locally. In an effort to emulate his illustrious virtual playing successes, he has decided to venture into proper Football Management. One last chance at the big time! All European League's (every top division and any other leagues with rep > 45) loaded, including Claassen's additions. Let's see what happens!
  7. @shaunvamos ah, you must have a much deeper squad than what I'm dealing with at Dulwich Hamlet where one-star current ability would get you a spot on the bench! With such high determination, hopefully you'll see those two become solid backup's at least so you can justify keeping them around. @chocolatecoatedballs that's unfortunate, do you have any decent cover at RB? How far off of a youth intake are you? & it'll definitely be interesting to see what sort of deal your board can cut for the 40% of next sale on Pereira with Vit. Guimaraes.
  8. @theBlackPrince & @chocolatecoatedballs - sad to see your best players leaving! @shaunvamos what an intake!!! Three solid stars in the making there. Have you got long term plan's for Sasinka & Pribyl, are they far off featuring from the bench? @Muttley84 Be positive! You have a team full of wise old tutors and a solid number of youngsters to work with there. Once you've signed a scout/coach, how are the current / potential abilities looking for the youth team? (Apologies if you're on Tablet/Mobile as I don't imagine the below will be in any legible format.) I created a quick lookup in Excel to sort my squad's performance by Intake Year. Once the season's progress, this will hopefully be a quick way of analysing which year's intake was the strongest / most influential. It's not going to help me make any decisions, I just found it interesting & thought I would share. Season Intake NoOfPlyrs Apps Subs Gls Ast ChC PoM Pas % Tck DrbPG Shot % Yel Red Av Rat --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 18/19 '09 1 48 0 5 14 26 1 67% 0.89 1.55 40% 1 0 7.02 '10 1 48 0 1 3 13 3 56% 1.59 0.16 29% 4 0 6.70 '11 1 37 8 1 1 5 1 60% 2.05 0.16 50% 2 0 6.66 '16 1 45 1 1 6 12 0 79% 3.03 0.45 32% 7 0 6.90 '17 6 59 90 7 8 33 0 67% 1.78 0.45 37% 3 0 6.68 '18 3 7 9 2 0 3 0 75% 0.60 1.43 38% 1 0 6.68 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Youth 13 244 108 17 32 92 5 66% 1.78 0.57 38% 18 0 6.75 Other 8 284 24 66 38 119 16 66% 0.95 0.93 36% 9 0 6.92 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Total 21 528 132 83 70 211 21 66% 1.39 0.74 37% 27 0 6.83 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. What's your media prediction for League Two this season? & do you rate your chances in the Checkatrade Trophy?
  10. Dulwich Hamlet - Vanarama South - 2018/19 Youth Intake Three decent players. We had no decent AMC or DL so very welcome additions to the squad, along with a ST who could provide adequate backup. Competitions Overall a steady campaign - no complaints. 11th Player Stats With 3 strikers on 20-goals each, it's clear our problem is at the other end of the pitch! We struggled with injuries across the end of the season which is why we dropped off of a push for the play-offs. Affiliation Proposal The question now is, to affiliate or not to affiliate? What are the benefits / drawbacks of setting up a Senior Affiliate in a YAC save? EDIT: I've accepted the affiliation with Barnsley and will hopefully benefit from their 'Good' Training & Youth facilities over the next few Newgen dates (although I have a save-file prior to acceptance in case someone advises me against this or it's against the rules?!.) I've also signed a new contract with a few bonuses as personal targets for the next two seasons and as part of the negotiations managed to get some Data Analysis facilities at the club too! Year League Pos FA Cup FA Tro Corp Train Data Yth Fac Yth Lvl Jnr Coach Yth Rec 17/18 Basic Basic None Basic 4 Adequate Fairly Basic 18/19 VNS 11th 3rd Q. 1st R. Basic Basic None Basic 4 Adequate Average **One thing I have noticed though is that the Data Analysis Facilities hasn't changed after the Completion Date of the works. Anyone have any idea what might be wrong?
  11. Awesome so far! One thing that has helped me in the past is looking at the 'Clauses' section of the Transfers tab. Playing a dafuge-style challenge in fm18, my board managed to make a deal for a 40% sell-on clause of ~£1m with Leeds for my star striker that left after 18 months. This meant I didn't have to wait years for the potential of a transfer to profit from & the boost in finances helped me to upgrade facilities across the board, making the departure of my favourite player bitter-sweet. Good luck for the play-offs
  12. @GylfiAsCharged Mahammadu Faal has been incredible for me in fm18 this first season. He managed to unlock the double-hattrick achievement for me too! Hopefully you'll see similar results from him at Kingstonian.
  13. Dulwich Hamlet - 2018/19 - Vanarama South One-third of the way through our first campaign, I have settled on a flat 3-5-2 formation. We have been on the right side of some really intense games in what has become a we-can-score-one-more-than-you tactic, but how long we can ride this luck remains to be seen. Formation We have become reliant on Mohamed Mohamed and Pat Davie who have both been solid so far in central midfield. Ali Corbett (our best prospect) has a lot meaner competition for places at centre-back, so has featured more from the bench. I have also been using Goalkeeper Ronnie Shaw in the cup games, but I am not convinced he will prevail into anywhere near a first team contender. Youth Prospect Progress High Scoring Results We were knocked out of the FA Cup in the 3rd Qual Rnd and have the FA Trophy to contend with whilst we try to keep up our good form to battle for a Play-off spot in the league. Vanarama South
  14. Hey guys, I'm following you all whilst attempting this challenge myself, albeit on FM18. I've holidayed a season and chosen to accept the job offer from Dulwich Hamlet over Hednesford due to their slightly better starting facilities. Manager After a career eclipsed by fictional fame, ex-Championship Manager (03/04) legend Supat Rungratsamee has hung up his boots early to try to make a name for himself in football management. Dulwich Hamlet Squad We have a thin, but decent squad. There's a notable gulf in talent between the starting XI and the available backups, so hopefully we can avoid too many injuries. Ali Corbett is the stand-out youngster from the previous youth intake and a very decent backup at Centre-Back. We don't have much of a backroom staff to boast about at the moment, so that'll be the first task before I start to look at a tactical approach and each individual's training & development.
  15. So I have a vague idea for a challenge that probably (definitely) needs some extra input to make it 1. enjoyable & 2. not impossible. The basic premise is to imagine your board are money-hungry, tight b-st-rds who have not given you any transfer budget and will jump in and accept any offer that would benefit the club financially. In more detail, I am thinking this consists of: Outgoing: Transfer bids of any value >£0 MUST be accepted with zero negotiation. Loan offers that have a mandatory future fee >£0 MUST be accepted with zero negotiation. Loan offers with a combination of monthly payments (fee + wage) > the player's current monthly salary MUST be accepted with zero negotiation. Loan offers meeting the above criteria cannot be terminated even if this clause is present. *If a player is under transfer/loan bid that meet the above criteria, no new contract can be offered regardless of stipulations below in Wage Rules. Incoming: Free agent transfers are acceptable. Approaching a player under contract with another club (< 6 months remaining) is acceptable only if zero compensation is required. Loans where monthly payment (fee + wage) < the player's current salary are acceptable. Wage Rules: You cannot offer a player a contract with any fee of the contract higher than the initial demand. You cannot offer the player a longer contract than the initial demand. *You can only offer a player a new contract within the last year of his current contract, unless player / agent approaches directly asking for renewal. Agent fees are acceptable but must not be higher than the initial demand. Staff: Same rules apply as above. Do you think this could work, or am I crazy for trying?
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