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  1. Mid-season '19 We've played none of our own players, all the players used so far we've got on free-wage loans. We're basically a feeder team for any player that fancies playing a game for free. Cups Dundela are a league above & Glentoran two leagues above us so unsurprising we crashed out of the first two cups, despite leading for 66 mins against Glentoran. We're still in the Intermediate Cup as we squeezed past Warrenpoint's reserves then our goalkeeper scored his penalty & saved their 10th to win 9-8 on pens after an intense game against Newington. We have performed like a different team altogether in the Steel & Sons Cup and have wound up facing non-league Brantwood in the final on Xmas day! It's all or nothing for the £10k prize money!!! League A mix bag of results, but we're improving. Ignoring a horrible Newington result, it's a platform to build on. In the 3rd game, a player who left us in the summer transfer window (probably upset at our erratic signing of loanees) drummed in a hattrick as Limavady show their class. We've lost a few impact subs to unhappy managers recalling players due to lack of game time. To appease the chairman we've gotta try to reach the playoff spot, but maybe a trophy to put in his cabinet will keep him happy?
  2. Pre-season '19 More cuts. We're in a ton of cups, but none offer prize money until the quarter final stage at least & I don't see us getting close to that stage. Pre-season friendlies Us v Them Shots: 124 - 24 Clear Cut Chances: 8 - 3 Goals: 16 - 4 Conversion Rate: 13% - 17% More drastic action has been taken. If we use players on part-time contracts, we have to pay them each individually almost the same amount of prize money we'd receive IF we also win the game; inevitably making a loss each game. Upon signing a few loanees to soften the blow to the bank balance I realised that the standard of loanee available surpassed the quality we could attract in to the club part-time. Checking the league rules opened the floodgates when I realised we could play any number of loanees in the match day squad. That meant our final friendly consisted of a full squad of 22 loanees. Winning on borrowed players? Limavady are the team to beat and with our loanee acquisitions we're all the way up in second in the promotion odds!
  3. Pre-pre-season'19 £150p/w to spend on wages & I'm on £75p/w. No pressure!!! We have one of each integral staff role: Ass Man £50p/w (GK) Coach £50p/w Scout £20p/w Physio £20p/w Which comes to a total of £215p/w (43% over wage budget, yikes!) Doesn't look like we'll be able to pay any players any time soon... We're able to offer up to £150 appearance fee within our part-time contracts but personally I've set a limit to £40 app fee for any potential signing (and minimal other add-ons too). I don't imagine we'll receive any substantial gate receipts this season & prize money for a win in the league sits at £45 per match & only £1.5k for being crowned champions. The rate at which we are forecast to deteriorate financially has caused me to take some drastic action: Former NI International & by far our most experienced player has an agreement of £300 app fee & we simply cannot afford to fork out two weeks of the overall club salary for one player for one appearance so Braniff has been released. At 36 I am not too sad to see him go but it may be a while before we see technical stats on a Distillery player like this again. Our best overall player (imo, not in cruddy assman ratings) also won't agree an app fee below £75 & falls victim to the same sword. We will be taking advantage of loans where we are not required to pay wages. We'll have as many loans in as Chelsea has out. Okay maybe not that many, but LOANS! Let's see who wants to play in the NI 3rd division for no money..
  4. Champions League 1963/64 Distillery 3 - 3 Benfica Benfica 5 - 0 Distillery Euro Cup Winners Cup 1971/72 Distillery 1 - 3 Barcelona Barcelona 4 - 0 Distillery Intertoto Cup 2005 & 2008 Europa League 2009/10 2019/20 ? Bluefin Sport Premier Intermediate League (Northern Irish 3rd Division) It's not been the best decade. Time to try & restore the mighty Whites!
  5. Supat Rungratsamee vs. Daniel Braathen Goal: Win every domestic league in Europe (by any means necessary) Rules: Cannot manage any team that has won the domestic title historically Signings must come through the scouting centre Staff must come through job advertisements Can only move to the next country with a domestic league title secured Points System: Points are gained by any of the following Competition reputation value (from the editor) divided by final position Career earnings divided by 5200 (meaning 100k p/w would give 100 points in a season) Wins against each other are a bonus point Goals scored against each other are each worth one-tenth of a point too The battle begins in the lowest rated European league: Crimea Season Preview Adhering to the first rule of not taking over any team that has won the Crimean Premier league in the past, the following teams are eligible: Kafa & Okean Kerch are currently looking for a manager. Both men have applied for both vacancies. FC KAFA £230 p/w until Jun 2020 FC Kafa offered £100 p/w more personally & ~1k p/w in wages more than Okean Kearch The previous manager left for Ukraine after driving the team to promotion His exit sparked a mass exit, with players moving on to Georgia, Ukraine, Russia & other teams in the Crimean Premier League There's a lot of work to do to with no staff and only 8 players on the books! OKEAN KERCH £130 p/w until Jun 2020 Approached as a second choice as their finances weren't enough to secure their main target, Braathen The previous manager was sacked midway through last season due to poor results & the caretaker didn't do enough to get the main job full time O.K. have a full squad but were also effected by hefty departures to Russia after last seasons disappointment We have an extremely capable Assistant Manager, but no other staff and have to manage a tight wage budget Pre-Season Staff We managed to employ average coaching staff - our odds stack against us with who wants to join! I'm happy the scouts are better than average as we will be heavily reliant on these guys We have a physio which is the only factor ensuring we are not bottom of the league in that respect Signings 15 signings made, including 7 on deadline day! None out Tactic Friendlies A nil-nil against the u20's showed us exactly the dire situation we were in pre-signings We won the only other friendly we were able to organise 2-0 v much lower opposition Very little learned & match fitness some way off Staff We've brought in a new team of top (for Crimea) coaches & scouts The scouting team is the best in the country I don't know if we have a physio or just a med kit Signings 2 signings made as we look for cover 4 more leave the club against our will to move to "more ambitious" clubs Tactic Friendlies A 7-1 win against the U20's with Oliynyk getting 5 is hugely encouraging Another 3-1 win in the only other friendly organised Some way off match fitness Crimean Premier League Simple league set up: 8 teams 28 games 1 relegation spot A great start! We were strongest from the off and should've made this embarrassing for TSK-Tavria A poor result We started terribly & with a GK and two strikers as the only options to turn to on the bench, we had no way to effect the game A stalemate in a game we dominated Finishing is our problem from the first two games An even draw as we are reduced to only two subs as loanees aren't allowed to play their parent club We need some squad depth Okean Kerch vs FC Kafa
  6. Hey man, love this so far! I play in a pretty similar way - currently working my way through Europe rather than the World - I'm glad I'm not the only crazy one attempting something like this though haha You should include an overview at the bottom of your end of season posts to summarise your journey
  7. December 2019 - February 2020 I decided to approach the board about ensuring we increase our chances of producing the best players through our youth ranks. We do not have enough budget to upgrade our facilities, but the board did agree to increase the Junior Coaching budget & also set up an affiliate link with Kafa in the Crimean lower leagues. In Majority defensive players, including 3 full backs & two who can play CB. We have tried to strengthen the depth of Ball Winning Midfielder in the squad too and brought in players that can cover on the wing and up front whose playing time is dependent on the form of our "best" player Oliynyk among others. Both Gazzaev & Kusaev were signed from our new affiliates. Out We also lost two key players from the first half of the season who will be very much missed. Their loss also explains what may have seemed like an overkill of signings above. Crimean Super Cup The Crimean Super Cup consists of the Crimean Premier League's 8 teams split into two groups, where the top two from each group (after playing each other once) progress to a single-leg knockout semi- & then final. We are not expected to progress beyond the group. Group A Outclassed in the first game. The new signings in the squad didn't come near to making a mark. Krymteplytsya vs. Okean Kerch A draw thanks to our new CB driving in a header in an otherwise stale game. Okean Kerch vs. Gvardiets This result keeps hopes of progress from the group alive, but only just. We either need to beat Yevpatoria & Krymteplytsya beat Gvardiets by a combined goal difference of 4 OR we need to beat Yevpatoria & Gvardiets beat Krymteplytsya by a combined goal difference of 5. A tall order. Squad Overview New signings Aliev & Danishevskiy are both considered key players. Osmanov's form has dropped off. Smetanin has started very well at CB, although we will be hoping his training rating starts to improve. Yegorov & Gusev have also been capped at U21 level by Russia & we should give them an extra chance to shine as the Russian scouts will probably (definitely) have better JPA than my scouts. Anton Vinogradov is the squad's overachiever so far, but Igor Pakhomov also deserves a mention for featuring in the most games of all & turning in an average rating way ahead of his current ability rating.
  8. November 2019 Another red card cost us any chance of a comeback against TSK-Tavria, then we put Kyzsch Baskyfdcds (sp?) to the sword with our biggest win and most convincing performance of the season. Sevastopol showed their class before we finished off the pre-winter break with the same results we started the season with. The 3-3 with Yevpatoria was a magnificent comeback after an abysmal opening quarter of an hour. Games 12-16 TSK-Tavria vs. Ocean Kerch Ocean Kerch vs. Kyzyltash Bakhchysaray Ocean Kerch vs. Sevastopol Yevpatoria vs. Ocean Kerch Ocean Kerch vs. Berkut League Table at the mid-season break What we've learnt about the squad so far: We have been heavily reliant on defenders who are not highly rated. Specifically Igor Ivanov who has a low average rating to couple with his low current ability rating. We will be looking for a left-back in the upcoming transfer window. Olexandr Oliynyk has not been performing up to his expectations. 15 apps with 3 goals & 3 assists is a poor return so far, maybe he is past his best? This is reflected by his training rating. Can we rely on Sekret & Osmanov up front instead? Anton Vinogradov has, quite unexpectedly, been the star of the squad. With the 2nd highest average rating so far the CM(A) has been called up by Russia's U21 squad 4 times already this season which is the only reason he has not featured in all 16 games. Vladislav Gromov, Artur Gerasimov & Igor Khorin (two of our summer signings) have been identified as the 3 worst performers from the first half of the season and we will be looking to strengthen in the areas they have featured to phase them out of the squad.
  9. October 2019 Yevpatoria were too strong for us this time of asking, but a strong month otherwise. My only worry is that we are not convincing in our wins. We've only one by more than a one-goal margin once so far this season. Maybe I shouldn't be complaining about wins? Games 8-11 Okean Kerch vs. Yevpatoria Berkut vs. Okean Kerch Okean Kerch vs. Krymteplytsya Gvardiets vs. Okean Kerch After the 3rd win, we jumped from 4th to 1st in the league which shows how tight things are at the moment! We press on - November is the last full month before a winter break where we start playing competitive football next in February and only return to the domestic league in March!
  10. September 2019 A month where the aim was to settle on a formation and core squad. Looking through our results this month, we went unbeaten in the games that we didn't go down to 10-men in. So next month we are looking for less red cards. We ended the month with a smash-and-grab win against TSK-Tavria and managed a hard fought draw against Sevastopol, two solid results against who I consider to be the top two teams in the league. Games 3-7 Krymteplytsya vs. Okean Kerch Okean Kerch vs. Gvardiets Kyzyltash Bakhchysaray vs. Okean Kerch Okean Kerch vs. TSK-Tavria Sevastopol vs. Okean Kerch After the first 7 games, we have now played each team in the league once. We sit 4th, one-quarter of the way through the season, but there's plenty to build on.
  11. August 2019 We lost one of our two best midfielders to a swift non-contract deal swap & I was made suddenly aware of the fragility of the squad. A few bad results or any other reason for unhappiness could lead to a mass exodus that we cannot do much about. Luckily we could convince other players who had been offered contracts from other clubs to stay.. for now. Out From our initial squad overview, I did not need to wait for coach reports to tell me that we were thin in all defensive areas. So as soon as a couple of half decent scout reports were sent to my inbox, I decided to bring the players in. We also brought in a high-potential forward before and I must say I am very happy with my scouts first few foray's into the market. In Pre-Season We have developed a couple of very similar tactics. One for attacking & one for counter-attacking. They will start similar, but as we adapt each to their individual needs I imagine they will diverge to be two completely separate tactics. Anyway, from the same original tactic at the start of pre-season we have developed both of the below. Tactics We started our campaign against Yevpatoria who were one of the ineligible clubs in Crimea, meaning they'd won the league in the past 4 seasons. Last season they finished 4th and off the pace of the front runners, but I still knew it was going to be a tough place to start. We relied on a 91st minute equaliser to get anything from the game, which was more than I was expecting! Game 1 Yevpatoria vs. Okean Kerch Our second fixture was against newly promoted Berkut. As an unknown I was happy we could overcome them for our first victory. Game 2 Okean Kerch vs. Berkut The end of August was also the end of the Transfer Window. With our scouts struggling to produce many scout reports with much information in time, we gambled on a couple of attacking midfielders & a goalkeeper. The GK will be going straight into the first team! In But we also lost a couple of starters who performed well in the first two games & will be missed. Out Hopefully we can push on in the league & gauge our core first team squad.
  12. With promise of a good changing room atmosphere and a mid-table finish, we have landed our first job! Okean Kerch Squad Overview Key Players I have offered all of our youngsters non-contract, pre-contract deals to take them off of the fixed wage budget & Oliynyk is the only other player being paid a wage and as the best player in the club, we will be looking to keep him here and build our attack around him. We have no backroom staff, so I have immediately put out ads for each of the main roles we are looking for, with emphasis on ensuring we get scouts in as soon as possible so that we can start to identify transfer targets for the upcoming season.
  13. 6th Apr '19 FK Inkomsport Yalta have sacked their manager. 5 points adrift with 7 games left. If I get the job, it's going to take a miracle to stay up. But we are ignored. 1st Jun '19 Okean Kerch sack their manager. TSK-Tavria claim another title, meaning the list of eligible teams does not change. In the off-season, we are offered our first interview with Okean Kerch.
  14. Crimea The Crimean Premier League is made up of 8 teams and has only been running since the 2014/15 season. In this time 3 teams have won the domestic title. This leaves us with 5 possible teams eligible for management: Crimean Premier League FK Inkomsport Yalta Gvardiets Krymteplytsya Kyzyltash Bakhchysaray Okean Kerch Sevastopol TSK-Tavria Yepatoria I will be taking any opportunity from any of the 5 teams to get into management, but will be expecting the team to be considerably under performing in the league & desperate for them to hire someone with a no coaching experience or qualification.
  15. The Manager: No coaching qualifications No previous experience CM03/04 Wonderkid with a point to prove Supat Rungratsamee
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