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  1. Dammit! The 41yo Norwegian was key last season. I've asked him to reconsider, but I'm not all that hopeful. This matters a lot more now that players are expecting semi-pro contracts & rejecting our amateur contract offers!
  2. Finances are looking healthier. Hopefully there are no hidden costs to turning semi-pro? I guess we'll find out. Losing players because of their amateur contract status wasn't my only worry & my fears came true as 3 squad players decided to call it a day on their playing careers without giving me any notice. Hopefully no more will follow suit.
  3. Cheekily, the board offered me a new, unpaid, amateur contract the day before we turned semi-pro! I am standing by my rule that no player can earn more than the manager & so we'll still only be looking to sign players on amateur contracts until I can convince the board to pay me for my time. This does mean it's going to be incredibly difficult to improve the squad and we may be looking at some unwanted departures. We'll see.
  4. Mar - May 2021 We continued our dominance in the league & secured a double with victory over Belstone in front of a bumper crowd of 583! We have a new group of youngsters, but no one who is anywhere near first team level. We have had a complete squad turnover since the first match this season, with Seidi easily the top signing & player with a huge 51 goal contributions in 24 matches. Hopefully we can keep hold of him & build the squad for next season to push for back-to-back promotions. Big shoutout
  5. Tallack had a debut to remember. One game, one trophy!
  6. I told myself that our squad was probably getting a bit on the large side. I don't want to risk any group of players becoming unhappy, so I resigned to using the current squad until the end of the season. But then Tallack offered his services. He's relatively young for our squad & very good when compared to our current defence, so I couldn't resist. But he will should be the final signing of the season. Signing number 18:
  7. Feb 2021 Ripsher joins after being released from Southend without making a first team appearance. Only our 2nd signing under the age of 25. His debut was not one to remember though as Belstone stop our unbeaten run & make us wait a little longer for the title. Hopefully this result was only a blip after both our strikers got hattricks in the dismantling of Cuffley in the cup. With no home games in Feb it's not surprising we made a loss. I'm happy it was only a small one, but we need to get back to the positive.
  8. After being told he was not part of the first team plans anymore, Omolabi has decided to move on. It's very sad to see him go but he takes a step up to level 10 at Wolverhampton Casuals.
  9. Archie Omolabi appreciation post. We've been able to build on our already strong squad this season without spending money on scouting because older players that are in search for a new club near the end of their careers have offered their services to us. We're very lucky to be in this position as the season would have been much tougher with the original squad. Having said that, there is one position on the pitch where players seem to mature with age much more than any other position & that is in goal. As such, we have not had any goalkeepers come to offer their services to the club. U
  10. Jan 2021 Spence comes in to play left back. We continue to romp the league. Breaking the goal-scoring records two games in a row. With the help of Seidi who is now the league's top scorer. Unfortunately, despite three home games this month we made another loss. Our expenditure has increased out of my control, with costs listed under 'Other' the driving factor.
  11. Another January transfer comes in as we sign Coker, who is a young central midfielder & very good all round player for our level. He could be a first team player for a few years! & what a way to introduce himself on his debut!
  12. The team is starting to be full of experience, just not speed, strength, agility..... There is definitely a lot more to distract you from your part of the game, but I look forward to being 10+ years into the save and seeing teams rise or fall through their respective leagues. In your test, has the processing speed slowed down?
  13. I've brought in another right winger to cover for the injuries we've sustained & Fairclough will also provide cover at right back (although he can't tackle!) Sinclair has also joined to cover the left side of our attack. He comes in with the best physicals at the club. The league has become even easier as the league's top scorer has moved on from title chasers Hatfield Town. We are also competing in a cup between the teams in our league. We've had the Quarter Final draw and play Cuffley in February.
  14. Harefield United Reserves stopped our winning run by playing a really physical game. Two tackles and a physical shoulder-to-shoulder sprint meant we had to sub off our right winger, then sub off the sub that came on to play right wing, then sub off the striker we stuck out on the right wing because we had no more right wingers.
  15. I have found that view-only leagues have little effect on the processing speed. From a post by @Mons here: The only difference between loading a league as view-only and not loading it at all, is that you get to see the league table and other statistics. No extra players are loaded in a view-only league, other than players that would have been loaded anyway (i.e. higher reputation players). In this sense, there's little benefit having a league as view-only. For the setup for my save game, I am happy that I get to see the other leagues (because I am nosey!), but as I am playing in tier
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