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  1. Aug 2024 Seidi continues to shine in a higher tier with 7 goals in the opening 2 league games. & he helped the youngsters past Roman Glass St. George in the FA Cup. Barnet have replaced Ebbsfleet as our senior affiliate. FA Cup money!
  2. Damn, that looks tough! How many seasons have you been in that division now?
  3. Despite the importance of a good FA Cup run, I decided to give starting debut's to all of the stand-out players from last season's youth intake. We are up against Roman Glass St. George who are in the County Leagues (which we have just been promoted from). I am hoping that the players can live up to the occasion. Our lineup: The youngsters:
  4. Our first game of the new season ended with 2 familiar stories: Seidi standing out & one of our old players getting injured. We also saw Tipper become our youngest ever player, breaking the record set by Jaswal in our first season.
  5. Last season I signed 31 players, this season so far I haven't signed one yet! (Transfer embargo + being early in the season) I have not been spending any money on scouting. The only way I have signed any player so far is after a trial period from them offering their services or (very rarely) from a staff recommendation. The quality of player that appear in the Scouting Centre seems to have remained consistent, but we've been more successful in signing the better players as we've moved up the leagues. I think now I am starting to see the ceiling of scouting this way as you have mentioned t
  6. I got very lucky with some really good personalities within the golden generation! I think you're one tier above me now. I reckon I'll struggle this season to get promotion & attract many better players without paying a part-time wage.
  7. Jun 2024 This is how we're lined up for our first match. With an exciting youth prospect on the bench!
  8. Jul 2024 Our takeover has finally been completed. But it's taken a while... We're about to start the new season & haven't been able to make any improvements to the squad due to the transfer embargo. That's now been lifted & players are asking for a lot of money, so I think I will see how the current squad fairs in this new division for now. We're slightly worse off than last season due to a half a dozen retirements & some key players choosing to move on. The new board have set some pretty high expectations, so I
  9. 2nd time lucky gaining promotion from level 9! Competition Points Essex Senior League 20 Spartan South Midlands League Division 1 10 Hertfordshire Senior County League Premier Division 5 Hertfordshire Senior County League Cup 1 --- Total 36
  10. Awesome, nice one! That should help improve your rep to attract better players
  11. Not yet, I've had a weekend off FM. We're at the start of pre-season & still under a transfer embargo due to the potential takeover.. hopefully it won't go on much longer! Have you had any good players come through your youth ranks?
  12. Apr 2024 continued... We go up as champions! In no small part to resurgence of our key man Seidi. At the start of the season, he was in my plans, but then more established strikers came and took his place. But none of them could replicate his scoring stats and after a run in the team mid-season, Seidi got us back to winning ways and with two hattricks in the last two games, he deserves all the plaudits! Seidi's record of 124 goals in 109 games for the club is outstanding. Walthamstow will feel har
  13. Apr 2024 Walthamstow got back to winning ways in their penultimate game the day before we played. A win would mean we were crowned champions, but we played out an epic 3-3 draw. We'd had a penalty saved & they'd fired a penalty wide before Seidi showed both teams how to put it away from 12 yards to complete his hattrick in the 90th minute and earn us a point. We're ahead of Walthamstow by 2 points & 10 goals better off on goal difference, so a draw should be enough in our final game.
  14. Mar 2024 At the start of the month we were 4 points behind Walthamstow & have managed to end the month 4 points ahead of them with two games left to play after they lost yet again! The title really is ours to lose. One more win will do it! I've been continuing to improve the squad where I can in anticipation of next season. & we have also had our youth intake, but more on that once I can concentrate on anything but the league!
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