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  1. Great progress @shaunvamos! Surviving in Serie A as early as the 2027-2028 season is impressive!
  2. Rimini Calcio FC Season Summary 2023 - 2033 A good season as we managed to repeat our 9th place finish from last year. We flirted with a European spot, but just like last year we really struggled at the end of the season. Luckily we finished the season with a great 4-0 win over Lazio, giving me some confidence going into next season. The real highlight of the season is that we unfortunately lose our best player, Simon Kus, to Lazio on a free transfer. He will be replaced by a 17 year old from the academy, David Camara, and even though he is a big talent we will miss Simon. We had a decent yough intake, with three good prospects! We got a stadium expansion granted at the end of the season and further improvements to our facilities. We have tons of great prospects in the U18 and U20. It really is promising, but now the dilemma of this challenge faces us: when to put the 16-17 year olds into the first team? It's so difficult to get good loan deals, so it's important that the biggest talents dont stagnate in the youth teams.. Season Summary Key Players Key Talents
  3. As expected, we lost our best player. Simon Kus didn't want to renew his contract and I knew for a long time there was no way to change his mind. He will leave us at the end of the season for Lazio and we have some big shoes to fill!
  4. Hopefully I get to finish the challenge with Rimini before the release on November 9th. In Serie A now, so just need to keep grinding. This year has been really great with so many more people joining the Youth Academy Challenge, really hoping people continue to play it for FM22.
  5. Rimini Calcio FC Season Summary 2031 - 2032 On paper this was a huge season for us. Only our second season in the Serie A and we finished 9th place. We took big steps and managed to improve in most areas. We are moving into a new stadium this summer and we got two improvements to our training/youth facilities. On the other hand, we finished the season terribly. If the season only lasted from January until May we probably would have gotten relegated. This makes me nervous about next season and I probably have to take a good look at our tactics. We lost the last four games of the season in awful fashion and we were really tired as well. This also leads me to the question: What kind of training schedules do you guys use? Mine are good for development, but we get really fatigued at the end of the season.. The goal for next season will once again be to survive. We will probably lose our best player, Simon Kus, on a bosman after next season and our biggest talents are still a couple of years away from contributing in the first team. Season Summary Key Players Key Talents
  6. Rimini Calcio FC Youth Intake 2032 A very good youth intake. No crazy stand out player, but tons of potential and its rare to see so many 5 star potential players when you play in the Serie A. With solid improvements to our youth/training facilities I hope we can get the most out of these players!
  7. For me, this picture sums up the joy of this challenge. We are predicted to finish bottom and up against top side Atalanta. Gabriele Praino, 21 year old striker from the academy plays to a 10,0 rating, scoring 4 goals as we absolutely crush Atalanta. When climbing through the leagues on this challenge you sit through so many defeats along the way. Matches like this makes up for it! EDIT: followed up pretty nicely in the next game....
  8. Rimini Calcio FC Season Summary 2030 - 2031 Strong first Serie A season Very long time since my last post, but finally got some FM motivation back! Hope to complete the challenge before FM22, and after a two month break I headed straight into the first Serie A season with Rimini. We were tipped to finish last in the league, but we managed to beat the expectations and finished in a very strong 13th place! 39 points to finish 13th is really low and in most previous years we would have been much more involved in the relegation battle than we were this year. This tells me that next season can get really tough! In our first 9 games we managed to pick up four wins and a draw. A decent start was really important and I think overall we played decent. In general this season we have played really well at home against low and mid table teams, while at the same time struggling massively away and especially against the top teams. I might have to take a very close look at the tactics before the new season, especially our counter tactic.. I am pretty happy with the squad and we dont really have any big weak links, maybe except for the goalkeeper. Our striker, Gabriele Praino, finished joint top scorer, but he isn't really that good and he only really scores against weak opponents. We do have a couple of extremely talented players, but their contracts are soon coming to an end and they have no intention of renewing... The board has decided to build a new stadium and our training/youth facilities have gotten an upgrade this year. As soon as those upgrades were completed the board agreed to start even more upgrades, so thats good. Next season the goal will be to survive, simple as that. Season Summary Key Players Key Talents
  9. We weren't the only surprise team to gain promotion to Serie A this season. We (Rimini) were tipped to finish 14th place, we ended up winning Serie B. We got directly promoted together with Foggia (2nd place) ,who were predicted to finish 9th place. And adding to the underdog joy, Casertana won the two leg play off final 4-3 against Parma, and they were tipped to finish 19th!! In the semi final they beat Sassulo 3-1 over two games, and they were tipped to finish 1st, with a very good squad! Casertana won the first 7 out of 8 league games this season. We faced them in the 9th round and smashed them 4-0. That was the end of their great run, but they managed to hang on to a play off spot and finished 6th, a fantastic season. How often do you see an AI managed team tipped to finish 19th place out of 20 teams gaining promotion? Crazy! It will be a very interesting relegation battle in Serie A next season......
  10. Rimini Calcio FC Season Summary 2029 - 2030 Promotion! Long time since my last post, had to give FM a bit of a break, and I even forgot to post a summary of the 2028-2029 season. Last season we managed to finish 3rd, a big step up from 8th the previous season. Unfortunately we got knocked out straight away in the play offs, but it was still a good season! This season we wanted to fight for direct promotion and we really delivered! We won the league and secured promotion with three rounds left! We started the season really well and early on I thought we had a good chance of winning the title. We made a couple of changes to the starting 11, promoting some promising players from the U18 and they immediately delivered. We made some small tactical changes during the course of the season and to be honest each little change made us a little bit better. We finished the season with 41 in goal difference, scoring more goals and conceding less than anyone else, which tells a story of a great campaign. This was our 7th season in Serie B and it was good to finally secure the promotion. With our terrible finances we haven't been able to do any upgrades to our facilities and even though we will probably be relegated from Serie A this will give our economy a much needed injection!
  11. Rimini Calcio FC Youth Intake 2029 In many ways an average intake, but with a true gem!! Henning Frost looks like an unbelievable talent! He will go straight into the first team and I think I will re-train him as a AMR.
  12. Thinking of giving it a go outside England, @Padders?
  13. Lost my goalkeeper to Empoli after the board forced the transfer to go through I protested and the board told me that the bid had been rejected. It hadn't though, so a great bug! Losing your first choice GK on this challenge is high on the list of the things you really dont want to happen...
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