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  1. We weren't the only surprise team to gain promotion to Serie A this season. We (Rimini) were tipped to finish 14th place, we ended up winning Serie B. We got directly promoted together with Foggia (2nd place) ,who were predicted to finish 9th place. And adding to the underdog joy, Casertana won the two leg play off final 4-3 against Parma, and they were tipped to finish 19th!! In the semi final they beat Sassulo 3-1 over two games, and they were tipped to finish 1st, with a very good squad! Casertana won the first 7 out of 8 league games this season. We faced them in the 9th round a
  2. Rimini Calcio FC Season Summary 2029 - 2030 Promotion! Long time since my last post, had to give FM a bit of a break, and I even forgot to post a summary of the 2028-2029 season. Last season we managed to finish 3rd, a big step up from 8th the previous season. Unfortunately we got knocked out straight away in the play offs, but it was still a good season! This season we wanted to fight for direct promotion and we really delivered! We won the league and secured promotion with three rounds left! We started the season really well and early on I thought we had a good ch
  3. Rimini Calcio FC Youth Intake 2029 In many ways an average intake, but with a true gem!! Henning Frost looks like an unbelievable talent! He will go straight into the first team and I think I will re-train him as a AMR.
  4. Thinking of giving it a go outside England, @Padders?
  5. Lost my goalkeeper to Empoli after the board forced the transfer to go through I protested and the board told me that the bid had been rejected. It hadn't though, so a great bug! Losing your first choice GK on this challenge is high on the list of the things you really dont want to happen...
  6. Amazing talent. He plays in the AM role in a 4-2-3-1 system. Before the start of this season I changed that role from a support to an attack duty and he played really well all year. Runs with the ball, creates chances for him and others. Absolute class!
  7. We are currently £2,368,488 in the red. Even though we have talent and some good players this save will probably come to and end soon. Only a rich uncle can get us out of this mess! Our average attendance is 2542 (2nd lowest in the league)! Thats only 26% of our capacity.
  8. Rimini Calcio FC Season Summary 2027 - 2028 Well over a month since my last post and over a month since I've played the game. I jumped straight back into a promotion semi final, so it was intense from the first minute! After finishing 15th, 15th, 15th and 13th we took a big step forward this season, finishing 8th place in Serie B. We were quite lucky, but I also think we took some big steps forward in both ends of the pitch. This doesn't mean we have improved massively as a team, but we are at least not getting smashed almost every round. We faced Cosenza in the prelimin
  9. Rimini Calcio FC Season Summary 2026 - 2027 After three straight seasons finishing 15th we managed to secure 13th place this season. On paper that is progress, but it didn't really feel like it. Most of the games are absolutely awful to watch, and it looks more like ping-pong than proper football. Defensively we are absolutely awful and I am struggling to identify the solutions. The good thing is that we were tipped for relegation, so in that sense we are overachieving. Our finances are really bad. We had a board takeover last year and they have now started to reduce the
  10. @XaW, if he can play in Serie A we can all dare to dream! And 4 in determination as well!
  11. At least you have a good goalkeeper @vikeologist! If you're going to have just a handful of useful player on this save having a goalkeeper is a blessing.
  12. Rimini Calcio FC Season Summary 2025 - 2026 We finished 15th place for the third year running! Some of our players developed really nicely this year, but as a team I see basically no development at all. We have the most un-Italian defensive structure that I have ever seen. Our positional and marking play, especially when the opponent attacks with pace, is absolutely appaling. It is really frustrating to watch, but having so many young players in a side is of course a recipe for unconsistency, especially when it comes to defending! We started the season pretty well, but from Ma
  13. Rimini Calcio FC Season Summary 2024 - 2025 Survived another season Another season and another 15th place finish. I didn't expect anything more than survival so we can't be unhappy with it. Our young players are developing nicely, but as a team I am dissapointed that we are still so far away from anything resembling quality in Serie B. We won 13 games, but in at least half of those games we were incredibly lucky! I will have to take a serious look at the whole first team and u20/u19 squad when deciding on next years tactic. Our striker, Dardan Vuthaj, finished the season as top
  14. Rimini Calcio FC Youth Intake 2025 Another good intake for us, but some unlucky personalities. Our most gifted player on paper, Antonio Arnetoli has an unambitious personality. Vincenzo Tani has a professional personality, but still has 1 (!!) in determination. A strange combo indeed!
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