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  1. Great way to bounce back @Padders! That's not easy after getting relegated the way you did! Impressive!
  2. @keeper#1, stepping away from the save when you have made it to the Premier League? Big move I must say!!
  3. Wow, that is a rough patch @Padders! I reckon you are a legend at the club, so no danger of losing your job if the losing streak continues I hope?
  4. Rimini Calcio FC Season Summary 2023 - 2024 Narrowly avoided relegation Our first season in Serie B after our unexpected play off promotion last season. We managed to survive, but the season felt like a long battle. We had 451-1 in odds to win the title, by far the worst in the league. Feralpisalo, the team tipped to finish second last in the league had 34-1 in odds... I spent more time tweaking the tactic this season than I've ever done I think. I usually have two tactics, one positive and one counter, but this season we never managed to control any single game. I c
  5. Rimini Calcio FC Youth Intake 2024 Wow! My new HOYD's first intake and he really delivered! Our first intake was horrible, last year was good, but this is a true golden generation! We are struggling in the league, but this was a huge energy injection. The only negative with the intake is that the players with the best current attributes don't have great personalities. Except for the goalkeeper, I will put them all in the U18 for the time being as they are still mostly 15, but some will definitely play a part in the first team very soon!
  6. @Cheez3y, I have also been using RDF's training schedules. I think they are great, but they dont seem to include any physical/pace training. Did you do any modifications to the schedules?
  7. It is safe to say that the media has little faith in our chances of surviving...
  8. Rimini Calcio FC Season Summary 2022 - 2023 Promoted from 8th place A strange season ended on a high note, when we highly unexpected got promoted from Serie C. We started the season with a loss, and even though good form followed that it was usually a frustrating affair to see my team play. With no real tactical identity we never seemed to catch any consistency. We did however do really well in the Coppa Italia Lega Pro, the equivalent to the Coppa Italia, but only featuring Serie C teams. Even at times when we struggled in the league we seemed to always find our form whe
  9. What an achievement @Cheez3y, absolutely outstanding! Not only is it impressive, but you are forcing me to eat my own words. I have several times used Norway as an example of a country that I don't think it's possible to complete the challenge in. I have noted when posting this that I do hope someone can prove me wrong, and you have done so in a miraculous way. I have seen some big achievements in FM over the years, this is by far the most impressive, and looking at the other teams that have been used to complete this challenge there is no doubt in my mind at least that you have se
  10. Rimini Calcio FC Youth Intake 2023 Last year we had an absolutely dreadful intake, so it was good to see some better talents in this years intake. Considering we are still a weak Serie C team we should expect several 5 star potential players, but this we at least have something to work with!
  11. Rimini Calcio FC Youth Intake Preview 2022 - 2023 Our intake preview looks good, let's just hope that the goalkeeper that looks like a great prospect actually is!! Our GK situation is in a shocking state, I tend to celebrate every save like we just scored!
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