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  1. @barrybatsbak Using Steam? F12 takes screenshots and stores them in a "screenshots" folder in your steam installation (best is to search for that folder) (there may be other ways out there)
  2. Season 1 Review San Marino Calcio It took me a little time get used to manage a semi-professional team since I did this over a year ago on FM19 for the last time. So we had a rocky start to the season (only 2 wins in the first 7 games), but slowly I could build a successful tactic around the 4-1-4-1 Formation I found best for the players available. And so we climbed the table. After November we had only one more loss the whole season, on match day 30 we made it to the top and got the promotion in the end. A little bit helped us that Polisportiva Olympia Agnonese gave up an 11 points lead – from the start of February they lost 5 of their last 12 games, after losing only 2 games before. San Marino National Team With the national team it took me really long to figure out a tactic. The first game (0 – 9 to Scotland) was a disaster. At the moment we are playing in a very simple 4-4-2, didn't have a chance in any Euro Qualifiers game, scored only one goal. At least 2020 began good, with a draw and a win in two friendlies. Season 2 Preview With San Marino Calcio there's an interesting season ahead. It takes us over a year to go professional, so we are the only semi-professional team in the whole league. I played the first 3 league games yet and that's an issue already. If there's a mid-week game we have no training at all and players are not really fit. So there will be a lot more rotation this season and I have a bigger squad. With the national team we are playing Andorra and Malta in UEFA Nations League D. Since we beat Andorra in our first friendly the plan is to have a first win in a competitive game. Through The Seasons - San Marino Calcio Season Division League Pos. National Cups GF GA Int. Cups Squad Most Goals Most Assists (Other) Key Player One to Watch Transfers Miscellaneous 2019/2020 Serie D/F 1st - 69 25 - Squad Matteo Vitaioli - 19 Piero Paludetto - 12 Riccardo Gaiola Alex Canti 0€ - Through The Seasons - San Marino National Team Year World Ranking Tournament Pos GF GA Most Goals Most Assists (Other) Key Player One to Watch Miscellaneous 2019 208th Euro Qualifiers 6th 1 38 Tommaso Zafferani - 1 Davide Cesarini - 1 Elia Benedettini Alex Canti
  3. My first season is finished. I will do a deeper review at the weekend with some more time on my hands, so here just a quick announcement: I completed the first three achievements @duesouth With the Club Win the Serie D Girone F Title & Win promotion from Serie D with the national team Win a game (!):
  4. You are good compared to me. I lost 9 -0 against Scotland.
  5. Startet with a rookie mistake (i account it to the 7 hours of pre-season): Called a few of my players up to the national team and didn't see that Serie D is not stopping so half of my starting eleven will miss the next league game....
  6. Thanks @duesouth To be sure I just simulated one season until the first intake and it looked good.
  7. I just recently failed at the youth challenge and wanted to take another shot at it, but I thought why not mix things up, doing a challenge with signing players and national team management. So I am here. I am taking over San Marino Calcio in Serie D. And I am taking over the national team of San Marino from the start. I decided to give my manager not the lowest stats, instead the ones recommended for the club. So i was am semi-professional footballer and have a Continental C Licence. But i am not speaking Italian yet. Looking forward to sharing my progress the next months. Saw some amazing success here studying this thread yesterday and today... (and I hope I installed all the files correct)
  8. I am thinking about ending my save. I played two season more to the year 2035 now. FM confirmed that my save has a bug regarding the stadium sponsorship money. Instead of getting 7.5 million every 5 years I get 0 and my club is going bankrupt because of that (because we are paying back a loan we could never afford) I can't sell players to even the books because all of my players are so far below the level of my league that no one is interested. And i am not getting good youth players, so at the moment my team is even getting worse from season to season. I can't see making the club progress, so I think i will throw the towel here and will start over with another club in another country.
  9. congrats @Jaketomsett And in such a short time, that's impressive.... On my save i am still making close to zero progress. After playing 13.5 season I lost for the first time a good player (which says everything you need to know about the quality of my intakes). My goalkeeper left for 2.5 Million Euros (had a release clause) and plays now Serie A. That's still a long way for me and it doesn't look like we get reinforcements. I am happy that the newest intakes has at least a player with 3.5 stars potential instead of 3 stars maximum like last year...
  10. A lot of my players became really good for my standards, but every time the same happens: Lazio or AS Roma are loaning them out several times to Serie B or lower Serie A teams, they are playing first team there, but after 3 or 4 loans Lazio/Roma are letting them go for free (even their are worth a few millions), so i miss out on the money. Very frustrating.
  11. At least Leeds is poaching only bad players from @XaW I am losing sometimes 5-6 players a season, most of them with 4 or 5 stars potential...
  12. Thanks for looking into that. I uploaded two saves files: StadiumSponsorship2030.fm : just two days later the board announced the plan for the new stadium in my save StadiumSponsorship2033.fm: We just finished the first season in this stadium
  13. Summary: The Stadium sponsorship money is missing Description of Issue: On 19th may 2030 my board started to build a new stadium. Part of the announcement was: Additional funding has been secured with a stadium sponsorship deal worth 7.5 million (see first screenshot). I played now my first full season in the new stadium and never got that promised money (which i desperately need than without that the whole stadium project would be a financial suicide because the club can never keep up with the loan payment). If you look at the second screenshot you'll see that the 18 million loan is registered as income and immediately as expenditure. So everything correct there. But the sponsorship money is still missing. Steps to Reproduce: - Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: - I have savegames from the end of every season, so i can give you one from 17th may 2030 (just before the announcement), or for mid-may 2031, 2032, 2033. Which ones would help you?
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