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  1. Season 9 Review San Marino Calcio What a season. Qualified for the Champions League because of getting the 4th place in the league with a lot of great performances. But the best part was Europe: First time participating and smashing through this new European Conference League thingy. At the end we won the damn Cup. YEAH! But the most important part of our season was a nerve-wrecking winter with a big happy-end. Our super-striker Yan Cavalcanti got with the start of the winter transfer window offers from all over the place. Liverpool, PSG, Dortmu
  2. Season 8 Review San Marino Calcio Mediocre season for a long time, always win, defeat, win, defeat,... (only 2 draws the whole season), but at the end with a lot of luck we made it to the 7th place again – and this year that help us to get into Europe... Crap intake this year (expected that already after a preview without one positive information), but at least they are all San Marinese and want to play for the national team. So they can improve this team if I can find clubs for them in a few years. But my club team will be out of San Mari
  3. Season 7 Review San Marino Calcio Good season in Serie A. Was surprisingly close to our first European adventure. The whole intake is not something to talk about, but this one striker could be a gem. Again the problem: doesn't want to play for San Marino, because he thinks he can make it into the Italian National Team. San Marino National Team Not so happy, got battered a lot: 0-7 and 0-7 against Portugal, 1-7 and 2-6 against Ireland. From the bigger teams we were only against Austria (1-2 and 0-2) in the game. Still,
  4. Season 6 Review San Marino Calcio Enjoying life in Serie A. We can improve the facilities, are earning money and are trying to build a team for the future. Improved the defense, had a few problems with the offense this season. Didn't score enough goals, so focus for next year will be this area, getting a few new players, making a few tactic adjustments. Youth intake was okay. No players who will improve my team, but a few who could improve the national team in the next few years and are willing to play for it (the 2 central defenders from last years sti
  5. Season 5 Review San Marino Calcio First season in Serie A, and we made a lot of money. Was very conservative, didn't pay much higher wages, didn't buy that many players, because I didn't want to go down with too expensive players. But we didn't go down. We had some rough times, conceded too many goals, but stayed clear of the relegation zone the whole time. A little bit of a problem is the disciplinary record. Our new tactic is more aggressive and the result of that are many yellow and red cards. Shattered the Serie A record – in January (!!!). One of
  6. Are you sharing facilites with another club? Because if you do that with an affiliate club and you are using their facilites, you can't upgrade them. Only they can do that.
  7. Season 4 Review San Marino Calcio Wow, didn't anticipate that. We got back-to-back promotions and are in the promised land: Serie A, where the money is. Season was great, took us a few weeks to get going, but from mid-october we were rolling. Important was our new striker Riccardo Tonin with 31 goals (!). The funny thing. Had him on my radar for quite some time, but didn't want to sign him, because I didn't see the need for a new striker since Nicholas Bonfanti was so great for us. But I couldn't find a good enough left attacking mid and had the ide
  8. Season 3 Review San Marino Calcio Great season. Turning professional the goal was to get promoted, and we had a super start: 8 wins and 2 draws from the first 10 games. But mid-october we got problems out of nowhere. 3 losses in a row, no consistency until february. Then we got rolling again. Only one loss in the last 13 games, but too many draws (6). And Südtirol was consistent and too far ahead. So we finished only second. Play-off-time. I hate them, they are nerve-wrecking. First round we won 2:0 away, 1:1 at home, everything okay. Second roun
  9. Season 2 Review San Marino Calcio Being the only semi-professional team in the league, I am very happy that we stayed clear of the relegation places the whole season. Solid 8th place in the end. Youth Intake was not that good. Let's see how they develop. San Marino National Team We rocked the Nations League. 4 wins from 4 games, so we finished first and got promoted to Nationals League C. Season 2 Preview It might sound ambitious but I want to achieve promotion with San Marino Calcio. We are turning profes
  10. @barrybatsbak Using Steam? F12 takes screenshots and stores them in a "screenshots" folder in your steam installation (best is to search for that folder) (there may be other ways out there)
  11. Season 1 Review San Marino Calcio It took me a little time get used to manage a semi-professional team since I did this over a year ago on FM19 for the last time. So we had a rocky start to the season (only 2 wins in the first 7 games), but slowly I could build a successful tactic around the 4-1-4-1 Formation I found best for the players available. And so we climbed the table. After November we had only one more loss the whole season, on match day 30 we made it to the top and got the promotion in the end. A little bit helped us that Polisportiva O
  12. My first season is finished. I will do a deeper review at the weekend with some more time on my hands, so here just a quick announcement: I completed the first three achievements @duesouth With the Club Win the Serie D Girone F Title & Win promotion from Serie D with the national team Win a game (!):
  13. You are good compared to me. I lost 9 -0 against Scotland.
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