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FM 21 - FM 20 Tactic List FM (Includes Man City Pep 20/21 High possession and Man U 98/99 Recreation ) 19 Recommended Tactic List

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33 minutes ago, fmguy said:

Is there a corner bug on 20.4 that I'm not aware of.

I concede so many goal from corners, I'm using FM20.4.0TeaforOneUroKnap4231P100ECCC.

Same here too. No matter how many players I set to stay back, only one ever does when we have a throw in on the left.
Playing teams with 2 or 3 up front like Watford, Leicester, etc has meant them scoring 3 goals in different games against me

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Kashmir 433 (original not updated). I think it's because the throw-ins don't have designated positions (LB/RB) to take them like you have in Tea 4411 (and probably others) and one of my CBs has long throws so he goes up to take them.
That still doesn't explain why, even after setting others positions to stay back to compensate for it, they don't and I'm just left with one defender marking 2 or 3 strikers.

Oh, sorry. Throw-ins not corners, I misread it. Don't seem to have an issue with those, unlike with my eyesight 👀🤩

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@Earnie is God!

TBH I think the game over rules the set up to give the AI a chance. This has been noticeable with short corners. It may be SPs are just full of bugs.

My suggestion as just one side is to reset to default.

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9 hours ago, knas said:


Here is a update on me using the tactic so far this season. I am only in June and I still have until October/November hitting 45-50 games... and only played 16 games so far. Keep in mind this is my second year with the Academy.. The first year I had a 35 and 43 goal scorers this yea is a toss up it will be interesting


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12 hours ago, Gazza’s Pint said:

@knap Great thread, but a little overwhelming. Looking to use the 4321 Oxford tactic, but there are so many of them. Which should I be using? Playing with Derby first season. Have good young players to suit the formation.

I must say I am overwhelming too looking at all the tactics so many to choose from, great work though from knap and co who are producing these tactics makes the game so much more enjoyable we appreciate your time and effort.

What I am looking for a good 4-2-3-1 or 4-5-1 where I can utilise wingers @knap

Similar to how the best teams play today and looking at history how Jose transformed Chelsea with Robben and Duff ripping teams apart from the wings, any suggestions?

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13 ore fa, laburorb ha scritto:

Hey Guys,

I've tweaked a little bit TeaforOne4321OXP105ALLCUPS and it's working really great. Creating a lot of chances against all teams, very dominating especially away.

I've won twice the Uruguay League with a team predicted almost last.

I've now been hired by a Top League Team and the tactic is still working wonders.

I hope Knap doesn't mind I post the tactic, and maybe test it.

I'll attach a pic so you can see how the formation looks.

Best Regards to all and good luck!





Bernaga-KnapTweak.fmf 45 kb · 45 downloads

Very strange formation. Driving AI crazy?

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Good See if anyone can help me .. 
I am looking for a tactic with 2 forwards (preferably AF) in which the majority of the goals are balls behind the defense to take advantage of the speed of the forwards. 
My team is PSG and my forwards (Mbappe, Martial and Boadu) 
See if there is any knap tactic that I do this .. Thanks
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For a top team you can sort top pts column and then pick top 4231 and 451 as a start.

Lpool have Mane and Salah so tactics would be biased to these players

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37 minutes ago, knap said:


With an Elite team I would use Kashmir and it has 2 AFs, just another fwd as well

Thanks for responding Knap But I prefer a tactic with MR / AMR and ML / AML Your FM 20.2.4 WULF 424 IF P98 tactic did this that I asked for during a game ... but in the rest of the games it didn't ... I don't know why

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I've added the tactic I used in post and added to google docs.

Just testing random tactics with Spurs to give a sub top guide.

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18 minutes ago, knap said:


BEOWULF 442 P105 would be top choice.

Thank you. I have seen that the right forward has more personal instructions than the left. Which striker scores the most goals, right striker or left striker? It is to know where to put Mbappe :D

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Finally the first fully played season( no instant result).

Tactics used: Tequilla sunrise from Knap with some ideas from RDF, and one or two little changes from Me. All credit goes to those two guys Knap RDF.

We have started every games with Away tactic(451), If we lost goal first than we changed to 451Home until we got the lead and then back to away(451). If we were still down by 70th minute than we had used 442(only when u really need to score).


I hope u don't mind me posting it here but if You do then let me know and i will remove it;)








!!FM20.3.0Tequilasunrise 442.fmf !!FM20.3.0Tequilasunrise 451 Home.fmf !!FM20.3.0Tequilasunrise 451.fmf

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RDF's TequilazCousin4141 is a blast ! . Credits to him and Knap :applause:

Awesome results on the last matches of the season including 2 times 4-1 win over PSG on Semi-final of ECL and 4-0 over City on the final as shown below .

I was using a mix of 4231 of my own and knaps 451fire&water  depending on the opposition and won PL & ECL also last season but this one seems very promising and more effective.

I will test for a complete season and report the result

Thanks to the great work to both of you


Captura de ecrã 2020-03-29, às 12.57.23.png

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  • knap changed the title to FM 21 - FM 20 Tactic List FM (Includes Man City Pep 20/21 High possession and Man U 98/99 Recreation ) 19 Recommended Tactic List

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