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  1. I like this new format. Top 8 gets a BI. Now, as for the 3rd place playoff for the bronze medal, people say this match is pointless but I disagree so my suggestion is this: The bronze medalist vs silver medalist, the winner gets an automatic qualifications to the next world cup. This is a great incentive to watch the 3rd place playoff match and whoever gets the bronze medal, they face the losers of the finals and whoever wins gets a qualification to the next world cup. This is great. Now, looking back at the 1st page, what I don't like is that when it comes to qualifications, I don't like
  2. 2 ST, AM, 2 Defensive Wingers (LM & RM), 3 CMs and 2 Inverted WBs I want to see if you can make this work. If there already is a tactic for that then i am beyond astonished at your work
  3. Hi, here is my philosophy: I'm looking for a tactic that has catenaccio defense+pep guardiola's possession offense. I value defense, hard press is good and all but it can be exposed by simple 1-2 simple passes. I'm not taking that risk. I value possession, to ensure my opponent has little time with the ball. Any tactic recommendation?
  4. I started a new save, picked a club in the English Vanarama South (Tonbridge Angels). I want to focus on the youth. But with a limited budget, i decide to play safe and only scout for expiring deals/free agents/loan players who play limited minutes. I want to use the Youth to make profits, building a foundation for the facilities, then focus on building a squad. SO, What type of players am i looking for? What is your tactic? What is your philosophy? Are you using a "suggested" tactic from the induction and build from there because of the familiarity so it's faster? My philo
  5. Are you generally speaking for all 20 clubs or speaking for the top 6 clubs. specifically, are you implying that should cardiff not care about the league cup as it is "the least prestigious of all competition" What about smaller clubs in the lower division, should they not care generally speaking and financially speaking?
  6. Have your top players play for the league cup & UCL only because they are important and have your bench players/academy players/B team play other cups because they are not important. That way your bench can have more playing time, thus improve their skill and potentially make it to the starting 11. Your top players play league matches (if the future, IF you are #1 spot and the 2nd place team can't catch up to you, have your top players rest and bench play) and UCL matches. We don't want our top players fatiguing in the ucl match because they play matches that should've been played by
  7. Yes, the start of 13th season. Hopefully there is a chance the club will start focusing on qualifying for UEFA Champions League. lol
  8. yay finished 12th season. Just a few more seasons and you'll definitely win the league. Also, that formation tho.
  9. liverpool *yikes* 10 seasons in and finally in the prem and aren't regulated 1st season in. BIGGEST achievement. 11th and currently 12th seasons in and they are climbing to the top. This is my expectation of carrying ashton utd. If i actually play, i'd be sacked cuz im terrible lol. Of all the 6 promoted teams to the vanarama conference league, i'd choose Ashton utd to manage. I'm glad you did this.
  10. Here's the context: I switch between saves (from Man U save to my hometown club save) and if i'm feeling bored of those 2 saves, i would like to create a 3rd save. The concept of this save is I create a club with max everything. (From players in each positions to manager to staff room to facilities. Everything in the club is max) I am basically stuck. I don't know what to call this club. I need help to name this club. If there is a thread that could help me, please link me to there. I would like to see ideas. The idea is that the club name should represent the club as well as th
  11. You’re almost finishing up your 7th season; Already will end at mid table position. Now with just 2 more years at most, you will be in the prem. I can’t wait for Ashton utd to smell the real competition. Predictions: 5 years into the prem, you will be win the league title. That is IF you don’t get relegated. You are going to get regelated in your 1st season at prem which is why 5 years you need luck on your side. So id guarantee 10 years into the prem you will get the title. That’s achievable. also, Where’s the Motto? I feel like an underdog team should get a motto that suit t
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