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  1. a tactic that would suit aberdeen ? i play 4231 whats a good 4231 tactic i would like an OP one
  2. is there any tactic that is broken on the game? if not then what is the closest to being 'broken' ?
  3. @knap There is two kashmir ones i am not sure which one to use
  4. @knap Best tactic for man city? what should i use out of your tactics
  5. I am going to use beuwolf 442 107 playing against big teams , shall i ?
  6. @knap What is the best tactic for under dog / counter attacking football ? I'll wanna use it against celtic / rangers if im aberdeen
  7. @knap Hey what is the best tactic for aberdeen do you think ? which tactic would you recommend me to use
  8. @knap Hey mate, what is a good tactic that would suit Brighton? and why , need a good tactic from yours to use for Brighton there are so many to chose from so need your opinion
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