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  1. Hi all, Seems my star midfielder who was a model citizen has now become lighthearted. I was wondering then, what else impacts personality? I haven't assigned him into any mentoring groups, and I've thus lost someone I wanted as a key mentor once a team leader
  2. Anyone else struggling with goals conceded from free kicks and corners? Anyone have a def free kick strat for download? I'm getting utterly murdered here!
  3. Getting murdered by set pieces. Any suggestions on what to do? Are there any set piece set ups anyone is aware of that can defend against them?
  4. Hi Knap, Just taken over Blackburn, season 4 in a multiplayer game. 20th with 3 points.... can't get a win to save my life. Do you have anything that you think would be most effective? We're expecting demotion, i'm just hoping theirs a tactic you can point me in the direction of to save me this trial and error (or rather, error followed by more error) Thanks as always for your efforts. Cheers
  5. I've always loved (the very rare occasion) that I play someone who looks utterly awful on paper, but gets consistently amazing high ratings, putting in incredible performances. I was wondering if anyone had any stories about players of this nature. A diamond in the rough.
  6. Is there a difference in how tactics work from normal games to instant result games?
  7. Cant seem to find them sadly. Is there a code for these tactics on the spreadsheet?
  8. So nice to see it working with an underdog team. Will you be able to share your work at all? I could really use a hand in my game xD
  9. How do you mean sorry? Just consistent rolls of the dice that continually don't go my way? Does that mean that I will eventually see my team go back to winning ways after this 20+ game draw/loss fest?
  10. @knap - sorry to bother you, i'm sure you're tired of the constant messages! I used one of your tactics and it worked perfectly for me for 2 seasons. Now, sadly, i'm just getting roasted constantly and performing poorly. Is there a fix for this? Or a tactic that perhaps isn't similar to the attacking 4-4-2's. I've been advised that if you're very attacking and doing well, the AI will adapt by playing more defensively. Do you have anything that is defensive that works well? Thanks for all your effort over the years, and for any help you can provide. Cheers
  11. Howdy, So I'm looking to buy players that all have a similar personality type. However, I don't know what the range is. To be clear, here is an example: Model Professional - Professionalism: 20 Perfectionist: - Professionalism: 14-20 If my team is made up of only model professionals (which will have 20 professionalism), and I then decide to buy a perfectionist (with potentially 14 professionalism) would this difference of 6 between the two put the perfectionist in a different social group? How far apart can these numbers be before they are no longer considered to be of similar personality types? Thanks for any help
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