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  1. Thank you for the reply @knap There seem to be several links to tactics with similar names. I hope it's not too cheeky to ask, can you link to the specific ones that you opted for. Thanks again
  2. @knap Recently promoted into the premier league with Nottm Forest... Going to rebuild the squad around a tactic (or two) Wondered which you considered best for such a job. Also, is it ideal to buy players to fit roles, or are other attributes perhaps more important (as suggested by the attribute weighting in your original post) Thanks as ever for your tireless contribution to this forum.
  3. Struggling to buy better players, not going to lie. I have near the best for each position (Apart from Bellerin). If i just have the worlds best players... then I would hope all tactics would work xD I will change the set pieces as suggested however. Thanks for the tip.
  4. Drew against Villa and Man Utd. Lost to Real Madrid, Man City and Liverpool... had some games where I was destroyed in terms of shots on target and possession.... but other than these anomoloies, the tactic is solid. Any advice on how to adapt this against "stronger" teams. My team is pretty insane as it goes... but still not hitting the mark every game.
  5. Dzienkuje bardzo ! I will try to make sure i have some amazing affiliates. When you are asked to pick an affiilliate after being at a cliub for a while... how does that work. i never get who i want
  6. Thank you so much for clarifying. I have adopted this tactic based on your suggestion and so far it's been excellent. Thank you so much! and of course TFF for creating it in the first place.
  7. My guess would be.... Central Defender - Right side Image for clarification
  8. Going to give this a go, as I'm having mixed results with Cerber. Thanks for highlighting the tactics success. EDIT: Did you do any other tweaking when playing home/away or against certain opposition?
  9. This is my experience also. Precisely why I'm here to search for tweaks.
  10. Hi all, 1. If any staff member has 100% knowledge of a nation, does that mean that it's automatically updated when new players arrive into the nation? Do i have to supplement it with scouting as well? 2. Does scouting knowledge affect the youth intake of the Head of Youth Development (HOYD). Does he gain greater access to players with an improved club scouting knowledge. 3. Though the HOYD impacts the type of players that come through with his preferred formation, passing style and personality etc. does his individual scouting knowledge limit/impact the nationality of players c
  11. You have First team coaches, U23 coaches and U18 coaches. The first team is trained by...: First team coaches + U23 coaches The U23 team is trained by...: First team coaches + U23 coaches The U18 team is trained by...: First team coaches + U23 coaches + U18 coaches My question is, do U23 coaches impact U18's and First teamers less in training, due to them being assigned to the U23 team as a priority? Or, can I sneak in some amazing staff into my U23 coaching team, to provide quality and alleviate workload on my first team coaches with the same positive effect
  12. Me and my mate were playing a game, in which I finished just outside of an automatic European place. However, a team from my league was in the Europa final, and top. Additionally, another team in top won the cup.... Basically, it would be nice if there was a feature (much like the one already in place regarding relegation battlers/potential league winners as the season is coming to a close) that informs you which teams can benefit from the confusing placements based on cup and league results in our respective countries. To clarify, here is an article on the BBC talking about what I
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