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  1. Thank you. I have seen that the right forward has more personal instructions than the left. Which striker scores the most goals, right striker or left striker? It is to know where to put Mbappe
  2. Thanks for responding Knap But I prefer a tactic with MR / AMR and ML / AML Your FM 20.2.4 WULF 424 IF P98 tactic did this that I asked for during a game ... but in the rest of the games it didn't ... I don't know why
  3. Good See if anyone can help me .. I am looking for a tactic with 2 forwards (preferably AF) in which the majority of the goals are balls behind the defense to take advantage of the speed of the forwards. My team is PSG and my forwards (Mbappe, Martial and Boadu) See if there is any knap tactic that I do this .. Thanks
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