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  1. Very good achievements wiht AZ first season using FM20.4.1HOLYGHOSTFIREKnapVOL2451P100ALLCUPS and FM20.4.1HOLYGHOSTFIREKnap343WIFP107FA I found very effective to tick off the counter press in tough games and sometimes to drop the mentality to cautious. During big matches (especially in EuroLeague) when i don't need to score i have set the man marking. My lone striker on deepst midfielder and my IFs on wingbacks, it was quite successfull.
  2. Very interesting results. You have a good line up but nothing super extraprdinary especially if compared to power newgens that can be found after few years of play. Did you just use default tactic?
  3. Used this plus MM with Arsenal. It was 5th or 6th season so the team was very different from starting one but it was successfull despite of City and United having monster teams and some unbelievable newgens (i never use newgens in my teams).. Struggled a lot agains 433 wide formations, unfortunately Man City was one of them
  4. I have always disliked this set up with 2 IFs since the IF role was created. Since last year my fav team is buildt to fit perfectly that tactical set up but i have always believed that IFs are less efficient in FM19 and FM20
  5. I am quite sure it was FIRE23212 It brought me very good results with MM
  6. This is just a test, i don't want to say this tactic does not work or something else, i only want to share my experience. I have played half season with Everton on FMT, signed on load Almada and Dest , no IR, no holiday mode. I have struggled so much to create ccc and to score in general, the average ratings of my striker and If's is very low.
  7. This screen in Amazing. Tons of goals scored and very few conceded. Killed Tottenham, Chelsea, Liverpool, Anderlecht 6-0 away. I don't believe IFs bring good results in FM20 but i am really thinking to try once again
  8. Seems promising. Two questions: - have you played with IR or watching the games? - mentality stays always on attacking, even for the exploit you had away against stringer teams?
  9. @knap these tactics without PIs gave more or less the same results of the ones with PIs What is your opinion? When do you suggest to use these ones without PIs?
  10. ah ok. i just wanted to make sure that i was not a new setting of man marking. i will tick off and set manually according to opponent's playmaker.
  11. i thought it was FM20.4.1FireandWater23212P104EC instead is the one with 4 flat d-line and CM instead of DM
  12. @Knap i see that AMC left has man marking on opponent right wing back. Shouldn't he mark the playmaker?
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