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  1. Did some tests with Az on holiday and got great results. no fitness freeze, i have just told to keep the starting lineup so players end up to be very tired and this will afftect the performance.
  2. It worths a run on MRL League. Do you set the Tactics on full fm or FMT? Given that the ME is the same, I still have some doubts that the Tactics work at the same level on full fm and FMT
  3. A couple of questions about this tactic. - is one of ones you have already set up with just mentality changed or something buildt from the beginning to suit with cautious mentality? - is this an holiday test carried alway with cautious mentality ? I ask this because a lot of teams are supposed to be very difensive against Man Uts
  4. Impressive. It's a good team but no world class players as you wrote. Still using attacking mentality all the games apart going cautious or balanced to defend the lead? I always had big troubles agains Juventus when i played in the Serie A. They have 3 midfielders in the centre pitch and an AMC and i just got smashed all the times with plenty CCCs for them
  5. WOW. just plug and play or changed something during the matches?
  6. Very solid tactic, a lot of ccc and nice football. RMDs are the key players. In my last game i got dine by Palace and by their rapid players (Zaha as Amr and Martinelli) as striker). Any advice? I have tried to lower the dline and to Man mark their playmaker with my striker but it did not work. @Cwieku what about the corner and throw in routines, did they bring goals? It seems to me that corner are mostly cleared by oppo's difenders and throw ins end in goalkeepers hands.
  7. Sorry If the question has been already answered but I have lost the beginning of general discussion about underlap. Are underlap suggested for underdogs against bigger? The reason is that bigger teas do not sit back and do not crowd the centre of the pitch?
  8. it's a pity that this test with Wolves has not been carried on for 2-3 seasons to see how the tactic works on the long terms
  9. So he has changed CFs to AFs? I see yesterday on discord that at the beginning was unsure which tactic he has used.
  10. This is a very interesting post explaining how to face different games / situations and not just expect the tactic to win itself the games. I'd like to send a pm, are you italian?
  11. When using IW version did you keep left footed winger on the left and the same on the right? I see Januzaj was on the left side against Real and Barca
  12. not bad, Fa Cup semifinal. Brentford , my team, still playing the Championship
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