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  1. it's very sad to say but after having changed the throw in and corner setting (too many goal come from these) I'm really struggling to score - using Beowulf 442 and 4132. This FM2019 it's a mess, hope the new one will allow to score and win playing football.
  2. Really impressive. I'm a bit envious of you cleen sheets, i've tried almost everything with patch 19.3.4 but I can't find a stable tactic away. Besided I don't use throw in / corner exploits, sometimes I have always had mixed results away conceding a lots of goals.
  3. !!!!!19.3.4BEOWULF442WAFKnapP103ECCC by Knap and !!!!!FM19.3.4BEOWULF442KnapP106ALLCUPS by Knap both got the most number of points in testing league of fmarena but i don't understand in what differentiate each other....
  4. It seems you're not playing with the latest version of this tactic, are you still at 19,3.0 patch or do you find this version better than latest? Latest version should be - INVERTED WINGER VERSION P101 ALLCUPS
  5. Just started a new career and my assistant manger is managing all preseason games deciding line up and so. Is there a way to change this option and take care my self?
  6. Yes, just to make easier the switch between the tactics
  7. Hi, It's my first attempt with fm touch, is there just one tactic slot available ingame? Usually in fm we have 3 slots available to rotate different tactics Thx
  8. I'll try even if Fuss wrote think you'll need a very good team to pull it off as they need good passing and technical skills all round - you really can't afford many mistakes or misplaced passes with a tactic like this. I'm not sure to have such a good team. Anyway I really appreciate these tactics close to reality.
  9. Hi Fuss, i'm going to try your tactic, i've many IF's and I want to exploit them. Where can I find the 3.1? I'm going to play the UCL with Az Alkmaar (second season) and for sure i'll meet some top dogs.
  10. Hi Knap, I'm looking to find a couple of tactic using inside forwards for midtable team. Do you think that time 343if and pilgrimage 451 would be good options? I'm worried about away matches against top dog, at home usually no problems. Also, have you a suggestion for a different set piece setting? I'm almost sick to score so often exploiting the bugs of the game.
  11. What you mean with I went SUS ? There is specific tactic or just changing the settings?
  12. What's the meaning of DOF and HOYD I don't play the game in English thanks
  13. Hello, do you know if it's possibile to hire some staff members I'm using fm touch on a windows notebook
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