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    "In my teams, the goalie is the first attacker, and the striker the first defender." - Johan Cruyff

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  1. I am not in the same boat with you. Happy to see 20.3 has fix so many faults (big or small doesn't matter) within the game. I was in verge to uninstall the game for that bugs. ME can change in 20.3.1
  2. I am sure, both tactics | PREACHINBLUES VOL2 P107EC 4141 & ARGUS 343 IFMMP102CC | will be at top in FM Base & Mr. L... Now there is dilemma which one to build squad for next season for my long save.
  3. DoF is a good tool. Sometimes is recommend wonderkinds which I didn't notice throu my scouting center.
  4. PREACHINBLUES VOL2 P107EC 4141 & BEOWULF WAF P107 ALL CUPS 442 looks promising for 20.2.4
  5. Where is the option which I have to choose HoYD for intake youths?
  6. Agree. I know that SI put much more efforts about ME; but really needs to focus in small details for 20.3
  7. ME on 20.2.4 : Definitely some improvements, but it is in a good way. Happy about SI have listen users. Hope 20.3 will fix small - minor bugs within the game.
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