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    "In my teams, the goalie is the first attacker, and the striker the first defender." - Johan Cruyff

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  1. FM19 is far away from real football tactics and training. Hope that FM20 will solve some problems.
  2. What you would hear? About Gk? About BPD? About crap ME which worst Fm17? What CFuller?
  3. That's it. I am going back to FM17. Enough with Fm19 which is crap.
  4. You are killing me now, Knap with strikerless. You know I am big fan since FM17.
  5. Promoted to EPL with Luton. I am favorite to go down (huge underdog since the money from EPL it's not here, yet). Let's see if we stay up with that tactic.
  6. SI has posted jobs for UI/UX and Animation Programmer. What will be a dream for Football Manager? Having graphics and animation like ANNO 1800. UI/UX and animation of that game (ANNO 1800) is outstanding. I really hope FM20 will bring drastic changes.
  7. The first category is by "goal difference". If you change "by won" then it's first. "by lost" is third. "by draw" is second.
  8. Scouting Center. Just eliminated reports from agents and data analyst team. What does the "recruitment team" stands for? It's other staff members? I think the Scouting Center needs to be more simple in near future.
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