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    "In my teams, the goalie is the first attacker, and the striker the first defender." - Johan Cruyff

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  1. Second Friday of November. Mid-week game release is a bad marketing. So, I am waiting for 8 of November
  2. Always has been second friday of November.
  3. I am betting: 8 November will be the release date of FM20
  4. I will give more time to SI, to present new features. I am really disappointment so far.
  5. I hope FM20 will not have so many updates, like FM19. I would like stability in performance and ME. 20.1.0 and 20.2.0 (winter update) and that's all. All bugs and fixes into single patch. Please.
  6. If we have some Pep philosophy style of play into the game, then SI must include something like this in tactical creation. Horizontal and vertical lines - space. I have talked before about this, it will give a more freedom of how we like to play our teams; rather than playing with player roles.
  7. Why someone has to buy "Arsenal Edition" or "Special Edition" when she/he can download face, kit packs etc for free? I don't understand SI..
  8. Simple answer: Yes. I like to have the best scout dept.
  9. That's ok from SI, since we are living in the age of capitalism; but let's be honest. We are not asking to replace 10 million of codes. We are need some basic improvements and common problems with the game. If SI can't understand this, then there is a problem. If there is understanding and do nothing, will you have complaints. As my mentor said to me: Do your homework.
  10. Maybe yes, maybe not. It's not clear yet, what FM2020 will be like. Maybe a tweaked version of FM19.
  11. You can throw extra 50€ for 19.3.6 if you need. Not a problem for SI.
  12. That movement from SI, is a big red no for me. Of course I will buy the buy the game, but I am not an "apple fan waiting on the line two days before iphone official delivery". Jez, it's a simulation game.
  13. No pre-order until new features or improved ones. I don't want to buy 19.3.6 Football Manager. Very bad adv and marketing. Let's see what FM20 will bring.
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