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    "In my teams, the goalie is the first attacker, and the striker the first defender." - Johan Cruyff

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  1. I am always playing lower reputation clubs. I have never managed big clubs; I have been job refused proposal from bigger clubs. First rule: Keep tight wage budget. This is crucial. Second: I am always invest money at training and youth coach & facilities. Third: If I have a wonderkid (age 19 - 20); I am always selling to bigger clubs. This is going being hard emotional, but it's business (ok, it's a game). What about 20 mil euros offer for a wonderkid from a country which has 2 mil euros TV deal? That's an equal to a 10 year TV contract. Not bad. Fourth: If you play an EU club, always try to win leagues. Champions Leagues qualification (money) helps to maintain finances under control. Fifth: Since you have perfect balance (and good amount) at finance, it's nice to invest at wonderkids from other clubs. That;s require scouting dept. Invest at the best. Hope that helps
  2. I know this is going to be hard for SI, but what about being able to build - upgrade youth academy & training facilities at other countries from home grown club? Let's say I am manage an X club which based at Italy (for example) and have football academy at China. It will be nice being able to request at board to upgrade (or build) facility & coach staff for youth academy - training facility at China (or whatever country you want). What did you think about that? In real life, that's something happening already. Best Regards, V
  3. What's your ME? Mine is 1931. Didn't was 1930 official release?
  4. Since this is absolutely fantastic idea; I am not sure about internet speed and all other features. FM 2020 regular version: Take my money.
  5. First post is the latest (Mediafire link).
  6. @knap are you going to change set piece for P103 ECCC 442 with set piece routines from P109 ALL CUPS SP?
  7. Just landed to PEC Zwolle. Year 2051, near my retirement. Two days prep for a match with PSV. Plug this new one and...
  8. Brazil First League Fixtures Is this a normal? My first eleven, rotation and back up squad is dead from fatique.
  9. It's your tactic mate and happens in real life.
  10. I am always starting as "Sunday League Football" and without coach license. My goal is to have Continental Pro License before I take my favorite team (FC Aris Thessalonikis).
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