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  1. Speaking of which... We beat the Swiss and then Ukraine in the playoff semi final and final to qualify for the Euros after all, a great achievement with a bunch of average players tbh The advice from my AssMan for our teamtalk straight after achieving qualification? 🙄😒🤷‍♂️ Our reward? Being in Group A with Italy, Romania and the Czechs. Could have been worse I suppose The Nations League has also been drawn. Being in the top tier of that meant it was always going to be tough and we've got England again, along with Norn Iron and Portugal Oh and then there's this We've won the league, we lifted the FA Cup last season and also made the CL final. I think we've already not only challenged for but won silverware, don't you? Stupid FM!
  2. Déjà vu all over again? Liverpool not only win the league but the 'tinpot' treble again We are through to the FA Cup final in a landmark game for me personally and have a chance of making it into the CL final too, just like last season also Valencia were bullish after a 3-3 draw at our place but we had other ideas Some big games to finish the season with and, with the league gone, I'll be concentrating on the Champions League as we have yet to win it Nagelsmann doesn't seem to rate me much. No idea what his beef is, can't remember ever having had any kind of conversation before to make him come out with this Just another instance of FM being idiotic I suppose
  3. OK so our youth intake first and there are one or two promising players and some average ones we might be able to sell for profit in a year or three. The rest were gash and have been binned already 😏 Still, I have reasonably high hopes for this guy That determination should see him reach his seemingly decent potential. We were battling away in the league but then injuries hit hard for the 2nd time this season Some key players missing there and it took its toll, especially against old nemesis West Brom That game seems to be the story of our season; dominating most matches in terms of chances yet failing to convert. And it basically sealed our fate, no chance of the title after that. We weren't having much luck in other matches either
  4. Next post will be in about 6wks as we assess our youth intake. The preview looks promising but I never believe what it says about quality. Especially when it mentions all these great prospects and then ends with the line "this is not a great group of young players" 🙄 And we'll also see if there is any more of this nonsense Erm, he's been at the club for 5 years already! Stupid FM!!
  5. OK so it's now February, the transfer window has closed and there have been some changes. Besides Rios, who I mentioned before, we've signed an experienced FB from Man U who can play either side. I think he'll mainly play RB We also sold a few youngsters, my 3rd choice GK who wanted to move for more games and Laerte who I finally gave up on as the improvement I expected just wasn't there. Perhaps the fans were right about him after all 😏 I turned down offers for players I didn't want to sell, including a £100m one from Valencia for Geist He wasn't interested in the move anyway which is just as well Transfer Window Round-up Leicester spending big! Wage updates ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ Injuries played a big part in our fortunes both before and after Christmas. Not only was Ednei out for the season with an ACL, Russo on the other wing also missed a month or so. Geist a few weeks and some others too With a lack of quality in the wide areas, we struggled and I was forced to change formation which had mixed results and we slipped away from the top and down to 3rd A 1-0 win over leaders Liverpool pushed us back to the top at the end of the year and we are now unbeaten in 10 but Liverpool roared back with 5 wins on the bounce to go above us again We threw away a 2-0 lead v Palace and had a man sent off early at Hudd but still were winning until late on there too 😒 It's going to take a lot to overhaul Liverpool with their current form. In the Champions League, we've had no such worries and being able to rest players for our final two group games was handy. We've been drawn against Hertha Berlin in the last 16 which I'm pleased about when you look at who we could have ended up with So this is where we are right now. A lot of work to do to win the league but I'm after a CL win over everything else
  6. You don't need to move it. When you go to the page on mediafire, copy the address in the browser bar, not the actual file
  7. Click on Knap's username, on that page click on 'message', when that opens up copy the link to where it's been saved on mediafire and post it to him in a message
  8. I see I'm not the only one who noticed Rashidi's Underlap youtube video from yesterday 😁😏
  9. In the picture he posted of his 8-1 win, in the bottom left corner you see the Leeds result
  10. Wait...what? I have no idea how but it looks like we have some sort of 2nd chance of making it to the Euros after all?? 🤷‍♂️ I'll gladly accept a second go at it though
  11. A really dull game in Poland where we created next to nothing. Neither did the Poles tbf and it went into injury time with the scores still 0-0. I changed things up with 10min to go, desperate for the goal that might, but probably still wouldn't, see us make it to the Euros. In the 93rd minute, we got the goal and this one couldn't be ruled out I've kept my job but only just. I may give up the role anyway tbh as really need to concentrate on Dronfield and make sure I have enough time to complete the save and dominate Europe Wales have moved up a bit in the rankings with that win in Poland
  12. Tight game against the unbeaten Romanians and it took until the 86th minute for us to get the breakthrough Kaplanovic on his return to the squad after more than a year of me leaving him out. But joy turned to anguish when the goal was ruled out for offside. It was such a close call too The game ended 0-0 but Kosovo drew with Poland so we might still have a slim chance of qualifying if we beat the Poles Although, looking at it, only 9 of the 10 teams who finish 2nd in their groups qualify and it appears we have the worst record of the lot and even a win in Poland isn't going to change that Maybe that's why the Welsh FA's confidence in our performance has dropped from 55% to just 36%. If only that goal hadn't been ruled out for offside. Oh well, looks like I'm getting sacked in the morning!
  13. Rios (player listed in previous post) agreed to join us in January then this happened... That's my star winger out for the season and possibly beyond 😨🤦‍♂️ I may have to look for another; perhaps a loanee or maybe train someone else to play there for the season. Meanwhile, our Welsh adventure isn't going so great. We lost a couple of key qualifiers early on and have been playing catch-up ever since Our final two games are this week, Romania at home and Poland away These were our two defeats earlier so we need to win both to stand any chance of 2nd place and a potential playoff place. I'm not overly hopeful but we'll see
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