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  1. We've had a few bad results but overall it's been an excellent start to the season But I'm not getting carried away. I know we have a tough set of fixtures coming up; Koln are 4th and then there's also Dortmund and league leaders Leipzig to contend with. Then there's also the AI adjustment at the halfway stage of the season when they will start to treat us with more respect due to our success should we still be riding high. Tbh I'll be happy with a top half finish but if we could somehow get into Europe, I'll be delighted.
  2. As we've not spent any money on transfers this season, we had enough to invest in the facilities instead. I've always been one to invest in youth and love to see the kids come through and play in the first team. Interesting to see some of the names on this list who previously made it through our ranks such as Trapp and Orban plus some of the new kids on the block
  3. Transfer Round-up Schalke spent big, we spent nothing 😏 Luang and Marcondes are a couple of kids with promise, the other three I've already mentioned a few posts earlier. We did of course extend the loans for a number of players this season but no money spent on permanent transfers. Our wage spend is by far the lowest in the league
  4. Can we end the season now please? Bayern Munich up next though 😨
  5. Summer Signings All 3 are versatile which is obviously great to have. Russell will play LM, Mobara doesn't quite have the aerial ability to play CB that I'd like so may play RB, Koaeh probably backup in midfield
  6. Returned to work after lockdown and had just one day off yesterday (my only one in an 11-day stint) to play FM. I'm still stuck in pre-season as I spent ages trying to sign the right striker to partner Vergani up front. I wanted more of a complete striker and the best I could find was this guy on a free Pretty good although would have liked him to be a bit younger. Sadly, he didn't even want to entertain a contract offer. As we seeped into June, I'd still not found the answer but I decided to try again for Taiwo who had done so well with us on loan since Jan and this time Liverpool agreed to an extension Very pleased but at the same time annoyed I'd wasted hours looking for the right player when he was there all along. Still, the new season is looming and I'm looking forward to it. What I'm not looking forward to is the difficult start they've given us
  7. New season expectations and they have added in a whole load of new ones So they want us to fight bravely against relegation i.e. finish bottom but not with a record low number of points. But at the same time they want us to play an attacking, entertaining, high tempo pressing style of football? Challenge accepted! 😊
  8. Our wage budget has gone up by £35k which might not sound a lot but it is more than a 25% increase. I didn't really expect much more. Still, a total wage budget of £170k really isn't a lot. To put it into perspective: Kimmich, Sule, Thiago, Lewandowski, Alaba, Coman, Neuer, Muller, Hernandez and Boateng all individually earn more than our entire budget Looks like the loan system will be my friend again next season then
  9. No, that's right, we were top of the league! And a beautiful 2nd trophy and title for us 😁
  10. At HT in our game, we were drawing 0-0 and had slipped down to 3rd Dusseldorf were leading 2-1 to go top, with Paderborn drawing and in 2nd. I tried changing things up but nothing was going right for us as we had two goals disallowed, one for offside and the other for a push. We'd also hit the woodwork, it looked like it wasn't to be. Still, 3rd place and a playoff was a great achievement after promotion last season. And then, just as we were approaching the final minute of the game, it happened... I was jumping up and down celebrating 2nd place and promotion but when I checked the table afterwards, we hadn't finish 2nd after all 😨🤬
  11. Penultimate game and shock results all around... except for us We were the only team in the top half to win and it puts us up into the automatic promotion places for the first time since September! We now know that a win at our hated local rivals Karlsruher will see us return to the top flight for the first time since 2011/12
  12. Dusseldorf lose We are just 2pts behind them now after a lovely 4-1 win at Bochum
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