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  1. I have a HP, have played 712hrs of FM19 on it and it works well enough. You are right about overheating though, it's a bit of an issue although it's only been a bit of a concern rather than it actually breaking down on me. Specs aren't great but it does the job: Operating System Windows 10 Home 64-bit CPU Intel Core i5 @ 2.30GHz Skylake-U/Y 14nm Technology RAM 8.00GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 798MHz (11-11-11-28) Motherboard HP 80A1 (U3E1) Graphics Generic PnP Monitor (1366x768@60Hz) Intel HD Graphics 520 (HP) Storage 931GB Hitachi HGST HTS541010A9E680 (SATA ) ----- Sometimes I think people get too hung up on the numbers. Would I like a superfast machine with amazing graphics? Sure but people dismiss almost anything that isn't top notch far too easily. I don't mean you. I'm pretty sure that this laptop I've just detailed was one you helped me pick out 2-3yrs ago via a previous version of this thread.
  2. Anyone else prefer to go back to the old style of mentoring?
  3. Brought this up the other week and it's happened again. We have 8 days between one game and the next the week before when almost everyone else is playing at the weekend but not us, and then the following week we have to play Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday. WTF?! Why do we have to play 5 games in 8 days and why can't one of those have been played the previous weekend when we don't have a game at all? Just doesn't make sense and I'm just lucky that the league title is just about wrapped up for us already.
  4. Was he a youth player who'd previously agreed to sign professional terms when he turned 17?
  5. I stick by: DeterminationWork RateNatural FitnessStamina(Bravery) => perhaps not quite as important and a little leeway here
  6. This was all part of them offering me a new contract, not that it should make a difference. As it happens, the game had just saved right beforehand so I reloaded it as I thought, like you, I clicked on the wrong thing. I clicked on the same one (thus how I got the screenshots) and had the same response. I reloaded again and tried clicking on the youth recruitment option because, again like you, I thought that should have been the response to that particular request but, even after 3 attempts, they refused to improve that even with my ultimatum of not signing a new deal if they didn't do it. Went back to my original youth academy request which again they accepted and again it came back with a confirmation of our scouting range being upgraded. I have the editor so checked to see if perhaps our academy level was already at the max but it's nowhere near, just 11 out of 20. Our scouting range is already at the worldwide level, with no restrictions on where I send my scouts and a 48% world coverage (I don't scout Africa a great deal or some parts of Asia). Thinking about it more, this response surely has to be wrong. My scouting range is already at the max with no restrictions so how can this be upgraded?
  7. I find it more depends on what kind of team you want to build and how you want them to play. For me: All players ------------- Determination Work Rate Natural Fitness Stamina (Bravery) Attacking players ---------------------- Finishing Anticipation Off the ball Acceleration Agility Balance Support players -------------------- Passing Decisions Off the ball (positioning) Vision Defensive players ---------------------- Tackling Marking Anticipation Concentration Positioning
  8. I've just asked my board to improve our youth academy and "push it to the next level". They agreed and it turns out that this equates to upgrading our scouting range. Is that what it is supposed to be? Improving your academy means upgrading your scouting?
  9. Tbh you don't need a top spec laptop. Mine is a pretty standard hp i5 and the game runs fine. FM19 isn't as 'hungry' as FM17 was. I've been a bit busy these past two weeks so am still on the 27/28 season but things are going superbly well. We had a bit of a saga over De Ligt, I'll cover that when I have the time but we didn't get him. I decided against trying to bring back Lisandro Martinez too. He's a quality player but lacking a little in the aerial challenges. Instead, I looked around for another option and plumped for another former player, Mavrpoanos. I remember being impressed with how he did for us in his relatively short stint here before and got him for £21m I think. Currently watching the Ashes debacle so won't update this properly until later.
  10. Hmm, I think I'm always told when players on my shortlist are bid on or offered contracts. The issue I sometimes have, especially near the end of a transfer window is that I might get an inbox message saying a club has bid on a player and, a few messages later, signed for them. And I was only informed of this at the same time, i.e. too late to do anything about it.
  11. I personally think that a crowdfunding idea like that is far better than what some have done and charged anyone and everyone for the privilege of using their skin. And your suggestion of early access (and possibly other benefits) to contributors makes sense. That way, people can give a little for that bonus but it doesn't block out others who don't have that spare cash to give.
  12. A few things: Agreeing to his transfer request meant these awful bids came in immediately, before I had the chance to set any asking price. "Transfer listing with a price can help deter a lot of this". I didn't have that option unless I am expected to exit mid-conversation with him and do it. AI teams always set an asking price for their players and I have never seen one of them accept a bid anywhere near as low as these so why would I accept it either? You admit yourself that AI teams usually start with OTT prices for players listed by request and it might be a year before they accept lower amounts so, again, why is my time being wasted with bids of less than half his value straight after he goes on the transfer list? I'm pretty sure that the lowest I have ever seen an AI club accept/set for a player on the list is half their value, and that's only come about if they listed him themselves (not by request) and/or if the player had been listed for over a year. So after such a long time on the market, they might accept a bid of half his value yet I'm supposed to even consider these instant bids of even less than that? It shouldn't happen just the one way and simply wastes my time.
  13. Here's a good example. My backup defender, valued at £22.5m, has come to me asking to leave because he's not playing enough football. He's 26yo and not great but he's been kept around mainly to help with the home grown rule. But fair enough, he deserves to move on. It's the middle of December and the transfer window is around the corner, we should get some decent bids in hopefully. As soon as I agree, the game now automatically puts him on the transfer list by request and immediately we have 3 bids but they are a bit of a joke tbh: £22.5m value and the offers are all non-negotiable ones of £9m+ It's pretty pathetic tbh
  14. It's annoying, agreed, but there are ways you can sometimes minimise this. For example: 1) If your player becomes upset because you wouldn't sell him to club A, you can talk to him and tell him you will only sell for a certain amount. Granted, this doesn't always work as you can rarely get him to agree to the price you ideally want but, should you agree on a price, it would stave off any similarly low bids from other suitors as you can just reject those without any problems from the player (and made easier by going into his transfer page and automatically setting it to reject bids less than agreed amount). 2) Just do that last bit of the above i.e. set transfer to reject bids lower than X amount. That way, you don't have to deal with any of these low offers at all I'm not saying this is an ideal solution and it won't work in every situation but it can be useful in some. You are right, though. AI bids are all too often well below par and I'd say that most of them start lower than you say, roughly 20% below value. And it's daft when some of these clubs make these bids non-negotiable. Why would I want to sell a player who is not on the transfer list for 20% below his value, and not even be able to negotiate that bid? It needs work but then so does a lot of the AI stuff, not just transfers. In my save, and I'm sure it's the same for many of us, AI managers are useless. Pep was sacked by Man City after six months, took 14 months out before joining Juve for two seasons before losing his job there too. Then he went to Porto for 8 months before leaving them for Napoli, coming up to 4yrs there now. Klopp took over from Pep at Man City in 2020 but didn't even last six months there before being sacked. He was then out of a job for over two years before joining Spuds but was sacked in under a year. Is now at RB Leipzig, 2.5yrs and counting. AI managers aren't up to much tbh
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