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  1. Depends on what level of hard you want it.. Køln in the 2nd bundesliga have quite a few young good players and also some good ones. Timo and Jannes Horn, Hector, Jorge Mere, Modeste, J Geis, Loris Schaub are top players already. Talents wise you have nartey, bisseck, koziello, özcan, Ostrak, adamczyk and so on. They do however need quite of bit of work and signings to be able to win the top division. In real life the crowd are known to be the most fanatical you can dream of. A bit easier one is Stuttgart, who in real life went down this year. They have some very young players, many who are out on loan the first season. Kabak, maffeo, baumgartl, borna sosa, asiscabar, kempf, akolo, donis, mangala are all 23 or younger. First teamers are off course Pavard who you have for one season before he goes to Bayern but gives you som cash. Others are off course Zieler, insua, agogo, badstuber, mario gomez, castro, didavi, gentner and so on. May of these arent good enough however, and would need replacing because of age, or lack of quality propotional to salary/squad status. I would probaby only keep Zieler and Didavi... So its a challenge. But a fun one. New signings mixed with the young players should make for a exciting 2nd season. I guess Wolfsburg also should be mentioneed. Mostly for the youngsters Brekalo, Itter, Udokhai, Arnold, and so on. But the quality of the first team should really allow you to compete for trophies right away, so not much of a challenge. Instead i would look at Hertha Berlin. Its a good challenge because no capitol team has ever won the Bundesliga, which i find extremely weird, as a non german. Thay have a lot of youngsters like Maier, Dilrosun, Stark, Torunarigha, Maier, Dardai, lazaro, mittelstadt, grujic, klunter, køpke, Selke and Duda. All of the above are in the first team squad and 23 years or younger. So if you get rid of 6-7 older players at the end of their career, you`ve got a brand new young team to challenge. As i said, depends on the challenge you want.
  2. Was lucky enough to get a few loanes that really made the team stronger in the 2nd bundesliga. Eggestein, Otto, Ojo from pool, and Aleix Garcia. So i went straight up, as did my brother witth Kaiserslautern who only needed Isak on loan, the other 10 did not seem to matter. Also sold a few 15 year olds as you said, the academy must be somtheing else though. If i wanted to i could have sold 7 players from the same youth intake(!) Also made it to the cup final with a bit of luck in the draw, which i lost to Dortmund heavily. So into the bundesliga it is, with a few loanees again as neither the reputiation or the budget allows for anything other than free transfers, and not really players good enough for this league. Also got the message that a new stadium is being planned, but no more info so far.
  3. Yeah its fun! Does the 15k only stadium make it harder with finances? Done one season, went straight up. Not a great team to start with, Moll, Lex and Wein did well but the rest is..... Had to try to get rid of a alot of them, which was damn hard. Almost signed a new team, seems i`ve got a golden generation coming up also. Great to put Bayern in their place!
  4. So you dont go for opposite foot wide midfielders? I saw Knap using Mata on the right and Lingard on the left.. Do you even take into account their role ability at all? What about the strikers, do you look for poachers or just good alround strikers? Would you prefer a fast agile striker like rashford, or a poacher like icardi. Or maybe a beast in lukaku? And the mezzalas, playmakers, box to box with longshot/finishing or att midfielders?
  5. Just done the same, with my brother who is Kaiserslautern. Have you got far? Wondering about the stadium, if you`ll stay at the "small" grunewalder as you go up, or if you get to use a bigger one like maybe allianz? 15k makes it a hard fight for the season tickets i believe? This club has to have loads of fans? My brother has Fritz Walter with room for 50k.. Not fair !
  6. Knap, looking for a 433 tactic with inside forwards (not 3 strikers), and no dmc. Ajax style 433. Saw your Beowulf Press 451 wide earl in this thread. Is this the closest setup, or do you recommend another? Also, is this not updated at all? Does it still work even on latest patch?
  7. Still the best underdog? Might give it a go with a poor team. Felt like the first version wasnt doing as well as before the patch.
  8. Hey knap. Been gone for a month or so. is goodbye 343 totally out of the picture now?
  9. The one with medium tempo for me. Its a perfect underdog, feels like the 3430 for 17, where you can achive great results with teams that avr 20-30 abb points less than the opposition.
  10. Thanks wicksy! Is this inside your scouting range? If so guessing its still 6-900£ outside.
  11. 2nd this. Have been waiting to go into LLM beccause of this. Would be nice if anyone could clarify further?
  12. So the new update claims to have " - Balanced scouting costs within scouting range". Anyone tested this yet?
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