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  1. Knap, looking for a 433 tactic with inside forwards (not 3 strikers), and no dmc. Ajax style 433. Saw your Beowulf Press 451 wide earl in this thread. Is this the closest setup, or do you recommend another? Also, is this not updated at all? Does it still work even on latest patch?
  2. Still the best underdog? Might give it a go with a poor team. Felt like the first version wasnt doing as well as before the patch.
  3. Hey knap. Been gone for a month or so. is goodbye 343 totally out of the picture now?
  4. The one with medium tempo for me. Its a perfect underdog, feels like the 3430 for 17, where you can achive great results with teams that avr 20-30 abb points less than the opposition.
  5. Thanks wicksy! Is this inside your scouting range? If so guessing its still 6-900£ outside.
  6. 2nd this. Have been waiting to go into LLM beccause of this. Would be nice if anyone could clarify further?
  7. So the new update claims to have " - Balanced scouting costs within scouting range". Anyone tested this yet?
  8. Yeah i agree. Do you know if MR L`s testing league will be up before to long? Would be interesting to see how your tactics do.
  9. Hmm, clever! The few times I`ve had to change anything so far, the odd time I watch a game, changing to wb support also helps.
  10. Just beat Celtic 4-0 in CL 2 qual round at home. Won all games in the league so far. Will be exciting to see if the once mighty Rosenborg can upset the big clubs in the group stage again. So far so good with the 343. Considering using the 3430 to shut up shop in some games, but if this goes as i hope i might not need to. IMO the 343 is as good as last years 3430, on FM18 it works much better. You can use 3430 to win the league, but you wil win the games 1-0, 2-0 and so on. Much better to win 6-2 with 343!
  11. Well its been a great season, won the league with 17 points, and the cup. Could be better, but had to sell 3 top players in januray to avoid the red balance. But still, great tactic. Next up: Winning the CL with Rosenborg of Norway. That will be a test Im sure
  12. So i guess SI fixed SS problem with better closing down, but this again makes more room for 3 strikers.
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