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  1. !!!!!!!!!19.3.5WULF4132PFDMIWBSPKnapP112ALLCUPSNOLOSSFM20P55.fmf
  2. Really? Thats weird. Having great results. Still have`nt conceded in 16games since i changed to the tweaked one. Scored 57 goals...
  3. Hmm. One second there I almost thought the "public beta" is FM19 ME. Look at the screenshots. Last 50 games before update to public beta: 17 corner goals. First 10 games after update to public beta: 8 corner goals. Same tactic. So i guess tweaked setup for 4132 suddently works @knap And the tactic as well. 10 games, goal difference 36-0... Maybe no need to make new tactic for FM20
  4. I`m the same as you. Hell trying 20.1 now its so quick i was like "whaaat the f...." Guess i got used to the lag since it came out.
  5. Cheers. That the 4132 ? First pic is this season before update. 2nd is first match after.. Less trough balls, less accuracy on long shots. More crosses from byline. Less finishing from sharp angels.
  6. What? You only conceded 2 goals a season with a tactic @knap ? Or did i misunderstand.
  7. So i would say the 4132 p112 still works really well. Only one loss in europe and the same in the league, both with "2nd team".
  8. @knap Could you pm tweaked 4132 p112? Just finished first season with fm19 version, and would like to try tweaked for next season to compare.
  9. Did you try and tweak the 4132 112p yet @knap? If so i would like to test.
  10. Not so many actually. Things are behaving more normally with the 4132. McTominay doing absurdly well at dmc. Strikers scoring normal. I switched to instant result before Everton game, havent conceded yet with IR.
  11. Agreed. Now i found a instant result skin, so now we`ll see if results stay the same.
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