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  1. Some questions: 1. When it comes to "Unhappy players", do you mean the general "unhappy with training" messages, or "does not feel the individual training is beneficial"? Or both? 2. What if an unhappy player's training ratings are high? Should we still try to make it better, or does he "just not know what is good for him"? 3. Are there any instances when you should not listen to them? F. ex linked to bad personalities. Thanks.
  2. So I am back again, having reported a similar bug last year If you get a transfer bid, and lower it a bit so you are sure to get it accepted, you can just click the sum and open the drop down before "suggesting", and it stays open. It is then accepted by the other club, and you can suggest 300m or whatever sum from the drop down you want. Just found it 30mins ago on reddit. 2021-03-21-1508-40.mp4
  3. It's relative to the league. Use a top team tactic, or one that works for both Normally most underdogs also work for top team. Depends if you want to change if you get promoted... And build another squad.
  4. I ran half a season, nothing to talk about. Everton Manager got sacked, MU 4th and Fulham sixt. Might do better second part, but "look away" same teams got top 3.............
  5. I just wanted to make a post about the test league. This testing league is set to have players that fit every role, meaning the cm's are all identical, and they are equally good for CM as DLP and BTB. This goes for all positions. But to be equal for every role, they can not be perfect for any, as there would not be enough attribute points. So what does this mean? It means every tactic will get the same conditions, and the same players, but it also means that if you get players that are perfect for the roles in a tactic... It will perform a lot better. All of them will. We chose to
  6. Would you say that this hotfix's ME edits changes how tactics work just a bit, a lot, or not at all?
  7. No doubt knap's Venom and Faith is the strongest tactic so far, first time in many years I could do so well with my annual Werder test. 2 of the draws came after winning the league..
  8. So the solution to the work permit issues for UK is that you can just sign them without a work permit, wait 120 days and try again, and suddenly it's accepted. So my question is if this is a bug?? It seems strange that it's suddenly accepted bc of them being at an english club, and not having had any extra points from caps in between. Easy solution if so. In an another attempt to get a wp, I sent Arezo to Spain on loan. He also got accepted on first try after a 120 days. Both examples above happened after season 1 at 9th of June +120 days.
  9. My uncles, sisters, math-teachers, gynecologist heard that Miles cat pressed enter and released those ads.
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