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  1. No MM use on this one, apart from the tactics wingbacks, which work really well.
  2. Yes. But no one who is way over the level of the rest of the team at the start. Mostly young players.
  3. This one is doing amazingly for me. It's attacking! Mu p111
  4. Do you think mentoring should be like this or improved/altered in some way?
  5. You can test with AF, but we think PF is more effective. Still it might work!
  6. You are allowed to have several tactics you know, no law has been passed against it .. yet
  7. Left Pressing forward man marks their dmc or the mc who is deeper. If facing a much bigger team or a team who go 3 at the back and 2 wingbacks, use the wingers as well to mark the wingbacks. In this game only Ujah marked their deepest MC who in this game was Eggestein. You can see they have almost no key passes, cause he can't distribute the ball to the rest of the team.
  8. Correct, using it with the 17th predicted team in Germany atm.
  9. The red arrows happen with any training system, it's just the game recalculation or something. Not to be concerned about. Only if you start seing red -1's in progress. yes, it's normal. Especially for people with poor personalities, who do not like training. The thing to look for is training rating. If that is high, they are developing but still complaining because its's hard, and they are spolied brats :P
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