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  1. Think I might try this for my Sunderland game! They need a good defense going up the divisions.
  2. Original Oxford tactic was legendary man. No creative freedom worked amazing at the time.
  3. I'm not really sure how you can break forum rules, but if you just write some apology you might not even mean, it's okay? Would have to say you're setting a strange precedent. You've just told everybody that having multiple accounts at SI is okay, as long as you apologize if you get caught it's not really a concern. Will you release the evidence for transparency as FM-Base did? TFF has cheated and swindled people for many years, and may have contributed to peoples game experience worsening, maybe tactic creators stopping, and who knows what else. This is SI's customers. What is the point of having mods here then? If tricking people for many years doesn't get you banned, then what will? Weird.
  4. Actallly, I`m not so sure. They changed the ABB on the teams. Underdog is now not 120, but 140. And subtop i 165. My underdog team would never have 140 abb. More like 120. And sub top 165, well barca is 168... And that is with Messi at 194 to pull the avr. way up. So I actually trust FMBase more atm.
  5. Cheers. The reason I was asking was because recently I had better ratings from using offensive players especially in the Sicillian, than the DMC types, so I`m considering trying AM players just for fun to test a bit.
  6. @knap When it comes to the DMC roles for the defensive midfielder in Sicillian, and the Volantes in Sympathy, do you worry about defensive attributes at all? Would you recommend more defensive types like Mascherano, who dont do much attacking att all, or a more allround type like Docoure who is ok defensively but can also attack a bit? What is this positions job in the tactic?
  7. Of course, it was meant more as a critique to the rigid ME, not to any of your tactics which are great. Certain prerequisites seems to must be in place to get highest score. I would like to play a 433, maybe a 4231, but i always play with smaller teams so its a no go. Sicillian it is. But a patch would be great
  8. Yeah but its kind of boring if the best results only will come with 2 DMC, and a MR/ML. Also Pressing forwards looks a must.
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