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  1. The thing that annoys me, and I'm not pointing at you here, is the attitude that people who use downloaded/p&p tactics are somehow lesser players because those tactics are not "realistic". Is letting your AM handle training realistic? How well would that work in real life for a manager? "Ahh I don't bother with training, such a nuisance". What about people taking over Oxford United never having managed before? Let alone Newcastle or Bayern. How can you justify playing without attribute marking? It's not as if Arteta can pull up a list of under 19 Argentine CB's and see who has best marking in real life. So where does that start and stop? With tactics apparently, where you are almost like an inferior human being because you have kids and a busy life, and no longer have time to set up tactics. It does not matter that you have played this game since CM Italia, and made 100's of tactics, and still can. I only care about winning, they say. I would guess a big majority of FM players use these tactics, so of course some people have to feel they are "better players". This needs to stop, there are people who avoid these forums because of this attitude. Let people play how they want, and stop judging people.
  2. I absolutely love Plug And Play tactics <3 I don't feel any need to take any moral high-ground what so ever. Exploit tactics does not exist anymore, gone are the days that one tactic worked equally well for any team. Some work better for classes of teams, meaning they work better for a underdog finding holes in the bigger teams way to attack you, but that is reality in real life as well. And some work for high CA teams bc they just overpower the lesser teams getting the most goals scored. Some of the "plug and play" gegenpress tactics play beautiful football, and is lovely to watch in 3D.
  3. Some questions: 1. When it comes to "Unhappy players", do you mean the general "unhappy with training" messages, or "does not feel the individual training is beneficial"? Or both? 2. What if an unhappy player's training ratings are high? Should we still try to make it better, or does he "just not know what is good for him"? 3. Are there any instances when you should not listen to them? F. ex linked to bad personalities. Thanks.
  4. It's relative to the league. Use a top team tactic, or one that works for both Normally most underdogs also work for top team. Depends if you want to change if you get promoted... And build another squad.
  5. I ran half a season, nothing to talk about. Everton Manager got sacked, MU 4th and Fulham sixt. Might do better second part, but "look away" same teams got top 3.............
  6. I just wanted to make a post about the test league. This testing league is set to have players that fit every role, meaning the cm's are all identical, and they are equally good for CM as DLP and BTB. This goes for all positions. But to be equal for every role, they can not be perfect for any, as there would not be enough attribute points. So what does this mean? It means every tactic will get the same conditions, and the same players, but it also means that if you get players that are perfect for the roles in a tactic... It will perform a lot better. All of them will. We chose to do it this way, as we think the other option is worse. ( Having unequal players, meaning some tactics will be tested with good players for roles, some with bad. This gives unequal conditions.) The identical players is to avoid the AM picking a fast player for one tactic, and a slower one for another. Now he can just pick the same striker, even when he makes subs. So all tactics will do better if you get the right players, this is why some of you might find some tactics working much better on one save than you expected. The best tested tactics are still the best tactics though.
  7. Would you say that this hotfix's ME edits changes how tactics work just a bit, a lot, or not at all?
  8. No doubt knap's Venom and Faith is the strongest tactic so far, first time in many years I could do so well with my annual Werder test. 2 of the draws came after winning the league..
  9. My uncles, sisters, math-teachers, gynecologist heard that Miles cat pressed enter and released those ads.
  10. Do you think mentoring should be like this or improved/altered in some way?
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